20 Things to Say to Someone Who Overthinks 

People that overthink often live in their heads, a world they’ve created. And while it’s normal to worry from time to time, overthinking can make one dwell in sadness for a prolonged period.

Overthinkers are always brooding over one thing or the other. It’s either they worry over how they should’ve reacted to someone they had encountered, or they’re worrying how the future will turn out.

If you relate frequently with an overthinker, you might be forced to think they’re stressing you because their character will often reflect on how they relate with people.

However, you don’t have to feel that way. Instead, you should sympathize with them more and encourage them with great words.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with encouraging things you can say to a worrier to help them get out of their head.

20 Things to Say to Someone Who Overthinks 

There are plenty of things to say to a deep thinker. We need words that’d pull them off their head and make them see things more positively.

Such words include: “Take daily walks, it helps,” Worrying over the past won’t change it” e.t.c. Also, if they share your faith in God, you can tell them to cast their worries onto God and to have faith in him.

Below are 20 things to say to an overthinker

  1. Put your fears into writing
  2. Try reading a book daily
  3. Start a workout journey
  4. Allow the future to worry about itself
  5. Worrying over the past won’t change it 
  6. Tackle it a day at a time
  7. Try praying instead
  8. Cast your worries onto God
  9. Have faith in God 
  10. Take daily walks, it helps
  11. Take your hobbies seriously 
  12. Let’s talk about it
  13. Talk to someone about your worries
  14. Sometimes you just have to sleep over it
  15. Take more actions than thinking
  16. Do the little you can don’t overthink it
  17. Overworrying doesn’t solve things, action does
  18. It’s only in your head, snap out of it
  19. Have faith in yourself
  20. Put yourself out there more

Put Your Fears into Writing

One of the things to say to an overthinker that should get them out of wondering in their head is “Put your fears into writing.”

This is practicable advice that can help them if they heed it. An overthinker often ponders on their fears and that’s one of the things that push them into melancholy. 

Whether they’re a professional writer or not, everyone can write, so encourage them to practice putting their worries into writing. This habit can break them out of their constant brooding.

Additionally, it can make them develop a love for writing, and who knows, they might be able to build a passion and career.

Try Reading a Book Daily 

“Try reading a book daily” is another wonderful thing to say to someone that thinks too much. It’s another great piece of advice similar to the above, that can help take their mind off their worries.

Also, it can help them form healthy habits. Reading wouldn’t only help deviate their thoughts from their head, it’s also a good exercise for the brain and will also help reduce stress.

Therefore, you can encourage an overthinker to form the habit of reading daily to keep them from dwelling too long on their thoughts.

Furthermore, you can join them in reading to motivate them more.

Start a Workout journey

Things to Say to Someone Who Overthinks 

“Starting a workout journey” will help an overthinker think less. When they make it a habit to exercise daily, they wouldn’t have the time to worry about what they should’ve done or shouldn’t.

Also, working out will make them channel their energy into something more fruitful; it can let them work out their worries.

In addition, exercise is a healthy habit that can help relieve stress, so you can join them to encourage them.

Allow the Future Worry About Itself

“Allow the future to worry about itself” is something you should say to someone who makes it a habit to worry about things that are yet to happen.

As I earlier stated, one of the things an overthinker does is worry about what lies ahead.

That’s not to say that one shouldn’t think and plan for the future, but someone who overthinks would worry about trivial things, including what they’ve no control of. 

And they tend to overdo it. So, one of the things to say that can help an overthinker is telling them to think less about the future and allow things they can’t control to sort themselves out.

Worrying Over the Past Won’t Change It 

For someone that wouldn’t let go of the past, “Worrying over the past won’t change it” is the right word they need to hear.

Some people tend to bother themselves with what has happened and they end up working themselves into great sadness. 

When something happens badly, the best thing one should do is to learn from it and move on, constantly asking “What if I had done it this way?” will only worsen matters.

So, help an overthinker see that no one can change the past, and worrying over it won’t either.

Tackle It a Day at a Time

“Tackle it a day at a time” is another encouraging word that should help people worry less.

When you’ve got a lot going on, trying to solve everything at once won’t help the situation, instead, you’d be only stressing yourself out. 

If you find someone in such situations trying to handle a lot at the same time, tell them to tackle it a day at a time.

Try Praying Instead

If this person shares the same faith in God with you, tell them to “try praying instead.”

Praying is a way of communicating with God and for someone that constantly worries, you can tell them to pray to God about it.

This action can help them think less about their problems and rather talk about them.

Cast Your Worries onto God

“Cast your worries onto God” is another thing to say to someone that believes in God.

Religious people believe that their God has control and the solution to their problems. So, for someone plagued with worries, you can tell to put it all on God.

Putting their worries on God means they ought to stop worrying and allow God to take over. It’s a nice way to stop them from overthinking.

Have Faith in God 

Things to Say to Someone Who Overthinks 

Another thing to say to an overthinker is to ask them to have faith in God. This is also an appropriate word of encouragement to someone that believes in God.

Asking them to have faith in God is a nice way to calm them and help them see reasons not to worry.

If it’s the case that they’re going through some difficulties, you can tell them to have God bring them out of it.

Take Daily Walks, It Helps

“Take daily walks, it helps” is another motivating word that can help someone that worries a lot.

If someone is overwhelmed with worries, taking walks can help relieve their stress. Offer to walk with them to help take their minds off their problems by conversing with them.

Or if that isn’t possible, encourage them to take walks with someone so they wouldn’t fall back to thinking and defeat the purpose.

Take Your Hobbies Seriously 

Another thing to say to an overthinker is “Take your hobbies seriously.” You should talk to someone that thinks too much about their hobbies and ask them to take it more seriously.

Do they love to draw, do they love to play ball, whatever it’s, if they take it seriously, they’d have less time to brood over anything.

Also, you’ll help to grow their hobbies into a passion and probably something more. So, encourage an overthinker to keep themselves busy by engaging in what they like to do.

Let’s Talk about It 

“Let’s talk about It” is another way you can help someone that worries a lot.

When you notice your friend or colleague is going through something, you can ask them to talk to you about it.

Whatever it may be. They could be finding it hard to forgive someone or forget a past, or have some challenges, offering to listen to them can help.

You may not be able to help them out of their situation. But, encouraging them to speak out to someone willing to listen can help relieve their burden. And you might just have to right words to say that’d help tremendously.

Talk to Someone About Your Worries 

If you know they won’t be comfortable talking with you, you can tell them to “talk to someone about their worries.”

Getting them to speak out is the goal. So, encourage them to speak to anyone they’re comfortable with. It may be a stranger or a professional if they’re not okay talking to friends or family.

Sometimes You Just Have to Sleep Over It

“Sometimes you just have to sleep over it” is another way you can help an overthinker. 

When you’ve got a lot going on that you can’t control, try sleeping it off. You can’t do anything about a situation, so why do you keep brooding over it?

So, tell an overthinker that sleep can help when they keep worrying late into the night. Sleep will help the brain and they’ll get up feeling refreshed, and be able to think about a solution better.

Take More Actions Than Thinking 

Things to Say to Someone Who Overthinks 

Another great way to get to someone that keeps worrying is by telling them to “Take more actions than thinking.”

Thinking without action is very useless. First, it’s very important to plan before embarking on a project, but when you keep thinking over it without doing anything about it, you’re only wasting your time.

So, if you’ve someone that keeps thinking, probably because they’re afraid to start, get them started with these words.

Do the Little You Can Don’t Overthink It

“Do the little you can don’t overthink it” is another way you can get an overthinker to get into action.

If it’s the case that they’re worried over a problem and wouldn’t try something because of one reason or the other, tell them to do the little they can.

For instance, they’re worried about passing an exam, the little they can do is to read. 

Overworrying Doesn’t Solve Things, Action Does 

“Overworrying doesn’t solve things, action does” is another way to remind someone that keeps thinking to get into action.

Remind them that overworrying won’t solve their problems, but doing something about it would.

So, for someone afraid to take a risk, you can convince them that not doing anything wouldn’t help and that constant brooding isn’t healthy. These words should spur them into action.

It’s Only in Your Head, Snap Out of It

If you’re someone that worries over trivial things, “It’s only in your head, snap out of it” are the right words for them.

For instance, they had an encounter with someone over something that isn’t a big deal, and they wouldn’t stop thinking about it, probably because they’re hurt.

Remind them to get over it. Let them know they’ll keep conjuring things about it if they keep thinking about it.

Have Faith in Yourself 

“Have faith in yourself” is another way to get an overthinker to stop thinking. Someone who has a little faith in themselves wouldn’t be afraid to take action.

So, if you’ve someone afraid to start a project or something he has in mind, tell them to have a little faith in themselves to encourage them.

Put Yourself Out There More 

“Put yourself out there more” is another thing to say to someone who spends most of their time pondering and pondering over things.

Asking them to put themselves out by going out, mingling with people, and engaging in programs would help them have less time to worry.

The goal is to get them to interact and mingle with people. So, use these words for someone who doesn’t like spending time with people.

Final Words

Overthinking isn’t healthy. So, if you’ve got a friend who worries a lot, help them with these encouraging words.

The goal is to get them to do things that’d keep them from thinking. So, you can try any of the words above as it suits you with that person who wouldn’t stop thinking.

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