How to respond to Happy Ash Wednesday

20 Best Replies to “Happy Ash Wednesday”

Ash Wednesday, just like other moments of consecration and reflection that people anticipate is a time to welcome new development and positive growth. When someone wishes you ‘Happy Ash Wednesday’, there are several interesting ways in which you can respond. This article provides 20 best replies to ‘Happy Ash Wednesday’. 20 Best Replies to “Happy … Read more

How to Respond to Happy Diwali

20 Correct Responses to “Happy Diwali”

Diwali is a Hindu festival that signifies the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Typically, this festival lasts for five days. Shining lamps, also called diyas, are used to decorate homes. The atmosphere is usually joyous and diverse kinds of meals are prepared during the Diwali festival. 20 Amazing Responses to ‘Happy … Read more

20 Funny Answers to “How Was Your Exam?”

Beyond the usual test of knowledge, examination is quite all-encompassing. For some individuals, it can bring tension while others are screaming ‘bring it on’, whichever category you fall in, you may be faced with the question ‘how was your exam’ at one point or the other. This article provides possible answers that you can give … Read more