15 Funny Replies to “Are You Telepathic?”

Have you ever exercised a certain level of mental power in the presence of someone so much that they have no choice but to ask you ‘are you telepathic?’ or have you exhibited a certain level of prowess that is scientifically inexplicable and leaves people thinking ‘is she telepathic?

A telepathic person is seen as a person who has a certain level of mental superpowers or who receives mind-to-mind contact with another person. People who share a deep bond with each other can also be telepathic.

Not that you always know what the other person is thinking about but at least you will be able to guess (to a certain level of accuracy) what they are thinking or why they behave the way they do.

Instances of people who can share such bond are couples, a pregnant woman with her unborn child, twins, etc. What the situation may be, if you are ever asked whether you are telepathic, there are certain responses you can use which are very funny.

In this article, we will be listing fifteen (15) funny replies to ‘Are you telepathic?’, so, make sure to check our replies out.

15 Funny Reply to “Are You Telepathic?”

  1. Maybe
  2. Are you scared?
  3. What do you think?
  4. Would you like to find out?
  5. Surprised?
  6. Yup
  7. Nope, a psychic.
  8. Do I qualify?
  9. There’s a possibility.
  10. With you? Yes.
  11. You believe in telepathy?
  12. Wanna share your thoughts?
  13. Should I read your mind?
  14. Namaste
  15. Is that a crime?


Using ‘maybe’ as a response to ‘are you telepathic’ will provoke an atmosphere of uncertainty. Already, the person is suspecting you for having a telepathic power.

Saying ‘maybe’ to them will put them on a spot and they will be wondering if really you are or if you are just messing with them. It will be very fun seeing the person debating with himself or herself.

To make it funnier, you can further tell the person, ‘I can tell you are confused, do you wish to put it test?’ or ‘Don’t be scared but I can tell exactly what you are thinking?

Are you scared?

Depending on the situation, exercising some form of telepathic power can actually put fear in some people. For instance, when you react suddenly, your reaction saves someone’s life.

Some people would be shocked and can ask ‘how did you know that would happen, Are you telepathic?’. If you ask them ‘are you scared?’, it will confirm what they are feeling and can make you burst into laughter.

So, the next time a person asks you whether you are telepathic, you can reply with ‘are you scared’ to provoke laughter or a smile.

What do you think?

When a person asks you ‘are you telepathic?’ and you give them this response ‘what do you think?’, you are giving them free rein on imagination and making them tilt towards the idea that you indeed can detect what a person is thinking.

This response ‘what do you think?’ is mostly funny in a situation where you have managed to know what the person was thinking consecutively. Suddenly, they will begin to suspect that you have the uncanny habit of hearing their thoughts.

Saying ‘what do you think?’ will communicate to them that you are not denying the fact that you are telepathic nor are you accepting it. It is a funny reply, and it will leave your hearers confused.

Would you like to find out?

What could be more fun than making the person asking you ‘are you telepathic?’ think that you actually are. The response ‘would you like to find out?’ will make you appear bold and sure of yourself.

It is sarcastic and teasing to say, ‘would you like to find out?’ because now the person would be unsure if they really want to know. Most people would not want others to know what they are thinking about.

While curiosity will make some people answer in the positive. But generally, responding with ‘would you like to find out?’ will create a funny situation.


Yeah right, surprised?

The response, ‘surprised?’ (abbreviation for are you surprised?) will confirm the suspicions of the person asking you ‘are you telepathic?’ Not that you are outrightly or expressly saying that you are.

Although the person may not fully believe that you are but you response ‘surprised?’ will leave them with a confused and funny feeling.


Yup’ is a simple and affirmative response to ‘are you telepathic?’ It may not really mean that you are really telepathic, and it could be that you are teasing the person.

The person may further want to test that assertion but will realize that you are just messing with them and that you can’t really tell what a person is thinking.

On the other hand, you could actually be telepathic, and even when you agree by saying ‘yup’, the other person may not really believe. But imagine if you actually tell them what they are thinking at the moment.

Yup, it would create a funny atmosphere.

Nope, a psychic

Nope, a psychic’, is an ironic response to ‘are you telepathic?’ cause it literally means the same thing. A psychic does the same thing that a telepathic person does cause they both read minds.

Some people may be confused, and others will argue that they are both the same thing. Wouldn’t it be funny watching them argue and fight with themselves, wondering if the two are one and the same people?

Nope, a psychic’ is also ironic and can make a person laugh especially if you have the identity of having telepathic powers or they do telepathy as a business yet someone who is aware of this is asking them if they are telepathic.

Do I qualify?

Funny Replies to Are You Telepathic

There’s a way a person will pose the question ‘are you telepathic?’ and it will appear as if they are challenging your authenticity. When you respond with ‘Do I qualify?’, you are simply mocking the person’s doubt.

Your response is also challenging the person’s doubt in a funny way. There are other ways you can modify or say this response, ‘do I qualify?’. They include – ‘Do I not appear like a telepathic person?’, ‘Is there a special requirement to becoming telepathic?’, etc.

That is to say, the next time someone challenges your supposed telepathic ability, you can use this awesome and witty response ‘Do I qualify?’ to respond to them.

There’s a possibility

When a person asks you if you are telepathic and you respond with ‘there’s a possibility’, you are simply giving them the impression that may be true or that it may have happened one time.

The response ‘there’s a possibility’ could be interpreted in two ways. Either you are telling the person that due to certain things you have observed about yourself and your actions, you may be telepathic.

Or you are very aware that you do not have the telepathy ability, but you just want to joke around with them. If they are very close friends who know you well enough, they will immediately know that you are just trying to be funny.

With you? Yes.

There are certain times when we may have known what another person is thinking, or we may have has a telepathic connection with someone.

Whatever the case may be, where you have, over a period of time, had a bout of telepathic connection with someone, the person is bound to ask you ‘are you telepathic?

If perhaps you mostly experience the connection with a particular person, you can then use this response with them ‘with you? Yes.’ It may be funny to the person because they may find it hard to believe.

So, if you have that special someone whom you always have a telepathic connection with, you can always use this response ‘with you, yes.

Do you believe in telepathy?

Funny Replies to Are You Telepathic

There are different religions in the one and lots of people believe in lots of things. Are you a firm believer that supernatural things do not believe? Do you think that science explains it all?

Well if you do, and someone asks you if you are telepathic, then the best response for such a person would be to say, ‘you believe in telepathy?’ This can make both you and the person you are speaking with laugh.

Imagine that you believe that whatever happened was a mere coincidence and someone is immediately assuming that you are telepathic.

You will definitely find it funny. So your best response would be to ask them if they believe in telepathy.

Wanna share your thoughts?

People are always so amazed when they meet a person who has certain supernatural abilities. So if someone has heard that you have telepathic powers, he/she may be tempted to ask you (in disbelief), ‘are you telepathic?

The truth is you may or may not be telepathic but if you want to humor them you could reply to them with ‘wanna share your thoughts?’ Some of them will blanche in the fear that you could actually do it while others may just be excited.

Either way, this is a very funny response and will serve you well when you wish to answer the question ‘are you telepathic?

Should I read your mind?

Talk about hitting the nail smack on the head. A person who uses the response ‘should I read your mind?’ is straightforward with the fact that he or she may be telepathic.

This response presents a certain level of boldness and assurance that you really can connect with a person telepathically. The flip side to this is that you may not be telepathic.

But your level of boldness could convince them that you have telepathic abilities. You could probably burst their bubbles later by letting them know that you are not actually telepathic.


Funny Replies to Are You Telepathic

…and action!

Most people love acting and pretending so much that they will not mind playing along with anything no matter how short the time frame is. Imagine someone popping in from somewhere and asking you if you are telepathic.

You could enter into character immediately and say namaste. Now, note that saying namaste is not what certifies to anyone that you are telepathic, but your conduct alone is what will give that impression.

So if you are the type that likes getting into character and you are ever asked ‘are you telepathic?’, you can use this funny reply ‘Namaste’ to get everyone to laugh.

Is that a crime?

It’s not a crime to be whatever you want to be including a telepathic individual. When a person asks you if you are telepathic, you can respond with ‘Is that a crime?

This response may appear confrontational but for the sake of this article, it is not. In fact, it aims to funnily and slowly challenge the person who is asking you on whether there is a law against being telepathic.

This should probably be used by a person who you are very sure will not take offence.

Wrap Up

When we do things that are out of the ordinary, people are bound to become interested and indeed curious. An instance of something extraordinary one can do is to exercise telepathic abilities.

Human beings are known not to have the ability to read a person’s mind or to know what may be happening to someone at a particular time and place. So when someone is able to do that, he/she becomes a person of interest.

In this article, we have written out fifteen (15) best and funny replies; you can give to a person who asks you ‘are you telepathic?’ You can select any of the above to make the smile.

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