20 Funny Replies to “Life Is Shit”

Life is one unpredictable journey. Most times, we do not know what life can bring to us at certain points in life.

No matter how much we play by the rules and work hard, there are times when life will just tilt on the negative side.

When that happens what do we do? What do we say? Most people use the statement ‘Life is shit’ amongst other statements to use and express themselves.

When a person expresses themselves that way beside you what do you say?

In this article, we are going to write down twenty (20) witty and clever replies to you can give to the expression ‘Life is shit’.

You can choose from any of the under-listed replies to add to your vocabulary of words.

20 funny replies to ‘Life is shit’

  1. Welcome to adulthood.
  2. You weren’t informed?
  3. You just realized?
  4. 100%
  5. It’s crazy
  6. I know, right?
  7. Tell me about it!
  8. Emoji
  9. Tough it up, buddy
  10. Oh well, it gets harder
  11. Compared to what
  12. As opposed to what
  13. Well, someone died yesterday
  14. You are better than the dead
  15. Yeah, life’s a bitch.
  16. What!
  17. I’m telling you!
  18. Likeee!
  19. You need to unwind
  20. You need a break
  21. Who do I beat up?

Welcome To Adulthood

As children or teenagers, we may live in an imaginary world that allows think that things work in a utopian fashion. However, this is not the case most times.

Sometimes life is unfair and most young people do not understand that. A person will have to experience first-hand how tough life can be as an adult. When that happens, they may say, ‘Life is shit’.

If you happen to be there when someone says that you can reply with ‘welcome to adulthood’. This is because that is what most adults pass through – shitty life.

You Weren’t Informed?

This is a funny response to ‘Life is shit’. When you respond, ‘you weren’t informed?’ to a person, you are asking them a rhetorical question that suggests that they should be aware.

You weren’t informed?’ is another way of saying ‘Did you not know?’. Life has never been fair even to the rich. So, when a person who has never had to handle a single responsibility in his life comes into a problem, he is bound to realize that ‘Life is shit

A great humorous response you can say is, ‘You were not informed?’.

You Just Realised?

Once the clock of life clocks eighteen (18), there are lots of things that teenagers turning adults will begin to realize a lot of things. They may not learn it all at once, but they will learn some life lessons.

If probably a young adult encounters a life problem that he has been advised about and he says, ‘Life is shit’, the best response to give to such a person is ‘you just realised?


As simple as it may appear, responding ‘100%’ to ‘Life is shit’, is funny. Saying ‘100%’ is you just agreeing to the person’s statement. It may be that you are agreeing with the person because you have had your own share of bad experiences.

Also, a person saying ‘100%’ as a response to ‘Life is shit’ is trying to communicate that they can relate to the person’s pains and that the person is not the only one that is passing through something bad.

It’s Crazy

It’s crazy’ as a reply to ‘Life is shit’ is more of an agreement. Some unpredictable things about life can just make a person conclude that life is not worth it.

Saying ‘it’s crazy’ is you agreeing that life can be nonconforming at times. It shows that life itself has served you a share of its craziness. So next time a person says ‘Life is shit’ you can say ‘it’s crazy’ as an agreement to the statement.

Other ways you can actually say ‘it’s crazy’ include – ‘it’s bizarre’, ‘it’s insane’, ‘it’s absurd’, etc.

I know, right?

A person who says, ‘Life is shit’ may be expecting some sort of consolation or pity party but imagine his surprise if the person beside him responds with ‘I know right?’.

This is because when a person wants to have a pity party, he would want to invite others to feel sorry for him.

Imagine then if someone came and crashed his party. Instead of words of pity, what he gets is an agreement statement.

The agreement statement ‘I know right?’ lets him know that he is not the only one passing through shit and he will not be the last, so he must dust himself up and forge ahead.

I know right?’ is a funny statement because it does not only do the above, but it also lightens the atmosphere.

Tell Me About It!

Funny Replies to Life Is Shit

Everyone says this statement. The meaning differs based on the context it is used. It, however, has a generic usage. A person uses ‘tell me about it’ when they have a similar experience to something another person is telling them.

So, when a person says, ‘Life is shit’ and you reply with ‘tell me about it’, it’s because you relate to what they are talking about, and you have had a similar experience.

If your bad experience with life is not yet over and you are currently passing through something difficult, then responding with ‘tell me about it’ would be you expressing that you are exactly in the same situation the speaker is in.

Emoji 🙁

Instead of using words why not just express yourself with an emoji? Most people use emojis if the person they are discussing with is in another location and they are chatting online.

If that is your case, you can look for a funny emoji that represents the best response to ‘Life is shit’ and you use the 🙁 instead.

Tough It Up Buddy

Yeah, tough it up, buddy. You are not the only one passing through something shitty

Tough it up buddy’ is used by a person who has no intention or energy to be inspirational or motivational. They believe that the speaker is not the first person to have passed through that situation and if others could survive it, then he can survive it.

Tough it up’ is a statement used to tell a person to stand firm and endure especially if the person is going through a negative or difficult situation. Thus, ‘tough it up’ is a great response to ‘Life is shit’.

Oh Well, It Gets Harder

Funny Replies to Life Is Shit

Oh well, it gets harder’ is another great reply to ‘Life is shit’ because an average person would assume that you should be releasing words of encouragement to the person instead you are being as straightforward as possible.

Oh well, it gets harder’ is an expression of tough love. You say it to let the person know that even though I understand what you are going through, a time will come when it will be harder.

The underlying encouragement there is that even though it gets harder, if you keep pushing, you will overcome it with time.

Compared To What?

Compared to what?’, although a question is a good response to ‘Life is shit’. It may be that you have a close relationship with the speaker, and you know exactly what they are going through.

To you, the situation they are in may not be tough enough to qualify them to make the statement ‘Life is shit’. For instance, it may be a spoilt child saying ‘Life is shit’ because her card is maxed out.

So, when you reply with ‘Compared to what?’, you are indirectly mocking them and telling them that they even haven’t seen the worst of life and they are complaining. Lol.

As Opposed to What

As opposed to what’ is another great response to ‘Life is shit’. A person says ‘as opposed to what’ when they are trying to be succinct about the fact that they are referring to a particular thing.

As opposed to what’ is a clever and witty response and can be a worthy reply to ‘Life is shit’. You use it to let the person know that you agree with them. The other side of life is death.

At least in death one finds peace but in life, there are bound to be tribulations and doubts.

Well, Someone Died Yesterday

When a person says, ‘Life is shit’, it could appear as if they are complaining about something bad that is happening to them.

If perhaps you know what they are complaining of, and it seems like something trivial then you can tell them ‘Well, someone died yesterday’.

Telling them that ‘well, someone died yesterday’ is a way of telling them that they should be at least grateful that they are still alive to combat whatever is troubling. Only those who are alive have a chance to change their good fortune.

You Are Better Than the Dead

Funny Replies to Life Is Shit

You are better than the dead’ is a phrase that encourages a person passing through something difficult. It means that a living dog is better than a dead lion and that as long as the person is still alive, what he/she is complaining about will go away.

The phrase, ‘you are better than the dead’ is a great response to ‘Life is shit’ because it gives the person being spoken to a reason to dust up and head forward.

Yeah, Life’s A B1tch

Yeah, life’s a b1tch’ is also a great response to ‘Life is shit’. It allows a person to agree with someone’s statement in a colorful statement. B1tch is regarded as a swear or offensive word.

Most people use it on someone or something that is treating them in an undesirable way.

So, when a person says, ‘Life is shit’ and you reply with ‘Yeah, life’s a b1tch’ then that means that both of you are agreeing that life is unfair and dishing undesirable circumstances to you guys.

I’m Telling You!

This phrase ‘I’m telling you’, is used when a person is agreeing with a statement. The meaning is not literal and is considered funny because it is the person who is not the speaker who is using the phrase.

How can you not be the person sharing the story and yet you are the one doing the telling? ‘I’m telling you’ is a funny and witty response to ‘Life is shit’.


Just like it appears, ‘Likeee!’, is used to agree with what a person is saying. Most people usually use ‘Likeee!’ when a person hits a valid point.

So, when two people are passing through a bad situation and one of them comments ‘Life is shit’, the other person can reply with ‘Likeee!

The response ‘Likeee!’ will provoke laughter amongst the people speaking because it is a word known to connect people and is used to agree with another person.

You Need to Unwind

If a person uses the phrase ‘You need to unwind’ as a response to ‘Life is shit’, they are simply telling the person to take a break because everyone needs a break eventually.

It is true that most times people can be so engrossed in handling what life throws at them that they forget to take a break.

Once in a while, you need to unwind, probably go for partying with friends, go for a massage, or look for something that will release the tension before you continue facing what life throws at you.

Who Do I Beat Up?

The response ‘Who do I beat up?’ will definitely provoke a smile or laughter from the person who hears it.

When a person says, ‘Life is shit’, they may be complaining about an unfair treatment they received from a person that they could not do anything about.

So, when you ask, ‘Who do I beat up?’, you may not be offering to attack anyone physically, but it could be as a way to let the person know that you are supporting and rooting for them.


Remember that life is a roller coaster, and one will definitely have their share of bad experiences so don’t be surprised when you hear a person say, ‘Life is shit’, select one of the responses listed above to say to them.

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