20 Best Responses to Lowball Offer On Facebook

Lowball offers on Facebook can be challenging to handle, requiring skill and creativity in responding. When faced with a lowball offer, sellers often seek intriguing and simple ways to assert their item’s value and negotiate a fair price.

Crafting captivating responses not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting impression, setting the stage for a potential agreement.

With a touch of wit and a dash of firmness, sellers can navigate the realm of negotiations with finesse, ensuring their items receive the recognition they deserve.

In this article are 20 witty and captivating responses you can use when dealing with lowball offers on Facebook.

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20 Best Responses to Lowball Offer On Facebook

  1. ‘Thanks for the offer, but I’m afraid my price is set in a different currency – value.’
  2. ‘Interesting proposal, but I’ll need a telescope to see eye-to-eye with you on that offer.’
  3. ‘I appreciate your creative negotiation skills, but my item deserves a higher stage to perform on.’
  4. ‘Ah, the art of haggling – a dance I’m not easily swayed by. Let’s try again.’
  5. ‘I admire your confidence in your offer, but my treasure holds greater worth than you realize.’
  6. ‘In a world where unicorns exist, your offer might hold merit. In this reality, I’ll pass.’
  7. ‘Ah, the allure of a lowball – tempting, yet ultimately unfulfilling.’
  8. ‘I have a soft spot for optimism, but my item demands a firmer price tag.’
  9. ‘Your offer has the potential to be a collector’s item-rarely seen and quickly forgotten.’
  10. ‘Lowballing is an art, and I must commend your brushstrokes. However, my masterpiece stands firm.’
  11. ‘While your offer carries the scent of opportunity, it fails to ignite the spark I seek.’
  12. ‘Your proposal is an intriguing riddle, but the answer lies beyond the realm of my acceptance.’
  13. ‘I sense the echoes of a missed opportunity in your offer, yet my instincts guide me elsewhere.’
  14. ‘Like a siren’s song, your lowball offer tugs at my curiosity but fails to capture my attention.’
  15. ‘Alas, your offer sails on the winds of uncertainty, while my price remains anchored in reality.’
  16. ‘Your offer carries the weight of a feather, while my item demands the gravitas of a diamond.’
  17. ‘I appreciate your persistence, but my item holds its value, regardless of the surrounding noise.’
  18. ‘The melody of your offer strikes a sour note against the harmony of my asking price.’
  19. ‘Your lowball offer is like a mirage – tempting from afar, but fading upon closer inspection.’
  20. ‘While I appreciate your attempt to rewrite the rules of negotiation, my price remains steadfast.’

1. ‘Thanks For The Offer, But I’m Afraid My Price Is Set In A Different Currency – Value.’

Expressing your gratitude for the offer is a great way to begin while you cleverly highlight the difference in perception regarding the item’s value.

It shows that the seller values their item higher than what the buyer is offering. Furthermore, tell them what you mean by value and why their offer doesn’t match with the value they intend to get.

2. ‘Interesting Proposal, But I’ll Need A Telescope To See Eye-To-Eye With You On That Offer.’

Acknowledge the buyer’s proposal as interesting but emphasizes the significant disparity between the seller’s expectations and the low offer in a funny way.

The mention of a telescope adds a touch of whimsy to convey the idea that agreement seems nearly impossible.

3. ‘I Appreciate Your Creative Negotiation Skills, But My Item Deserves A Higher Stage To Perform On.’

A nice word of compliment will go a long way to calm the buyer’s negotiation skills while you firmly assert as the seller believes that your item deserves a higher price.

By using the metaphor of a stage, it suggests that the item deserves a more prominent and valuable position. So, you can use these words to convince them to go for your higher offer.

4. ‘Ah, The Art Of Haggling—A Dance I’m Not Easily Swayed By. Let’s Try Again.’

Simply make the negotiation process an art form but make it clear that the seller is not easily convinced by lowball offers.

You can do this by suggesting another attempt, this is to indicate a willingness to engage in further negotiation. And if you keep at it skillfully, you may go on and on but in spite of that, you may win in the end.

5. ‘I Admire Your Confidence In Your Offer, But My Treasure Holds Greater Worth Than You Realise.’

In a situation where you admire the offer someone says they can settle for, you can thank them for showing up with so much confidence while on your end you insist that the item in which they desire to purchase possesses a higher value than what they perceive.

It means that the true worth of the item exceeds the buyer’s estimation. Say this convincingly and if possible, go further to provide proof to tell that what you are saying is absolutely true.

6. ‘In A World Where Unicorns Exist, Your Offer Might Hold Merit. In This Reality, I’ll Pass.’

To give an interesting reply, you may employ a playful analogy by referencing the mythical creature, the unicorn, to convey that a buyer’s offer is too unrealistic from your perspective as a seller.

It humorously states that while the offer might be suitable in a fantasy world, it does not align with the seller’s reality.

However, this response is best used if the item to be purchased is a necessity or yours are of excellent quality.

7. ‘I Have A Soft Spot For Optimism, But My Item Demands A Firmer Price Tag.’

How to Respond to Lowball Offer On Facebook

You can start by showing a sense of appreciation for the buyer’s optimism while emphasizing that your item requires a higher price.

This tells that you recognize the positive outlook but firmly stand by your price. Ensure your facial expression is the same too.

8. ‘Your Offer Has The Potential To Be A Collector’s Item – Rarely Seen And Quickly Forgotten.’

This response implies that the buyer’s offer may be considered unique or unusual, but it lacks the lasting impact desired by you as the seller.

This means that the offer, like a collector’s item, might be fleeting and easily overlooked. You can take it upon yourself to explain what the buyer needs to know.

9. ‘Lowballing Is An Art, And I Must Commend Your Brushstrokes. However, My Masterpiece Stands Firm.’

Making this statement shows the buyer’s skill in lowballing while you emphasize that the price remains unchanged.

It uses the metaphor of art to convey the idea that while the buyer’s technique is recognized, your item is still valued highly.

It is important that you remain unbending if the buyer’s offer is too limited and you can use this comment.

10. ‘While Your Offer Carries The Scent Of Opportunity, It Fails To Ignite The Spark I Seek.’

How to Respond to Lowball Offer On Facebook

Metaphorically states that the buyer’s offer has some potential or allure, but it falls short of meeting your expectations or the desired level of excitement. It conveys the idea that the offer lacks the desired impact.

With this, they’ll be able to understand that their offer is low and they need to step up.

11. ‘Your Proposal Is An Intriguing Riddle, But The Answer Lies Beyond The Realm Of My Acceptance.’

In your own way, you can characterize the buyer’s offer as a puzzling challenge or enigma that you are unwilling to entertain.

It is pronounced that the solution or agreement lies outside your acceptance or willingness to compromise. Remember that you ought to remain on your offer with all confidence.

12. ‘I Feel Like I’m Missing Out, But I Have To Decline Your Offer.’

Also, you can express a sense of hesitation or regret on your path by making use of this reply. It implies that the buyer’s offer might have presented an opportunity or potential benefit, but ultimately you as the seller must decline it.

As you acknowledge a feeling of missing out but still make the decision not to accept the offer.

13. ‘Your Lowball Offer Sparks Curiosity But Doesn’t Capture My Attention.’

You can as well make sure that the buyer’s lowball offer arouses curiosity or interest in your response.

However, this statement emphasizes that the offer fails to captivate your attention or meet your expectations.

And as the seller recognizes the attempt made by the buyer but finds the offer insufficient to proceed further.

14. ‘Like A Siren’s Song, Your Offer Lures Momentarily But Fades Upon Closer Inspection.’

To reiterate your point, employ the metaphor of a siren’s song to describe the buyer’s offer. It means that the offer initially tempts or entices you, but upon closer examination, it loses its appeal or charm.

This response from you as the seller lacks the lasting motivation needed to engage in further negotiation.

15. ‘In The Vast Landscape Of Possibilities, Your Offer Falls Short Of Reaching The Summit I Seek.’

Why not use imagery to depict the buyer’s offer as one among many possibilities but theirs is simply unacceptable?

This can ring a bell in their minds as they try to picture it. However, this comment states that the offer falls short of meeting the seller’s desired outcome or reaching the pinnacle of their expectations.

Let them know that the offer is insufficient in comparison to the desired result.

16. ‘While Your Offer Drifts As A Feather, My Item Demands The Weight Of A Diamond.’

How to Respond to Lowball Offer On Facebook

This response draws a contrast between the buyer’s offer, which is metaphorically described as light as a feather, and your item as the seller, which is portrayed as requiring the substantial value or significance associated with a diamond.

It emphasizes the vast difference in perceived worth between the two.

17. ‘Your Offer Is Like A Whisper In The Wind, While My Item Resonates With Unwavering Strength.’

A poetic language used to describe the buyer’s offer as fleeting or insubstantial, similar to a whisper in the wind, can be an interesting response. In contrast, it indicates that your item possesses enduring value or influence.

You can also lay more emphasis that your item holds a stronger presence or impact compared to the buyer’s offer.

18. ‘Your Lowball Offer Echoes Faintly Amidst The Chorus Of My Unwavering Price.’

Add some imaginative pictures or imagery to portray the buyer’s lowball offer as an echo that fades into the background.

This is to show your unwavering price as a dominant and resounding presence. It also signifies that your price holds steadfast and overrides the impact of the buyer’s offer.

19. ‘While Your Offer Dances On The Fringes Of Possibility, My Price Commands The Center Stage.’

How to Respond to Lowball Offer On Facebook

This reply metaphorically presents the buyer’s offer as hovering on the edges of what is feasible or acceptable.

Give no resistance or acceptance of any contrary price as taking a prominent position at the center stage, stating its importance and dominance over yours.

You can also say that your price holds greater significance and deserves focused attention.

20. ‘Your Lowball Offer Navigates The Realm Of Speculation, While My Price Stands Grounded In Reality.’

Using this response characterizes the buyer’s lowball offer as existing within the realm of uncertainty or speculation.

On the other hand, it highlights your price as firmly rooted in reality, indicating that it is based on practical considerations and market value.

Also, state that your price is more realistic and reasonable compared to the buyer’s offer.


Crafting intriguing and simple responses to lowball offers on Facebook allows sellers to assert the true value of their items while capturing the attention of potential buyers.

These well-crafted responses serve as powerful tools to navigate the negotiation process with finesse and confidence.

By leaving a lasting impression and firmly standing their ground, you as the seller can ensure that your items receive the recognition and fair pricing they deserve.

Through the art of effective communication, sellers can seize control of the conversation and create a path toward a mutually beneficial agreement.

By employing captivating responses, such as these, you can rise above the noise of lowball offers and pave the way for successful transactions on the Facebook marketplace.

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