24 Best Responses to “How Bout Them Dawgs”

“Dawgs” is slang that can be alternatively spelled as “dogs.” Friends and Athletic teams like the Georgia Bulldogs can be referred to as “dawgs”, especially in cases where a group of people is trying to establish friendliness and, if possible, abolish every form of formality between them.

When someone says “How ’bout them Dawgs?”, a great way to respond is to show how you love and support them.

You could reply by saying “Yeah, they are mindblowing this season! I’m so proud to be a Dawgs fan!” or “Absolutely killing it! Go Dawgs!”

If you’re not a fan, you could simply say something like “I’m not really into college football, but I’m glad to see they’re doing well.”

Also, when someone asks you, ‘How bout them dawgs?’ there is a high chance that they want to know how your clique of friends, whom you call “Dawgs,” or a group of people you know personally are doing.

When you are asked about how they are faring, you can say your Dawgs are doing great. This article outlines the 25 best responses to “How about them dawgs?”

24 Best Responses To “How About Them Dawgs?”

Great Responses When Referring To Your Buddies 

When someone asks you, ‘How bout them dawgs?’ there is a high chance that they want to know how your clique of friends, whom you call “Dawgs,” or a group of people you know personally are doing. You can reply using any of the following responses;

  • They are super awesome!
  • I don’t have updates yet.
  • Are you excited about them just like me?
  • There has been progress lately, but I’ve not been following.
  • They are so quiet and a force to be reckoned with.
  • They are excellent and exceptional at their work.
  • I haven’t been in touch. I trust they are good.
  • They are in great need of assistance.

They Are Super Awesome!

Responses to How Bout Them Dawgs

Your response to someone who asks about them could be that they are super awesome. This applies in a situation where you have a group of friends and you all address yourselves as “Dawgs.”

You can say that they are super awesome if someone asks about their well-being, especially if they are doing very well and you are not unaware of how they are faring at that time.

Someone who asks about the dogs could simply be seeking to know how they are faring. So, your response should not deviate from a suitable response, and if they are fine, you can simply say that they are super awesome.

I Don’t Have Updates Yet

Someone can refer to your circle of friends as “Dawgs,” especially if they are a part of the group or are quite familiar with the rest.

However, you must not always be positive or negative when you do not have the exact response to say. You can just say that you do not have any updates.

If it has been a long time since you got to hang out with them or you have not reached out to know what their next moves are or how they are doing, then you should simply tell them plainly that you do not have any updates yet.

If you desire to reach out to them afterward, you can add to your response that your lack of updates is temporary.

Are You Excited About Them Just Like Me?

When you are asked, “How about them dawgs?” there is a high chance that you are asked about your group of friends, since they can be informally called “Dawgs.”

You can ask the person if they are excited and anticipating something wonderful from them, just like you are. This is most applicable if your group forms a music team or dance squad.

There Has Been Progress Lately, But I’ve Not Been Following

One of the best ways to answer any question at all, even ‘how are them dawgs’, is to be sincere.

It is possible that you have not been updated about the recent happenings among your group of friends; however, when someone asks, you can bluntly say that you sense progress.

Don’t forget to add that you have not been following lately, even though you have a legitimate reason like being busy with work or something else.

They Are So Quiet And A Force To Be Reckoned With

If you find a new clique of friends whom you call “Dawgs,” you can share it with someone close to you during a conversation.

However, they may want to ask how the dogs are doing. You can describe their strength and resilience toward what they do and how resilient you have found them to be since you joined them. You can as well share some stories alongside.

They Are Excellent And Exceptional At Their Work

Responses to How Bout Them Dawgs

You shouldn’t fail to give details in full. If you have noticed how exceptional a group of people who are called “Dawgs” are, then you should not fail to say it publicly. Point out occasions where their talents, goods, or services have been outstanding.

I Haven’t Been In Touch. I Trust They Are Good

When you have been far from your circle of friends, referred to as “dawgs,” you can simply say that you have not been in touch with them but you are optimistic about their well-being.

It is possible that you are not friends with them but acquaintances who exchanged pleasantries and kept in touch.

They Are In Great Need Of Assistance

Responses to How Bout Them Dawgs

People are not always on the move, gathering achievements here and there.  There are times when they are in dire need of help and provision.

If an association of people called “dawgs” is in such a situation, you should not hide it from someone who asks. Who knows, they could be of great help, grant them a favor, or have an inspiring idea at that place.

Appropriate Responses When Referring to Your Favorite Sports

Specific sports teams like the Georgia Bulldogs and close friends can call themselves “dawgs,” as the case may be.

When you are asked about how they are faring, you can say your Dawgs are doing great or use any of the following responses underneath;

  • They are on fire and planning to unleash this season.
  • They are absolutely great. Their leagues are one of the best in recent times.
  • I am not into sports, but it seems you love them.
  • Their team is getting better with every passing day.
  • Just like you, I await their next performance.
  • I’m not sure about my response. I’m simply waiting to know their next move.
  • They’re giving me joy; they made my day today.
  • I’m proud to know them. They displayed great teamwork again.
  • Excellent! I look forward to what they are cooking up.
  • They are doing so well. Their pictures are the latest on the billboard.
  • They are steady and improving in their moves.
  • The Dawgs are undoubtedly talented. I love the fact that I know them personally.
  • What can I say? I’m not so sure they have been dominating recently.
  • They are quite popular now, and everyone in the community loves them.
  • I love their cooperation. I know the dawgs will make great moves.
  • I am unsure if they will rise so fast, but they are a great team.

They Are On Fire And Planning To Unleash This Seasonal

Someone can ask you about “the dawgs,” who could be a group of players who you got to know at some point and who have been grinding to make bigger moves.

Since they perceive that you may have information about the dawgs because they have seen you a couple of times with them, they can ask about their latest development.

On your end, in order to keep their hopes high, you can tell them that they plan to unleash the fire in them soon.

They Are Absolutely Great. Their Leagues Are One Of The Best In Recent Times

Responses to How Bout Them Dawgs

One of the best responses to give when someone asks, “How about them Dawgs?”A very cool response, especially if they are a group engaging in a sport that you truly love.

I Am Not Into Sports, But It Seems You Love Them

Someone whom you just met can ask you about “the dawgs,” informally referring to a team of sports enthusiasts.

It is possible that, at that point, you do not know so much about the sports they play because you escorted someone there or because you have not been there before that day.

Your response should be that you are into sports, but it seems they enjoy it. Thus, you could further strengthen your relationship.

Their Team Is Getting Better Every Passing Day

At a point when team members are referred to as “dogs,” your response to the question, “How about them dogs?” could be that they keep improving day after day.

You can commend their efforts and talk about their present glories, awards, and great accomplishments.

Just Like You, I Await Their Next Performance

“Dawgs” could be a nickname for a group of associates who could be dancers or even singers or friends who perform on stage.

When someone asks about them, they may be spectators who have seen them perform again and again, but once more, their expectations are high.

In the same vein, you can tell them that you await the performance of the dawgs just like them.

I’m Not Sure About My Response. I’m Simply Waiting To Know Their Next Move

You should normalize acting as if you have an answer to every question you are asked, even when you don’t.

In the same vein, you may not want to disclose any information about your clique or any association informally called “dawgs.”

So, you can simply say that you are not sure about your response, and you also can’t wait to know their next move. It is possible that they are in need of information to bring down “the dawgs.”

These Dogs Are Giving Me Joy; They Made My Day Today

After an interesting performance by a group of people informally called Dawgs, you can say that they are giving you joy.

Just in case you have seen a lot of clubs or other groups come and go, but a group of people nicknamed “Dawgs” thrills you more, you can simply say that they made your day when they ask about them.

I’m Proud To Know Them. They Displayed Great Teamwork Again

Teamwork with determination, consistency, and faith almost always wins. And so, when a clique or group of team members named informally as “Dawgs” displays some level of excellence as a team, you should praise their teamwork.

Excellent! I Look Forward To What They Are Cooking Up

It is possible that someone has heard a lot about a group of people you admire who call themselves “Dawgs.” In such circumstances, they may be curious to know more about them, their accomplishments, and their strides.

You can simply keep their hopes high by saying that you look forward to what they are yet to bring forth because you trust their capability.

They Are Doing So Well. Their Pictures Are The Latest On The Billboard

For many people, a sign that a group is doing well is its public announcements. You could point that out to someone who asks how the Dawgs are doing.

It is possible that the same group of people who did not have a suitable landing site before that time and were not progressing so far finally got a flight or advancement to the point that they are on billboards.

You can make that known to someone who asks about them.

They Are Steady And Improving In Their Move

Most times, what counts is consistency. When a group of people, referred to as “Dawgs,” consistently run through a path over time, they may not be praised by everyone.

But consistency in doing the right thing almost always wins in the long run. So, when someone asks if they are still on the same path or have moved on with their lives, you can preach the message of consistency to them and say that they are steady and improving.

The Dawgs Are Undoubtedly Talented. I Love The Fact That I Know Them Personally

It is not a bad idea to blow someone’s trumpet about how talented they are. Mind you, this is not because they are special, but because they have failed to navigate the right path time and time again.

You can just as well brag about the fact that you know them personally if you do. From the name they are called, it is possible that they might have tried to create a form of friendship with you after an encounter.

So, when someone asks you how they are after you’ve met them, they should get a neutral view of your perspective as well.

What Can I Say? I’m Not So Sure They Have Been Dominating Recently

Responses to How Bout Them Dawgs

If you do not want to break the news that a group of people, or “Dawgs,” are not making moves as they used to, you can say that you are not so sure that they are dominating lately.

They Are Quite Popular Now, And Everyone In The Community Loves Them

Telling someone about the way in which the community supports a group of sportspersons or “dawgs” could be a great response to “How about them dawgs?”

I Love Their Cooperation. I Know The Dawgs Will Make Great Moves

You can predict that the Dawgs will perform so well in their next endeavor when you are asked how they are doing.

I Am Unsure If They Will Rise So Fast, But They Are A Great Team

If the popularity of the Dawgs has drastically reduced, you can tell someone who asks you about them that you are unsure if it will rise soonest.

Parting Words

When you are asked about their well-being, be as sincere as possible. If you haven’t reached out in a while or you sense some notable achievements or progress in their endeavor, you can share it with someone who asks.

Who knows?  You may get to share ideas or stumble into a conversation that will build a lasting relationship for you.

However, if you have decided to leave a group of pals whom you were familiar with as “Dawgs,” you can simply say that you trust they are doing well and not amplify the fact that you had a disagreement and you are no longer a part of their team. Which response stood out for you?

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