20 Funny Responses to “What Took You So Long?”

Being late for something is a common occurrence, and it’s natural for someone to ask, ‘What took you so long?’ when you finally arrive.

But instead of giving a straightforward answer, injecting some humor can help ease the tension and make the situation less awkward.

That’s where these 20 funny responses come in! They range from witty one-liners to hilarious puns and can be used in a variety of situations.

For example, you could use them when you’re running late for a meeting at work, a date with your significant other, or even just hanging out with friends.

Using any of these funny responses is a great way to turn a potentially awkward situation into a lighthearted moment.

So next time you’re running late, don’t stress – just pick one of these witty lines and watch as the tension melts away.

20 Funny Replies to “What Took You So Long?”

  1. Sorry, I was busy perfecting my time-travel machine.
  2. The traffic in my head was terrible today.
  3. I got lost in the Bermuda Triangle of my thoughts.
  4. The procrastination monster held me hostage for a while.
  5. I was abducted by aliens and just got back.
  6. I accidentally fell into a black hole.
  7. I had to wait for my imaginary friend to finish getting ready.
  8. I was doing important research on how to make time go slower.
  9. My dog ate my watch and I lost track of time.
  10. I had to chase a unicorn down the rainbow.
  11. I was following a butterfly on a world tour.
  12. I had to save the world from an imminent disaster, but don’t worry, it’s all good now.
  13. I was trying to remember where I left my time-turner.
  14. I had to take a detour through Narnia.
  15. I was busy constructing a time machine out of a DeLorean.
  16. I was in a heated debate with the Mad Hatter.
  17. I had to wait for the time warp to finish charging.
  18. I was busy attending a Time Lord convention.
  19. I fell asleep and woke up in a different century.
  20. I accidentally stepped into a time portal and got stuck in a time loop.

1. ‘Sorry, I Was Busy Perfecting My Time-travel Machine’

Funny Responses to What Took You So Long

This response is quite humorous as time travel is not yet possible, so it implies that the person has been doing something impossible or unlikely. You can simply say this to see the tension.

However, you shouldn’t say this to anyone except if you are responding this way in an informal situation.

2. ‘The Traffic In My Head Was Terrible Today’ 

This response is a metaphor for having a lot of thoughts or distractions that made the person late. It shows that there is so much responsibility placed on you and your mind cannot simply fathom what exactly to do and that was why you took time.

Saying you had traffic in your head can almost make someone burst into teary laughter.

3. ‘I Got Lost In The Bermuda Triangle Of My Thoughts’ 

Similar to the previous response, this one uses a metaphor to describe the person’s state of mind as being disorienting or confusing.

On saying this, they should understand your current state of confusion. Side by side, it is also a funny comment that can make some thoughts fly, trying to picture ‘the Bermuda triangle’ of your thoughts.

4. ‘The Procrastination Monster Held Me Hostage For A While’ 

This response personifies procrastination as a monster that prevents the person from being on time. In the mind of someone listening, they will be like ‘what held you hostage?’ or ‘what made you come up with such a funny response?’

Although funny, it portrays procrastination as a monster that is not as easy as it seems but super harmful.

5. ‘I Was Abducted By Aliens And Just Got Back’ 

This response suggests that the person was not in control of their lateness and was taken away by aliens. It is so funny as to how aliens can be the cause of someone’s lateness, but you can respond this way especially if you are among your pairs.

To make it more hilarious, they can ask you where the aliens abducted you from and where you ended up.

6. ‘I Accidentally Fell Into A Black Hole’ 

This response is funny because it is impossible for a person to fall into a black hole, which is a phenomenon in space that traps light.

Saying this among your friends who ask you what took you so long can make them almost roll over a chair.

7. ‘I Had To Wait For My Imaginary Friend To Finish Getting Ready’ 

This response is funny because it implies that the person has an imaginary friend and is waiting for them to be ready before going somewhere.

In the mind of the listener, it is possible that they may be trying to picture your imaginary friend and when they see the funny look on your face, they’ll perceive your intention and flow with the vibes.

8. ‘I Was Doing Important Research On How To Make Time Go Slower’

Funny Responses to What Took You So Long

This response is such a humorous one as it suggests that the person was doing something impossible and pointless. Truth is, time cannot go slower and so saying this, as impossible as it sounds, is simply hilarious.

9. ‘My Dog Ate My Watch And I Lost Track Of Time’ 

This is such a dangerous, humorous excuse for being late and implies that the person’s dog is mischievous. As it is so crazy for a dog to eat a watch, it sounds so unbelievable and absolutely funny.

Losing track of time and relating it to a dog is simply so incredible. However, one of the best ways to lessen the tension in the atmosphere is to say responses such as this so as to crack ribs.

10. ‘I Had To Chase A Unicorn Down The Rainbow’ 

This response suggests that the person was doing something fanciful and impossible. To reach the rainbow in search of a unicorn seems incredible.

Chasing a unicorn doesn’t just sound unrealistic, it is simply so funny to believe that the reason why you took so long is not worth the while.

However, your response sounds so funny and if someone will want to give you a reply in that regard, don’t be surprised to hear ‘then why did you return back?’ or ‘did you get to catch the unicorn?’

11. ‘I Was Following A Butterfly On A World Tour’ 

Similar to the previous response, this one suggests that the person was doing something fanciful and unlikely. This response to ‘what took you so long?’ can be so funny.

From face value, it is a response to someone who is close to you or a casual friend that you pal with. This response in a formal setting will definitely not yield a tangible end-result.

12. ‘I Had To Save The World From An Imminent Disaster But Don’t Worry, It’s All Good Now’ 

This funny response implies that the person was doing something heroic and grandiose. It keeps the person who gets to hear this wondering which disaster the world was about to experience that needed serious saving.

Well, just as it sounds, it is simply an excuse but it could have an underlying meaning anyway, but at first, anyone who hears this will smile as hard as they can as they have met with a swift savior that doesn’t meet up to time but rescues the world in such a short time.

13. ‘I Was Trying To Remember Where I Left My Time-turner’ 

Funny Responses to What Took You So Long

This humorous response references a magical device from the Harry Potter series that allows the user to travel back in time.

A couple of people may find this response insulting, especially if they do not understand the context you are responding from.

This is why you must ensure that they understand you and the perspective you are speaking from, especially in regards to prior magical stories in order for you to activate a sense of humor.

14. ‘I Had To Take A Detour Through Narnia’

This response is a humorous reference to the fictional world of Narnia from the book series by C.S. Lewis.

The Detour almost seems like infinity, someone who is knowledgeable about this frictional world can grab so ensure that you are not responding this way to someone who doesn’t know about this friction.

15. ‘I Was Busy Constructing A Time Machine Out Of A DeLorean’ 

This response is a reference to the time-traveling DeLorean from the Back to the Future movie series.

In responding to ‘what took you so long?’, you can reference movies that you feel the people listening to you are farmiliar with, like this one.

16. ‘I Was In A Heated Debate With The Mad Hatter’ 

Funny Responses to What Took You So Long

This response is a reference to the character from Alice in Wonderland and implies that the person was doing something nonsensical.

17. ‘I Had To Wait For The Time Warp To Finish Charging’

This humorous response implies that the person was waiting for a machine to charge that can manipulate time.

Knowing fully well that it was a futile wait is something amusing to laugh about. Someone who is quite flexible will also take note and discern that you are simply giving a funny response and of course, an excuse for coming late.

18. ‘I Was Busy Attending A Time Lord Convention’ 

This response is a reference to the Doctor Who series and implies that the person was doing something geeky. It may not sound like something utterly fun to everyone but of course, it can change a tense atmosphere to a free one.

19. ‘I Fell Asleep And Woke Up In A Different Century’ 

This response is humorous as it implies that the person was doing something impossible and fantastical. As funny as it seems, someone around may question what this response means.

Thus, you need to speak in a way that your body language compliments your words. If your goal is to get them to laugh, then let your gestures point to that as well in order for everyone around you to vibe with your response even though it sounds so weird as well.

20. ‘I Accidentally Stepped Into A Time Portal And Got Stuck In A Time Loop’ 

This response is similar to the previous one and suggests that the person was doing something impossible and fantastical.

This unachievable action can mean a lot, especially in regard to why you took so long.

Anyways, if your pals understand your direction, they may have no choice but to let go and cease asking why it took you so long to comply with an action you already agreed on or why you delayed coming for a meeting. Something of that sort.


Humor has the power to turn an awkward or frustrating situation into a lighthearted moment. When someone asks ‘What took you so long?’, it can be tempting to feel defensive or embarrassed.

But with a witty response, you can diffuse tension and bring a smile to everyone’s face. From blaming the traffic to insisting that you were saving the world, these 20 funny responses show that a good sense of humor can make any delay more bearable.

So, the next time you’re running late, don’t be afraid to channel your inner comedian and come up with a clever quip to lighten the mood. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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