15 Funny Replies to “Where’s My Invite?”

If you have ever planned or thrown a party, one major thing you will do is write a list of who to invite.

Depending on the party you are throwing, some invites are compulsory to ensure admission of the guest while the other one is just a mere courtesy.

You invite a person to let them know you want them in your party. It does not matter the method of invitation. It could be orally, via card, a text, through a courier, email, or general announcement.

However, there are situations when one is so overwhelmed, that they forget to invite certain people that they would have naturally invited. While some people will pick offense, others will simply ask you, ‘Where is my invite?

We will save you the trouble of thinking about what to answer. In this article, we will be listing out fifteen (15) ways you can funnily reply to a person who asks you, ‘where is my invite

15 Funny Replies to “Where’s My Invite?”

  1. Troublemakers are not invited
  2. Nope, you eat a lot.
  3. No alcohol, still interested?
  4. I’m not surprised
  5. Well, I ain’t the host.
  6. It’s a one-man party.
  7. Can you fit into my purse?
  8. Coming right up!
  9. Running away emoji
  10. Coming soon.
  11. Check your spam
  12. Who’s this please?
  13. To what?
  14. No invite needed.
  15. Oops, I forgot.

Troublemakers are not invited

Funny Replies to Where’s My Invite

The response ‘Troublemakers are not invited’ is a good way to express your sense of humor. It is a funny and witty reply to ‘where’s my invite’, however, it is advisable to use it with a close person who shares your sense of humor.

The response is sarcastic in nature and intended to let the person know that have a reputation for being troublesome either because they say or do the wrong things.

There are other modified ways you can say ‘troublemakers are not invited’. They include: ‘Why invite trouble?’, ‘I’d rather keep trouble away’, ‘Unless you agree to keep the trouble away’, etc.

Nope, you eat a lot

Nope, you eat a lot’ is a very funny comment to use with a friend or family of yours who has the uncanny habit and reputation of eating a lot, especially at events.

When you say, ‘nope, you eat a lot’ you don’t mean it in an insulting or mocking way. However, it’s only someone who understands your sense of humor that will take the joke in stride.

To keep the conservation going and the atmosphere light, you could send this reply along with an eye-rolling emoji to buttress your point.

The underlying fact is that whoever you are speaking to is probably already invited or does not need an invite to attend the event.

No alcohol, still interested?

Do you have a friend that likes to get high? Do you have a friend that likes to drink at every party? Do you have a friend who sees a no-alcohol party as boring? If you do, then ‘no alcohol, still interested?’ is the best response you can use on them.

This will provoke lots of laughter from the person you are speaking to. The shared humor shows that you know your friend well enough. A person who understands you will find the humor in it.

He or she may jokingly turn down the invite or he/she will accept but will let you know that he/she is bringing along her own ‘bottle’ whether you like it or not.

I’m not Surprised

This statement ‘I’m not surprised’ is used mostly on a friend or family member who likes to party or attend events.

There are people who like to play dress up for parties or they just like the free food that is given at events.

So when you are organizing a party, or an interesting event and you have a friend ask you ‘where’s my invite?’, you can reply with ‘I am not surprised

There are other ways you can still use this response. They include: ‘Why am I not surprised?’, ‘I was expecting this question you party ragger’, ‘You can never miss free food, alcohol, and music, I’m not surprised’, etc.

Well, I ain’t the host

This response ‘Well, I ain’t the host’ is funny where you are the host, and the person is aware of it. When you say ‘well, I ain’t the host’, you are not denying the fact that you are the one organizing the party.

You are indirectly telling the person that you do not want to invite them. The reason for not wanting to invite them may not be so serious because they are not the enemy.

They are friends who understand that you are joking and will match your energy. Thus, if you ever need a witty and funny response to the question, ‘where’s my invite?’, you can definitely use this.

It’s a one-man party

There are friends who have the habit and reputation of crashing parties. They do not mind if they do not receive an invite. One thing that you can be sure of is that they will always turn up.

If you wish to humor those kinds of friends, you can use this response, ‘It is a one-man party’. Regardless, you know that using this response on them will not deter them from attending or crashing your party if they wish to.

So if you ever need a response to use and humor a friend, you can adopt this – ‘It’s a one-man party’.

Can you fit into my purse?

True friends and family are a blessing and gift from God. However, there are some who wants to follow you everywhere even to an event they may not have been invited to or that strictly admits one.

For instance, if you are invited to a top or exclusive event in which you are not the host, but a friend or family does not know you are not the host. He/she may ask, ‘where’s my invite?

You can reply to them with ‘Can you fit into my purse?’. Of course, they will ask, ‘Why?’ and you can give a further explanation such as ‘…because it’s not my event and the invite admits only one

This is a good way to break the news to them, lighten the mood, and make them smile.

Coming right up!

The response ‘coming right up’ will serve as a funny response if you use it in a situation where either you do not have an invite to give or you just want to be enthusiastic before you send them the invite.

If you do not have an invite to give and you say, ‘coming right up’, you will make the person to laugh because you both know that you don’t have access to the invites or the authority to put their name on the invited guests list.

If you actually do have the invite and you still use the response ‘where’s my invite?’, it’s your enthusiasm whilst saying the response that will make the other person laugh.

Running away emoji

In the age of GenZ, technology, and social media, there are instances when instead of typing a whole response or sending a voice note, you can simply use an emoji.

So the next time a person asks you, ‘where’s my invite?’, you can simply use an emoji to respond to them. Here, the most suitable emoji to use is the running away emoji.

When the person sees the emoji, he/she may respond with an emoji of their own or will laugh or could simply say ‘where are you running to, come back with my invite.

Who’s this please?

This response ‘who’s this please?’ works as a funny and witty reply if you are speaking to someone you know. Of course, if you ask this question to a stranger, it will not be humorous.

However, if you use it in a playful and sarcastic way with a person you are familiar with, it will serve its purpose. This will make them laugh or smile, and probably reply to you with something witty as well.

To what?

Funny Replies to Where’s My Invite

You can use this response ‘to what?’ when you want to feign ignorance about the person asking you for the invite.

If it is well known that you are the one organizing the event and you respond, ‘to what?’ to a person asking you for an invite, it could be interpreted as pretense.

You have to be careful who you are using this response with cause if misinterpreted by the wrong person will assume that you are being rude or unwelcoming and that you do not want to invite them to your event. They make pick offense.

However, when used correctly with the right person and on the right occasion, the other person will catch your drift and it could bring forth laughter.

Coming soon

This response ‘coming soon’ shows a simple and easy agreement. It is still funny because it has the capacity to make the other person smile. When you say, ‘coming soon’, two things are involved.

Either you have it at hand, and you have yet to send it to them, or you do not have the invites yet. Whatever the situation is, they will be informed that the invite will soon get to them, and this will make them feel good.

Check your spam

Unless it’s an invite through the mail, an invite mostly has nothing to do with spam. So when you use the response ‘check your spam’, either you are letting them know that you have sent them the invite through mail, or you just want to be sarcastic.

Also, in the situation where the person is aware that the invite should not come through an invite, he or she will be surprised when you ask them to check their spam.

In the situation where they check their spam and they see nothing if they return to tell you, you can then say, ‘April fool!’. This will make them laugh especially if they catch the humor.

No invite needed

No invite needed’ is indeed a funny response especially if you are really close to the person that you are speaking to.

The response ‘no invite needed’ is said when you want to let the person know that his/her presence is mandatory, thus, he needs no invite.

You can use the response just as it is, or you can modify it to suit better what you want to say. For instance, you can use these formats, ‘You are a boss, you don’t need an invite’, ‘Invite or no invite you should be there’, ‘you are a familiar face, you don’t need an invite’, ‘It’s a small gathering, no invite is needed’, etc.

However, if you want to use the response ‘no invite needed’, just know that it’s got you covered in terms of being funny and witty.

Oops, I forgot

If the party you are planning or the event that you are organizing is an important one and the person asking you ‘where’s my invite?’ is a person that should be at that party, saying ‘oops, I forgot’ will sound funny to the person.

For instance, when you are planning your wedding and it is strictly by invite (that is, you have to present your invitation card at the door before you are allowed entrance), if you have already told a friend that you want him/her there and then said that you forgot to send the invite, it will definitely sound funny.

So, here you go!

Whenever you are organizing your event, and at the back of your mind, you know you may forget to give an important person an invite, do not fret, we’ve got you covered.

You can pick any of the twenty (20) responses and use it to put a smile on the person’s face or lighten the atmosphere. So, ensure that you read through the article and make your choice.

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