20 Funny Responses to “Why Are You Crying?”

Have you ever found yourself uncontrollably shedding tears in response to something that seems silly or trivial?

Perhaps you’ve caught yourself crying while watching a viral video of a penguin falling down or while attempting a backflip in your living room.

While these experiences may seem comical, they highlight the power of unexpected emotional responses. In fact, humor can often be a powerful tool for coping with emotions and making light of everyday mishaps.

In this article, we’ll explore 20 of the most amusing responses to the question ‘Why are you crying?’ and dive into why they’re so effective at bringing a sense of humor to even the most unexpected emotional reactions.

So, grab some tissues, get ready to laugh, and let’s explore the hilarious side of tears!

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Here Are 20 Funny Responses to “Why Are You Crying?”

While the above-mentioned scenarios might seem trivial, they can still evoke a strong emotional response.

If someone were to ask you why you were crying in such a situation, what would you say? You can humorously say, ‘I just watched a video of a penguin falling down and it was too much for me’ or ‘I was trying to make a soufflé and it collapsed on me’.

This will not only bring a smile to your face but will also help you cope with your emotions in a lighthearted way.

Keep reading to explore more funny responses you can use when asked, ‘Why are you crying?’

  1. “I just watched a video of a penguin falling down, and it was too much for me.”
  2. “I was trying to do the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge and fell on my face.”
  3. “I was laughing so hard at a joke that I accidentally started crying.”
  4. “I just found out that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, and it’s really upsetting.”
  5. “I was practicing my crying for an upcoming role in a soap opera.”
  6. “I just finished watching Titanic for the first time, and I’m emotional about a ship sinking.”
  7. “I was trying to sing Mariah Carey’s high note and failed miserably.”
  8. “I was practicing my sad clown routine for my next performance.”
  9. “I was playing a game of Jenga and the tower collapsed on me.”
  10. “I just finished watching a dog adoption video, and now I want to adopt all the dogs in the world.”
  11. “I was cutting a watermelon and accidentally sliced my finger instead.”
  12. “I was practicing my Oscar acceptance speech and got too emotional.”
  13. “I just found out that unicorns aren’t real, and it’s a devastating realization.”
  14. “I was trying to make a TikTok, and it didn’t go as planned.”
  15. “I was watching a soap opera and got invested in the drama.”
  16. “I just finished reading my assignment questions, and I’m emotionally drained.”
  17. “I was trying to do a backflip and landed on my back instead.”
  18. “I just finished a workout, and my muscles are crying tears of pain.”
  19. “I was watching a baby’s first steps video and got emotional.”
  20. “I was trying to make a soufflé, and it collapsed on me.”

1. “I Just Watched A Video Of A Penguin Falling Down, And It Was Too Much For Me.”

Funny Responses to Why Are You Crying

Can you imagine watching a video of a penguin falling down and crying over it? This response plays off the idea that animals, especially cute ones, can elicit strong emotions in people.

The idea of a penguin falling down, while not necessarily tragic, can still be seen as sad or distressing. By using this as a reason for crying, you are highlighting the absurdity of the situation and creating a humorous response.

2. “I Was Trying To Do The ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge And Fell On My Face.”

Can you imagine trying to dance alongside a car and ending up falling on your face? It’s funny and relatable.

The “In My Feelings” dance challenge was a popular trend on social media a few years ago, where people would dance alongside a moving car.

However, the challenge can be dangerous and often results in people falling or getting injured. By using this as a reason for crying, you are expressing the ridiculousness of participating in such a dangerous trend and creating a humorous response.

3. “I Was Laughing So Hard At A Joke That I Accidentally Started Crying.”

Funny Responses to Why Are You Crying

Ever cried from laughter that was too intense? This response expresses the idea that laughter and crying can sometimes be indistinguishable, especially if the emotions are intense.

4. “I Was Practicing My Crying For An Upcoming Role In A Soap Opera.”

Imagine practicing crying for a soap opera role and actually getting emotional about it. This is hilarious because it is absurd to just start crying without anything really hurting you.

So, if you are trying to cover By using this as a reason for crying, you are creating a relatable and humorous response.

5. “I Just Found Out That Pluto Isn’t A Planet Anymore, And It’s Really Upsetting.”

Pluto was formerly categorized as a planet, but in 2006 it was reclassified to a dwarf planet.

Some people still consider Pluto to be a planet, and this response plays off the idea that people can become attached to things that they may deem insignificant or unimportant.

By using this as a reason for crying, you trivialize the situation and create a humorous response.

6. “I Just Finished Watching Titanic For The First Time, And I’m Emotional About A Ship Sinking.”

The movie Titanic is known for its tragic ending, where the ship sinks and many people die. However, the plot is well-known and often seen as predictable.

By using this as a reason for crying, you are expressing the ridiculousness of becoming emotional over a plot that is widely known.

7. “I Was Trying To Sing Mariah Carey’s High Note And Failed Miserably.”

Mariah Carey is known for her incredible vocal range, and her high notes can be particularly difficult to hit.

By using this as a reason for crying, you emphasize the absurdity of trying and failing at a difficult task like singing a high note.

8. “I Was Practicing My Sad Clown Routine For My Next Performance.”

Clowns are often associated with being happy and making others laugh. This response plays off the idea that a clown needs to practice being sad for their performance.

So, if you are known to make people laugh, you can use this response to shake off emotions.

9. “I Was Playing A Game Of Jenga And The Tower Collapsed On Me.”

Funny Responses to Why Are You Crying

Jenga is a game where players take turns removing blocks from a tower, hoping that the tower doesn’t collapse. Imagine being so invested in a game like Jenga that you started crying because it collapsed on you.

Losing a game, even one as trivial as Jenga can sometimes elicit strong emotions. However, you are expected to shake it off, since it is just a game.

Crying about it will be somewhat hilarious, especially to your teammates.

10. “I Just Finished Watching A Dog Adoption Video, And Now I Want To Adopt All The Dogs In The World.”

If you get so emotional over dog adoption videos that you start crying and want to adopt all the dogs in the world, this response is your best pick.

Dog adoption videos can be emotional, especially when they show dogs being rescued from bad situations or finding their forever homes.

It is okay you are moved by compassion, however, desiring to adopt all the boys in the world feels absurd and unbelievable.

11. “I Was Cutting A Watermelon And Accidentally Sliced My Finger Instead.”

Accidentally cutting yourself while cooking or performing everyday tasks can be painful and frustrating.

However, this can be a hilarious response if you were admonished to be careful with the cutting tool so you don’t hurt yourself but you were so confident a knife wouldn’t give you a cut.

12. “I Was Practicing My Oscar Acceptance Speech And Got Too Emotional.”

Winning an Oscar is a huge achievement for actors and filmmakers, and it is common for winners to become emotional during their acceptance speeches. This is a very hilarious reason to cry, especially when you are not yet a celebrity.

13. “I Just Found Out That Unicorns Aren’t Real, And It’s A Devastating Realization.”

Funny Responses to Why Are You Crying

It’s common to equate magic and imagination with unicorns, which are mystical animals. Believing that they actually exist is absurd and unbelievable.

Now imagine believing they exist right from childhood days and boom! You realize they actually do not exist when you become an adult.

Relating this to someone who has been aware of the fantasy of unicorns, will sound like cracking a joke.

By using this as a reason for crying you are highlighting the absurdity of becoming emotional over something that isn’t even real.

14. “I Was Trying To Make A Tiktok, And It Didn’t Go As Planned.”

TikTok is a social networking website where users may make short films. By using this as a reason for crying, the speaker is highlighting the absurdity of becoming emotional over a failed attempt at creating a video on a social media platform.

Can you imagine someone getting so invested in making a TikTok that they start crying when it doesn’t turn out as planned?

15. “I Was Watching A Soap Opera And Got Invested In The Drama.”

Soap operas are known for their melodramatic plotlines and cliffhangers, often leading viewers to become invested in the characters and their relationships.

If you were caught crying while watching a soap opera, you can simply state it. Those who are close to you, like your friends, family, or even colleagues may find this funny, especially if you’ve never exhibited the trait of someone who is very emotional.

And would in turn laugh their heart out, they may even make jest of you after finding out that you could cry over a movie.

16. “I Just Finished Reading My Assignment Questions, And I’m Emotionally Drained.”

Have you ever gotten so emotionally invested in a book that you started crying after finishing it? This is especially when it appears so complicated and you don’t know how to go about it and you drop a tear.

Responding this way will make the person around you laugh so hard because they are in disbelief that something like that could make you cry.

It is expected that in that situation, you find solutions to the problem and not be a crybaby.

17. “I Was Trying To Do A Backflip And Landed On My Back Instead.”

Backflips are difficult gymnastics moves that require strength, balance, and skill. By using this as a reason for crying, you acknowledge how absurd it is and perhaps even laugh at themselves a little bit.

Additionally, admitting to a failed backflip can create a sense of vulnerability and openness that can help build connections with others and create a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

18. “I Just Finished A Workout, And My Muscles Are Crying Tears Of Pain.”

Funny Responses to Why Are You Crying

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can make use of this response. It gives the idea that intense physical exercise can be both physically and emotionally taxing.

The sense of exhaustion and pain that often accompany a challenging workout can be overwhelming, and the tears that come with it can be a release of that pent-up tension.

This can make a great sense of humor when relating it to your friends who do not see the need to put themselves in pain, all in the name of fitness.

19. “I Was Watching A Baby’s First Steps Video And Got Emotional.”

This response expresses the innate human instinct to protect and nurture young children and the emotional significance of watching them grow and develop.

The absolute cuteness factor of watching a baby waddle unsteadily across the room can be overwhelming, leading to a burst of tears that might seem surprising to those who don’t share the same emotional response.

Using this response as an explanation for crying can be a great way to connect with others who share similar emotional responses and create a shared experience of joy and delight.

20. “I Was Trying To Make A Soufflé, And It Collapsed On Me.”

This response highlights the frustration and disappointment that can come with trying and failing at a complex cooking project.

Making a soufflé requires a great deal of skill and attention to detail, and the collapse of a carefully crafted soufflé can be a crushing blow.

By using this as a reason for crying, you are acknowledging the emotional significance of the experience and even finding humor in the absurdity of it all.

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, while tears are often associated with sadness and sorrow, they can also be triggered by unexpected sources of emotion.

The funny responses to the question ‘Why are you crying?’ highlight the absurdity of some of these triggers, and remind us that even in moments of vulnerability, it’s important to find humor and lightness in life.

By embracing humor and finding joy in the unexpected, we can learn to better cope with our emotions and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is life.

So, the next time someone asks you why you’re crying, don’t be afraid to use one of these humorous responses and bring a smile to their face.

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