15 Funny Things to Say When a Girl Rejects You

There’s a certain age that a guy reaches, and he begins to become attracted to the opposite sex. When he discovers that he likes a girl, he may tend to reach out to her to communicate how he feels.

There are times when the feeling is mutual, and the girl accepts his proposal. Other times, the girl can just say no which means that she is rejecting the boy’s advances.

At that point what does he say? Before he says anything, he should note that there are various factors that can make a girl reject a guy. It could be that due to family or personal circumstances, she is not open to being in a relationship at the moment.

It could also be that she just came out of a relationship, and it is too soon for her to enter another one. Whatever her reason may be, don’t take whatever she says personally.

Instead, you could give a witty and funny response to her rejection and then walk away with confidence. This will surprise her because she was probably expecting you to be sad about her rejection.

Who knows? The table could turn in your favor, and she will turn around and ask you out instead. In this article, we have listed fifteen (15) funny things you can say when a girl rejects you. Make your choice and put your game on!

15 Funny Things to Say When a Girl Rejects You

  1. Thank you
  2. I hope you are not intimidated by my handsomeness.
  3. Too bad, thought I would finally stop searching.
  4. If you ever change your mind, I will be here.
  5. Okay, whatever.
  6. I was about to do the same thing.
  7. Alright, have a good day.
  8. Okay, see you!
  9. Well, at least you didn’t lead me on.
  10. I wanted to tell you that something is stuck in your teeth.
  11. Ouch, that hurt
  12. Walk away
  13. Ah tough, that’s disappointing
  14. We are destined to be together; you’ll be back.
  15. Cool.

Thank you

There’s a stereotyped reaction that a guy is expected to have when he is rejected. Some ladies would expect him to be sad and moody because they said no. Others would expect him to keep running after them till they agree.

That is why, one of the best and funny ways to respond to a lady’s rejection is doing exactly the opposite of what she expected. Next time, you can simply say ‘thank you’ and walk away with your shoulders high.

If you see her another time, talk to her normally. You could even start speaking to other girls. This will make her to be confused and she may return to accept your proposal.

I hope you are not intimidated by my handsomeness

It is true that girls are easily attracted to guys that have bad-boy vibes. That is guys that are mysterious, flirty, playful and that know how to say the right things.

This response ‘I hope you are not intimidated by my handsomeness’ will definitely put you in that category. Depending on how you say it, it could get the girl to smile sheepishly and be drawn to you.

Or it could have an adverse effect and cause the girl to be irritated.

Too bad, thought I would finally stop searching.

Love at first sight is a myth to many and to some, it is a reality that they would love to experience. A girl could see a girl and deep down he will know that she is the one.

But what if he asks her out and she says no? If that happens, he can shrug his shoulders indifferently and say ‘When I saw you, I knew you were the one. Too bad, thought I would finally stop searching.

This would make the girl smile and she would likely change her mind because she would be scared of losing a good catch.

If you ever change your mind, I may not be here

Funny Things to Say When a Girl Rejects You

Sometimes when a girl rejects a guy, it is not because the feeling is not mutual. That is, it’s not that she does not equally like the guy. She may just be saying ‘no’ because she wants the guy to come after her.

While the guy is serious about her, she just wants to play games. In that case, you should not bother wasting your time with her. You can simply say ‘Well, no problem. If you ever do change your mind, I may not be here

She would have definitely been expecting you to say that you will wait for her till she changes her mind, but this funny reply will catch her off guard. She will realize that if she does not make a smart move she may lose you.

Okay, whatever

As simple as it sounds, the reply ‘Okay, whatever’ is funny and unpredictable. When a guy uses that response, it will be confusing to the girl that rejected him.

She may have been expecting him to talk more and try to persuade her to accept his proposal. Instead, the guy just shrugs his shoulders and acts as if the rejection does not affect him in any way.

To her, she may be hurt that the guy moved on as fast as possible. This funny response will make her uncomfortable throughout the day and she may begin to question her decision.

I was about to do the same thing

Is it possible to ask a girl out and still claim that you changed your mind and were about to reject her anyway? This is a tricky move, and it can be very confusing to the female gender.

Most guys adopt this method when a girl rejects them or if they perceive during the course of the discussion that the girl is about to reject them. They use it to prevent the embarrassment that will accompany the rejection.

The girl will find it funny because what girl will claim to like a girl in one minute and in the next minute, he is claiming that he changed his mind, and he is no longer interested? So weird.

Alright, have a good day

It’s okay to like a girl but be prepared for rejection. Even if the rejection affects you, don’t let her see it. You could then go and let off steam with friends or at a bar.

No girl should make you that disoriented. Some girls like the very fact that their rejection affects the guy. They like to see him stutter and beg to be accepted.

If you don’t want that to be your story as a guy, then we’ve got the best reply for you. This funny response ‘alright, have a good day’ will make you appear as if the rejection does not really affect you.

Okay, see you!

A guy can be nursing a long-time crush on a girl and may then decide that it is time he communicates his feelings. He hoped that the girl would accept, and they will live happily together.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The girl you admire may have another guy she admires, and the cycle goes on like that. That’s why you need to be prepared for the possibility that she reject you.

Girls know exactly what they are doing. They may reject you to provoke a certain response from you. Don’t let yourself be drawn into that toxic trait. Simply say ‘Okay, see you’ and walk away.

Well, at least you didn’t lead me on

While being rejected may not make you happy, sometimes it is the better choice for everyone. What is worse than being rejected is being led on to no end.

Being led on will make you feel used at the end of the day. So, it’s better you are rejected at the very beginning so that you can move on. Being used will make you feel like a simp.

So you can use this honest and funny response ‘Well, at least you didn’t lead me on’ for a girl who respectfully rejects you and gives you valid reasons why she cannot enter a relationship at the time you are asking her to.

I wanted to tell you that something is stuck in your teeth.

There are many times when guys have shared how they studied the girl they like for some time before they made their move. Unfortunately, the gentle appearance of the girl did not match the venom in her voice.

Some girls like to be difficult, and they feel on top of the world because they are beautiful, and guys ask them out a lot. If you proceed to ask such a girl out and she proceeds to embarrass and reject you, you can just turn the tables around.

When she is done ranting, let her know that you never meant to ask her out, that you were just concerned about what is stuck in her teeth. This will make those around to have a good laugh hence saving you the embarrassment.

Ouch, that hurt

A general characteristic that girls like to see in a guy is a funny personality. Girls like guys that make them laugh and don’t take things to heart.

Just like we mentioned earlier, some rejections are not spiteful. Some girls have valid reasons why they may reject the advances of a guy trying to ask them out.

If you listen to her excuse and it is very valid then you can use this funny response ‘Ouch, that hurt’ to diffuse the tension in the atmosphere and also let her know that you. perfectly understand her.

Walk away

 Funny Things to Say When a Girl Rejects You

If you are single-minded about your purpose, that means you don’t have time to waste. Maybe while intending to ask a lady out, your intentions may be genuine.

Deep down you know that you will treat her right and that you are not playing games with her. Unfortunately, most girls like being lied to and don’t appreciate good guys.

If you meet that sort of girl, don’t try explaining yourself or giving her any reasons why she should accept you. Because even if she eventually does, she will not appreciate you.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to simply walk away without saying anything. Allow her to sort herself out.

Ah tough, that’s disappointing

When asking a girl out it may be that you have so many good plans for her. You may have even factored her into many of your plans thinking that she would accept your proposal.

Unfortunately, when you ask her out she says no. It is even more painful when her reason for saying no is quite flimsy and holds no water. Other times, the excuse can be quite valid and acceptable.

Regardless of what the case may be, you can make your response as funny as possible by saying ‘Ah tough, that’s disappointing’. If you want to be more dramatic, then you can place your hand over your heart and pretend to be physically hurt.

We are destined to be together; you’ll be back

Funny Things to Say When a Girl Rejects You

A lady’s man is one who knows what he wants and goes for it. If you see a lady and you have a conviction in your heart that she is meant for you, then you don’t need to stress yourself so much.

If she rejects you, don’t take it so much to heart. You can look her deep in the eyes, and smile slowly before you say ‘We are destined to be together. I know you will be back, and I will be waiting

This will not only take her breath away, but it will also keep her flustered and smiling all through the day.


There are different ways to use this funny response. You can say ‘Okay, that’s cool’, ‘cool, I feel you’ or simply ‘cool’. The reply is quite simple and does not need further explanation.

It means that you understand her decision and that you respect it. You don’t intend to argue, explain yourself or even attempt to convince her. The reply will make you seem like a cool guy which is what ladies love.

Bottom Line

We have come to the end of 15 things you can say when a girl rejects you. Now you should not be at a loss of what to say when the girl you like says no to your proposal.

Firstly, you must be mentally prepared that there is a likelihood of being rejected. Then you can arm yourself with any of the above responses and save yourself some stress.

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