100 Things to Say to a Player to Hurt Him

A player in this context is someone who acts in an unserious or false manner towards others without considering their feelings.

This is someone who tries to be something they are not socially, physically, and financially, to score as many sexual relationships as possible.

This type of individual behaves this way because of previous hurt and betrayal. Therefore, this habit is a way to shield themselves from further heartbreak. It could also be based on family background.

Some people grew up watching adults around them be players, so they develop the mindset that such a way of life is normal or what makes them men.

Whatever their reason may be, nobody deserves to be deceived, played, or lied to. So here are 100 things to say to a player to hurt him because they have hurt you or because you already know them as a player.

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Karma is real and it will catch up with you

When you tell a player that “Karma is real and it will hurt you,” you are trying to make them realize that they would go through the same pain they took you through.

It is believed that whatever one does now, he will get a reward for it in the future. As a corn farmer is expected to reap corn at the end of the farming season, so also a person is expected to reap the good or evil he sows.

After you tell a player ‘Karma is real and it will catch up with you’, you tend to let go of the hurt and leave him to fate.

Boy bye, next!

This is a dismissive statement that shows you are done with him and can’t wait to enter a new and healthier relationship. It will show the player that they didn’t succeed in breaking you.

You are a sad, broken man. I wish I could get you the help you need but that’s not my cup of tea anymore

This tells him that you won’t be wasting any more time doting or worrying about him. Men, even players, love the attention they get from women. When you make it clear he won’t receive any more benefits from you, it will hurt him.

I hope your actions eat away at you when you are alone

Most players like to act as if they aren’t affected by their actions but when they are alone, they sometimes feel bad. You say this with the hope that he will have a constant reminder that his actions were wrong.

You will get what you deserve soon

“You will get what you deserve soon” serves as a reminder that he definitely won’t be getting away with hurting others. This tells him that he is actually in the wrong as opposed to what he might believe.

There was always something about you, I should have trusted my instinct

Most times we have this natural impulse when we meet someone. We might feel they are genuine, scared, selfish, or untrustworthy and a majority of the time, we are right.

Saying this to a player tells him that he wasn’t that good a player. Importantly, it is good for your mental health to forgive yourself and not beat yourself up over not listening to your intuition.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Get a life

Lying and deceit are very shameful actions. When you tell a player you should be ashamed of yourself, you want them to feel guilty for their act.

Players spend so much time trying to successfully manipulate their marks that they forget to live. Telling a player to get a life is a way to express your frustration or disappointment over their choice of lifestyle.

You don’t deserve to be loved and I hope you get a taste of your own medicine:

This is a wishful statement you say to a player because a person who is not capable of giving love does not deserve to receive it. This will hurt him.

I never trusted you. I just wanted to confirm my suspicion about you

Sometimes when you come across a player, they may say or do something that gives off their intentions. This will create uncertainty in your heart leaving you doubting everything they do.

And when you finally get your suspicion confirmed, it’s good to let them know by saying I never trusted you. I just wanted to confirm my suspicion about you.

Your low self-esteem radiates in the way you talk and behave. You need help not a new relationship

Several people make the mistake of moving from one relationship to another without taking time to heal and self-love.

Most players like to seek validation from women, that’s why they indulge in multiple relationships at the same time. This shows how low their self-esteem is.

I’m not one of your conquests or playthings

Players believe that every lady they meet is the same. It is good to set their mindset straight. Most of them see every girl as a plaything.

For them, the harder it is to get a girl or win a girl over, the more exciting and thrilling it is, almost like a hunter mentality.

When you tell a player I’m not one of your conquests or plaything, it reminds him to get off your back and stop chasing you. It is also to show him how impossible it will be because you know his games.

Loneliness is your reward

Players always have several sexual partners at the same time. Sometimes, this is because they feel lonely.

Unfortunately, they are unable to create meaningful bonds with anyone, thereby creating a superficial or temporary feeling that leaves them feeling lonely when it’s over.

When you tell a player loneliness is your reward, it will hurt them because nobody wants to be alone.

I already saw through you. You aren’t that clever

This statement will let them know that they didn’t succeed in fooling you. Players glory in the knowledge that they are sleek and invincible, therefore when you say I already saw through you, you aren’t that clever, you are hurting his ego.

You are not just hurting others, you are also hurting yourself. You pretend all the time and might end up losing yourself:

It is hard for players to stay true to themselves. At some point, they will end up losing the essence that makes them special because they live in so many made-up and fantasy worlds. This causes harm to the real personality of the individual.

You need help

Players pretend and lie a lot. They try to be everyone’s idea of perfect. Sometimes they might forget who they truly are. Over time the lying and pretence becomes a bad and impulsive habit.

So, when you tell a player you need help, it is a bitter truth they might find hard to believe, but they truly need therapy.

I hope the universe gives you back as much pain as you give to others

Being deceived and lied to is a very painful experience. Telling a player I hope the universe gives you back as much pain as you give to others, is wishing them the same pain they caused you and every other person.

You tell yourself something so much and end up believing it’s true. So stop with the lies

When a player acts like they are something just to impress so many women, they sometimes tend to start believing in that lie.

This often results in a dual personality. Saying stop with the lies is a bold way of calling them out as liars.

Have you considered acting as a career? You should give it a try, you might finally excel at something

When you tell a player you might finally excel at something, it is a way of telling him that you think he isn’t successful at anything except lying and pretending.

Do you even qualify to be called a man?

Most players believe that being with several women makes them a man. But truly a real man finds fulfillment by staying with one woman and building a family with her.

When you ask a player ‘Do you even qualify to be called a man?’, you are trying to hurt them by implying that they are not a man or that they are not man enough.

Hope you’re happy knowing you broke my heart. Hope the lies were worth it

Some players are highly deceptive. They see dating as role play. They find out what a prospect likes and act it out. Once they succeed, they become almost the opposite of the characters they displayed.

Telling a player ‘hope you’re happy knowing you broke my heart’, puts you in a vulnerable place where you tell them the result of their actions on you.

But it doesn’t mean they won. Remember, vulnerability isn’t weakness, it simply means you are authentic.

You didn’t have to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing

A wolf in this context is used to describe somebody who makes amorous advances to several women. When you call a player a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it means they are hypocrites and two-faced individuals. They are usually not who they appear to be.

You won’t always succeed and I hope you meet your match soon

A player constantly lives suspicious of others because what they fear the most is getting played. Therefore telling a player I hope you meet your match soon, will not just hurt him but will increase his fear.

I pity you. It must feel terrible to be incapable of genuine love

The feeling of pity is sometimes insulting. When you tell a player I pity you, it shows a lack of empathy towards him. Someone can successfully be a player when he can show love without actually feeling it. This makes a player incapable of genuine love.

I feel sad for you. Are you this way because you feel you don’t deserve love?

This question ‘Are you this way because you feel you don’t deserve love?’, will hurt a player whose upbringing was filled with self-doubt and lack of trust.

Nobody deserves to feel this way. I do feel sorry for your next prey

Truly, nobody deserves to feel humiliated, deceived, or made a fool of. Telling a player I do feel sorry for your next prey means that you believe he is not going to change.

This will hurt him if he is trying to act remorseful. So you are indirectly telling him that you don’t believe that his apology is real and that he will do it again.

You didn’t have to lie to me. I guess you are just an emotionless jerk

Players are emotionless and selfish individuals who think only of themselves and what they stand to gain from an action. So you can hurt a player by calling him out as the apathetic person that he is.

Your hurt and action towards me does not define me. I will be fine and I will do better than you

It is necessary to let a player know that you are not defined by the pain they caused you. Importantly, it’s crucial to believe that their actions don’t describe your person and that truly, you will be fine. When you tell a player I will do better than you, it will hurt their pride.

Commitment must be a joke to you. But this isn’t a circus show

Only a person with a sincere heart can commit. It takes a willingness to give your best whilst staying loyal. A player sees commitment as an impossible task.

Your day of reckoning is coming when you will reap the fruits of your wickedness

This is best said to a player who is a Christian or has a religious background. Telling a player your day of reckoning is coming when you will reap the fruits of your wickedness should hurt him thereby inspiring him to reflect on his actions and work on how to be better.

I would love to burst your bubble and say that you aren’t even that good in bed

Most men take pride in being good in bed. They see it as the ultimate with having money coming second. Telling a player this will be a literal slap to his face.

How do you feel knowing you have hurt people?

This question is asked to provoke self-evaluation for the player if they still have a little bit of humanity left in them.

I might be just another conquest to you but I’m proud of how pure and genuine my love is

This will make him understand that you aren’t angry at yourself for loving him. He might not have been worth your love but because you are a genuine person, you have no regret whatsoever. This should provoke guilt in him.

I will not allow you to soil my good heart

A person’s actions should never cause you to change who you are. You have to accept that you do not have control over their action but you have control over your reaction to them.

Never let them get you out of character because as a genuine person, you might regret it.

Do you ever think of your family and how your actions might affect them negatively?

Most players have a wife and kids at home. They go about flirting with several women without a thought as to the negative effects of their actions.

You need to ask a player this question while reminding him of the possible negative effects which include: the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases, wasting of the family finances, and unavailability of family time.

This will hurt him and remind him of how inconsiderate he has been.

Dating a low-value man like you is going to be a one-time experience. Never to be repeated

When you describe a player as low-value, it is degrading and insulting but it will let him know that he wasn’t up to your standard. Telling a player never to be repeated tells him that your time with him was not of any value to you.

I’m so glad I trusted my instinct about you. Good riddance to bad rubbish

Trusting one’s instinct saves you a whole lot of trouble. When you say good riddance to bad rubbish, it shows how happy you are that he is out of your life.

I do not need you. Took a while, but thanks for showing your true self

Players usually go for desperate people. They prey on your desperation, feed off your insecurities and if you don’t realise your self-worth on time, it leads to depression. Telling him you don’t need him tells him he’s not important to you.

Enough with the act! Nothing is charming about it, rather you look silly

When you can see through a player, they stop being charming to you. Therefore when you tell him enough with the act! Nothing is charming about it, rather you look silly, it immediately puts his pretense to a halt and insults his person.

I’m glad I can finally be with a real man. A man you can never be

This statement will hurt a player because you are telling him that you don’t think of him as a real man. Saying I’m glad I can finally be with a real man might provoke jealousy in him because it tells him that you are ready for a new relationship and this time, with a real man.

The feeling of jealousy in a player is not strange. As much as a player doesn’t want to commit to you, he wants commitment from you. Therefore when he doesn’t get that, it sparks jealousy.

They say you don’t know what you have until you lose it. You will find out later what a fool you have been

Truly, it takes one to lose something before they realize how important it is. When you tell him you don’t know what you have until you lose it, you are counting on him realizing that you were a gem he shouldn’t have played with.

I feel sorry for your past, present, and future girlfriends. You are a disappointment:

It is when you have encountered the deception and hurt of a player that you will understand what his ex-girlfriend passed through, what his present partner is going through, and lastly what his future partners will go through.

Therefore telling him how sorry you feel for all his partners and how much of a disappointment he is will hurt him.

It was wrong of me to think that I could change you. But it’s no longer my place

Sometimes when we meet someone new and start a relationship, we tend to minimize the red flags. We either make up excuses for our spouse or we try to convince ourselves that we can change them.

When you tell a player It was wrong of me to think that I could change you, but it’s no longer my place, it means that you accept that it is the end of the road for that relationship and that it’s not and was never your duty to change him.

You are a piece of crap who took my love and kindness for granted

Players take the love and kindness they receive for granted a lot. This might be cause they pursue several women at once, so a lot of this love comes at once. It is also because they aren’t after love but sexual favors.

They usually get you to love and care for them but when they have achieved their goals, they walk away.

Nice try! Your games won’t work on me. Your type gives off the dirtiest red flag

It’s an amazing feeling when you can read the body language of a person thereby recognizing the red flags they have.

This makes it easier to end things early with minimal or no hurt and as you end things you can hurt him by saying Nice try! Your games won’t work on me. Your type gives off the dirtiest red flag.

I don’t see any future with you. You will never change. But then again, you don’t even believe you need to change

Most players see their actions as normal and if you attempt to correct them, they will try to tell you reasons why their actions are justified. One has to first realize they need help before they can be helped.

It must be exhausting! You spend too much time playing games with too many girls instead of trying to be a better lover to one

Most players spend the majority of their time flirting with several girls and trying to remember everything about each of them. This will not allow them to be a better lover to at least one out of all the girls.

Your parents must be very disappointed in you or maybe they are to be blamed

The way children turn out is a reflection of who their parents are. Children’s first point of learning is from their parents.

So, if he grew up watching any of his parents be players then they are to be blamed. Otherwise, If his parents are disappointed, it probably means he learned to be that way from friends or as a result of past hurt.

You are focused on the wrong thing. You spend so much time apologizing instead of actively trying to be a better person

Sometimes players apologize because they have been caught not because they are truly sorry. They hurt someone and apologize, move to the next person, and repeat the same process and the circle continues.

Your definition of an alpha male makes you look pathetic. You are just a sad soul

Alpha male describes an intelligent and confident man, not someone who hurts others. Therefore a player who believes he is alpha because he can hurt as many women as possible is just pathetic and nothing but a sad soul.

Do well to hurt him by telling him that.

Do you ever feel guilty about your actions? Have you ever said sorry sincerely? I doubt you’re capable of sincere feelings

The inability to show sincere feelings is a characteristic of a player. They might show remorse and apologize but it is mostly because they were caught.

You can hurt a player by telling him ‘I doubt you are capable of sincere feelings’; this is another way of calling him fake.

You will never find love

What to Say to a Player to Hurt Him

Everyone, even a player, wants to love and be loved. The feeling of having a lover, friend, and support system all in one person is exhilarating.

As much as a player would like to deny it, they want to find true love one day. Therefore telling a player you will never find love, will have a hurtful impact.

Forgiving a loser like you is important for my healing but I do not wish you any happiness. You don’t deserve it

Forgiveness helps you to move on without the extra baggage weighing you down. But while you forgive, you can hurt him by telling him, I do not wish you happiness, you don’t deserve it.

You need a change of friends

Players always have poor taste in friends. They probably give them a high five and hails to get on his good side but they will not be home with him when he is feeling sad and alone.

Everyone feels sorry for you but you don’t see it because you are so full of yourself

Players are proud and a proud person finds it hard to accept correction. They are so full of themselves that they fail to notice the energy people give them.

You can hurt a player by saying, everyone feels sorry for you but you don’t see it because you are so full of yourself.

Maybe for once in your miserable life, try to think about another person instead of yourself. Try to be considerate of other’s feelings. You just might find fulfillment

Fulfillment comes from making people happy not hurting them. When one considers others before doing anything, he tends to be able to see his actions from others’ perspective.

Your games are up, stop making a fool of yourself

You should tell a player ‘Your games are up, stop making a fool of yourself’ when you realize his intentions towards you. He will feel embarrassed and hurt.

Everyone warned me about you. I wish I had listened. I’m not going to spend so much time beating myself up, you are not worth it

Truly, nobody is worth continuously beating yourself up for. No matter how many red flags you ignored or how many people you failed to listen to, never dwell on what should have been but move on to how to be or do better.

It takes smart and intelligent people to be a player but you are none of the above. You suck

This is a way of letting him know that you don’t think of him as a smart or intelligent person. This is best said when you can see through his games very early in the relationship.

There is nothing cool or mature about playing with people’s feelings. You probably won’t understand until the same is done to you

Sometimes, players see their actions as a sign of maturity, fun, being cool, or being spontaneous. But there is nothing cool or mature about playing with people’s feelings. Unfortunately, they might not understand it till they get played.

Hope you got all you wanted from me because you will never have access to me again

Restricting someone who hurt you from having access to your life, thoughts, and feelings is a major step to healing. When you become unavailable to a player, it will hurt him because he will take it as a loss.

When will you start telling yourself the truth? At some point, you need to start being real with yourself

Players lie so much and they Inevitably start to lie to themselves. Therefore when you encounter a player, it will be best to ask them questions like When will you start telling yourself the truth? At some point, you need to start being real with yourself.

What you do is no longer my business. Don’t call me again

You need to be firm and strict when dealing with a player. Players are manipulative individuals, so when you allow them close they might eventually find a way back into your life.

The hurt and regret that will come from such a moment of weakness is something you need to avoid.

There are several benefits of having a female as a friend but you have reduced the worth of a woman to only what is between her legs. That’s unfortunate.

It is now rare to see a man who can successfully be in a platonic friendship with a female. It’s quite unfortunate that players tend to limit friendships with females to involve only physical intimacy.

Be sure to inform him that there are several benefits of having female friends; she can be a confidant and listener, and she can support you financially, mentally, and emotionally.

You are just a sad excuse for a man. Enjoy that feeling of victory cause it never lasts

If the victory that comes with successfully playing with a girl’s emotions lasts long, players will not want to indulge continually in it.

So, whenever that feeling of victory fades away, they are left feeling as sad and empty as they were.

Hurting others might give your pathetic life a temporary meaning but it will never fill the void in your life. Goodbye.

The feeling of triumph from dating multiple ladies is a temporary feeling that eventually fades away leaving a void that he might think playing more women will fill but definitely won’t.

When you encounter such a player, tell them goodbye and keep it moving.

You are shameless and selfish, there is no nobility in being a player

A player is anything but noble. He is selfish and shameless. A shameless person has no guilt nor do they feel remorse for hurting others.

Hurt them by calling them out as shameless and selfish and then reminding them that there is no nobility in being a player.

When we were together, I felt I couldn’t do without you. But I’m surprised by how fast I moved on.

When one is in a relationship, he tends to make their partner the center of their existence. They eat, travel, build, play, and do everything together.

They then begin to feel like without their partner they can’t exist. If such a partner eventually turns out to be a player, you should break up with them.

To hurt such a person, you have to exaggerate about how fast it was to move on.

I suggest you move on. Stop looking for my attention, you are not worth it

Players glory in the fact that they can get any girl as many times as possible even if he has hurt them.

So, when they try to look for ways back into your life or try to get your attention and it becomes unsuccessful, it will hurt them.

Imagine bragging so much about your capacity and when the time for action comes, you fail woefully:

Players are always boastful. They sometimes exaggerate their capacity in a bid to impress. This statement is a direct hit on their ego. It hurts their self-esteem and makes them doubt their capacity.

You are forgettable

Everyone wants to be remembered for something they did or for who they are. Telling a player you are forgettable, is an insult that will surely hurt them.

You could use some prayers and true love but you probably won’t get it because the universe can only serve you what you serve others

A player doesn’t deserve true love because he can’t give true love. Years of toying with people’s feelings will likely make them feel undeserving of love and even when they are being loved genuinely, they have self-doubt.

You probably feel so good playing women, you feel like you are smooth. You might get a few applause but in the end, you are making a fool of yourself because nothing good comes out of being deceptive

A player is likely to be surrounded by other players. They applaud each other on successful conquest. It’s good to let such a person know that nothing good comes out of deception and that if the table turns, his friends will laugh at him and forsake him.

Being a player shows that you don’t know your true worth

Players reduce their worth by spending too much time trying to show everyone that they are something when they can focus on proving to one that they are everything.

They also focus on trying to prove to everyone that they are handsome and good in bed, instead of focusing on their creative side and possibly earning from it.

I wonder how far you were willing to take this deception. I’m just glad I saw your true colors early on.

When you catch a player in their web of lies early into the relationship, you tend to wonder how far they were willing to take the deception.

Some players are so despicable, they can go to any length, no matter how long it takes, to deceive you. Some of their plans are always so well thought out.

This kind of hurt is difficult to recover from. Catching a player that early hurts and annoys them because it has scattered their plans.

I have no regret whatsoever being with you. You were a mistake and like every other mistake, I have learned my lesson

No matter what happens in life, the best approach to a mistake is to take it as a lesson well learned. Treat that player like a mistake but never regret the times spent with him.

This is why it’s important to live life well to the fullest so that you can have happy memories to hold on to when it’s over.

Get a life. Only sad people hurt others

Most players are a product of past traumas. Therefore playing girls is not just about physical activity, it is about inflicting pain on others. So truly, it is only sad people who find pleasure in hurting others.

High-valued men are my type, I settled for you. What a waste of my time

For various reasons, people tend to settle for less than they deserve, they willingly accept less than they want in a partner. Most times, it ends as a waste of their time. When such happens with a player, tell him that high-valued men are my type, I settled for you. What a waste of my time.

I’m not angry at the girl, she probably doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into. I’m not angry at you either, I’m done wasting my emotions on you

Most times, ladies focus their energy on the mistress. They do not consider the fact that the mistress could have also been lied to.

Sometimes, these players derive joy in watching women fight over them. So instead of going through that approach, disappoint and hurt him by saying, I’m not angry at the girl, she probably doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into. I’m not angry at you either, I’m done wasting my emotions on you.

Here I was managing your sorry personality and you ended up showing me you were not worth my stress.

Sometimes a player may be written off by others, but when that one person decides to give him a chance and tolerate his excesses and bad personality, it usually ends up with a stressful and annoying outcome.

There are several approaches you could have used instead of playing games, my heart didn’t deserve it.

A player knows he is not interested in a long-term commitment but he will lie and lead you on making you fall for them.

This will leave you wondering why. Why was he not honest and straightforward? Hence you can tell them, There are several approaches you could have used instead of playing games, my heart didn’t deserve it.

You need to spend more time being productive

Flirting is both time-consuming and energy-wasting. They flirt with all the time they can put into being creative and productive.

So, next time you meet a player, tell him to spend more time being productive rather than wooing different ladies.

You are just like every other guy out there. It was wrong of me to think differently

It is ok to give people the benefit of the doubt and it’s unfortunate when they disappoint. So tell him how you feel by saying, you are just like every other guy out there. It was wrong of me to think differently.

Real men love, respect, cherish, and honor their women. Nothing about you shows any of these qualities:

Telling a player this shows him that you don’t believe he is a real man. Also, it will inform him of all the qualities you believe he lacks.

My God will judge you

Vengeance is of the Lord. This statement should be used for a spiritually inclined man so that he will be able to understand that what he did will get him punishment from God.

You are just a fool at forty/ You will end up being a fool at forty

A man at forty is expected to be wiser and straightforward. Otherwise,  he is considered a fool. So if you meet a player over 40 years of age, you can tell them, you are just a fool at forty.

Alternatively, if you meet a player younger than forty, you can say, you will end up being a fool at forty.

You thought you played me, right? Of course not. I was bidding my time till you showed your true colors

Sometimes when you meet someone new, you already see through them as players but you allow them to expose themselves.

So, when they feel like they have played you, you can drop a shock on them by saying, you thought you played me, right? Of course not. I was bidding my time till you showed your true colors.

‘Wipe that smirk off your face and to think I faked all my orgasms’

Intimacy to most women is emotional. When a woman is with a man they love or care for, they attain sexual satisfaction.

Telling a player ‘wipe that smirk off your face and to think I faked all my orgasms’, will make him know that you didn’t have genuine feelings for him and also that his bed game is whack. This will surely hurt his feelings.

People who waste their energy on flirting are usually unreliable

A player spends more time flirting than showing up for friends and family. They would rather take a new girl on a date than run errands for a loved one.

There is no reward for being the best player, but there is a reward for being a good and faithful man

Such reward includes peace of mind, allows you to stay healthy physically and emotionally, and helps you instill the right morals in your kids.

Therefore, when you meet a player, you can convince them to do better by telling them of the pros and cons of each decision.

A player is an insecure man

What to Say to a Player to Hurt Him

A person can become a player out of self-doubt, and uncertainty and if they feel they are not good enough. Players are highly insecure with low self-esteem.

So, never feel bad or blame yourself for falling for him. You should always be unapologetic about having a heart to love.

I hope your next woman isn’t unfortunate as to fall in love with you.

It’s rare for a player to stay single for a long period. So when you both end the relationship, he may enter a new one or already has. Therefore you can tell him that you hope his next woman isn’t unfortunate as to fall in love with him.

You are a loser. I should never have given you access to my life

What to Say to a Player to Hurt Him

The best way to not lose to a player is to have the ability to not blame yourself for the outcome of his actions. So when you tell him, ‘You are a loser and I should never have given you access to my life’, it should be to hurt him but never out of self-blame.

Karma is going to hit you so hard, best be prepared

In a situation where you can’t be able to do anything to hurt a player back, you will have to leave them to karma, hoping they will get exactly what they deserve.

My friends warned me about you and you proved them right.

Our friends most times see through our partner. They see signs we miss because we are in love. They warn us directly or indirectly depending on how we will take it.

Therefore, when they turn out to be correct, you can tell him, my friends warned me about you and you proved them right.

What a spectacular show you pulled, hope it was worth it.

Sometimes when a player is desperate, he goes to any length and performs every theatrics just to succeed. In that case, you should simply say, what a spectacular show you pulled, and hope it was worth it.

You are delusional. You are such a lost cause

A player is usually incapable of serious relationships or true feelings. Everything with them is taken as fun or a joke. Sometimes they believe that their partner doesn’t mind and is also up for fun.

You are not worth my love, time, attention, or energy

A deceptive person does not deserve a minute of your energy. Telling them this and cutting them off empowers you.

Nothing justifies hurting another human being. If you were hurt, then you should know how it feels

This is for players who try to justify their actions by claiming they were hurt too. If truly they were hurt then they should know exactly how it feels.

Therefore you can give them a reality check by telling them ‘Nothing justifies hurting another human being. If you were hurt, then you should know how it feels.

You cannot see that your actions are causing more harm than good

When a player breaks multiple women’s hearts, it leaves a trail of women who are no longer willing to open up their hearts to love.

These women end up entering a relationship with a real man but are emotionally unavailable. Players don’t see the harm they cause, they are after momentary pleasure.

I was loyal to you but you played with my feelings. I didn’t deserve this.

A player may want to gaslight you but when you tell him I was loyal to you but you played with my feelings. I didn’t deserve this, they might end up feeling bad for playing you.

 In summary, a man who played you isn’t always worth spending any more time on. Sending them a final hurtful message might help, but it’s important to block their access after that.

Restricting their access to your life gives you more power and control over your healing process.

Also, remember to take time out to heal and repair your mental health. Book for a therapy section if that would help but do not enter a new relationship with lingering feelings, it always ends in disaster. And someone ends up getting hurt.

You can have a player as a friend, family or neighbor, but telling them these words will help them understand that their actions hurt people. It will also inspire self-evaluation.

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