25 Words to Describe a Person Who Only Calls When They Need Something

Have you ever had someone you considered a friend who only ever calls you when they need something from you?

It probably hurts yeah, leaving you feeling used and manipulated. Here are a few words to describe such people:

25 Words to Describe a Person Who Only Calls When They Need Something

  1.  Opportunist
  2.  Selfish
  3.  Taker
  4. Manipulative 
  5.  Self-serving
  6.  Fair-weather friend
  7.  Narcissistic
  8.  Exploitative
  9.  User
  10. Parasitic
  11. Disloyal
  12.  Inconsiderate
  13.  Needy
  14. Self-centered
  15. One-sided
  16.  Ungrateful
  17. Insincere
  18. Vulturous
  19.  Self-absorbed
  20.  Impersonal
  21. Disingenuous
  22.  Emotionally detached
  23. Untrustworthy
  24.  Apathetic
  25.  Unscrupulous


Words to Describe a Person Who Only Calls When They Need Something

Opportunists can be described as people who tend to see a chance to always gain some sort of advantage from a situation, often without any consideration of ethical standards or morals. 

An opportunist is a person who never fails to seize any and every opportunity to improve things for himself or herself.

For example, if you happened to win millions in a lottery a lot of people would probably come out or reach out to you in hopes of getting their hands on some of the money. 

Some of these people may act as though they are close friends with you, but they are not; they are called opportunists.

Famous opportunists include the “carpetbaggers,” Northern opportunists who, after the American Civil War, poured into the South to turn Reconstruction into personal financial gains.


Selfish people are people who possess the tendency to act excessively or solely in a way or manner that benefits themselves only, even if others are placed at a disadvantage because of their behavior. 

Selfish people do not have any regard for how they or their behavior affects or impacts other people. They constantly and consistently act in their self-interests and seek out their pleasures without trying to meet the needs of others.

Selfish persons lack human sympathy and empathy. They may not hesitate to hurt other people if it means that they end up getting whatever it is they want. 

They will often lie to you or cheat their way to advance their objectives. You should watch out for this kind of person; because they are capable of great destruction without feeling any iota of guilt at all!


A taker can be defined as a person who is always willing to accept anything and everything that is being offered to him or her. Takers have absolutely no qualms about receiving from people, but might not feel the same about giving out to others. 


A manipulative person tries to coerce or control people to their advantage. They employ various trucks, ploys, and vices to make other people dance to their tune. 

They are not afraid to utilize weapons such as emotional blackmail, sudden displays of strong emotions, tears, or even hysterical tantrums just to have their way.

Manipulative people thrive in exercising the power that they gain over others, using them to achieve their selfish desires.


A self-serving person is a person who values or places expediency or self-gain over principles, ethics, or morals. They are self-centered people, who only think about new inventive ways to please themselves. 

They do not care about the needs or feelings of other people at all, neither do they care at whose expense or at what cost they achieve their goals or pleasures. 

Self-serving people are quite fond of the immediate advantage of other people or situations, regardless of the circumstances or consequences to others. 

They only care about the possible benefits they gain from it. Their actions only serve to promote their interests, never another’s.

Fair-weather friend

Fair-weather friends are people who are supposed to be your friends but are not. They are out with you what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. 

They are always too ‘busy’ to call or chitchat, except when they need some kind of ‘urgent help’ from you. They are never available whenever you need them or their help.

They are in for the jolly, good ride, but do not ever attempt to call them when the going gets tough. They never show up for such occasions. 


Words to Describe a Person Who Only Calls When They Need Something

You just might be surprised. I mean, narcissist! But, yes. When someone only calls when they need you, they just might be narcissistic.

The sad part about it is that it most probably would not even occur to them that there is anything wrong with the way they treat you, with this sort of behavior. 

Worse, even if you were to nicely or otherwise point out to them how selfish their behavior is, they still would not stop doing it. 

The human mind can be a big trap when it comes to this. There always seems to be something interesting or very exciting and (if they are of the opposite gender) alluring about a narcissist. 

However, unless you are a glutton for emotional torture and punishment, stay well away from them. There is only enough space for one person in their brain, and that is, of course, themselves. 

They only care about themselves and their needs. It doesn’t matter if you have been good or nice to them all this while. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.


Exploitative people are those who hang around you because they have a mine of goodies to explore and exploit from you! You give them a reason to stay back because you never say no to them. 

You have probably never denied any kind of help to them, you make yourself available to them every single time they call for your help, you always provide a shoulder to lean on, and have never failed. 

They have all these reasons to stay and none to leave you be. Why then should they not exploit the opportunity you present to them?

It is nice to help those around us, and have people who know that they can believe in you and trust you to always come through. However, it should not be continuously at your own expense. Especially if this particular route seems to be a one-way traffic flow!


Users are people who stay with other people for the good they benefit and leave them hanging afterward. They have no use for people who do not bring any benefit to themselves. They only care about what they need from you. My candid advice, stay far away from such people.


Just as the name implies, parasitic people are simply parasites in human form. They cling to you dearly for your worth of goodness and help, sucking every last drop of goodness from you. 

They shamelessly leech off of you, fattening themselves at your own expense, leaving behind a nasty trail of hurt, anger, and bitterness. They don’t care whatever effects their actions have on you, they simply keep taking until there is nothing more to take from you. 


Disloyal people are those who have no moral inclination to stay with you in times of need. They are available to share in the joyful moments and in the time of plenty, but never there to share the trying times with you. 

They enjoy whatever good you have available for their pleasure and disappear at the slight hint of discomfort or denial of their pleasure. 

They are ever ready to jump into their next prey, should you even give the slight inclination that they may not be able to enjoy the benefits they currently derive from you.


Inconsiderate people do not care about their actions. They simply go ahead and take whatever catches their fancy, without pausing to consider the consequences or effects of their greed or actions on their surroundings or the people around them


Words to Describe a Person Who Only Calls When They Need Something

Needy is one word that describes such people. A needy person, as the name implies, is someone who is in need, in want, or poverty-stricken. 

If he/she comes to you only when he needs one thing or another, he is a needy person, because it shows that he lacks a lot of things that he should have had.


This is a more deserving description of such a person who only comes to you when in need. A self-centered person is too interested in himself/herself, and not caring about the needs or feelings of other people. 

He or she is only concerned with his or her desires, interests, and needs. Such people do not care about how you feel, they are not interested in the fact that their actions might be hurting you one way or another. 

Indeed, for emotional safety, you might want to cut free from such a friendship, because if they hurt you, they don’t care enough to notice the way they’re hurting you, not to talk of apologizing for it.


A one-sided person is a biased person who has only one point of view. A one-sided person in context sees things from only his viewpoint. He or she doesn’t see what he’s/she’s doing wrong. 

He self justifies himself/herself for whatever inappropriate thing he or she does. Since his/her viewpoint is all that matters, he might not even see that coming to you only when they need you is wrong. 

When you deny such people when they ask, they consider you to be a “wicked” person.


This is another accurate description of anyone who only comes to you when they need you. An ungrateful person or an ingrate is someone who doesn’t feel or show thanks, favors, or gifts. 

Most people like this feel as if they have a right to the things you give them, so your efforts are not worth appreciation. Some of them are critics who always find something wrong with whatever you do for them or give them.


This is a proper word you can use to describe such people. An insincere person is one not expressing or showing true feelings. In other words, they are hypocrites. 

This is because, any time they want a favor or gift from you, they begin to sugarcoat their words. Most of the things they say at that point are mere lies, words to cloud your senses and do what they want. 


A vulturous person behaves like a vulture. A vulture is an animal that feeds on carcasses of dead animals. They don’t kill the animal, they just wait till it dies and feed on it. 

In the same way, someone comes to you only when they need you and doesn’t care about the hard work or what it costs you to get what they need. They are like parasites growing on you or vultures waiting for you to finish your hard work for them to feed on it.


This description is just on-point in describing anyone who only meets you when he wants something from you. Such people are so absorbed in themselves, that they do not care whatever you think. 

They don’t care about any other thing, apart from themselves. They are so absorbed in their thoughts, activities, or interests. So people like that don’t even have you in their mind, except you probably have something they need to achieve something they want.


Impersonal having or showing no interest in individual people or feelings. These people lack emotional warmth. They are like emotionless people. Not carried by their personal feelings.  


Disingenuous means having a false appearance of being honest or sincere. It means something that is not truly honest or sincere. 

Emotionally detached

Such people can be described as emotionally detached, such people might not be self-centered, Self-absorbed, or sincere, but rather it could be that they flee from being emotionally attached to people.


Such people are untrustworthy, you can’t depend on them for anything, even in time of need.


An apathetic person does not show much emotion or interest. They are not interested in having emotional bonds with anyone.


Is an unprincipled person, one that is not honest or fair, one that does wrong things.

In Conclusion

Other words that describe a person who only calls when they need something from you include; exploiter, charlatan, sponge, mercenary, gold digger, swindler, bloodsucker, cad, grafter, or skunk. 

However, I think I like the word sponge the best, because of its ability to switch between being a noun and a verb, whilst retaining its essential meaning in this context.

Whenever we realize that we have such people around us, who only seek to use us for their gainful purposes, we can handle it by refusing to be the prey. 

Simply walk away from such a ‘friendship’ for your good. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t or maybe they’re also waiting for you to reach out to them too. 


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