20 Perfect Responses When Someone Calls You “Goofy”

Does pranking your roommates and neighbors sound like something you usually do to pass the time? Do you perhaps talk a lot most times and they can not get you to shut up?

Are you always the jester, making light or fun out of any situation? Then chances are, someone somewhere has used the word “goofy” to describe you either to your face or to someone else in your absence.

The word “Goofy” is slated to mean that one is pretty ridiculous and acts without much care about thought or common sense.

It is seen as a sanguine trait sometimes as most people who are called goofy usually have a very social or socially awkward standing in society.

This can be both good and bad as there are different times for different things, but this gets bad when a person never takes anything seriously and always acts like everything is a joke.

If you have had such a term used to describe you to your hearing before, then you must have thought about what you could say back, how you could help yourself out of the matter of being looked at as never serious with anything.

Maybe you even want to sarcastically put it aside too. Here are a few things to say back when someone calls you goofy;

20 Perfect Responses When Someone Calls You Goofy

There are many ways that you can respond when someone calls you goofy, it’s the way that you look at it.

Now, whether you want to take it as a compliment or just drop something akin to a comeback, or you will just give a goofy response to what they said, I have all of that below. Here they are:

  • Thanks for noticing my fun side!
  • Guilty as charged!
  • Life is fun when you are goofy sometimes.
  • Goofy and proud!
  • Embracing my inner goofball!
  • Who wants to be serious all the time
  • Yep, I’m the resident good
  • I take my goofiness very seriously
  • Goofiness is my superpower
  • Better goofy than boring
  • I am just spreading joy with my goofy
  • Goofy today, legendary tomorrow!
  • A little goofiness never hurt anyone
  • It’s all a part of my charm
  • Life’s a playground and I’m the goofiest player
  • I like to make things light and fun!
  • You’ve discovered my secret identity: Goofyman/woman!
  • Goofy by nature, fun by choice
  • Goofiness is in my DNA
  • If being goofy is bad, then I don’t want to be good

1. Thanks for noticing my fun side!

“Thanks for noticing my fun side” is a sweet response to use when someone calls you goofy. No matter how they said it, or what it was supposed to mean, you make it sound like a compliment and that it is a sweet thing to do.

Being goofy is not a bad thing and being able to embrace it and accept it as a good thing is evidence of self-love. Besides, if they were out to hurt you, this response will throw them off the curb.

2. Guilty as charged!

When someone labels you silly, responding with “Guilty as charged!” is the ideal goofy reply since it demonstrates what they have just noticed and lets them know that you are not ashamed of it.

Admitting to being goofy is also very cute. You can throw on a sweet smile and act like you do not know what they mean. Then you can follow it up with something goofier if you want.

3. Life is fun when you are goofy sometimes

“Life is too short not to be goofy sometimes” is an interesting answer to tell someone who calls you goofy because of how right it is. Sometimes you need a little bit of fun in your life to put a smile on your face.

Besides, they say you only live once. If everyone was so uptight, and prim and proper, and they never did a single silky thing, we might not have a reason to smile or joke around. When you think of it that way, you are making a big impact on the world.

4. Goofy and proud!

“Goofy and proud” is a corrupted version of “loud and proud” which is really smart and befitting to the situation. While this reply is silky, it is also very bold and hilarious.

Just like those who say “loud and proud”, you are trying to tell those who call you goofy that this is not just a phase but this is who you are and live it that way and will always be okay with it.

5. Embracing my inner goofball!

When someone calls you goofy you can give them a comical reply like “embracing my inner goofball”. It tells them that it is the real you and love acting silly at times.

Some parts of our behavior are most of the time not influenced. It comes from our genes and what our personalities are made up of. If being goofy comes naturally to you then you should embrace it.

6. Who wants to be serious all the time?

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Goofy

A nice response to someone calling you goofy is “Who wants to be serious all the time?” especially if they appear to disapprove.

Being serious all the time has done no good to anyone. Think about it. There is a reason the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is so popular.

7. Yep, I’m the resident goof!

It’s humorous to reply, “Yep, I’m the resident goof!” to someone who calls you foolish. It would be even more effective if they occupied a position of authority because it would let them know that you did too.

The good thing about this response is how it makes other people laugh. It is goofy and hilarious and works well in any setting at all.

8. I take my goofiness very seriously

Using the clever retort “I take my goofiness very seriously” when someone calls you silly is appropriate. It serves as a joke and demonstrates how silly you are.

If you are goofy then you are not serious, but if you take your goofiness seriously then it means you take being unserious very seriously and you are serious about being unserious. Do you want to get people confused and thinking?

Tell them this.

9. Goofiness is my superpower

Another superb response you can use is “Goofiness is my superpower”. While it might not be as cool as flying or turning invisible, you do make the world a better place.

Now when you want to use this response be sure the person you are speaking to is a friend or someone who would understand that this is a joke.

This response is very befitting to class clowns and jokers that you go about making us laugh.

10. Better goofy than boring!

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Goofy

It might sound defensive but “Better goofy than boring” is a good response to being called goofy. It’s a good comeback if they are trying to be mean.

No one wants to be like those stuck-up people who everyone wants to avoid because of their terrible attitude and boring personalities.

11. I’m just spreading joy with my goofiness.

I’m just spreading the joy with my goofiness is a playful response to being called goofy. You are simply trying to brighten the corner where you are.

Making people smile or laugh, and looking for ways to make people happier with your silly actions is spreading the joy, and you couldn’t have done better.

12. Goofy today, legendary tomorrow!

“Goofy today, legendary tomorrow” is a remarkable response that tells whoever calls you goofy that you like to be different and that you don’t have to be like everyone else to be great or famous.

Do keep in mind though that while there are several things that people become legendary for, goofiness alone might not be good enough to make one a legend.

13. A little goofiness never hurt anyone

If the person calling you goofy is too worried about your behavior, you can tell them that “A little goofiness never hurt anyone”. It should calm them down and make them see the bright side of things.

If it’s just some playful act you are putting up then they will be reassured and go back to their business. If it’s not, however, you might want to be sure that you turn down the goofiness so it’s just a little like you said.

14. It’s all part of my charm

Saying “It’s all part of my charm!” in response to being labeled silly is endearing. This can be used to elicit a cheery grin or a nice smile from friends, a crush, or almost anyone.

Generally, a person’s charm is the friendly behavior that makes them likable and endears them to people. Being goofy might be something that attracts people to you so don’t be ashamed of it. Just own it and be you.

15. Life’s a playground, and I’m the goofiest player.

Life’s a playground, and I’m the goofiest player is a classic reply to give someone who calls you goofy. It sounds intelligent, and anyone who hears you will rethink calling you goofy.

Life is a lot of things and if you choose to be the goofiest player on the playground, just be sure that while you are goofing around there is a sure foolproof plan you can rely on.

16. I like to make things bright and fun!

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Goofy

If the person who calls you goofy is asking for an explanation for your behavior then you can tell them “I like to make things bright and fun!”

Being goofy doesn’t always mean that you mess things up or create problems. It can mean that you do ginny things that keep the mood light and fun.

17. You’ve discovered my secret identity: Goofyman/woman!

It’s true that saying “You’ve discovered my secret identity: Goofyman/woman!” sounds ridiculous, but it’s also funny and gives you the impression that you’re a superhero.

Revealing your secret identity might be a big deal to others because they will suspect it. All that will matter to them is to keep up the goofy work.

18. Goofy by nature, fun by choice

“Goofy by nature, fun by choice” is a light-hearted response to being called goofy. It is free and somewhat nonchalant and you can tell this to your friends or acquaintances.

Being goofy can be a person’s nature but how they choose to use it is up to them. They can be hilarious and fun to be with people who light up the room with their banter and silly behavior.

19. Goofiness is in my DNA!

If you tell someone who calls you goofy that “goofiness is in my DNA”, they will have no more questions as regards why they act the way you do.

It is also an intelligent way to excuse your behavior and a great joke to make. If they can not accept that then they will just have to find a way to tweak your DNA if that is even possible.

20. If being goofy is bad, then I don’t want to be good!

If being goofy is bad, then I don’t want to be good! is a brilliant reply to tell someone who calls you goofy because you openly accept being goofy even if it is bad.

It says a lot about your personality and how you feel about what you do. It is a nice way to tell someone that you care about other people’s happiness and make them laugh rather than seeming like a perfectly serious person.

They might see you like a clown but you see yourself as a good person.

Final Words

Being called goofy can be good or bad, but it doesn’t mean you need to counter in a bad way. There’s nothing wrong with being a class clown or the jester of the moment.

Everyone needs a little fun and light-heartedness in their lives, it would be great for you to be the source of it.

If perhaps you didn’t know what to say when someone said you were the goofy type then with the 20 different ways discussed above, then it wouldn’t be too hard to give a few good comebacks or retorts for being called goofy, and even in the goofiest way possible to prove a point.

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