15 Sayings Like “What’s The Plan, Stan?”

The phrase What’s the plan, Stan? is a colloquialism used to ask someone, often in a joking manner, what the next course of action or strategy is. It’s usually used informally between friends or colleagues.

Regardless of its precise origins, What’s the Plan, Stan? has endured for decades as an informal way to ask for an update or the next steps in an ambiguous or uncertain situation.

It implies friendly familiarity, a sense of spill the beans or let’s get down to business. But the question is usually posed lightheartedly and colloquially rather than very seriously.

15 Sayings Like What’s The Plan, Stan 

If you enjoyed saying What’s the plan, Stan? but want to add some variety to your colloquialisms, there are many other quirky and relatable questions or sayings with a similarly friendly and casual tone.

Whether you want to entice an update from a friend or coworker in a lighthearted way, poke fun at an ambiguous or uncertain situation, or simply inject some humor into an otherwise mundane discussion, expressions like those on this list can do the trick.

From modern slang to timeless classics, here are 10 more sayings with a similar spirit and usage as What’s the plan, Stan? that you can add to your informal vocabulary.

  • What’s the scoop, loop?
  • What’s the deal, Neil?
  • What’s the scheme, Gene?
  • Got a game, James?
  • Give me a clue, Lou.
  • What’s the scoop, loop?
  • Got a strategy, Maggie?
  • What’s the deal, Neil?
  • Got a scheme, Gene?
  • Give me the lowdown, Joe.
  • What’s the plot, Scott?
  • Got a plan, Jan?
  • What’s the idea, Maria?
  • Give me the roadmap, Todd.
  • What’s the agenda, Brenda?

1. What’s the scoop, loop?  

In the realm of catchy phrases, What’s the scoop, loop? stands out as a saying like ‘What’s the plan, Stan?’ with its playful rhythm and intriguing connotation. This saying admits the curiosity and desire for information in a lighthearted manner.

Sayings Like What's The Plan, Stan

Just imagine two friends catching up at a coffee shop:

Friend 1: Hey, I heard you’ve been up to something exciting lately. What’s the scoop, loop?

Friend 2: Well, I’ve started my own business.

2. What’s the deal, Neil? 

What’s the deal, Neil? is a saying like ‘What’s the plan, Stan?’ and a versatile phrase to inquire about someone’s current situation or status.

The name Neil adds a dash of uniqueness, making it memorable and distinct from other similar sayings. Picture a group of colleagues discussing an upcoming project:

Colleague 1: We need to finalize our approach for the client presentation. What’s the deal, Neil?

Neil: I’ve been researching our competitors and I think I have a winning strategy. Let’s dive into it.

3. What’s the scheme, Gene?

Embedded in this catchy phrase is an air of mischief and intrigue. What’s the scheme, Gene? implies a shared secret or hidden plan, making it an ideal saying like ‘What’s the plan, Stan?’ for playful conversations or when discussing mischievous endeavors. Consider two friends plotting a surprise party:

Friend 1: I’ve gathered all the decorations, but we still need a clever way to bring the birthday girl in. What’s the scheme, Gene?

Friend 2: I’ve come up with a plan involving a fake meeting invitation. Let’s make it a night she won’t forget!

4. Got a game, James?

Got a game, James? is a similar saying to ‘What’s the plan, Stan’ which combines a sense of camaraderie with an invitation for action. sparks enthusiasm and competitiveness, making it perfect for rallying teammates or friends before a sports match or any challenge.

Picture a group of friends preparing for a friendly soccer game:

Friend 1: Alright, everyone, gather ’round! We’re about to face the toughest opponents in the league. Got a game, James?

James: Absolutely! I’ve been practicing my dribbling skills. Let’s bring the heat and show them what we’re made of!

5. Give me a clue, Lou

Give me a clue, Lou is a similar saying to ‘What’s the plan, Stan’ which captures a sense of curiosity and the quest for knowledge.

This phrase can be used when seeking hints, insight, or guidance from someone named Lou or any other friend with a penchant for riddles or puzzles. Imagine two friends trying to solve a challenging crossword puzzle:

Friend 1: I’m stumped on 17 across. Give me a clue, Lou?

Lou: Alright, here’s a hint: It’s a seven-letter word related to ancient civilizations. Think about famous pharaohs.

6. What’s the scoop, loop?

This catchy phrase, What’s the scoop, loop? functions similarly to ‘What’s the plan, stan’ as a delightful way to ask about the latest news or information. It adds a playful twist with the inclusion of loop at the end, giving it a distinct and memorable quality.


Person A: Hey, I heard there’s some juicy gossip going around. What’s the scoop, loop?

Person B: Well, let me fill you in! Turns out, our favorite celebrity was spotted cozying up with a mystery date last night.

7. Got a strategy, Maggie?

When it comes to planning and decision-making, this phrase packs a punch! Got a strategy, Maggie? is similar to ‘What’s the plan, Stan’ as an engaging and empowering way to ask someone if they have a well-thought-out plan.

The mention of Maggie adds a personal touch, making it memorable and distinct from other sayings.

Sayings Like What's The Plan, Stan


Person A: We’re facing a tough challenge ahead. Got a strategy, Maggie?

Person B: Absolutely! I’ve analyzed the situation thoroughly and devised a three-step plan to tackle it head-on. First, we gather the necessary data…

8. What’s the deal, Neil?

Ah, now here’s a phrase that exudes curiosity and a touch of familiarity. What’s the deal, Neil? is a similar phrase to ‘’What’s the plan, Stan?’ and is a lively and casual way to inquire about someone’s current situation or circumstances.

Here’s a conversation where this saying shines:

Person A: I heard you’ve been working on a top-secret project. What’s the deal, Neil?

Person B: Well, let me spill the beans! It’s an innovative solution that will revolutionize the way we approach renewable energy. We’re on the cusp of a breakthrough!

9. Got a scheme, Gene?

Got a scheme, Gene? is similar to ‘What’s the plan, Stan’ in structure but it carries a mischievous undertone, making it perfect for situations where you’re seeking a clever plan or idea.

The mention of Gene adds a touch of charm to the phrase. Here’s an example conversation to set the stage:

Person A: We need to outsmart our rivals in this game of strategy. Got a scheme, Gene?

Person B: Indeed, I do! Picture this: a two-pronged approach where we divert their attention while simultaneously executing a surprise attack. It’s a foolproof plan!

10. Give me the lowdown, Joe

When it comes to obtaining the latest and most crucial information, Give Me the Lowdown, Joe stands out as a captivating phrase similar to ‘What’s the plan, Stan’ that sparks curiosity.

With an air of anticipation, this saying shows the essence of seeking insider knowledge or an exclusive briefing.


A: Hey Joe, I heard there’s a big event happening in town next week. Give me the lowdown, Joe. What’s all the buzz about?

B: Absolutely, Luke! It’s a music festival featuring some of the hottest artists in the industry. Tickets are selling like crazy, and I managed to snag a couple for us. You’re in for an unforgettable weekend!

11. What’s the plot, Scott?

What’s the plot, Scott? is an intriguing phrase that serves as an adequate replacement for ‘What’s the plan, Stan’ which draws parallels to unraveling a captivating story. It implies a desire to understand the underlying narrative or sequence of events.

A: Scott, I saw the trailer for that new thriller film. What’s the plot, Scott? Is it worth watching?

B: Oh, definitely, Clyde! It’s a mind-bending mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end. The protagonist gets caught up in a web of unexpected twists. Trust me, it’s a must-see!

12. Got a plan, Jan? 

When it comes to planning and organization, Got a Plan, Jan? shines as a phrase similar to ‘What’s the plan, Stan’ that highlights the importance of having a well-thought-out strategy. It carries a sense of determination and purpose, urging someone to share their carefully crafted plan.

A: ‘re just a week away from the big client meeting. Got a plan, Jan? How are we going to impress them?

B: Absolutely, Maggie! I’ve devised a comprehensive strategy that outlines our key points, addresses potential objections, and incorporates impressive visuals. We’ll leave a lasting impression and secure that contract for sure!

13. What’s the idea, Maria?

What’s the idea, Maria? shares the commonality of seeking input and guidance from a specific person. Both phrases express a desire for someone to contribute their thoughts or suggestions to a particular situation.

While What’s the plan, Stan? asks for Stan’s plan of action, What’s the idea, Maria? specifically requests Maria’s creative insights and innovative concepts.


A: Alright, team, we need a game-changing concept for our new marketing campaign. What’s the idea, Maria?

B: Well, picture this: instead of traditional advertisements, we create an interactive social media challenge

14. Give me the roadmap, Todd 

When faced with complex projects or intricate plans, Give me the roadmap, Todd becomes the go-to similar phrase to ‘What’s the plan, Stan to summon the recipient to lay out a comprehensive blueprint.

It conveys the need for a clear and well-structured plan, highlighting expertise in breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps.


A: We have a tight deadline for this project, and we need a clear path forward. Give me the roadmap, Todd.

B: First, we’ll conduct thorough market research, then outline the project phases

15. What’s the agenda, Brenda?

In the realm of organized meetings and gatherings, What’s the agenda, Brenda? emerges as the best similar phrase to ‘What’s the plan, stan’ that seeks clarity and structure.

This saying emphasizes the importance of a well-defined agenda to ensure productive and efficient meetings, where participants are aware of the purpose and expectations.

Sayings Like What's The Plan, Stan

Example Conversation:

A: We have an important team meeting in an hour. What’s the agenda, Brenda?

B: Thanks for asking, David. The agenda for today’s meeting includes discussing the project updates, addressing any challenges, and finalizing the timeline for the next phase.

Final Thoughts 

These alternative sayings not only serve as conversation starters but also inject a sense of humor and lightheartedness into your interactions.

Throughout the article, we have delved into a variety of sayings that range from rhyming patterns to clever wordplay. From What’s the scoop, loop? to What’s the deal, Neil? and What’s the scheme, Gene? these sayings provide an enjoyable way to inquire about someone’s plans or intentions.

By incorporating these sayings into your conversations, you can bring a fresh and unique twist to your everyday interactions.

Whether you’re catching up with friends, engaging in small talk at a social gathering, or even brainstorming ideas with colleagues, these sayings will undoubtedly spark laughter and create memorable moments.

Remember, the key to using these sayings effectively is to tailor them to the individual or situation. Consider the person’s name, interests, or any relevant context to make the saying even more personalized and impactful.

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