20 Funny Roasts for Someone With a Perm

Perms are still fashionable. They are curls created by treating hair with certain chemicals. This style of hair is done mostly by women.

But as you know, around here, anything can be a subject for funny roasts. We’ve done the work. All you need is some insight into how roasts work, and how to deliver them well.

In this article, people with perms are on the spot, and the heat is on. We have one-liners, puns that are well-intended, and many more.

Now, let’s get you caught up.

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Here are 20 Funny Roasts for Someone With a Perm

1. Joined A Rock Band To Rock Her Perms (Curls)

Perms are cool things. Especially when the perm is new. This roast focuses on a girl who just got her perms done and the curls are fire.

Fire or not, you roast her by asking how she’s going to rock the curls in her perms. Perhaps join a rock band, play the guitar and throw her head around, make the perms dance about.

This roast is funnier if this girl has been trying to join a rock band.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Jody just did her perms. Maybe she’ll finally get hired by a rock band so she can rock her perms.
  • What’s she doing in a rock band? Rocking her perms.

How to Roast Someone With A Perm

2. Her Favorite Dance Move: The Spiral Spin

The spirals in new perms are bouncy. In commercials for cosmetics, you’d see the women twirling their hair beautifully.

So, a person with perms is always trying to show off the bounce.

Here’s a great way to use this roast:

  • What do you call a permed hair’s favorite dance move? The spiral spin!

3. Why did the permed hair apply for a job in a bakery? She wanted to show off its doughnut curls

The roast here exaggerates the curls of doughnuts and claims the person applied to work in a bakery to show off her curls.

Some roasts are funny because they exaggerate the circumstance or event. Imagine claiming someone works in a bakery to show off their permed hair, and calling the curl in their perm, a doughnut curl.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • What’s she doing in the bakery? Showing off the doughnut curl in her perm
  • She’s been spending time in the bakery lately, showing off the doughnut curl in her perm.

4. How does permed hair apologize? She curls up and says, “I’m sorry, I got a little tangled!”

Permed hair curls up when tangled. Much like the way humans humble themselves when they are sorry. Like a child. In this roast, the exaggeration is funny because you compare when someone is sorry with the curls of permed hair.

Note too that a permed hair person could use it to roast themselves too. As shown below:

  • When I’m sorry, I curl up like my permed hair. I’m sorry, I got a little tangled.
  • Look at her curled up like her permed hair in apology. She’s sorry.

5. What did the permed hair say during the workout? “I’m just here to flex my curls!”

The roast says that rather than flex muscles, a permed hair person flexes the curls of their permed hair. This roast is for halftime in the gym. You should try it on your girlfriend with the perms, or your friend at the gym.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • What’s she doing at the gym? Flexing her permed curls.
  • It’s permed hair flexing her curls, not her muscles.

How to Roast Someone With A Perm

6. Her perms last longer than her relationships

The word perm is from permanent. The hairstyle usually lasts for months. The funny roast here draws inspiration from this longevity. It jokingly compares the perm with the person’s relationship.

Use this roast jokingly if the person is frivolous with relationships.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • She broke up again. Her perms last longer than her relationships.
  • Her perm competes with her relationship. Those curls are winning.

7. What do you call a permed hair’s favorite TV show? “Curl-nt Affairs.”

This roast works best in a texting situation. Have you ever roasted someone in a group chat? Maybe it’s time to try it out.

In a general discussion about TV shows, let the group know this girl just got a perm. Link this with why she isn’t so updated on current affairs.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Permed hair has no clue. Her favorite show is curl-nt affairs.
  • You haven’t seen the news or it isn’t curl-nt affairs?
  • Cut it out, Mary, this isn’t curl-nt affairs!

8. How does permed hair stay in shape? She does regular curl-ups!

There’s a play on permed hair and a workout geek here. Curl ups is a workout routine. We drag this gym lingo into the roast by making the connection with how perms usually curl up.

In fact, it’s not a perm if it doesn’t have curls in it. Call it a constitutional requirement, if you will.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Hey, permed hair, you’re losing shape. I recommend curl ups.
  • Permed hair, looks like the curl-ups are paying off.

9. Why did permed hair get a ticket? She was caught curling in a no-curl zone!

This roast is a play on the event of getting a ticket from the ticket police. Only this time, it’s not for parking a real car. It’s for packing a really beautiful perm with curls.

This roast is goofy, but it’s the type for a hot day and drinks. A goofy afternoon. It’s the type of joke you say on the beach while hanging out with equally goofy friends.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Have you heard? Permed hair got a ticket because she was caught curling in a no-curl zone. (Especially if a permed hair woman passes by)
  • Keep spotting that beautiful perm. You’ll get a ticket for curling in a no-curl zone.

10. What’s a permed hair’s favorite type of music? Rock and curl!

Rather than say rock and roll, you say rock and curl. Neat, right? That’s a pun on the music genre, ‘rock and roll.’ It would be funnier if the permed-haired person really loved rock and roll.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Permed hair, what are you listening to? Rock and Curl?
  • We all know Mary’s favorite songs, especially with that new perm, right? Yeah, rock and curl.

11. How has permed hair Mary been answering the phone? She lets it ring and curls up on the couch!

In this roast, we’re trying to get heartbroken Mary to laugh over her predicament. You are one of her friends and you are over in her place. Keep things civil though, and make sure she’s ready to have people over.

Now, back to the brokenhearted—they usually curl up and sulk. That’s where this roast gets its root.

  • Now we know why permed hair Mary hasn’t been answering her curl. She’s curled up on the couch.
  • Permed hair Mary lets the phone ring while she’s curled up on the couch.

12. Why did the permed hair break up with her hairstylist? Too many split ends in the relationship!

If you know permed hair, they have split ends. The chemicals used make this possible. This roast derives from this tip about perms.

So, Mary changed her stylist recently because her relationship with the former one experienced a split in the end.

Note: the play is on the word, ends. It’s a kind of double entendre, without any intimate innuendo.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Mary’s perm is good. But she stopped going to that stylist. Too many split ends in the relationship.
  • How’s Mary’s relationship with her hairstylist? Bad. Too many splits end in the relationship.

13. What did the permed hair say to the straight hair? “Let’s curl-aborate and make waves!”

There’s a play on the word collaborate and waves in this roast. This funny one would sound good at a party or any other public gathering with lots of perm-haired people in attendance.

Remember to begin with preliminary jokes about permed hair. This eases (more on this below) your audience into your routine.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • (To a permed hair person) What’d you say we—get together, curl-aborate, and make waves, hm?
  • (From a straight hair person) Can we curl-aborate and make waves together?

14. How does permed hair express excitement? She gets all wound up!

Perms can get wound up. Then you need to use a comb specially made for that purpose, to get the curls up again. In extreme cases, you might have to visit your hair stylist for treatment to reinforce the curls in your perm.

The point is, without good curls, a perm is not a perm. The pun here is on the words, wound up. It refers to when the curls get tangled, and unaligned.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Permed hair Mary is excited. She’s got herself all wound up.
  • If you see Mary wound up, and excited, it’s because of her permed hair.

How to Roast Someone With A Perm

15. Why did the permed hair go to school? She wanted to brush up on her curl-culus!

Let’s play on the math word, calculus. We’ll call it curl-culus in this funny roast. You have limited time to use this roast before school goes on vacation.

You’re going to exaggerate why Mary enrolls in school: to brush up on her curl-culus.

Here’s a great way to use this roast:

  • (In class) Ask Mary with the permed hair, she’s been brushing up on her curl-culus.

16. What’s a permed hair’s favorite sport? Curling, of course!

Curling is a sport like shuffleboard. This funny roast is an intended pun on the word curling. The roast says, Mary’s favorite sport is curling.

This suggests that folks with permed hair have an affinity for this sport.

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Look at the curls of her permed hair. Mary’s favorite sport happened to be curling.
  • Mary picked up curling after she got her perms.

17. How does permed hair stay calm under pressure? She takes a deep breath and lets out a curl of relief!

This is a simple roast for every fun situation. It works this way: the permed-haired person doesn’t heave a sigh of relief, she lets out a curl of relief. There’s a word picture to be seen here, for a visually imaginative, humorous person.

How to Roast Someone With A Perm

Think of a sigh in terms of the curls of smoke rising from the decompressing you achieve during a sigh. You dig?

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • She’s calm. I can see the curls of relief rising from her dome of perms.
  • Okay, Mary. Take a deep breath. Let the curls of relief rise into the air, will ya?

18. Why did the permed hair get to work late? She got lost at a curl-de-sac

In this classic play on a French term, the play is on the word cul-de-sac. For this roast to achieve maximum effect, you’re going to have to enunciate the word curl well.

Perhaps add facial and hand gestures to draw the attention of your audience to the sweet wordplay. Watch the reaction of your listeners to see if they understand what you did. And if they don’t? Try again.

Gesture at the permed hair, ask what they notice: curls. Add de sac. We know, that roasting has its hazards too. But that’s what makes it fun, right?

Here are great ways to use this roast:

  • Mary, you’re late again. What happened, permed hair? Got stuck at a curl-de-sac?
  • With your permed hair, Mary, you’re going to have more curl-de-sacs to deal with.

19. What’s a permed hair’s favorite movie genre? Romantic curl-medies!

Romantic comedies are a subgenre of comedy and romantic films. There’s a way you present to deliver this roast that removes the corny side and leaves all the funny side behind.

Jokes aren’t supposed to be taken seriously anyways. So fire up with this roast, and use it in a lighthearted funny moment. Make sure there’s a permed hair for real.

Make sure it’s got new curls in it and that a talk about movies was underway already before dropping it.

Here’s a great way to use this roast:

  • (To permed hair person) What’s your favorite movie genre? Romantic curl-medies?

20. How does permed hair solve problems? She just curls up and waits for a solution to unravel!

People react to difficulties differently. Permed hair people deal with their issues in a peculiar way. Granted, some people really do curl up in bed, and stare at their phones.

Since this is merely a funny roast, the person in question does not necessarily have to act the way it is described above.

Here’s a great way to use this roast:

  • Mary is dealing with her problems by curling in bed, waiting for a solution to unravel. Just like her perms.

Just Before You Roast That Person With Perm

The best funny roasts follow the following principles:

Ease The Audience Into It

Your aim is to make the person smile or laugh. To achieve this, ease the person into the routine by laying a foundation for the joke. Say something funny to have them laughing before dropping the real roast.

Keep It Civil

Don’t lose sight of the purpose of the roast. Focus on making the person you’re roasting laugh, not feel terrible about their permed hair.

Your choice of words, tone, and carriage all come together to achieve human interaction.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have presented the best funny roasts for permed hair. Remember to focus on having fun. Use the appropriate tone and words. Roasts can go wrong, just like every other area of life.

But following the tips here can help you succeed with any type of roast.

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