20 Funny Responses to “Can You Do Me a Favor?”

The question, ‘Can you do me a favor?’ is used by someone to ask another person to do something that will help them. The question is formed from the idiom ‘Do me a favor’ used to call for help.

When someone asks you Can you do me a favor? they want to know if you are willing to do what they want you to do even if it will inconvenience you.

The usual response that one can give is to answer yes or no, probably with an explanation of why your answer is so (if you wish to give it).

Nevertheless, not to make your conversations boring, you can use more creative and hilarious responses to answer the question Can you do me a favor?

In this article, we will be listing twenty (20) funny and witty ways that you can respond to the question – Can you do me a favor?

20 Funny Responses to Can You Do Me a Favor?

  1. You cannot make me.
  2. It depends on what it is.
  3. Nope.
  4. Not again.
  5. The last time didn’t end well.
  6. Not interested.
  7. Yup, for $50.
  8. Not now, please.
  9. And who will take responsibility if something goes wrong again?
  10. Right now?
  11. You always ask for the strangest things.
  12. If it’s the same as last time, then NEVER!
  13. Not like I have a choice.
  14. I can’t believe I’m about to do this again.
  15. If you ask me one more time, I’ll throw you out the window.
  16.   After you have done me one.
  17.   Yeah, for a fee.
  18.   Probably.
  19.   In my next life.
  20.   What will it cost me this time?

1. You cannot make me

When someone asks for a favor, it is probably because they believe that you have what it takes to do it for them. You may wish to hear them out first before you make your decision.

Nevertheless, where you wish to humor the person, you can let them know that you have what it takes to help them out, but you don’t want to.

This statement has to be made with a light tone and playful attitude so that the person can decipher that you are merely joking.

  • ‘I’ve heard your request, and yes, I can, but you cannot make me.’

2. It depends on what it is

Some people ask you for favors so strange that the next time they make a request, you are always so skeptical to know what it is first.

Such people know that they make strange requests, hence, when you look at them suspiciously and say ‘It depends on what it is’, they will have a good laugh about it.

  •   ‘Oh no, not again. Well, it depends on what it is, you have a habit of making strange requests.’

3. Nope

As simple as this reply sounds, it can be quite hilarious. However, it depends on your relationship with whom you are speaking and the tone of voice you use in saying it.

A good situation is where the person hasn’t completed the sentence yet and you immediately respond with ‘Nope’. However, your relationship with the person matters cause only those close to you will get the joke.

  • ‘Can you do…?’
  • ‘Nope, I’ve not recovered from the last favor I did for you.

4. Not again

Yup, when you see someone coming with a mischievous smile or a smirk, just know that they are returning from asking you a favor to ask you another one.

The expected thing that you can do is to roll your eyes and say, ‘Not again’. Of course, there will be laughter and pleadings, but whether or not you do you decide to make it.

  • ‘Oh no, not again (rolls eyes), I know what you are coming for.’

5. The last time didn’t end well

The response ‘The last time didn’t end well’ suits a situation where the person asking for the favor is a returnee. This means that he/she has asked for a favor before which has probably put you in trouble.

Hence, when the person returns to ask another one, you do your due diligence to remind them how the last favor they asked went, just in case they are coming with more trouble.

  • ‘Just in case you have forgotten, the last time didn’t end well. I hope this will be different.’

6. Not interested

If used humorously, the response ‘Not interested’, can be quite hilarious. This is because when a person asks you for a favor, they are expecting you to agree to do it for them especially if they are close to you.

When you now respond with ‘Not interested’, not only will it take them by surprise, but they will also find it funny especially when they know that you will still do it.

  • ‘Hello Karen, I need you to do me a favor.’
  • ‘Nope, not interested.’

7. Yup, for $50

When you charge someone money for the favor you do for them, then it’s no longer a favor, it is a job.

Nevertheless, unless you are requesting money from someone familiar, ethics demand that you simply refuse to do it instead of asking to be paid.

This, however, should only apply where the favor being asked does not include your line of job because one shouldn’t mix business with pleasure/

  • ‘Yup, for $50 that can be done.’

8. Not now, please

Another hilarious response to give to the question ‘Can you do me a favor?’ is ‘Not now please’. This response implies that you may likely indulge the person shortly, but you are not disposed to do so at the time.

There are lots of factors that could be responsible for that. Either because you are busy, tired, not in the mood, or you simply don’t want to.

  • ‘Not now please, allow me to rest before you come with all your requests.’

9. And who will take responsibility if something goes wrong again?

It is a very wise decision to ask the person requesting a favor who will take the fall for whatever happens. This only applies if something had gone wrong the first time, and you wouldn’t want a repeat.

Of course, the person may find it funny that you are being too careful, but it is okay to always do your due diligence.

  • ‘Considering what happened the last time, who will take responsibility if something were to go wrong again?’

10.  Right now?

Some people have the habit of making requests at such odd hours. For instance, a pregnant wife asks her husband to get her something she’s craving at midnight.

It would be quite hilarious because which store will be open by that time? None.

It is instances like this that make the response ‘Right now?’ to be hilarious, especially if the speaker says it with so much surprise.

  • ‘Right now? I don’t think it’s humanly possible to grant you this favor at this time.’

11.  You always ask for the strangest things

Don’t be surprised if you meet that one person who can ask for even the strangest of things. Such kind of people always think outside the box when making their requests and this makes it difficult to grant.

However, when they come again with their strange requests, don’t hesitate to tell them how you feel about receiving requests from them.

  • You always ask for the strangest things.’

12.  If it’s the same as last time, then NEVER!

Funny Responses to Can You Do Me a Favor

Have you ever indulged someone when they asked you for a favor and it ended so badly that it nearly traumatized you? The truth is that the memory never leaves you, and it makes you wary of future requests.

Well, if that is the case with you then the response ‘If it’s the same as last time, NEVER’ is most suitable for you.

  • ‘I’ve not forgotten what happened just last month, so if it’s the same as last time, then NEVER!’

13.  Not like I have a choice

Sometimes, there is no way out of doing someone a favor especially if it is someone you cannot easily resist. It could be that the person is a close relative or a friend who has done you a favor before.

Thus, with a sigh, you can just resign to your fate, which means that no matter what the favor is you will have to grant it. Let’s just hope that it is something achievable.

  • ‘Well, not like I have a choice, what will you have me do?’

14.  I can’t believe I’m about to do this again

Funny Responses to Can You Do Me a Favor

It is not all the time that you can say no to absurd requests especially if the person asking is too cute to resist. For instance, a two-year-old asks her dad to give up his face to play with makeup.

Or she asks him to come have a coffee date with her dolls. Normally, this is not something a man would do, but who can resist his two-year-old daughter, right?

  • ‘Oh my, time for another date with the dolls right? Ugh, I can’t believe I’m about to do this again.’

15.  If you ask me one more time, I’d throw you out the window

Sometimes, one has to be strict to avoid some unnecessary requests that could come from friends or family. Unfortunately, some family members will not take no for an answer and can be quite persistent.

When such things happen, you too can also decide to stand your ground in your decision. You may choose to do it later if you wish to.

  • ‘I know that you will not give up requesting this, however, if you ask me one more time, I’d throw you out the window.’

16.  After you have done me one

Some people have the bad habit of always asking for one thing or the other, but they never want to reciprocate or indulge another person.

When such people come to you to ask for a favor, you can just tell them that you will grant them the request when they have granted yours. This should teach them to learn to help others too.

  • ‘Of course, I will help you just after you have done one.’

17.  Yeah, for a fee

Well, when you realize that you are the go-to person for people with requests, maybe because you always come through, then you can start charging them a fee.

When people pay for what they receive, they tend to value it more. However, note that close friends and family will find it absurd that you want to charge them before you grant their requests.

And if perhaps, they laugh in your face, ensure to take it well.

  • ‘You are more than welcome to tell me what you need, and it will be granted, but for a fee.’

18.  Probably

With a shrug of a shoulder and an unsure expression, you can just say, ‘Probably’, to the person who asks you for a favor.

This signifies that you may or may not grant them that favor either because of certain unavoidable factors or personal reasons.

However, it can also mean that you will definitely indulge them and that you were just joking.

  • ‘Probably, I have to hear the request and know if it is something that I can do before I say yes.’

19.  In my next life

As simple as it sounds, this is you telling the person asking for a favor, that you will not be able to grant that favor in this life, but in the one to come.

Of course, that is a myth as no one knows for sure if there is a life after this one. The person will therefore know that you are trying to be funny.

  • ‘I will grant you the favor…not in this life, but in my next life.’

20.  What will it cost me this time?

There is no favor granted that doesn’t take anything from the grantor. If it doesn’t cost you your money, it will probably cost you time or energy.

Although it may sound funny, it is right to ask the person requesting a favor what exactly it will cost, especially if it did cost much the last time.

  • ‘I have not yet recovered from the last time. So, tell me, what will it cost me this time?’

Final Words

Now that you are equipped with this information, you don’t have to be at a loss the next time someone asks you for a favor. Whether you wish to decline the request or you want to grant it is at your disposal.

The beautiful thing about it is that with the information in this article, you don’t have to sound like a jerk when giving your response.

With the twenty (20) responses listed above, you can be funny, playful, sarcastic, or ironic while giving your response.

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