20 Best Answers When Someone Says “Study Hard”

Whenever someone tells you to “Study hard”, they’re simply telling you to strive hard. They want you to put more effort into your studies.

It is a way of encouraging or a form of motivating you. This is a show of concern, love, and care. In this article, we would check out the 20 best answers that you can give to someone that tells you to work hard.

Some of the responses to give when someone says “study hard” is “I will”, “I’ll do my best”, “Thanks for your care”, and “No one studies harder than I do”.

Let’s take a look at these responses in a more robust way.

20 Best Replies When Someone Says “Study Hard”

  1. I will
  2. Sure
  3. I’ll do my best
  4. Thanks for your care
  5. Thank you
  6. I appreciate your concern
  7. I’ve been doing that
  8. Of course, I will
  9. You have no idea what I’m going through
  10. No one studies harder than I do
  11. I’m trying my best
  12. The syllabus is pretty small anyway
  13. Of course, it’s important
  14. I really need help
  15. I’m staying up tonight, in fact
  16. I don’t even understand what I’m reading
  17. I don’t need to
  18. It’s what I do
  19. I have tutors helping out
  20. I won’t let you down

I Will

This reply shows that not studying is inevitable. It shows that it is compulsory for you to study hard.

It is a reply that shows that you’ll definitely do something in the future. It shows that you’ll surely study hard.

You’re simply telling someone that you’ll surely study hard. It is a way of assuring someone that you’ll definitely study hard.


Saying “Sure!” is one of the shortest ways of letting a person know that you’ll study hard. It can be used when you don’t want to end the conversation.

This reply expresses complete confidence in what you want to do. This reply implies that studying hard is certain.

This is a casual way of saying yes or agreeing to study hard. It is short and assures a person that you’ll study hard.

I’ll Do My Best

Answers When Someone Says Study Hard

Here, you’re assuring a person that you’ll do your best when it comes to studying hard.

This means that you’ll put in every effort which you can to make sure you study hard.

You’re assuring the person of putting in your best in doing something. It implies that you’ll put in your greatest effort specifically in your studies.

It shows that you’ll put in the best you can or your biggest effort in your studies.

Thanks For Your Care

This is a show of gratitude. It shows that you appreciate the person for showing you care and love.

Here, you see someone telling you to study hard as a show of concern, and you’d like to appreciate or show your gratitude to someone by using this response.

It is a simple way of letting someone know that you are grateful for their show of concern towards your studies.

Thank You

This is a formal way of expressing your gratitude to someone that encourages you to work hard.

You’re simply letting the person know that you are thankful for the show of love and concern towards your studies.

You could use this for someone that is older than you or someone you show respect for. It is also a good way to end your conversation.

I Appreciate Your Concern

This phrase is another way of showing your gratitude to someone that cares about your studies.

It could be that you weren’t expecting the person to motivate you or encourage you by saying “study hard”, but you see the person doing so.

It is a way to let someone know that you’re happy and that they can check on your studies.

I’ve Been Doing That

Answers When Someone Says Study Hard

Using this phrase implies that “studying hard” is something you’ve been doing for some time.

It implies that even before the person tells you to “study hard”, you’re already doing so.

This shows that the action has already started taking place in the past. It is a good way to clear someone’s doubt about your studies.

Of Course, I Will

This phrase is quite similar to the first one. This is because it assures a person of something but in a strong way. It lets a person know that you’ll definitely study hard.

You Have No Idea What I’m Going Through

You can say this when you feel someone doesn’t understand what you’re passing through.

It could be that you’re going through difficulty in your studies and you feel someone cannot imagine what you’re passing through. It means the person has no clue about how studying is.

The person has no comprehension of the things you have to go through to study hard.

It could also be that currently, you’re going through some tough times in your studies and someone tells you to study hard.

No One Studies Harder Than I Do

When you use this answer, you’re simply letting the person know that you actually study hard.

Saying that no one studies harder than you is a way of telling someone that you study very hard.

When you say this, the person immediately knows that you study very hard. The person may not even need to ask further because this response is generally answering everything that concerns your studies

This response simply implies that compared to other people, you study very hard.

I’m Trying My Best

This answer implies that you’re putting in all your effort. It shows that you’re putting your greatest and biggest effort into your studies.

This means you’re trying as hard as you can to make your studies better. It also means that you’re doing well in your studies as you ought to.

You’re currently putting valuable effort into your studies. It is an acknowledgment that you’re studying hard and as well doing your best.

The Syllabus Is Pretty Small Anyway

Answers When Someone Says Study Hard

This reply can be used when you want to let someone know the length of your syllabus. It implies that the syllabus is very short so it wouldn’t be hard for you not to study hard.

This shows that since it’s a small syllabus it is very easy for you to study hard. It is a positive answer that tells a person that you’ll study exceptionally hard this time

In this case, you’re comparing your short syllabus to the way you would read or study.

Of Course, It’s Important

When you say this, you’re simply telling a person that it is critical for you to study hard. You’re agreeing to the fact that you need to study hard because it is quite important to do so.

You see studying hard as a necessity, you see it as your priority to study hard. You’re simply stating that it is very necessary that you study diligently when you say this to someone.

You acknowledge that it is important that you put in a lot of effort in your studies and you view diligent study as a requirement.

I Really Need Help

When you say this, you’re acknowledging the fact that you can’t study hard alone.

It implies that you need assistance to study well. It’s possible that despite your best efforts, you’re having trouble studying.

You need the guidance of someone who is more knowledgeable and experienced to assist you in your studies.

It could be that you’ve been trying to study hard, but you’re finding it difficult to do so. You’re admitting that you need help if you’re going to study hard.

That suggests that you want support in order to properly learn. To help you with your studies, you need the advice of someone more skilled and experienced than you.

I’m Staying Up Tonight, In Fact

When you say this, you’re trying to demonstrate that you study hard. Telling someone that you’ll stay awake at night, proves that you study well.

Staying awake at night to read shows that you want to go the extra mile in your academics. You want to study more and learn more.

By saying this, you’re letting the person know of your extra activities for your academics. You’re attempting to show that you’ve studied diligently when you say this.

You can show your ability to study by telling someone you’ll stay up late. This shows that you desire to learn more and study more.

You are letting the other person know about your extracurricular activities for your academics by expressing this.

I Don’t Understand What I’m Reading

This phrase shows that you need help. It implies that there’s no need for you to study hard because you don’t understand what you’ve been reading.

You’re simply telling a person that the reason you can’t study hard or study as you ought to is that you don’t understand what you’re reading.

This implies that you’re talking about what you’re studying at the moment.

I Don’t Need To

This is a negative statement as it shows someone’s nonchalant attitude toward their academics. It shows that the person doesn’t want to study at all.

On the other hand, it could mean that the person has studied enough and isn’t ready to study more.

Probably, the person has spent hours studying and now he can’t go on. This comment is unfavorable since it reveals someone’s casual attitude regarding their academics.

That implies that the individual has no interest in studying at all. Looking at this statement from another angle, we can say that this may imply that the person has done enough studying and isn’t prepared to continue.

The person has likely spent hours researching and is now unable to continue.

It’s What I Do

Here, you claim that studying hard is what you do. This could mean that you’ve been known for that. You’ve been known for studying hard.

This could be a way of bragging about your academics. Here, you say that you put a lot of effort into your studies.

This may imply that you have a reputation for studying very hard. This may be a technique for you to extol your academic achievements.

Yes. I Have Tutors Helping Out

Answers When Someone Says Study Hard

This reply shows that you’re trying to study hard. This shows that the tutors are helping you study hard as you should. It shows that you’re trying your best to study hard.

This means that with the tutors helping you out, you’ll study hard as you should. Your response shows your diligent study efforts.

This proves that your instructors are assisting you in studying as hard as you should. That demonstrates your sincere desire to learn thoroughly.

This indicates that you will study diligently as you should with the instructors’ assistance.

I Won’t Let You Down

This reply implies that you show that someone is counting on you. It shows that you won’t disappoint the person by failing to study hard.

It implies that you won’t disappoint a person with what you’re expected to do. It is an assurance that you give to someone to study hard.

It guarantees a person that you would take your academic life seriously. This is a form of a promise to a person whom you hold in high esteem.

By saying this, it demonstrates that you won’t let the individual down. It suggests that you won’t let someone down by doing what is required of you.

You are promising someone that you would work hard on your studies. It assures someone that you will treat your academic life seriously.

Parting Words

When you’re being told to study hard, you’re simply being encouraged to do better in your academics.

It can be used to show concern and love to you because someone wants you to excel or do well in your academics.

This article has examined the 20 best answers you can give when someone tells you to “study hard.

Some of these answers are given as an assurance or a promise while other can be said as a necessity to a person.

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