20 Funny Responses to “Smash Or Pass”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone asks you the infamous ‘smash or pass’ question? It’s a tricky question that can make people feel uncomfortable or put them on the spot.

However, some individuals have a talent for turning the tables on this question by coming up with witty and humorous responses that can make everyone in the room laugh.

From smashing watermelons like Gallagher to passing out on the couch after a long day, the possibilities for a clever response are endless.

In this article, we will explore some of the most entertaining and humorous responses to the ‘smash or pass’ question that are sure to make you chuckle.

So, buckle up and get ready to discover some clever and witty comebacks that will make you the life of the party!

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Here Are 20 Funny Ways To Respond to “Smash Or Pass”

The phrase “smash or pass” is often used in social settings as a way of gauging someone’s interest in a potential romantic or sexual encounter.

However, there are many ways to respond to this question that can be humorous and light-hearted.

Some examples include using the opportunity to make a joke about smashing something else entirely or redirecting the conversation to a different topic altogether.

You can say ‘I’m sorry, I only smash keyboards when I get frustrated with technology’, ‘I’m sorry, I only smash the dance floor with my sweet moves’ or even  ‘I’ll have to pass; I’m too busy smashing my goals and achieving my dreams’ if you are avoiding the getting involved in the game.

Read on, so you get to know other hilarious responses you can use.

  1. ‘I’m sorry, I only smash avocados for guacamole.’
  2. ‘I’ll have to pass; my therapist said I need to work on my anger issues.’
  3. ‘Smash or pass?’ ‘How about we just smash some burgers and pass out on the couch instead?’
  4. ‘I’m sorry, I only smash watermelons like Gallagher.’
  5. ‘I’ll have to pass; my mom told me not to break other people’s things.’
  6. ‘Smash or pass?’ ‘Can’t I just smash some bubble wrap and pass the time?’
  7. ‘I’m sorry, I only smash keyboards when I get frustrated with technology.’
  8. ‘I’ll have to pass; I’m too busy smashing my goals and achieving my dreams.’
  9. ‘Smash or pass?’ ‘Can we just play some Mario Kart and pass the controller instead?’
  10. ‘I’m sorry, I only smash the dance floor with my sweet moves.’
  11. ‘I’ll have to pass; my chiropractor told me to avoid any smashing or heavy lifting.’
  12. ‘Smash or pass? Can we just smash some piatas and pass the candy around?’
  13. ‘I’m sorry, I only smash bugs when they invade my personal space.’
  14. ‘I’ll have to pass; my yoga instructor told me to focus on breathing and relaxation, not smashing or passing.’
  15. ‘Smash or pass?’ ‘Can we just smash some whipped cream on our faces and pass the laughs around?’
  16. ‘I’m sorry, I only smash patriarchy and systemic injustices.’
  17. ‘I’ll have to pass; I’m too busy smashing the snooze button on my alarm clock.’
  18. ‘Smash or pass?’ ‘Can we just smash some cake and pass the forks around?’
  19. ‘I’m sorry, I only smash musical notes with my epic singing skills.’
  20. ‘I’ll have to pass; I’m too busy smashing the competition with my talent and charm.’

‘I’m Sorry, I Only Smash Avocados For Guacamole.’

This response takes the game to a whole new level of absurdity and makes you chuckle at the idea of someone being so passionate about avocados that they would only ‘smash’ them for a specific purpose.

The statement also taps into the modern fascination with avocados, poking fun at the way millennials are often portrayed as being obsessed with the fruit and its various culinary uses.

funny responses to smash or pass

‘I’ll Have To Pass; My Therapist Said I Need To Work On My Anger Issues.’

This is a witty way to decline a potentially confrontational or controversial situation.

It adds an unexpected twist to a typical social scenario by suggesting that you have been advised by a professional to avoid certain triggers that might provoke their anger.

‘Smash Or Pass?’ ‘How About We Just Smash Some Burgers And Pass Out On The Couch Instead?’

How about taking the ‘smash or pass’ game out of its usual context of dating or hooking up by redirecting the conversation towards a more wholesome and relaxing activity – eating burgers and relaxing on the couch?

In a world that can be stressful and chaotic, the idea of exploring comfort and food has become increasingly appealing. You may prefer it to the usual implication of hooking up with someone.

It’s also a funny reminder that sometimes the simplest pleasures in life, like enjoying a delicious burger and relaxing on the couch, can be the most satisfying.

funny responses to smash or pass

‘I’m Sorry, I Only Smash Watermelons Like Gallagher.’

This is a super funny and clever way to say you don’t want to play the game.

Gallagher is a famous comedian who’s known for smashing watermelons on stage as part of his act, and by saying you only smash watermelons like him, you’re basically saying you’re not interested in dating or hooking up and would rather do something more fun, like smashing watermelons!

Not only is this response hilarious, but it’s also a great reference to pop culture and comedy history.

Gallagher’s watermelon-smashing act is iconic, and referencing it in a modern context is a funny way to pay tribute to his legacy. Plus, it’s way more entertaining than just saying ‘no thanks’ to the game.

‘I’ll Have To Pass; My Mom Told Me Not To Break Other People’s Things.’

Many of us have been taught by our parents to be kind and considerate of others, and you can use that as a hilarious way to refrain from picking the ‘smash’ option.

This response plays on the idea that the game involves breaking someone’s heart or feelings.

By saying that your mom taught you not to break other people’s things, you’re actually declining the invitation to play the smash game in a humorous and lighthearted way.

‘Smash Or Pass?’ ‘Can’t I Just Smash Some Bubble Wrap And Pass The Time?’

This is both a clever and humorous way, you could turn the conversation away from dating and hook up and towards something much more fun and harmless: popping bubble wrap.

By suggesting that you’d rather smash bubble wrap than play the game, you’re making a playful statement that can help to diffuse any awkwardness or tension.

funny responses to smash or pass

‘I’m Sorry, I Only Smash Keyboards When I Get Frustrated With Technology.’

Not only is this response funny, but it’s also relatable. Let’s face it, we’ve all had those moments when technology has failed us and we’ve felt the urge to smash something.

The reference to smashing keyboards is a playful nod to this shared experience of technological frustration.

It’s a great way to express your irritation in a humorous way while also declining an invitation to play a potentially uncomfortable game.

‘I’ll Have To Pass; I’m Too Busy Smashing My Goals And Achieving My Dreams.’

This is a swift way of declining an invitation to play ‘smash or pass’ by emphasizing your focus on achieving your personal and professional goals.

By saying you are ‘too busy’ to smash their goals, you play off the idea that hard work and dedication are required to achieve success.

This statement is inspiring and encourages others to prioritize their goals over less meaningful distractions.

It conveys confidence and self-assuredness, as you are not only dedicated to your goals but are also actively pursuing them.

 ‘Smash Or Pass?’ ‘Can We Just Play Some Mario Kart And Pass The Controller Instead?’

Instead of explicitly responding to the question, you might suggest an entirely alternative activity by changing the focus of the game to your own preferences.

This playful approach not only avoids the possibility of the awkward circumstance of having to decide whether to ‘smash or pass,’ but also provides a fun and engaging game to enjoy together.

funny responses to smash or pass

‘I’m Sorry, I Only Smash The Dance Floor With My Sweet Moves.’

This is a fun and confident way of declining an invitation to play ‘smash or pass’ by redirecting your focus to your passion for dancing.

By saying you only ‘smash’ the dance floor with their ‘sweet moves,’ you are expressing your confidence and skill as a dancer while also subtly rejecting the invitation to play the game.

‘I’ll Have To Pass; My Chiropractor Told Me To Avoid Any Smashing Or Heavy Lifting.’

You can use this ridiculous justification if you don’t feel like playing the ‘smash’ portion of the game.

You are making fun of the scenario and hinting that playing the game could perhaps result in damage by referencing the advice of your chiropractor.

‘Smash Or Pass? Can We Just Smash Some Piatas And Pass The Candy Around?’

Instead of directly responding to the question, you propose a whole new activity: crushing piatas and sharing the delights that fall out as a result.

The use of piatas in this situation is culturally appropriate and can be a fun way to bring up aspects of Hispanic culture.

As everyone may join in on the excitement of breaking piatas and sharing candy, it also expresses the joy of sharing and giving.

‘I’m Sorry, I Only Smash Bugs When They Invade My Personal Space.’

This shows that you are not interested in participating in the game but still offer a playful alternative you would gladly do: smashing bugs.

It is amusing and relatable because many people feel a sense of revulsion or discomfort when it comes to bugs.

‘I’ll Have To Pass; My Yoga Instructor Told Me To Focus On Breathing And Relaxation, Not Smashing Or Passing.’

This is a fun method to encourage well-being and good behavior while refusing to play the game.

You are expressing your resolve to concentrate on attaining inner peace rather than smashing or passing.

funny responses to smash or pass

‘Smash Or Pass?’ ‘Can We Just Smash Some Whipped Cream On Our Faces And Pass The Laughs Around?’

This is a humorous and pleasant way to offer a pastime that incorporates humor and playfulness as an alternative to playing ‘smash or pass.’

You are urging the other person to loosen up and enjoy themselves by suggesting that they crush whipped cream on their faces.

‘I’m Sorry, I Only Smash Patriarchy And Systemic Injustices.’

This is clearly a rejection of the objectification and superficiality associated with the game ‘smash or pass’ and instead proposes a more meaningful and important reason to ‘smash.’

It conveys a strong message of activism and social responsibility and serves as a reminder that there are larger issues at play that demand our attention and action.

‘I’ll Have To Pass; I’m Too Busy Smashing The Snooze Button On My Alarm Clock.’

This reaction shows that you are distracted with other responsibilities, such as getting enough sleep, which is crucial for preserving one’s physical and mental health.

You are demonstrating self-awareness and responsible decision-making by deciding to put self-care ahead of playing the game ‘smash or pass.’

funny responses to smash or pass

18. ‘Smash Or Pass?’ ‘Can We Just Smash Some Cake And Pass The Forks Around?’

Here, you are making a jocular allusion to the custom of crushing a cake during festivities, such as birthdays or weddings, by conveying the image of ‘smashing’ cake.

This allusion makes the dialogue more festive and exciting while also fostering an upbeat and fun environment.

19. ‘I’m Sorry, I Only Smash Musical Notes With My Epic Singing Skills.’

By saying that you only ‘smash musical notes’, you are implying that you are talented and passionate about singing.

Essentially, this is you saying that you are too busy and focused on perfecting your craft to engage in the superficial game of ‘smash or pass’.

This shows that you are confident in your talent and that you are not interested in seeking validation or approval from others through a game like ‘smash or pass.’

funny responses to smash or pass

20.  ‘I’ll Have To Pass; I’m Too Busy Smashing The Competition With My Talent And Charm.’

This plays off the idea that you are focused on achieving success in your personal and professional lives. This means you are too busy and driven to waste time on a trivial game like ‘smash or pass’.

In conclusion

Responding to the ‘smash or pass’ question with a humorous and witty comeback can lighten the mood and add a playful tone to the conversation.

It allows individuals to express their personality, sense of humor, and creativity and can help them avoid answering the potentially uncomfortable or awkward questions.

From smashing goals and dance floors to passing out on the couch and playing Mario Kart, the possibilities for a funny response are endless.

So the next time someone asks you ‘Smash or pass?’, consider using one of these clever comebacks to add some laughter and fun to the conversation.

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