20 Funny Responses to You’re the Best

“You’re the best” has to be one of the most appealing remarks and praises you can get from someone. While you must have a response as to when someone puts you in the position of being regarded as the best, your answer will be best fashioned if you know what he or she means by saying you’re the best.  

On that note, there are a couple of meanings to see when someone says “You’re the best”; ranging from it being a harmless praise to it even serving as a flirtatious remark. In this article, I’ll be discussing them, as well as introducing you to 20 funny responses to “You’re the best”. To know more, keep reading on!

What Does It Mean When Someone Says ”You Are the Best”?

The first guess at the thought of what “you’re the best” means is that it is an idiom that means that you are exceptional, preferred to, and better than everyone else.

It is usually used to distinguish someone in a particular field of endeavor, showing their unique skill or performance that sits well above the average person in the same field and inarguably in the best form or shape.

So, when someone says to you “You’re the best” it means they see you as a worthy candidate of excellence.

On the other hand, “You’re the best” could even be an exaggerated praise. Here, it is meant to be a sarcastic expression used by someone to funnily undermine another person without being obvious and direct about it.

Perhaps, the user is trying to praise you but while bloating it and blowing things out of proportion. 

Interestingly, when someone says “You are the best” they may actually be saying that with flirtatious intentions. This happens to be the best guess if it was uttered to you by the opposite gender whom you perceive as having an interest in you no matter how slight it is.

You can confidently hold this accountable as the reason if the person puts up a funky face while uttering the idiom. 

20 of the Funniest Responses to You’re the Best

Having considered what it could mean when someone says “you are the best”, you must know what to pose as your response when someone says that to you. For the purpose of this post, our responses will be centered mainly on funny responses to ‘You’re the best”. 

When someone says “you’re the best” to you, you can funnily reply by either saying ‘better than you, I guess’, ‘my resume needs an upgrade with this exact line’, ‘flirting doesn’t sound good, coming from you’ or ‘my mom used to say that to me if I finished my cereal on time’

Without further ado, let’s get right into the meat of this post by highlighting and throwing more light on the funniest responses to ‘You’re the best’. 

  • I never knew you noticed that
  • Oh! I know, right?
  • I can’t thank you enough for the grand gesture
  • I surely do appreciate
  • You never seem to rub out of good words for me
  • Don’t stop now! Keep them coming
  • Better than you, I guess
  • I know that line, I can’t fall for it
  • Flirting doesn’t sound good coming from you
  • Now I’m the best? Great comeback indeed
  • Don’t tell anyone I paid you to say that
  • My resume needs an upgrade with that exact line
  • Awwn, you are seriously making me blush
  • Hand me my flowers already. By the way, I prefer roses
  • My mom says that to me each time I finish my cereal on time
  • Fun fact, yeah? I’m also the best in eating cotton candies
  • I guess I won’t be having a bad day after all
  • Can you make a broadcast about it? I need to hear from the whole world
  • I’m glad you finally settled that debate with your soul
  • It’s cool how I went from telling myself the same thing to hearing it from someone else

I Never Knew You Noticed That

‘I never knew you noticed that’ is a good pick as a funny response to when someone says to you ‘You’re the best’.

This makes for a funny response because it is a sarcastic attempt to tell the speaker that you didn’t know they have intuitive minds all these while, which is why it took them long to realize that you are the best. 

The underlying expression in this reply is one that can leave the speaker with an askance look on their face. Askance; because they’ll be left thinking why you choose to sound so simple yet tough with your response.

You can use this response if the person who says you’re the best proclaimed that after acting indifferent to the fact that you’re good at what you do. Your response is sarcastic and is meant to also serve them the indifferent vibes they met you with in the first instance.

You can throw away your hands and make a joker-like grin on your face while you serve this response. It will help send the message clearer. 

Oh! I Know, Right?

You can use ‘Oh! I know, right?’ as your response when someone says ‘You are the best’. While it is not particularly a funny response in its raw form, you can make this reply into a funny one with the way you present it.

With a good amount of facial expression that can crack up someone, you can engineer this response into one of the funniest comebacks for someone who says ‘You’re the best’.

The good thing about this response is that it can play different roles depending on how you employ it. In this case, it can be a funny yet sarcastic response to ‘You’re the best’, especially if the speaker made the statement as an exaggerated praise or sarcastic expression to start with.

I Can’t Thank You Enough for the Grand Gesture

Showing gratitude for being acknowledged as the best is what I try to achieve with the response ‘I can’t thank you enough for the grand gesture’. By saying this, you’re thanking the speaker for finding you worthy to be regarded as an exceptional individual.

This is because they’re trying to establish their assertion by virtue of your performance or status that you’re the best in whatever area of expertise you’re involved in.

In the circumstance where the person is genuine about their remark, you’re free to thank them and employing this line proves to be a good idea.  

I Surely Do Appreciate

Just like the previous line of response, you can say ‘I surely do appreciate’ if you want to thank the person who says ‘You’re the best’. You’re simply being appreciative to the person for putting you in that level of acknowledgement.

Similarly, this is a preferred choice of response if the person who says ‘you’re the best’ means every bit of their words. Not a funny response though, but you can fashion it in that manner by employing the right facial expression to back it up.

You Never Seem To Run Out of Good Words for Me

‘You never seem to run out of good words for me’ is a funny response which you can give someone who wants to bathe you with sarcasm by positing that you’re the best.

Oftentimes, people try to rub it in that we are short of something whether intellectual or otherwise, and each time we try to prove them wrong, they come up with remarks that may sound cool but are inherently hurtful.

Someone could say ‘You’re the best’ to ridicule you at some point, but you shouldn’t and won’t let that get to you. To that, you can serve them this response.

Don’t Stop Now! Keep Them Coming

Funny Responses to You’re the Best

‘Keep them coming, don’t stop now’ is yet another good pick if you’re looking for a funny or near funny reply to ‘You’re the best’. Here, you’re telling the person to not stop aggravating how good you are.

This becomes a funny response when the person is being sarcastic and you don’t want them to stop either.

Better Than You, I Guess

You can say ‘better than you, I guess’ if you want to play hilarious games with the person who says ‘You’re the best’. Even though you may sound petty, you’ll still be achieving your aim of cracking up the speaker and possibly any other person present. 

I Know That Line, I Can’t Fall For It

When someone tries to flirt with you by saying ‘You’re the best’ and you want to let them know you caught them on that, you can say ‘I know that line, I can’t fall for it’. They’ll be amused at how smart you can detect their intentions without even batting an eye. 

Flirting Doesn’t Sound Good Coming From You

When your response is ‘Flirting doesn’t sound good coming from you’ to the person who says to you ‘You’re the best’, you’re telling the person amusingly that you know the card they’re playing.

Here, you’re telling the person that they’re not good with flirting which is hilarious if the person has been trying hard to do just the same thing.

Now I’m the Best? Great Comeback Indeed

It is a funny situation when someone who doubted you before suddenly confirms that you’re the best. The response ‘now I’m the best? Great comeback indeed’ becomes a viable line of response to the person as they can now deduce that you’re indeed the best. 

Don’t Tell Anyone I Paid You To Say That

It is funny when you tell someone ‘don’t tell anyone I paid you to say that’ as your response when the person says ‘You’re the best’. This is because the hilarious thing about it comes from the fact you didn’t actually pay the person but said that to upset some kind of laughter, especially if the person said that of their own accord.

My Resume Needs an Upgrade With That Exact Line

This would be another laughable line of response when someone says to you ‘You’re the best’. Here, you’re positing that your resume needs an upgrade with the ‘You’re the best’ tag. I’m sure the speaker would grin with laughter at your response.

Awwn, You Are Seriously Making Me Blush

Funny Responses to You’re the Best

‘Awwn, you are seriously making me blush’ is one of the best funny responses which you can give when someone says to you ‘You’re the best’. It is funny especially if the person who said that did so with the intent of sarcasm.

Hand Me My Flowers Already. By the Way, I Prefer Roses

A funny response doesn’t necessarily need to crack ribs and make people roll on the floor. In this case, this line appears to be a good pick for you if you’re looking for a subtly funny response to ‘You’re the best’. The speaker would certainly grin with laughter after you tell him or her that you prefer roses.

My Mom Says That to Me Each Time I Finish My Cereal on Time

Here, you’ll be throwing funny jokes on how your mom says ‘You’re the best’ to you each time you finish your cereal on time. This is funny because you’re probably an adult and referring to your childhood memories while you’re way above 40 and being acknowledged as a good worker in your office is hilarious.

Fun Fact, Yeah? I’m Also the Best in Eating Cotton Candies

Perhaps, you got your ‘You’re the best’ tag from being a good salesperson. If so, it would be funny to reply by saying ‘I’m also the best at eating cotton candies’. 

I Guess I Won’t Be Having a Bad Day After All

Definitely, it’d be funny after you hear someone say ‘You’re the best’ in their means to flirt with you and you reply by saying ‘I won’t be having a bad day after all’.

Can You Make a Broadcast About It? I Need To Hear From the Whole World

Now you want to hear from the whole world that you’re the best just like the person said. What a funny way of replying to a compliment!

I’m Glad You Finally Settled That Debate With Your Soul

The speaker who says ‘You’re the best’ would certainly reply with ‘For sure’ while grinning funny after you use the above response to reply to them. You’re saying that they finally came to their conclusion having settled the debate with their soul.

It’s Cool How I Went From Telling Myself the Same Thing To Hearing It From Someone Else

This is a funny response, especially if the person who says ‘You’re the best’ is a sarcastic human and probably said that in the same vein of being sarcastic.


It  is complimentary when someone says ‘You’re the best’. However, you should have a response for such a situation, especially knowing the fact that there could be other plausible meanings to read into it when someone says ‘You’re the best’.

This post exposes the best funny responses to when someone says you’re the best with careful emphasis on the details of each reply.

You can make use of any of the following responses to your taste if you so wish and don’t forget to check out other articles on this website.

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