20 Ways to Respond to a “TBH” On Snapchat

A ‘TBH’ message is like a digital handshake – a moment of sincerity in a sea of curated posts and fleeting conversations.

It’s an opportunity for genuine expression, a chance to share thoughts, opinions, or compliments in a refreshingly candid way.

So, how do you respond to a ‘TBH’ on Snapchat? In this article, we explore 20 creative and human ways to reciprocate honesty, from simple expressions of gratitude to engaging conversations that deepen connections.

Whether you’re a seasoned Snapchat user or just diving into the world of digital communication, these responses strike the perfect balance between friendliness and professionalism, helping you make the most of your Snapchat interactions.

Let’s dive in and discover how to navigate this unique form of digital dialogue, one ‘TBH’ at a time.

20 Ways to Respond to a “TBH” On Snapchat

  1. Express Gratitude
  2. Return the Compliment
  3. Share a Funny GIF
  4. Reflect on the Honesty
  5. Ask for Feedback
  6. Send a Snap
  7. Make Future Plans
  8. Share a Quote
  9. Express Curiosity
  10. Share a Compliment
  11. Ask About Their Day
  12. Send a Selfie
  13. Show Support
  14. Share a Fun Fact About Yourself
  15. Keep It Simple
  16. Express Genuine Interest
  17. Share a Personal Anecdote
  18. Express Empathy
  19. Offer a Sincere Thank You
  20. Ask For Advice Or an Opinion

Express Gratitude

How to Respond to a TBH On Snapchat

Expressing Gratitude is a great way to respond to a tbh on Snapchat. It is a wonderful way to start a conversation after receiving a ‘TBH’ message.

It’s essential to acknowledge the sender’s honesty, as it demonstrates that you value their openness. By expressing your gratitude, you’re not only being polite but also setting a positive and appreciative tone for the interaction.

The use of the smiley face emoji 😊 adds a touch of warmth and friendliness, making your response even more genuine.

This combination of gratitude and a friendly emoji conveys that you’re approachable and open to a meaningful conversation.

Example: Thank you so much! 😊 TBH, I really appreciate your honesty.’

Return the Compliment

In this response, you’re reciprocating the goodwill by offering a compliment in return. This is a great way to maintain a positive and engaging exchange.

By complimenting the sender, you’re acknowledging their kind words and showing that you also hold them in high regard.

The use of enthusiastic emojis like 🙌 amplifies the positivity in your response, making it even more heartfelt. This response not only keeps the conversation enjoyable but also deepens the connection between you and the sender.

Example:’TBH, you’re pretty awesome too! 🙌’

Share a Funny GIF

Sharing a Funny GIF is another apt response to TBH on Snapchat.  Injecting humor into your response can make the interaction more lively and enjoyable.

By including a funny GIF, you’re not only expressing gratitude but also entertaining the sender. The humor in the GIF adds an element of playfulness to your reply, making it more engaging and memorable.

GIFs are an excellent way to communicate emotions, and in this context, they can convey that you appreciate the sender’s honesty and want to keep the conversation light-hearted and fun.

Example:  ‘Haha, thanks! 😂 Here’s how I feel about that: [insert funny GIF].’

Reflect on the Honesty

Reflecting on Honesty takes the conversation a step further by not only acknowledging the sender’s honesty but also expressing your willingness to engage in more meaningful dialogue.

By stating that their honesty means a lot to you, you convey that you value open and sincere communication.

This can encourage the sender to feel comfortable sharing more about their thoughts or feelings, potentially leading to a deeper and more substantial conversation.

Example: Your honesty means a lot. Anything specific on your mind?’

Ask for Feedback

How to Respond to a TBH On Snapchat

Here, you go beyond simple appreciation by showing professionalism and a commitment to self-improvement. While expressing gratitude, you also ask if there’s anything you could improve, demonstrating your openness to constructive feedback.

This response is particularly valuable in professional or mentorship relationships, as it showcases your eagerness to learn and grow.

It communicates that you take the sender’s opinion seriously and are willing to make necessary adjustments to enhance your skills or qualities.

Example: ‘I appreciate the honesty. Is there anything I could improve?’

Send a Snap

Sending a Snap is a great reply to tbh on Snapchat. It takes your interaction to a visual level, which can add depth and immediacy to your conversation.

By expressing gratitude for their message and then sending a snap of what you’re currently doing or where you are, you’re providing a genuine glimpse into your life.

This not only shows appreciation but also makes the conversation more personal and engaging. The act of sharing a real-time moment fosters a sense of connection, as you’re allowing the sender to be a part of your current experiences.

Example: ‘Thanks for being honest! Sending you a snap of what I’m up to right now.’

Make Future Plans

Making Future Plans goes beyond simple acknowledgment and gratitude. By suggesting that you should hang out soon, you’re taking the conversation to a more proactive level.

You’re expressing your interest in furthering the connection and creating opportunities for future interactions.

This response can lead to discussions about shared interests, hobbies, or potential plans, making the conversation more exciting and forward-looking.

Example: ‘TBH, we should hang out soon. What do you say?’

Share a Quote

Sharing a meaningful or motivational quote can add depth and thoughtfulness to the conversation.

By relating the sender’s honesty to a relevant quote, you’re demonstrating that you’ve taken their message to heart and are willing to explore deeper topics.

This can lead to discussions about personal values, beliefs, or philosophical ideas. It elevates the conversation to a more intellectual and reflective level, promoting a deeper connection.

Example: ‘Your honesty is appreciated. It reminds me of this quote: [insert motivational quote].’

Express Curiosity

Expressing Curiosity is a brilliant reply to tbh on Snapchat.  In this response, you not only express gratitude but also convey your interest in the sender’s thoughts and feelings.

By asking if there’s something on their mind too, you create an open and inviting atmosphere for a more meaningful conversation.

It encourages the sender to share their thoughts, concerns, or experiences, allowing for a deeper connection and understanding between you both.

Example:  ‘Thanks for your honesty! Is there something on your mind too?’

Share a Compliment

Sharing a Compliment adds a personal touch by complimenting a specific aspect of the sender, such as their style. It goes beyond a generic thank-you and shows that you’re paying attention to the details.

This can lead to further discussions about shared interests or hobbies related to the complemented aspect, making the conversation more engaging and relatable.

Compliments create positive interactions and strengthen the connection between you and the sender.

Example:  ‘TBH, your style is always on point!’

Ask About Their Day

You can Ask About Their Day when responding to someone on Snapchat. In this response, you’re showing appreciation for the honesty while also expressing genuine interest in the sender’s well-being.

By asking how their day has been, you’re not only initiating a conversation but also demonstrating your willingness to listen and engage in a more meaningful dialogue.

This can lead to discussions about daily experiences, fostering a deeper connection through shared stories and emotions.

Example:  ‘I appreciate your honesty! How’s your day been?’

Send a Selfie

Sending a selfie as a response is a visual way to express gratitude for their message. It’s a personal and authentic gesture that allows the sender to see your current mood or activity.

This response creates a sense of intimacy and immediacy in the conversation, as you’re sharing a real-time snapshot of yourself, making the interaction more engaging and relatable.

Example: ‘Thanks for being real! Here’s a selfie of me right now. 😊’

Show Support

How to Respond to a TBH On Snapchat

While expressing appreciation for their honesty, this response also conveys your willingness to be there for the sender.

By offering your support and letting them know you’re available for a conversation, you’re creating a safe space for them to share their thoughts or concerns.

It shows empathy and care, which can lead to more profound and meaningful discussions.

Example: ‘Your honesty is valued. You can reach out anytime’.

Share a Fun Fact About Yourself

Sharing a Fun Fact About Yourself is a response to tbh on Snapchat you should consider. It adds a personal touch by sharing an interesting fact about yourself.

It’s a way to reciprocate the openness of the sender’s ‘TBH’ with a piece of your own personality. This can lead to further discussions about your interests, hobbies, or experiences, deepening your connection as you exchange unique insights and stories.

Example:  ‘TBH, did you know that I [insert interesting fact about yourself]? Now you do!’

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, simplicity is the best approach. By responding with a straightforward expression of thanks and a friendly emoji, you maintain a positive and respectful tone while keeping the conversation light.

This response is versatile and can be used when you want to acknowledge the sender’s message without delving into deeper topics, making it suitable for various situations.

Example: ‘Thanks for being honest! 😄’

Express Genuine Interest

Express Genuine Interest is a hearty way to respond to tbh on Snapchat. In this response, you’re not only acknowledging the sender’s honesty but also expressing curiosity and interest in their perspective.

By asking, ‘Why do you think that?’ you cause an intense conversation. This encourages the sender to share more about their thoughts and feelings, leading to a more meaningful exchange.

Share a Personal Anecdote

Responding with a personal anecdote related to the TBH message can be a great way to connect on a more personal level.

By sharing a relevant story or experience, you not only show appreciation but also make the conversation more relatable and engaging. It allows you both to bond over shared experiences or emotions.

Example: ‘When I faced a similar situation last year, I remember feeling overwhelmed. It reminds me of when I was in your shoes, and I can relate to how challenging it can be.’

Express Empathy

This response shows empathy and understanding. It is a heartfelt way to respond to a tbh on Snapchat.

By acknowledging that honesty can sometimes be challenging, you validate the sender’s feelings and efforts.

This can lead to a deeper conversation about the challenges and benefits of being honest, as well as personal growth and self-expression.

Example: ‘I’m truly sorry to hear about your recent loss. 

Offer a Sincere Thank You

Expressing gratitude is always a good way to respond to a TBH message. However, in this response, you emphasize the sincerity of your thanks, making it clear that you genuinely appreciate the sender’s honesty.

Sincerity adds depth to your expression of gratitude and fosters a sense of authenticity in your interaction.

Example: ‘I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your help during my recent move. Your support made a significant difference, and I’m so grateful.’

Ask For Advice Or an Opinion

If the TBH message has touched on a specific topic or area of expertise, consider asking the sender for their advice or opinion. This demonstrates that you value their insights and are open to their guidance.

It can lead to a more informative and engaging conversation where you both share knowledge and perspectives.

Example: ‘I appreciate the honesty. Is there anything I could improve?’

Final Thoughts

In a world filled with digital exchanges, ‘TBH’ messages on Snapchat stand out for their honesty. How you respond matters, shaping your digital connections.

Whether with a simple thanks or a deeper conversation, these responses offer ways to create more genuine interactions.

Embrace these opportunities for authenticity and let sincere connections guide your digital chats, one ‘TBH’ at a time.

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