20 Things To Say When Someone Confronts You About Blocking Them

Oftentimes, we meet new people and have high hopes and expectations of them and then we suddenly see or find out they are not what or who we thought them to be at all. Sometimes, they could even be year long friends who grew up with us, which even hurts more. 

Such people are better off out of our lives and minds, but not all of them want to stay out!

When you block somebody or unfollow them on social media, you are psychologically sending a very strong message that you do not or no longer value the relationship you had with them and that you want that person out of your life for good. 

If someone has been mean to you, bullys you or has been verbally or otherwise abusive to you, you have every right to block such a person or unfriend them on social media. You also are not under any obligation whatsoever to out up with self centered people around you. 

If you need to cut off from someone please do. However, if some do confront you about blocking them as you have done, here are some replies to consider based on the message you are trying to get across to them:

20 Things To Say When Someone Confronts You About Blocking Them

Response 1: (sarcastic reply)

I sincerely apologize if you feel that I have blocked you. I can fully assure you that it was not an intentional act. It is very possible that there was a misunderstanding or some technical glitch somewhere along the line. 

Could you please provide me with more details about the situation? I would like to resolve this issue once and for all and ensure clear communication between us.

Response 2: (sarcastic reply)

I am so sorry if you feel like you’ve been blocked by me. I just want to clarify that I truly value open and honest communication. For this reason,  blocking someone is not my usual approach to dealing with rude or obnoxious people.. 

If it ever did happen that I indeed blocked you, it could very well be an accidental action or a silly misunderstanding. Let’s discuss this further in order to clear up any form of  confusion.

Response 3: ( sarcastic reply)

I can understand that being blocked is and can be frustrating, and I apologize if you happened to have experienced this with me. I really value open dialogue and I truly appreciate your willingness to confront me about it. 

Please allow me to investigate the situation further so that we can work to address any concerns and find a resolution between us.

Response 4: (sincere reply)

I am truly and deeply sorry if you indeed feel that way, and I admit that it isn’t a very good feeling.

However I would like you to try to understand that I had to do what I did. You might not like it much, but I blocked you because I needed some space. As a friend that you are I hope you understand my actions

Response 5: (blunt, direct reply)

I’ll try to be sorry I blocked you, but I must confess that blocking you was a personal decision that I had to make in order to prioritize my own mental well-being. 

You seem to enjoy your constant use of derogatory remarks way more than I do and I found I couldn’t and didn’t even want to keep up with your constant negativity. Therefore, blocking you seemed to be the best solution. Thanks for understanding, if you do.

Response 6: (calling the person out on their past behavior)

I never have, do not and never will appreciate or like your behavior, so I thought it was best to block you. You do not have any slight indication of wanting or trying to change anytime soon either. I’m sorry, but I value myself beyond all of that. Good luck finding someone else. 

Response 7: (sincere, no hard feelings)

 I am sorry if you feel that way, but I did not block you to spite you or due to any misunderstanding in any form. I personally do not have any issue with or grudge against you. 

I only took this decision in order to create a sense of balance for myself. I blocked you and many others because I needed some space, so that I could focus on certain areas of my life that had been lagging. Thanks in advance for understanding.

Response 8: (apologetic, sincere)

Accept my apologies for actually blocking you. However, it was not meant to be personal in any way at all. I only did as I thought best. 

I need a break from social media as it has become quite overwhelming for me recently. This is only a temporary measure taken to help me get a firm grip on myself and my life. Thanks for understanding.

Response 9: (blunt, sarcastic, prickly reply)

To be quite honest, I am really surprised you actually noticed, especially considering that we have not spoken to or interacted with one another directly or online on any social media platform, not even Facebook in such a long time.

However, if you must know why I blocked you, you can feel free to look it up on Google.

Response 10: (confrontational reply)

If you truly were a friend in the first place, you would know that I do not keep a long list of people I call friends and that I do not waste my time and energy on those who do not give off the same energy.

So if you think I have blocked you, you may want to look at yourself and ask yourself that question. Good luck with that anyway

Response 11: ( sincere, no bad feelings or grudges)

Things To Say When Someone Confronts You About Blocking Them

I am truly sorry if you were hurt by my decision to block you. However I had to as my socials were getting too clogged and becoming extremely overwhelming for me to manage.

It left me little to no choice, especially since I began to miss certain important posts from my family and my close friends. 

It was not done with any I’ll intentions or bad feelings and I am sorry if it made you feel that way. I would love to hear from you soon. Wishing you all the best!

Response 12: (sweet laced sarcasm, honest advice)

First off, dearie, when a person blocks you, it simply means they are tired of certain behaviors or bad energy that they have been getting (and probably putting up with all along) from you, or that they simply do not want anything to do with you anymore. 

I think you should do well to understand that and respect my decision to keep you out of my space. Secondly, please do not go around preying on people trying to keep polite company. I would advise you to change your ways and stop being so cynical. I wish you the best.

Response 13: (truthful, honest, non-confrontational reply; good advice)

I am quite surprised you even have the gall to confront me about blocking you. In all honesty, if you will be truthful to yourself, you were never a good friend to me and I don’t even know why on Earth I chose to put up with your immature behavior for so long.anyways. 

Well, since you asked, I blocked you because I saw all the negative things you posted about me online, heard all the hurtful things you said about me (to my face and behind my back), and I know of all the snide remarks and gossip you spread about me. 

I am tired of your backbiting, lying and deceitful ways and I am not the only one who has noticed this about you. I do hope you find it in you to look inward and effect a change in your attitude. Grow up. Till then, bye.

Response 14: (honest, truthful advice)

I am sorry if you were hurt by my actions, but I would like you to understand that I do not make a habit of blocking people, nor do I throw sincere actions and friendship in people’s faces. I blocked you because I saw the need to do so. 

In the little space of time I have spent with you, I have found that our goals do not align, our personalities are not compatible and our energies do not agree with each other.

You find pleasure in gossiping, lying and spreading obscene rumors about the very same people you introduced to me as your “friends”. 

I find that so appalling and mean on a whole new level. If you could do that to people you’ve been “friends” with for years, what’s to say you won’t do the same to me or even worse. Thanks, dear, but no thanks.

Response 15: (angry, blunt, confrontational)

Really! Like for real. It’s just crazy that you’d think that you have the right to even ask me that, because you most definitely don’t. Not at all, not with everything you have done so far. Remind me again why we are having this conversation. 

Oh, let me guess; because you ever so conveniently forgot your place again, same way you choose not to remember your actions. You asked me why I blocked you, you know why.

Response 16: (cryptic, indirect)

Things To Say When Someone Confronts You About Blocking Them

This user doesn’t want to ever see you, hear from you, speak to you or come in any form of contact with you ever again and would really appreciate it if you just kept to yourself or snuffed out all by yourself, quietly by the way. Good luck and so long.

Response 17: (sarcastic reply)

I am deeply sorry if you believe that I have blocked you. I can assure you that blocking is not exactly my best or usual approach when I address issues, conflicts or misunderstandings with other people. 

I am and will be glad to commit my precious time and energy to resolving any issues or grudges between us, so please help me by providing more information about the incident that occurred, as you seem eager to do so, so that I can go ahead to investigate and rectify the situation immediately.

Response 18: (honest, sincere)

I am sorry if you feel hurt or think I should not have blocked you. However, that was a step towards self-preservation and I hope that you will understand. 

I had to block you because I needed peace of mind and I value my sanity and emotional well being above trying to be polite or even nice to you or anyone else for that matter. I’m completely tired of your constant drama and negativity in my life. Good luck with life.

Response 19: (sincere reply, apologetic)

I am truly sorry if my decision and action to block you came out as offensive or hurting. I honestly did not envision you would feel that way, especially since we have not known each other for long, nor have we had much of a meaningful interaction with each other.. 

However, I assure you that it was not intended to hurt or slight you in any way and I am quite sure we could put it past us and work to create a better friendship if we put ourselves to it. Thank you very much.

Response 20: (open minded)

I apologize if you somehow feel like you have been blocked by me. It is very important for me to value and maintain open channels of good and proper communication and also to ensure that everyone’s opinions are heard. 

If there has in any way  been any misunderstanding between us, a sort of technical glitch, or unintentional blocking, please provide more details so that I can address the issue adequately.

In Conclusion:

In any case, if you find a reason to block someone due to their bad behavior or negative energy and they happen to reach out to you to confront you about it, now you have a number of ready made replies to fish out. Good luck.


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