Best Responses to How is Home

15 Best Responses to ‘How is Home?’

The question ‘How is home?’ symbolizes a nice gesture used to show concern about the well-being of certain people. The question is used mostly by a person who is familiar with another. It could be a relative, a close friend, an ex-neighbor or an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who you are still friendly with. A person … Read more

30 Words to Describe Pride Month

Not everyone knows of the existence of Pride Month. Some who have heard about it do not know the month that bears the title and why it is called Pride Month. Pride Month is called so because it is a month wholly dedicated to the lifting up of the voices, celebration of the culture, and … Read more

Nicer Ways to Say Whatever

20 Nicer Ways to Say “Whatever”

Whatever in this context is a popular slang used by lots of people to dismiss another person’s statement or action. It symbolizes indifference, irritation or resignation on the part of the speaker. A person says whatever when they want to dismiss another person’s previous statement. It can also be used in affirmation of what another … Read more