20 Funny Responses to Send Me a Pic

In this digital age, most people connect with each other mostly via pictures and videos. People ask for and send pictures for different reasons. When a person asks you to ‘send a pic’, they want you to send a picture of yourself.

Now, a person can ask you to send a picture if they are chatting with you for the first time and they want to see what you look like. Most times it is strangers from social media platforms and dating sites.

A person can also ask you to send them a pic if it is your birthday and they want to celebrate you with their story. This set of people ranges from your family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Another set of people who can say ‘send me a pic’ are couples or people who have love interests.

For instance, when a guy asks you to send him a pic, it may be that he is into you and wants to see more of you. This person is not totally a stranger but probably someone who has been crushing on you for some time.

A husband/wife can also ask their spouse to send them a pic not for any special reasons but because they wish to admire you. A family member can also ask you to send them a pic.

Most people find the statement ‘send me a pic’ endearing while some find it insulting. It is endearing if the request is coming from family but whilst it is coming from a stranger, they are expected to put a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. That’s simply showing manners.

When someone asks you to send them a pic, what do you reply? In this article, we will be listing and explaining twenty (20) funny responses you can give when a person asks you, ‘Send me a pic’.

20 Funny Responses to Send Me a Pic

  1. No
  2. I’d prefer not to
  3. Are you a stalker?
  4. I’ll block you
  5. Never!
  6. I’m not ready to be haunted.
  7. Face picture?
  8. You just remembered?
  9. I know I’m that pretty.
  10. Send a meme
  11. My pic is on my profile.
  12. Meet me personally.
  13. Who sent you?
  14. Are you always this quick-witted?
  15. You might as well run a background check
  16. Will I get the job?
  17. I know I’m that pretty
  18. Adding a ‘please’ will not make you age.
  19. Do you have dementia?
  20. Emoji


As simple as this response is, “no” can pass a lot of messages. No can serve as a funny reply depending on who you are telling it to and the situation in which it is said.

For instance, if someone you know like a family member or a friend asks you to send them a pic to use and celebrate you on their story during your birthday, they would expect that you to comply.

However, if you respond ‘no’, they would find it funny knowing that you do not mean it at all.

I’d prefer not to

Whether a stranger or a person you are familiar with, if anyone asks you to send them a pic of yourself you have a choice to decline especially if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your pics.

However, ‘I’d prefer not to’ can be a funny response if it is used jokingly. Like when a friend asks you, ‘Send me a pic’ even when they know what you look like, you can just reply with ‘I’d prefer not to’.

Are you a stalker?

The word stalker is usually associated with something bad. A stalker is usually a person who is obsessed with another person and follows them around for a long period of time.

Stalkers are mostly known to be dangerous cause their obsession with their target is unhealthy. On the other hand, it can be used loosely to mean a friend, family or lover who cannot do without seeing or hearing from you.

Imagine if your husband or admirer asks for your picture even though they know what you look like or you’ve previously sent them a pic, You can respond with ‘Are you a stalker?’ which will crack them up.

I’ll block you

The statement I’ll block you appears as if you are threatening the person you are speaking with. When you block a person, you prevent them from being able to contact you through that social media platform.

On a serious note, the statement ‘I’ll block you’ is used when the other person has offended you and you don’t want to interact with or hear from them again.

However, it is used as a funny statement if it is a friend or family who asks for your picture, and you threaten to block them. Of course, they know that you are joking but it does not make it less funny. 


You know the saying never say never. When you are sure that due to your morals or some inevitable circumstances, you will not be able to do something, that is when you use the word never.

You can tell a person that you are never sending them your picture if they ask you and they will assume that you are serious. But if you are speaking with a person who knows that you joke a lot, they will know that you are definitely joking.

I’m not ready to be haunted.

The word haunted is usually associated with a place plagued by ghosts, evil spirits or evil occurrences. In this context, the term is used loosely when a person doesn’t want to make a lame decision.

There are decisions that when made the consequences will haunt the person forever. For instance, if a stranger asks you to send a comprising picture of yourself, you can reply with ‘I’m not ready to be haunted’.

This is because individuals who have fallen into the trap of sending certain types of pictures to strangers have been blackmailed with their pictures. Thus, when you say, ‘I’m not ready to be haunted’, you are referring to the fact that you don’t want to be blackmailed.

Face picture?

Face picture or what?

When chatting with a person, especially a stranger, it is always advisable to be specific. As simple as the statement ‘face picture’ is, it can serve as a funny response to the phrase ‘send me a pic’.

If a person especially a stranger asks you to send a pic of yourself to them and you ask them ‘face picture?’, it can make them smile or better yet laugh.

They may find the fact that you are being extremely careful funny but who knows? It could endear you to them. A responsible person will appreciate a person who does not loosely send compromising pictures to strangers.

You just remembered?

The question ‘you just remembered?’ is asked mainly to family and friends. It is used when you have a special event or celebration that you expect them to remember, and they don’t.

For instance, it is your birthday, and your friends are supposed to celebrate you by posting your pictures and writing beautiful messages, but they don’t do that probably until it’s too late.

Or it is your anniversary, and your spouse or family are expected to post a picture to celebrate, and they forget. At such times, you can reply to them with ‘you just remembered?’ when they tell you ‘send me a pic’.

The question will not offend them rather it will make them laugh and apologize for celebrating you so late.

I know I’m that pretty

Funny Responses to Send Me a Pic

When you are chatting with a stranger online or on a dating site, some of them would tell you that they always ask the girl they are chatting with to send a recent picture to avoid a case of “what I ordered versus what I got”

Put it like that, their fear is valid cause they want to avoid being catfished. Nevertheless, that does not mean you can’t make a joke out of it. For instance, you can reply with ‘You don’t have to be scared, I know I’m pretty’.

Knowing that you have a sense of humor will even help to make him feel relaxed. You can also use ‘I know I’m that pretty’ to reply to a family or friend who asks you to send a pic.

Send a meme

When a person asks you to send a pic, it is immediately assumed that he is chatting with you through a social media platform and one popular form of communication is through memes.

A meme is mostly funny or motivational depending on the message written on it. If you are active on social media you may have saved some really funny memes on your phone or laptop.

After all, the statement ‘send me a pic’ does not specify any specific picture. Thus, when a person asks you to send them a pic, you can send a really funny meme as a reply.

My pic is on my profile

Like durrhh…

Why would you ask me for my pic knowing fully well that I have a recent picture of myself on my profile? Most people are either too lazy to check your profile pic or they are scared that you are not the one on your profile.

Whether fear or laziness, when a person tells you ‘Send me a pic’, you can tell them to check your profile to see your recent picture and satisfy their curiosity. This has the tendency to make them smile or laugh.

Meet me personally

Funny Responses to Send Me a Pic

If you constantly insist on seeing my recent pictures, why not just meet me personally and see for yourself? The phrase ‘meet me personally’ is a witty and funny response to send me a pic.

While chatting with a person, if they consistently insist that they want to see how you look probably because they want to avoid being catfished, you can suggest ‘I know you are being careful but instead of this interrogation, why don’t you meet me personally?

Who sent you?

Funny Responses to Send Me a Pic

Who sent you? Are you a spy?

Okay, are you chatting with a stranger, and you want to lighten the mood with your sense of humor? You can use ‘Who sent you?’ as a reply if they ask you to send them a pic.

This reply will put him/her off in a good way. That is, he/she will be surprised at first but will catch your attempt at being funny. If the person shares your sense of humor, he/she may reply with ‘Cupid sent me cause he believes we are meant for each other.

Are you always this quick-witted?

Funny Responses to Send Me a Pic

Saying that a person is quick-witted is actually a compliment, which means that this response will get the person you are speaking with to smile. A person who is quick-witted is considered intelligent and fast on their feet.

So, if a person asks for your pic for security reasons (like preventing fraud or catfishing), such a person is considered smart; and when you ask them if they are quick-witted, it will make them smile.

Even if the person is asking for the wrong reason, you can still use the response ‘Are you always this quick-witted?’. However, in this instance, it is used sarcastically.

You might as well run a background check

If you are chatting with a person and they always ask you for your picture even after you have sent it before, you can use this response ‘You might as well run a background check’.

The response is sarcastic in nature and has the tendency to make the person smile or laugh especially if they have a good sense of humor.

Will I get the job?

This statement Will I get the job? is quite sarcastic and can be used as a funny reply to Send me a pic. The person may just wish to know what you look like, but you may make it seem as if it’s an interview.

I know I’m that pretty

This is quite funny and petty but a person with a great humor will catch the joke. This does not mean that you are overconfident about your beauty, it’s just your way of teasing the person that is asking for your pic.

Adding a ‘please’ will not make you age

Some people have the bad habit of asking for things without saying Please. When you meet such a person, you can then use this response for them when they ask you to send them your picture.

Do you have dementia?

This funny response only applies when you are using it as a joke to a friend, family or someone familiar who is asking for your picture. Any other person may misinterpret it as an insult.


Many social media platforms have little picturesque stuffs that shows different expressions people may not be able to write down while chatting and they are called emojis. You can use a very funny emoji to reply a person that asks for your picture.

Final Words

As long as you are active on social media or dating sites, it is almost inevitable that someone will ask for your pictures. Either because your page does not have a profile picture, or they want a recent picture.

While some people are not comfortable with such requests, others don’t have a problem with it. Regardless of what your stand on such requests is, we have listed out twenty (20) funny responses you can give to a person who asks you for a pic/picture.

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