Funny Answers to “If You could Wear the Same Wear Everyday, What Would Your Clothing Be?”

Is it possible that an individual would repeat the same wear every day and not look weird? Are there people who can or who have pulled that off and still looked cool? 

Is it possible to rock the exact same outfit and yet stand out? Have there been people who have managed to do this and gain the attention of a worthy audience?

In a generation like ours, most people would be freaked out about the idea of wearing the same outfit every day. 

It may be considered a strategy used by poor people who have nothing to wear to cover up the fact that they have no clothes to wear. It could also be translated to the fact that the person has a poor fashion sense.

What Does It Mean To Wear The Same Thing Every Day?

Wearing the same thing every day could mean various things. It could mean any of these;

  1. That the person wears the same color of clothes every day.
  2. That the person wears the same style of clothes every day.
  3. That the person wears the same type of cloth to any place no matter what function it is.
  4. That the person wears the same material of clothing no matter the weather.
  5. That the person is dressed like a particular character or celebrity every day.

If you could wear the same clothes everyday, what would you wear? – Funny answers

In response to the above question, we conducted a social experiment with different individuals. It was an online experiment and thousands of answers poured in from individuals from across the globe. 

However, we have selected ten (10) responses that stood out to us. The responses were from five males and five females respectively. Read their responses and the funny answers they gave when this question was posed to them.

Derrick, from Utah

‘I may probably not have much money, but it can’t get that bad to the extent that I appear the same way everyday.

However, not to spoil the fun, if I was to choose a particular thing to wear every day, my choice would be based on the color of cloth that I will wear. I’d wear black every day…”

He gave his reason thus:

“…A very good reason I prefer black is that I can repeat it as many times as I like until it needs washing, and guess what?

No one would notice. Wearing black every day will make me blend in and stand out all at the same time. It has a sense of maturity to it.

At least, this way I get to save a lot of time from deciding what to wear and what not to wear.

Hope, from USA

“If I had to appear the same way consecutively, I can only see myself in a pink flowery gown, because it is my favorite color. And that is also my favorite style. 

The shade of the pink will not be too deep or too light. It will be right at the center. The silk material, on the other hand, will be super soft so that I can be comfortable whilst wearing it. The dress should also be free and not too tight. 

It would not make sense wearing a cloth that is harsh to the skin, tight and uncomfortable especially if I would have to repeat it every day. I won’t even wear it on a normal day not to speak of making it a lifetime dressing.

I can just imagine the bliss of walking into my closet and being surrounded by the gentle color of pink dresses everywhere. It will make my wardrobe easy to maintain and organize. 

I will also not have to spend so much time taking care of the clothes as they would all require one method and style of maintenance.”

Stephen, from the UK

If you could wear the same wear everyday what would your clothing be?

While going to work every day, I always find it difficult to make up my mind about what to wear. If I had the choice to repeat a certain piece of clothing every day, I would like to go for clothing that is comfortable, classy, and neutral-colored. 

I would love to wear branded clothing from Dior. They do have quality and classy clothes; though quite expensive. I would probably wear them when I have made enough money. If I try shopping from Dior now, I would go broke! Lol!

King, from Nigeria

Most men that I know that are currently billionaires in hard currency had a particular daily uniform they wore. It is not that they do not have money; just that they repeat the same style of cloth to avoid distractions from their goals. 

I’m saying for those in the comment section saying they could never be caught dead repeating a cloth. The question is legit.

If I were asked to repeat a color or style of clothing for a certain period or for the rest of my life, I think I would go for the Grey color. The material of the cloth should be of a silk nature as I would need it to be comfortable on my skin. 

No need repeating a dressing that will constantly stress me out. Finally, for the style, I would need a dress that is semi casual. This way I could both rock it to work, social gatherings, church, and even meetups with friends.

Zion, from Nigeria

Wearing the same clothing every day? Lol. That’s something I would really love to try. The CEO of Apple – Steve Jobs – tried this and not only did he become quite successful. It became his signature look and the brand color for Apple. 

He focused more on brain power than on fashion. If I were to start wearing a daily uniform, I would go for my favorite color, dark brown. I will get everything in dark brown, but it definitely will not be the same style of clothes. 

I would have that color in suits, pajamas, casual wear, footwear, accessories, and even in jeans. That color will be like a brand. I will even use dark brown to paint the walls of my home. 

The floors would be dark brown too. If ever I begin my own company like Steve Jobs, I will make sure that my company’s brand color is brown.

Jenny, from South Africa (SA)

If you could wear the same wear everyday what would your clothing be?

The fashion goddess in me would not allow me to commit the fashion crime of wearing the same style of outfit every day for the rest of my life. 

However, if I was asked to repeat a particular color every day, I would choose purple. Purple represents royalty and by God, I am royal, LMFAO. I’d dress in all shades of purple from my lipstick to my pantyhose.

I will have people call me the royal lady, Lol. Due to the unpredictability of South African weather, I may not be able to rock one style of clothing. This is because sometimes when the weather is hot, I would need thin clothes and when the weather is cold, I would need thick clothes. 

I’m simply saying that I would not stick to one type of material if I was to try this. I would just stick to purple as the color that I will wear every day. Call me Royalty, XOXO!

Ada, from Nigeria

My name is Ada. I am commenting from Nigeria. Here in Nigeria, wearing a type of uniform every day is what every average primary and secondary school student (high schooler) does every day. 

It is already a way of life for us. What other harm will it do to me to continue the status quo? I would gladly put on a daily uniform that I know I would be comfortable with as that will help me be more focused on my life goals.

I am a lady and I know what I pass through in the hands of other female friends who see everything as a competition. Most female folks that are commenting they would never wear a daily outfit as a uniform are probably under some sort of peer pressure. 

They are dressing to impress people who do not give two cents about what they are putting on. Some ladies even go to the extent of starving themselves to appear classy. 

I know this is perhaps some harmless question thrown on social media; however, the comments I’m seeing here are quite discouraging. Please ladies and gents, there is nothing wrong with repeating an outfit daily. 

It will help you to be more focused, organized and calculated. It will save you money as you will no longer need to shop every day or change your wardrobe every year.

If I were asked to wear a particular outfit every day, I would go with Ankara – a native African material. As a Nigerian, I believe I should be dressed more in my native clothes than in western clothing.

Cherry, from USA

If you could wear the same wear everyday what would your clothing be?

“If this was a competition with an attractive gig as a reward, I’d definitely be a millionaire now. I am a goth girl. All my life I have always fancied the color black. 

I wear the same outfit everyday – which is jean trousers and a black top. I wore it all through high school, so much so that my classmates referred to me as the girl in black. 

Well, I was too comfortable and proud of my identity to take any real offense to what was said. To make matters more favorable to me, when the movie ‘Wednesday’ came out, I suddenly became everyone’s favorite cause I always dressed in black. 

However, the movie came out too late in high school cause I was already about to graduate. I’m sure I would have revealed the fame my wardrobe choices brought me.

I see comments of ladies saying they could never wear the same outfit every day. LOL. I have been doing that all my life and I have not died from wearing the same clothes. 

In fact I consider it authentic and a little bold. It takes a confident person to pull that off cause at first, people will have a lot to say about you. You have to tune them out and appear like you know what you are doing else you may fall into depression. 

If you are able to survive that stage and they get used to you, trust me, you will make genuine friends who will like you for who you are; which is all that matters.

Christian, from USA

I do not know why this matter is provoking so many people. I see lots of funny comments in the comment section and I’m quite surprised. It’s funny that what people say on social media is quite different from how they live their daily lives. 

I see ladies and gents insisting that they cannot repeat an outfit daily but some of them already do this in their respective homes. Most people repeat clothes so much that even before they finally wash it, it’s probably looking tired and smelling really bad.

The point is if you are already repeating clothes, what’s wrong with having the same outfit to wear every day? It’s literally the same thing, the only difference being that it may be the same color, material or style. 

If I was to wear the same outfit every day, it would be all Grey cause that is my favorite color, and I will rock it with pride!

Ninle, South Africa

“I do not have a problem with repeating dresses daily. The only problem with that is that people may abuse the trend. Imagine someone rocking all-black constantly and refusing to wash it because the dirt and stain on the clothes are not visible, ewww! 

If I decide to rock a particular type and color of dress every day, it would be bright-colored clothes preferably sky blue. 

Irrespective of the fact that I’m wearing the same type of cloth, I would like to know when it gets dirty so that I can wash or replace it. Repeating clothes doesn’t give you the liberty to have bad hygiene, adios!”

 Now, over to you. If you were to wear one cloth every day, what would it be?

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