35 Great Things to Come Quotes

In our daily lives, the pursuit of greatness serves as a constant compass, guiding us toward brighter tomorrows. It’s the beacon that keeps our ambitions focused, and the echo of our untapped potential that reverberates through time.

Life, with its diverse experiences and endless opportunities, unfolds as an unwritten story. Each moment carries the potential to shape our destiny.

In this article, we embark on a journey through a selection of 20 insightful quotes that encapsulate the essence of great things that lie ahead.

These quotes serve as reminders of the limitless possibilities awaiting us. They encourage us to embrace the promise of the future and to take steps towards realizing the greatness that awaits on the horizon of our lives.

35 Great Things to Come Quotes

  • ‘Life is an expansive journey, where the road stretches far beyond the horizon of our perception. In this grand adventure, the notion of greatness isn’t a mere destination; it’s a constant companion, a whisper in the wind, a beacon guiding us through the uncharted territories of the unknown. As we traverse this sprawling landscape, remember that every step, every experience, is a piece of the puzzle, a brushstroke on the canvas of our existence, contributing to the masterpiece of greatness that is yet to be unveiled.’


  • ‘The future, my dear buddy, is like an uncharted cosmos with stars and mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. The diamonds of our dreams are spread around the world like stardust, waiting for us to pick them up and hold them in our hands. It is a world filled with limitless possibilities. Every choice we make moves us closer to the incandescent center of greatness.’


  • ‘Life is a grand stage, where each day is a scene in the play of our existence. It’s a script yet to be fully written, with twists and turns that keep us engaged, and characters that come and go. Amidst this theatrical masterpiece, greatness plays a pivotal role, the climax of our narrative, the moment when the audience gasps in awe. The best part? We’re the playwrights, directors, and actors, co-creating this epic story with every choice we make.’

Great Things to Come Quotes

  • ‘The path of life, my friend, is like an endless river, winding its way through valleys and mountains, offering us a chance to navigate its currents. Along this meandering journey, greatness is the hidden treasure, buried beneath the sands of time, waiting to be unearthed. As we sail through the river of existence, each ripple in the water tells a tale, each bend in the riverbank holds a promise and greatness, the ultimate reward, beckons from the river’s mouth.’


  • ‘Imagine life as an exquisite mosaic, where every fragment of experience, every emotion, every decision, is a unique tile. These tiles come together to form a breathtaking masterpiece, the portrait of our existence. Greatness, then, is the kaleidoscope of colors that infuse this mosaic, the golden threads that weave through the fabric of our lives, illuminating the artwork of our future with the radiance of our potential.’


  • ‘Life, my dear, is like a grand orchestra, with each day a new composition, a fresh arrangement of notes, melodies, and rhythms. And as the conductor of our own destiny, we have the power to compose symphonies of greatness. With each beat of our hearts, with each breath we take, we create the music of our future, harmonizing our dreams with the melodies of possibility, and in that orchestration, lies the promise of greatness yet to come.’


  • ‘The future, my friend, is a vast library, filled with unread books, waiting for us to explore their pages. Each book represents an opportunity, a story yet untold, a lesson yet to be learned. Greatness, in this library of life, is the collection of books we have yet to read, the wisdom we have yet to gain, and the tales of triumph waiting to inspire us. And so, with each passing day, we add to this library, expanding our potential, enriching our understanding, and embracing the greatness that awaits.’


  • ‘Life, like a grand tapestry, unfolds before us, its intricate patterns a testament to the richness of our experiences. As we weave our own threads into this masterpiece, greatness emerges as the golden thread, the one that adds luster to the fabric of our existence. With every stitch, every choice, we contribute to the ever-evolving narrative, and in doing so, we reveal the brilliance of our potential.’

Great Things to Come Quotes

  • ‘In the grand scheme of existence, life is like an open field, stretching as far as the eye can see. Within this vast expanse lies the promise of greatness, waiting to be discovered like hidden treasures beneath the earth. Our journey, then, becomes the excavation, the process of unearthing these treasures, as we dig deeper into the soil of experience, uncovering the gems of our potential and the jewels of our dreams.’


  • ‘Consider life as a captivating novel, its pages filled with stories waiting to be written, adventures waiting to be embarked upon, and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Greatness, in this narrative of existence, is the plot twist that keeps us engaged, the climax that leaves us breathless, and the resolution that brings a satisfying conclusion to our tale. With each chapter, each page, we delve deeper into the story, discovering the greatness that lies within its unfolding.’


  • ‘Life is akin to a vast and uncharted sea, with each wave representing a unique opportunity. Great things to come are the tides of change that carry us toward distant shores, each horizon beckoning us with the promise of new experiences, fresh challenges, and the chance to leave indelible marks on the sands of time.’


  • ‘Imagine life as a grand journey, an intricate tapestry of moments and choices that unfold before us. Great things to come are the threads weaved into this tapestry, the threads of ambition, resilience, and the unwavering belief that our future holds boundless potential, waiting for us to unravel.’


  • ‘Think of life as a never-ending storybook, where every page turned reveals a new chapter. Great things to come are the unwritten pages, awaiting the tales of our triumphs, the sagas of our adventures, and the epics of our accomplishments yet to be penned.’


  • ‘Life, much like an intricate mosaic, is crafted from countless fragments of experience, each contributing to the overall masterpiece. Great things to come are the pieces waiting to be placed, the pieces that will complete the intricate picture of our aspirations, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to admire.’


  • ‘Consider life as a cosmic canvas, and great things to come are the celestial strokes of potential and promise, each star in the night sky representing a dream yet to be fulfilled, a goal yet to be reached, and a future yet to be painted in the brilliant hues of our ambitions.’


  • ‘Life unfolds as a symphony, where every day is a new note in the opus of our existence. Great things to come are the crescendos, the moments when our melodies rise to their fullest potential, filling the air with the harmonies of our accomplishments and the melodies of our aspirations.’

  • ‘Imagine life as a boundless frontier, with every step leading us into uncharted territory. Great things to come are the horizons beyond the horizon, the unexplored territories of our potential where the landscapes of achievement and fulfillment stretch as far as the eye can see.’


  • ‘Life is an intricate quilt of experiences, where every stitch tells a story. Great things to come are the unquilted patches, the patches that hold the promise of future adventures, the threads of ambition that will create a beautiful design reflecting our enduring perseverance.’


  • ‘Think of life as a vast library, with each day adding new volumes to our collection of knowledge and experiences. Great things to come are the unwritten chapters, the untold stories of our future successes, and the literary adventures that await our eager readership.’


  • ‘In the grand mural of existence, life is the canvas, and we are the artists. Great things to come are the brushes waiting to be dipped in the vibrant colors of our potential, the strokes of creativity that will paint a masterpiece on the canvas of our destiny, a work of art that will inspire generations to come.’


  • ‘Life is a magnificent garden, where each day we plant the seeds of our dreams, water them with determination, and watch as they grow into the vibrant blooms of greatness. Every moment is a chance to cultivate the future, to tend to the soil of our aspirations, and to witness the blossoming of our potential.’


  • ‘Imagine life as a celestial dance, with each step we take in the rhythm of existence bringing us closer to the cosmic crescendo of greatness. The universe is our partner in this dance, guiding us with the constellations of opportunity, and with each twirl, we write the story of our own stardust-filled destiny.’


  • ‘Life is like a vast art gallery, and every day we have the opportunity to add another masterpiece to the walls of our legacy. Great things to come are the canvases awaiting our brushstrokes, the colors of ambition waiting to be mixed, and the strokes of inspiration that will create timeless works of art.’


  • ‘Consider life as a symphony of seasons, each phase bringing its own melody. Great things to come are the melodies of change, the harmonies of growth, and the orchestration of progress that compose the timeless opus of our journey.’

  • ‘In the grand tapestry of existence, life is the loom, and we are the weavers of destiny. Great things to come are the threads of purpose, the intricate patterns of potential, and the cloth of achievement we create with every careful stitch.’


  • ‘Life unfolds like a captivating novel, and each moment is a sentence in the story of our evolution. Great things to come are the unwritten chapters, the plot twists of possibility, and the literary adventures waiting to be penned with the ink of our passions.’


  • ‘Picture life as a boundless stage, with every day offering a new act in the theater of our aspirations. Great things to come are the scenes yet to be performed, the scripts of ambition waiting to be rehearsed, and the standing ovations that await our brilliant performances.’


  • ‘Life is an ocean of opportunity, and we are the captains of our own ships. Great things to come are the uncharted waters, the treasures of potential buried beneath the waves, and the voyages of discovery that will lead us to the shores of our dreams.’


  • ‘Think of life as a magnificent tapestry, woven with threads of experience and emotion. Great things to come are the intricate designs awaiting our artistic touch, the colors of determination yet to be added, and the masterpieces of achievement yet to be unveiled.’


  • ‘Life, like a grand expedition, is a journey into the unknown. Great things to come are the unexplored territories, the maps of ambition waiting to be drawn, and the adventures that lie beyond the horizon, calling us to embrace the greatness of our destiny.’


  • ‘Life is akin to a vast celestial canvas, and we are the cosmic artists painting our destinies with the colors of our dreams. Great things to come are the constellations waiting to be formed, the galaxies of achievement yet to be discovered, and the celestial wonders of our potential awaiting their place in the universe.’


  • ‘Imagine life as a grand clockwork mechanism, each moment a cog in the intricate machinery of our existence. Great things to come are the gears of progress, the pendulum of opportunity, and the chimes of destiny that resonate with the promise of greatness.’


  • ‘Life unfolds like a magnificent symphony, with each note contributing to the grand composition of our legacy. Great things to come are the crescendos of achievement, the harmonies of purpose, and the melodies of our potential waiting to resound through the ages.’

  • ‘Picture life as an endless voyage through time, where each day is a port of call on the ship of our aspirations. Great things to come are the uncharted territories of possibility, the treasures of experience waiting to be discovered, and the compass of our ambition guiding us toward the shores of greatness.’


  • ‘Consider life as a grand mosaic, with every moment a unique piece that adds to the beauty of our existence. Great things to come are the tiles of ambition, the intricate patterns of success, and the masterpiece of our potential that we continue to craft with each careful placement.’

Final Thoughts

These 20 quotes remind us that greatness is within reach. Life is an ongoing journey, and the future holds limitless possibilities.

These insights encourage us to embrace our potential and take action. As we move forward, let’s remember that greatness is not a distant dream but a path we can shape with our choices and aspirations.

Every day is an opportunity to add to our life’s story, compose our own symphony, and create a brighter future.

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