30 Things to Say On Presidents Day

Presidents Day is a special time to honor the leaders who have shaped our nation. It’s a day of reflection, celebration, and appreciation for the contributions of those who have held the highest office in the land. Here are 30 beautiful things to say on President’s Day ‘Happy President’s Day!’ ‘Celebrating the leaders who shaped … Read more

20 Polite Ways of Saying Going to the Toilet

In everyday conversations, certain topics and activities are considered polite to talk about discreetly rather than openly. One such topic is using the restroom. While bodily functions are natural, directly announcing one’s need to ‘go to the bathroom’ can make others uncomfortable. Here are 20 tactful ways to communicate that you need to use the … Read more

30 Words to Describe Pride Month

Not everyone knows of the existence of Pride Month. Some who have heard about it do not know the month that bears the title and why it is called Pride Month. Pride Month is called so because it is a month wholly dedicated to the lifting up of the voices, celebration of the culture, and … Read more