15 Best Responses to ‘How is Home?’

The question ‘How is home?’ symbolizes a nice gesture used to show concern about the well-being of certain people. The question is used mostly by a person who is familiar with another.

It could be a relative, a close friend, an ex-neighbor or an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who you are still friendly with. A person can use that phrase when they are familiar with the person’s family.

Sometimes, even if the person is not familiar with your family but knows you well enough, they can use that question as a formality to fulfil all righteousness.

The basic response to that question is usually just ‘fine’, but it sounds snappy. To make the response more lively and to build more connection with the person asking, you can reply in different ways instead.

If you have no idea how to construct your response, no need to fret. We have listed out fifteen (15) best ways you can respond to the question ‘How is home?

15 Best Responses to ‘How is Home?’

  1. Great to be home
  2. Amazing to be reconnected back to family
  3. Good as usual
  4. Home misses you.
  5. Why don’t you come for dinner?
  6. It’s been smooth.
  7. We’re all fine.
  8. I am lucky to have a home
  9. Like a sanctuary, it’s peaceful.
  10. Warm and comfortable, thanks for asking.
  11. Well, it’s okay, can’t complain.
  12. Don’t know, haven’t spoken to them in a while.
  13. It’s been a minute but I’m not sure I will be going there anytime soon.
  14. Home’s suffocating
  15. Home is where you are.

Great to be home

When you have a family that loves and appreciates you, coming home to them will always be a nice feeling especially if have been away from them for a long time.

A good example is when you leave home for college for the first time. If you have never been apart from your family before, you will terribly miss them. When you return home for the holiday, you will be happy.

If you then meet a friend on the way or you are chatting with a classmate and they ask you ‘How is home?’, you can say ‘I love it. It feels great to be home!

Amazing to be reconnected with family

Another suitable response to ‘How is home?’ is ‘amazing to be reconnected to family’. The word reconnected means that the person has been away from family for some time.

The speaker could be a soldier who had gone on assignment and had been away from family for some months or years. Such a person will be extremely excited when he gets to see his family again.

On the other hand, the speaker could be a civilian working for a company that makes him travel a lot or that transfers him to another city, and he does not want to move around with his family.

When such a person gets to see his family again, he can say ‘It’s amazing to be reconnected to family’.

Good as usual

The term ‘good as usual’ is also a great response to the question ‘How is home?’ The response is mostly used when a person who you know very well asks you How is home?

It shows that it had not been long since you saw the person last and that whenever the person sees you, he/she always ensures to ask you about home.

Responding with ‘good as usual’, shows that nothing has changed since the last time you saw them. Whether it’s true or not, the impression you wish to present is that everything is going well at home.

Home misses you

When you respond with ‘home misses you’, it means that the person you are speaking with is part of the family. It could be a husband who has travelled for work and is asking after the family.

Maybe he had been away for some time, and he wanted to know how everyone was. It could also be a daughter or son who had gone to college and is asking after the family.

So when you respond with home misses you, you are telling the person that everyone at home including you misses them. The response will make them feel loved and happy.

Why don’t you come for dinner?

This response ‘Why don’t you come for dinner?’ is an invitation to have dinner with other members of the family. The response is mostly used when the person you are speaking with is a friend of the family.

Maybe you bumped into them at the supermarket or elsewhere and it had been a while since you guys last saw each other. While exchanging pleasantries and they ask how is home?, you can simply invite them for dinner.

Since the person is a friend of the family, he or she will be delighted at the opportunity to see everyone again.

It’s been smooth

The response ‘it’s been smooth’ shows the person had not been at home for a while. So when they respond with ‘it’s been smooth’, they mean that the period they’ve been at home has been smooth.

Being smooth means there has been no turbulence and that the home is peaceful. Everything has been going smoothly and you have had no need to worry.

Even if the person did not travel and has been home, he/she can still use the response, ‘it’s been smooth’. After all, paying your bills on time and having no negative emergencies means that life is smooth for you.

We’re all fine

This response ‘we’re all fine’, is a vague response. It does not give any extra information about the condition of things at home. When a person uses this response, he/she just wants to be cordial with the person without giving out personal info.

It could be that the person asking, ‘How is home?’ is just an acquaintance or a person that you are not really familiar with. Hence the response ‘We’re all fine

This way, you are being polite and still responding to the question. You can add a smile while saying it.

I am lucky to have a home

There are people who are blessed to have a beautiful home. They are married to a great partner, and they are blessed with beautiful children. They feel loved and supported.

Thus, when they look around, they feel so lucky to have it so good. These set of people when they are asked ‘How is home?’, they can easily respond with ‘I am lucky to have a home’.

When such people are speaking, you can feel the love and joy they have from just being at home. You can see that they are happy too.

Like a sanctuary, it’s peaceful

Best Responses to How is Home

A sanctuary is where people run to when they want to take a break from the problems they are facing. If life becomes too stressful, and they just want a chance to breathe, they run to a sanctuary to get that.

A sanctuary, in this context, may not necessarily mean a building with that title. It could be in the arms of a person or at home with another person. It could also be a particular location where you feel a sense of peace.

Some people like to go to the beach at night while others like to climb the top of the mountain. For the speaker here, a sanctuary is home, and it is peaceful.

Warm and comfortable, thanks for asking

This could be a formal or informal response depending on who is asking and what the occasion is. The response ‘warm and comfortable, thanks for asking’ is cordial, straightforward and conclusive.

This is because the way the person says it could mean that they answered just because they do not wish to be classified as rude, but they do not want to speak further about home.

It is not dismissive in a general sense but it’s not welcoming either. For instance, if it was a boss that asked, ‘How is home?’, it would be understandable if his/her employee does not want to go into a long discussion about how warm and comfortable home is.

Well, it’s okay, can’t complain

This response ‘Well, it’s okay, can’t complain’ is also another great reply to the question ‘How is home?’. This response shows that the person has it good.

Not that he/she is not facing any problems, but it is not worth complaining about. It’s just merely a scratch on the surface compared to tough and serious problems that others are facing.

For instance, a person who has a slight headache and gets cured when he/she takes medication, can’t complain more than a person whose hair is shaved because of cancer.

I Don’t know, I haven’t spoken to them in a while

Best Responses to How is Home

Not all families have it rosy and not all families love each other, this is simply the reality. There are family members who are not close to each other and haven’t spoken in a while.

Aside from being at each other’s throats, there are times when you don’t speak to your family for a while especially if you don’t stay with them, not that you are having any issues with them.

Either way, if a person asks you ‘How is home?’ and you wish to be sincere, you can simply respond with ‘don’t know, haven’t spoken to them in a while’ and proceed to give them a call.

It’s been a minute but I’m not sure I will be going there anytime soon

Best Responses to How is Home

There are some homes where the atmosphere is too hot. Such homes may not be peaceful, and the occupants would prefer to stay out of it. The true narrative is that while there are peaceful homes, there are troublesome ones.

For a person to respond with ‘it’s been a minute but I’m not sure I will be going there anytime soon’ to the question ‘How is home?’, it may mean that such a person comes from a troublesome home.

If perhaps, you meet a person that gives you this sort of response, you may want to sit down and have a talk with the person. You never know they may need a listening ear to unburden themselves too.

Home’s suffocating

When a home is suffocating, it means that there is no peace or that there are too many responsibilities, and you don’t know how to handle them. It may be problems from left to right.

For you to use this response, means that you are comfortable with the person that you are sharing it with. Not everyone likes to wash their dirty linen in public.

If you are the person using this response, then it may be a call for help. Look for a person to speak with so that you can unburden yourself.

Home is where you are

The response ‘home is where you are’ is used mostly in a romantic setting. If the person asking you is your lover or your legally married spouse, then using this response will make the person happy.

You are telling the person that what matters to you is not the building or the furniture inside but their presence in your life. This is an all-round response used to appreciate those you love.

For instance, if your husband is a soldier who is on a mission telling him that home is where he is will melt his heart and make him feel closer to you. This is another great response that you should use.


How is home?’ is a usual and cordial question that someone you are familiar with may ask you. Now that we have listed out fifteen (15) ways for you to respond to the question, you don’t have to be boring with your response.

Look through the replies mentioned in this article and choose the best response that suits your situation. Also, the amount of information you give concerning home depends on your relationship with the person asking.

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