50 Best Responses to Merry Christmas Texts, Wishes, Messages (in 2023)

Every year, the Christmas season comes along in the month of December. During that period, people travel to spend time with their families, gifts are exchanged, and goodwill messages are exchanged.

When it gets to that time, most people are at a loss of what to wish for others. They simply wait until they receive goodwill messages from others or they pay a writer to compose a beautiful message for them.

There are others who receive goodwill messages but they don’t know how to respond. They find it difficult to react or to compose an equally beautiful message.

The goodwill messages can come in the form of text, wishes, or messages. The Christmas season is now near, and to aid our readers, we have listed the 50 best responses to Merry Christmas texts, wishes, or messages.

The list comprises short and long responses. You could read through them and choose the most suitable reply to give.

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50 Best Responses to Merry Christmas Text, Wishes, Messages

Thank you

This is the most common and basic response a person can use for Christmas wishes and messages. It is simple and can be easily acknowledged by the person you send it to.

You use it when you don’t wish to be overly personal or friendly in your reply. Perhaps, you don’t have a close relationship with the person hence the need to maintain a certain space.

I love you

This response is also a simple way to reply to a Christmas message. It is mostly used with loved ones. Replying with I love you will make the person feel appreciated.

The way you use the response I love you differs based on your relationship with the person. For someone who you have a long-lasting and tight relationship with, you can tell them I love you so much.

Same here

The response same here does not appear welcoming at the surface. However, it is used in a semi-formal atmosphere. When you know the person, but you are not really that close to reply with a long message.

It is also mostly used when the person is trying to be courteous.

Wishing you the same

During the Christmas season, we receive so many messages from family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers.

There may not be enough time to respond to everyone in equal measure. Thus you can simply use wishing you the same to reply to a Christmas text.

If you don’t want to solely use this Christmas wish, you can add more beautiful messages to it. For instance, you can say, “Wishing you the same, I also wish that…”.

Merry Christmas

How to Respond to Merry Christmas Texts

With the multitude of messages you may receive during the Christmas season, here is a multipurpose response you can use for your well-wishers – Merry Christmas. It can serve as both a wish and a response.

The great thing about this response is that you can use it with all and sundry and it does not discriminate. So, if you do not know how to respond to that Christmas message, simply tell them Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays

During the Christmas season, people take a break from the hustle of the year to spend time with their families.

They close their businesses and are allowed to take a break from work to see their loved ones. Hence, the response Happy Holidays.

All around the world, the Christmas season is the time most people take a break from life hence the popular saying Happy holidays.

Happy to hear from you

The statement “Happy to hear from you” is also a nice response to a Christmas message. People tend to remember others during special occasions and Christmas is one of them.

When such a person remembers you, you can tell them that you are glad to hear from them.


Simple, short, and effective. Using cheers as a response to a Christmas wish is also a great way to go about it. It could be said physically at dinner while spending time with family.

You can also use this response as a toast during a Christmas dinner. When everyone on the table is wishing you a Merry Christmas, raise your glass say something beautiful, and end it with “Cheers!”.

Wishing you the best during this festive season.

When a person wishes you well during the Christmas season, it is of utmost importance that you reciprocate the wishes. The best way to do that is to wish them the best of the season.

Awesome x-mas to you too.

You can also respond to a Christmas message with “awesome x-mas to you too”. It is a short simple response and if you remove the ‘too’ in the statement, it can serve as a Christmas greeting.

God’s blessings

For religious people especially Christians, the Christmas season symbolizes the birth of the savior of the world. It means so much to them to celebrate the birth of their savior hence the response God’s blessings.

Wishing you a heartwarming season

Another great way you can respond to a person’s Christmas text is to tell them that you wish them a heartwarming season.

The weather during the Christmas season is usually cold but the love in everyone’s heart keeps them warm.

Have a fantastic holiday

You could use this response for a colleague or friend who will be traveling during the Christmas season. You may not see them for a time so you can hope they will have a fantastic holiday.

Wishing you a prosperous year

After the Christmas season comes the new year. There are people who you may not see through the year till the Christmas season, hence, it is always advisable to wish that the coming year will be prosperous for them.

You have a fabulous celebration

Of course, the Christmas season comes with lots of celebrations and even decorations. From the Christmas tree decorations, the opening of gifts, dinner with family, socks at the fireplace, and time spent with friends, there are always so many things to celebrate.

Have fun

Another great response you can give to a person who sends a Christmas message is to ask them to have fun. They may have traveled to do their favorite sports or parties with friends, so this is a suitable response.

Have the best of the season

This is also another great response. There is nothing more beautiful than wishing a person the best of everything. When it comes to Christmas, you can only wish them the best of the season.

Wishing you a calm holiday

After a turbulent year, the best thing a person could ask for is some peace and quiet. So if you know a person who has had a rough year, when they send you a Christmas message, do well to reply with “Wishing you a calm holiday”.

I hope you have a Christmas filled with showers of love

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love. It is the season that we show much love to those we care about. So, when a person wishes you a Merry Christmas, ensure you wish them a Christmas filled with showers of love.

Heart you

Heart you is a slang that means Love you. It is the short form of I heart you (I love you). It is mostly used in informal cases where you are very familiar with the person you are speaking with.

I appreciate the beautiful messages

When a person takes time to compose a Christmas message for you, ensure you appreciate them for their effort. You can do that by replying with “I appreciate you for the beautiful messages”.

I’m grateful for the remembrance

During the Christmas season, people take time to remember their loved ones. If you have not spoken to someone for a long time and they send you a Christmas wish, ensure to tell them that you are grateful for remembering you.

I’m glad that we will usher in the new year together.

During the Christmas season, loved ones travel back home to spend time with family. This means that they will all usher in the new year together. Thus, if they wish you a Merry Christmas, let them know that you are glad they came home.

You are always on my mind, Merry Christmas

There are some people that although we are not opportune to speak with them every day we always carry them in our hearts.

When such people send you a Christmas message, ensure to remind them that they will always remain in your heart.

With you, the Christmas is always merrier

When your loved one or your friend comes to spend Christmas with you and they wish you a Merry Christmas, do not forget to let them know that they always make the Christmas season merrier with their presence.

Wishing you a jolly good time

Another way to respond to a Christmas message is to wish the person to have a great time. Whatever their plans for the holiday are, let it be a time well spent.

Thank you, my regards to your family

If a person sends you a Christmas message and in it extends the wish to your family, when you are typing a response, ensure that you acknowledge their family too. That is after you must have thanked them for the message.

I appreciate you for being the most real and fun person I have ever known.

Amongst the people who will send you Christmas messages, some of them will be your close friends. When you receive messages from them, let them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Send them this beautiful reply – “I appreciate you for being the most real and fun person I have ever known” – and make their day.

Gracias pal, you’ve always had my back

Gracias is the Spanish way of thanking a person. Your friend must not be of the Spanish origin before you use this reply. Nevertheless, if he/she is, this is the most suitable response.

Wishing you the same. I admire your dedication and fierceness to everything.

Another way to respond to a beautifully composed Christmas message is to tell them what you admire or love about them. When using this response, you are appreciating a person who is dedicated and fierce.

Thank you, you inspire me too.

If a person is sending you a goodwill message during the Christmas season say that you inspire them. Let them know that they also inspire you. You can further mention things about them that inspire you.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a kinder New Year!

Most times when a person wants to send a Christmas message or respond to one, they also send wishes for the new year. It is just complimentary and in the probability that they may not see or speak to the person till the next Christmas.

Thanks for making the festive season so lovely with your kind words.

As some people are kind-hearted so are their words. A person can send you a Christmas message that will melt your heart.

Let them know that their kind words had the right effect on you.

Merry Christmas to you too, I and the family look forward to seeing you

Some people travel with their family for the Christmas holiday with plans to return during the new year.

If such a person sends you a Christmas message ensure you let them know you look forward to seeing them especially if they are friends of the family.

Aww, your message made me tear up, Merry Christmas to you too!

Some people are exquisite writers, and they know how to compose the most beautiful messages that will warm their way to people’s hearts.

When a person takes time to compose such beautiful messages, ensure to let them know how effective it is.

I wish you great success in the coming year.

Another way to respond to a person’s Christmas text or wishes is to wish them success in the coming year. This is because, from the Christmas period, there is a countdown to the new year.

Your words always tend to brighten the season for me, Merry Christmas to you too.

Some people have a way with words. Sometimes, they pay wordsmiths to write beautiful messages for them to send to their loved ones. Such effort should be appreciated so ensure that you appreciate them.

A message from my favorite person is just what I needed, wishing you a merry Christmas as well.

When a person who is very close to your heart sends you a Christmas message, let them know that they are special in your response. You can do that by calling them your favorite person.

Your messages are exceptional and are loved and appreciated in this household

During the Christmas period, family and friends will also send in their goodwill messages. Sometimes the messages are custom-written and uniquely written based on your relationship with them.

Ensure to use this reply and appreciate their efforts.

May all your wishes come true in this jolly season

Another way to appreciate a person’s message is to say, “May all your wishes come true in this jolly season”. The Christmas season is known to be miraculous so their wishes may actually come true.

Feliz Navidad!

Just like the song, Feliz Navidad is a way to wish a person a Merry Christmas and it can be used as a response also. It is a multipurpose statement that can be used both ways.

Aww, the king/queen of messages with his/her beautiful words, thank you so much

There are people who are known to be gifted with words. They have a talent for combining the most beautiful messages and you can use this response to appreciate messages sent to you by these people.

I appreciate the effort you put into this affectionate message, Merry Christmas.

When you know that a person is not really that good at writing a Christmas message, but they made an effort in the one they sent to you, it is good to acknowledge that effort and appreciate them for it.

God bless you

This is a Christian way to respond to a person’s Christmas message. People of that religious sect who are known as Christians reply with God bless you in almost all greetings.

The Christmas season is not exempted from the right time to use such a greeting. So if you are a Christian and a person wishes you a Merry Christmas, it’s okay to respond with God bless you.

May the birth of our savior produce fruitfulness in your life, Merry Christmas to you too.

Another way to respond to a person’s Christmas message is to wish them well or pray for them especially if you are a Christian. Just like they have taken time to wish you well, take time to wish them well too.

When they read the response, they will really appreciate it and will say Amen to it.

Always the first to send me a beautiful Christmas message, and I wish you same.

There are people who are very dedicated to being the first to send goodwill messages to people on their special day. Like birthdays, anniversaries, and even during the Christmas season.

Appreciate them for being the first to always wish you well. If you have the time and creativity, you can compose an equally beautiful message as well.

I woke up to your wish, have a joyous Christmas too.

If your house is full during the Christmas period, it is acceptable that you may wear yourself out during Christmas Eve and sleep off. Even if that is not the case, rest assured that as you are waking up, there will be a Christmas message waiting for you.

If you are delayed in responding, be sure to let the person know that you just woke up and have received their message with gratitude.

Thank you for the card, it melted my heart, and I will keep it till the end of time

How to Respond to Merry Christmas Texts

Aside from text messages, and oral wishes, people can also send you cards or gifts to celebrate the Christmas season. Written in the cards is usually the most beautifully composed Christmas message.

If you wish to respond to that gesture, you let the person how much the attempt meant to you.

Your words always make me fall in love with the season, thank you for your wishes.

Christmas season is also a season of love and therein lies our loved ones we need to appreciate. When a loved one, sends you a heartfelt Christmas message about the season, be sure to appreciate them.

Let them know that their words have succeeded in making you fall more in love with Christmas and appreciate the beauty of the season.

You’re compassionate, may it bring joy to those around you and make them appreciate you.

When a person who has shown you kindness through the year sends you a Christmas message, you can respond by appreciating their compassionate side.

When responding, let them know that their compassion, kind-heartedness, and generosity will be spread to those around them and will bring joy to them.

The person will appreciate such a thoughtful reply and be rest assured, this will not be the end of beautiful wishes.

To end with

We hope you had a great read and that you found your perfect response to the goodwill message. We have barely three months to the Christmas season, so it’s a good thing that you can arm yourself with these responses.

The list comes with an explanation each so that you can know the best situation to use it. You can use a single response, or you can combine up to two or three responses.

Ensure you have a beautiful Christmas celebration with your family and loved ones.

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