Twenty (20) Words of Happiness and Excitement

One of the many ways of human expression is via words. Not so many people are good orators and even those who are, may often find out that they may be unable to find the right combination of words to express their deep feelings of happiness or excitement to other people. 

Regardless of whatever the circumstances; you’ve been asked on a date, a football game, a fun night out, prom night, an important presentation, a promotion at the office, or even a vacation in the Bahamas, there are so many fun ways to clearly and concisely communicate your feelings of excitement, joy and happiness to friends and family. 

We know that many struggle to fully express such feelings in words, hence we have gathered together for your convenience twenty lovely phrases that you will find quite handy in expressing happiness or excitement.

Twenty (20) Words of Happiness and Excitement

  • I’m so delighted
  • As high as a kite
  • Ants in my pants
  • Jumping for joy
  • I’m on cloud nine
  • I feel on top of the world
  • I’m gonna paint the town red
  • Buzzing with excitement
  • Really moved
  • On the edge of my seat
  • Elated
  • On pins and needles
  • Thrilled to bits
  • Tickled pink
  • Can’t wait
  • I’m over the moon with excitement
  • I’m in dreamland
  • Counting down the days
  • I feel like I’m in the 7th heavens
  • Spellbound

I’m so delighted

Words of Happiness and Excitement 

This is a simple, courteous way of saying how happy you are about an offer someone made or something that has or is about to happen. Delighted means to be made very happy, full of great pleasure and satisfaction. 

For example, if a friend offers you a gift or chooses to spend a fun time with you, this is a good way of telling them that you are happy and grateful for their thoughtfulness towards you. It shows that you are pleased with what has happened or is about to happen.

Example: Did you know that the famous Afro pop artist Wizkid is going to be at his live concert in California on the 3rd of May? I am so delighted.

As high as a kite

“As high as a kite” is a simple, artistic or somewhat poetic way of expressing feelings of excitement. The phrase utilizes simile in comparing your level of joy or happiness to the height of a kite in the sky. 

This shows that you are not just happy, but since high literally means of a greater degree or amount, it means your happiness is of a greater degree or happiness. It speaks of heightened excitement and anticipation regarding something or someone.

Example: when I heard about Daniel’s most recent acquisitions to his car collections, I was as high as a kite with happiness. 

Ants in my pants

This phrase, “Ants in my pants” depicts a level of such excitement that you are either unable or barely able to keep still. It shows that you are so impatient about an upcoming event or about someone. 

It depicts a feeling that you are so excited that you feel jumpy, impatient and giddy. It’s like that feeling you have after you just finished high school, or after convocation, or after you just achieved a great feast, the feeling of wanting to shout and jump, a feeling of happiness you just can’t keep in.

Example: Sarah has had ants in her pants since her long time, one sided crush, Jason asked her to Prom night on Thursday.

Jumping for joy

“Jumping for joy” shows an almost childlike eagerness for something. It brings to mind a restless abandon due to some kind of good news or happening. 

Although the literal meaning seems more applicable to children, because they can actually keep jumping all day long from joy and excitement, this doesn’t mean it is not a suitable enough expression to use, even if you are grown up.

Example: … When Mason Mount finally scored the much needed and long awaited goal, the Chelsea fans were jumping for joy.

I’m on cloud nine

Words of Happiness and Excitement 

This phrase, “I’m on cloud nine” shows or expresses a deep feeling of great excitement or happiness that seems to not to be of this world. It depicts a form of joy that seems almost unreal. 

It’s a way of expressing great joy and excitement, when you feel as if you are on top of the clouds. It indicates a light feeling of joy without any weight of worries or doubt to ruin it.

Example: The moment he put the ring on my finger, I felt like I was on cloud nine.

I feel on top of the world

“I feel on top of the world” is also a metaphorical way of expressing your great joy and excitement. This means that you are so happy you don’t feel like you are in this world or burdened by its pressures any longer. 

It means you feel like a Queen or a King, content and in control, wielding an authority and feeling as though you possess the power to rise above everyone and everything else. 

Example: The day I was finally promoted to being among the board members of the company, I felt on top of the world.

I’m gonna paint the town red

The phrase, “I’m gonna paint the town red” shows a readiness to celebrate something or someone. It depicts an intention to party or throw a feast in honor of a person or an event. 

Red signifies love and anger, but it could also signify intense passion or intense excitement. This is only a figurative way of saying, I’m going to celebrate.  

This phrase is commonly used when you achieve something worth celebrating over, like, when you graduate or reach a milestone in your career, or when you are expecting a baby you have long waited for, when you win a competition or achieve a goal that had seemed unachievable. 

Example:  She painted the town red when she finally graduated with a first class in Chemistry.

Buzzing with excitement

This phrase, “Buzzing with excitement” uses the constant, rhythmic buzzing of a bee to depict such energy and excitement. You may be so excited you literally feel yourself “buzz” with such boundless, unbridled energy, just like a bee or bee hive. 

It could also mean that you are so excited that you bring yourself to stop talking. This is of course due to the untamed excitement that you feel, just like a bee.

Example: The entire school was buzzing with excitement and activities and no one was idle as all the preparations were made for the upcoming Christmas carol.

Really moved

This is a laid back, semi-formal way of expressing heartfelt happiness or even gratitude towards someone usually because of something that they have done for you. 

If you just closed up a deal or a contract and you are feeling over the moon with excitement, but you are still in front of your contractors or still in public, you can easily use, “I’m really moved by your offer”. 

However, this does not mean that you cannot use it in informal situations, only that it is more suited for formal situations, as you do not have to hide your burst of excitement among friends.

Example: Giving Mary your old car was a very kind gesture, Sam. She was really moved by it. God bless you for it.

On the edge of my seat

When someone says they are on the edge of their seat, it usually resonates with a level of impatience or strained suspense in anticipation for something. 

It expresses anxiety, excitement, nervous energy or too much joy and happiness such that you are unable to keep still or wait patiently. It also illustrates a childlike wonder and eagerness of heart towards something usually intriguing.

Example: Have you watched ‘The Conjuring’? That movie, one of a kind, had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.


The feeling of elation as the word implies is simply feeling such profound, undiluted joy or happiness that you almost feel yourself rise and float with the euphoria of those feelings. Can be likened to the kindling of warm embers within a person’s soul

Example: O Marcus, did you see Eleanora’s face? She was so elated and I was not far behind her in my joy at her profound success.

On pins and needles

If someone is said to be on pins and needles, it may be referring to a kind of excitement that keeps you on the tip of your tippy toes. It depicts an anxious, intense kind of excitement

Examples: Julia has been on pins and needles with all the excitement of the wedding plans. You could literally see the glow of a new bride around her.

Thrilled to bits

Words of Happiness and Excitement 

To be thrilled to bits refers to an almost ecstatic form of excitement that bubbles up and overflows like an overflowing flute of bubbly champagne. This stems from a deep feeling of utter glee and happiness. 

It is an informal way of expressing unparalleled joy and excitement and is perfect to use in casual gatherings such as amongst friends and family. 

Examples: Think about Cinderella, Alex. Think of how she must have felt as she watched her fairy god-mother work magic to bring all her dreams to life. The dress, the shoes, the mice-horsemen, the chariot. She must have been thrilled to bits, I tell you. Who wouldn’t?

Tickled pink

The expression, to be tickled pink brings to mind the flushing of faces or blushing which is a result of fervent excitement.

Example: Amelia was tickled pink from all the feelings welling up inside of her as she walked down the aisle.

Can’t wait

This signifies an impatience and an eagerness for a coming event or for something. It tells of anxious anticipation for someone or something

Example: I can’t wait to have my own apartment. Freedom, all to myself. What joy!

Over the moon with excitement

To be over the moon with excitement is to be ecstatic with happiness. It is an unweighted joy that goes beyond reason.

Example: just look at her for one second. She was so besotted with him, completely over the moon with excitement.

I’m in dreamland 

Words of Happiness and Excitement 

Saying that someone is in dreamland simply is a way of portraying such a free and untainted form of happiness that seems surreal. It feels too good to be real and so must be from your dreams. 

Example: Martha stared at James as her heart swelled with such joy she was so certain she was drifting somewhere in dreamland.

Counting down the days

When a person is counting down the days towards something, it means that they are anxiously waiting for something or an event which is close by. 

Example: Marco and his little brother Paulo have been so excited about the family holiday trip to Miami. They have been counting the days since Papa came home with the plane tickets.

I feel like I’m in the 7th heavens

This phrase, “I feel like I’m in the 7th heavens” is very similar to the earlier phrase on number – on cloud nine. It refers to a profound feeling of joy and happiness that is otherworldly

Example: Have you ever tasted Mrs. O’Connor’s meat pies? They are utterly delicious. And when you take them with her homemade ice creams… it just feels like I’m in the 7th heavens. You should try them someday.


When something holds you spellbound, it means that it makes you so happy or excited that you are entirely drawn into it and that is all you can ever seem to think about or focus on.

Example: I toured Paris once. The wonders of the city held me spellbound. I can never let go of the experience in a jiffy. 

There you have it. Different, fun ways to say I’m excited or happy. So next time you need to express yourself, no hassle, we got you covered.

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