20 Funny Answers to “What’s Up?”

We’ve probably heard the phrase “What’s up?” countless times. This question is a casual everyday greeting amongst friends and colleagues.

Sometimes it’s just a simple greeting, but sometimes your friend would expect you to tell them what’s up. So, how do you respond to “What’s up?”

There are funny answers you can give to this phrase to spice things up. And in this article, I’ll be discussing funny responses to “What’s up?”

20 Funny Answers to “What’s Up?”

There are countless funny answers you can give to this question” What’s up?” to spice up your conversation with your peers.

This phrase is an informal expression, so you don’t have to always give serious answers.

Some of these funny responses include: “the ceiling,” the sky,” “my heart rate,” “nothing much- just staring at life,” and many more.

That being said, let’s get into 20 funny answers that you can give to the question, “What’s up?”

  1. My heart rate
  2. Nothing much- just staring at life
  3. The sky
  4. Everything taller than me
  5. If you knew, would you bring it down?
  6. The galaxy
  7. Planets 
  8. Sadly, the price of goods in the market 
  9. My house rent, sadly 
  10. Nothing. What’s down?
  11. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. It’s a secret 
  12. And what will you do with the information?
  13. Are they staring at us?
  14. Definitely not your zipper
  15. Not my salary 
  16. The opposite of down- it isn’t that hard
  17. I haven’t got a clue. Care to tell?
  18. You’re welcome
  19. Crazy stuffs 
  20. Definitely Not the Devil

My Heart Rate

Funny Answers to What's Up?

“My heart rate” is one of the top funny answers we’ve on our list.

Of course, it’s a relatable reply. The heart rate can go up anytime. So, the person that asked may find this reply relatable, making it more amusing.

Nothing Much- Just Staring at Life 

“Nothing much- just staring at life” is another funny and relatable response you can give when someone asks “What’s up?”

In this case, you’re telling the person who asked that you’re not doing anything serious at the moment.

It’s an appropriate response when the person catches you just staring, relaxing on a chair, or probably having some thoughts.

While it can cause some laughter, it also has some truth in it. And you can use this reply to lighten the mood.

The Sky 

Funny Answers to What's Up?

Another amusing answer which is also a fact is “the sky.” When someone asks “What’s up?” try this response because the sky is actually up.

This response can work while you’re indoors or outside. But, it’ll be more humorous if you answer while you’re outdoors. You can always point at the sky for a more dramatic illustration.

Everything Taller Than Me

Another funny answer you can give when someone asks “What’s up?” is “Everything taller than me.”

While this reply is expected to cause laughter, it still has some facts in it. Or rather it’s a fact. Anything taller than you know is definitely above you, which means it’s up.

So, when someone asks this question, you can give this response to spice up your conversation. 

If You Knew, Would You Bring It Down?

“If you knew, would you bring it down?” is another funny answer to try.

Here, you’re literally asking the person what they can do if they know what’s up. This question can also be interpreted as  “What’s your concern?”

If you don’t want to have a discussion with the person, this reply is what you need.

However, you should be careful when using this response because it can come off as cheeky.

Anyone who doesn’t catch humor quickly will see this answer as a rude one, especially if you use a sarcastic tone. So, if you want to be playful, use a playful tone.

The Galaxy 

“The galaxy” is another reply you can use to answer someone that greets you with “What’s up?”

It works like the above responses to give a humorous and factual answer. The galaxy is a collection of stars. So, the reply will make sense if the stars are visible, which will be during the night.

Also, it’ll be more fun and dramatic when you’re outside giving this answer, so you can point at the stars. 


“Planets” is another response that belongs to the group of humorous and factual answers.

We believe the other planets are somewhere in the sky. So, this is an appropriate answer that you can use to get a laugh from your friend or anyone that asks “What’s up?”

Sadly, the Price of Goods in the Market 

Another funny response you can give when someone asks you “What’s up?” is “Sadly, the price of goods in the market.”

It’s quite humorous because that isn’t the answer they’d be expecting and on the other hand, it’s quite relatable.

Moreover, it’ll even be funnier if truly the price of things has gone up in the market. Also, the tone you use can add more fun. So, you should use a sad tone to illustrate the answer better.

My House Rent, Sadly 

“My house rent, sadly” is another funny answer to the question, “What’s up?” It’s a response that you give to make the person asking laugh, but it can also be true.

House rents amongst other things are one of the things we fear increasing. So, we can give this response with a sad face to make it more dramatic and fun. 

Nothing. What’s Down?

“Nothing. What’s down?” is a funny answer to give to the question, “What’s up?”

Apart from the fact that it isn’t the reply they’d be expecting, it’s a funny play on words as it’s the opposite of the question asked.

In addition, starting your reply with “nothing” makes it seem like you’re serious. And then asking “what’s down?” will throw them off balance.

I’m Sorry, I Can’t Tell You. It’s A Secret 

Funny Answers to What's Up?

Another answer you can give to get a laugh from the person greeting you with “What’s up?” is “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.”

This is a funny reply as you make it seem like a real secret which will leave the person asking confused. In addition, your saying you’re sorry, makes it seem like you’re sympathetic, making it more fun.

It’s something you can tease your friend or colleague with.

And What Will You Do with the Information?

“And what will you do with the information?” is another question that can mean “what’s your concern?” 

This response can come out playful or rude depending on your tone and the relationship you share with the person asking. If you give this response to a friend or colleague, they’re likely going to see the humor there. 

But with a stranger or someone that doesn’t know you well, they may have a hard time seeing the humor, especially if you use a flat tone.

So, you should use this reply with a friend, and better still use a playful tone and gesture.

Are They Staring at Us?

“Are they staring at us?” is another funny reply when you want to tease the person and get them riled up. 

When someone asks “What’s up?” this is not the kind of answer they think you’d give. In fact, asking if they’re staring will keep the person confused, as they’d be wondering what you mean. 

Here, you are implying that something could be up that may be staring at you both. It’ll be funnier if you use a serious expression, and probably look scared while replying to the person.

Definitely Not Your Zipper

“Definitely not your zipper” is another reply that’d work when someone asks “What’s up?” 

It’s a funny reply that can send the person asking into panic as they’d wonder if their zipper is down. It’ll get a good laugh from you both if they look down at their zipper to check. 

So, it’s a reply you can use when you want to tease your friend or colleague.

Not My Salary 

Not my salary” is an answer you can use to tease someone about your salary. 

It’s a funny reply you can give to your coworkers, especially if you all have been hoping for a salary increase, as they’d relate better and get the joke.

Also, you can try with your friend or family as it might confuse them, as they wouldn’t have guessed this reply. And if you think they’re meeting you for money, then this response will work well.

The Opposite of Down- It Isn’t That Hard

Another reply that’d work when someone asks “What’s up?” is “the opposite of down- it isn’t that hard.”

Here, you’re treating the question like they asked you to define “up.” It’s a humorous and silly response as they wouldn’t be expecting it. And saying, “It isn’t that hard” makes it appear you think they’re dumb, making it more fun.

I Haven’t Got a Clue. Care to tell?

“I haven’t got a clue. Care to tell?” is something you can say to act like you don’t get what they mean.

When you give this answer, you can assume a serious expression to make it more fun. Asking if they care to tell, will even make it funnier. This response is something to tease your friend with.

You’re Welcome 

“You’re welcome” is another silly reply to give to someone that asks “What’s up?” 

It doesn’t have any correlation to the  statement of the speaker, which it’s the joke.

Crazy Stuffs 

“Crazy stuffs” is another crazy answer to try when someone asks “What’s up?”

It’s a humorous reply if you take on a serious expression, telling the person that what is up are crazy things.

Definitely Not the Devil

“Definitely not the devil” is a funny reply you can try.

The person asking “what’s up?” would find this answer funny because you completely took them off track.

Yes, no one believes the devil is up there. But the joke is giving them facts they were not expecting.

Wrapping Up

There are various funny answers you can give when someone asks you “What’s up?” 

The above are examples you can try. But, they’re also a guide to help you come up with your own humorous reply when someone greets you with, “What’s up?”

So, when next that your friend or colleague greets you with “What’s up?” spice up the atmosphere with these funny answers.


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