Drive Safely or Drive Safe: Which is Better? 

Drive Safe meaning 

When you tell someone to drive safely it simply means you are telling the person to be careful when driving. Being careful while driving means that you are always on the lookout for incoming vehicles or pedestrians to ensure you do not run into them. 

This is usually for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Being careful while driving is one thing that all drivers should ensure, their lives and the lives of other passengers and pedestrians are at stake if the driver is not careful. 

Drive Safely meaning

Telling someone to drive safely is the same as telling the person to be cautious while driving. 

It also means that the person should not multitask while driving, that is why driving and making calls is usually kicked against because it can result in an accident. 

While driving safely, you ought to keep your hands on the wheel and keep your eyes on the road, ensure you have your seatbelt on, and do not drive past the speed limit.

This way, you are telling the driver of the vehicle to be vigilant while driving and you ensure he takes all the safety measures for his safety and other road users. 

What’s the difference between driving safely and driving safe ?

The major difference between driving safely and driving safe is that driving safely is used mainly in a formal setting while drive safe is used in an informal setting. 

Both are grammatically correct and mean the same thing, but when you are in a formal setting, it is preferable to say ‘drive safely.’ 

You can use both of them while in a conversation with someone, in an informal setting, it is okay to say ‘drive safe’ but when you are in a formal setting, it makes more sense to say ‘drive safely.’ It is preferable. 

Is it correct to say drive safe or drive safely?

Both of them are correct, but the formally correct one is ‘drive safely.’  in a formal setting it is not generally acceptable to use the adjective form of a word as an adverb. 

But in an informal setting, people tend to do it. Only use ‘drive safe’ in an informal setting, probably when you are talking to a friend or neighbor close by. 

It is important you know that both are correct but you should know when to use each of them. That way, you would be 

Other words for driving safe?

Drive safely or drive safe: Which is better? 

There are various ways to tell someone to drive safe, whichever one you choose is your choice. 

In this segment of this article, I will explain some other words for driving safe, take a look:

  1. Drive cautiously
  2. Drive protectively
  3. Drive slowly
  4. Be a careful driver
  5. Drive properly

Drive cautiously

‘Drive cautiously’ is another cool word for ‘driving safe.’ It shows how much the person wants you to be cautious while driving. The person could say it because he wants to feel safe with you. Being cautious means that you should be on the lookout for other vehicles or pedestrians making use of the road. 

Also, take note of the road signs and warnings while driving. Those signs and warnings are there for the safety of the driver and other road users. 

Being cautious also means that you ought to pay close attention to the road while driving, have both hands on the steering, and don’t answer calls or texts while driving, these contribute to the many accidents that happen. 


Hey, I know you are traveling today, please drive cautiously.

Drive protectively

‘Drive protectively’ is another good word for ‘driving safe’.’ 

One good way of telling someone to be protective while driving is to make use of his seatbelt. The importance of using your seatbelt cannot be overemphasized, it is usually the most talked about safety measure. 

The seat belt can save you from injuries as well. It can also help reduce the impact if you have an accident and your vehicle hits another vehicle. 

If you have someone reminding you to make use of your seatbelt, that is a sign the person cares for you and wants you to get to your destination safely. 


I want the best for you, please drive protectively.

Drive slowly

‘Drive slowly’ is a nice word for ‘Driving safe.’ 

Usually, when you are driving on a highway it is risky to drive slowly. You need to know the right time to drive slowly or drive fast. 

There are usually road signs and warnings when you are driving, it makes a ton of sense to adhere strictly to those road signs and warnings for your safety. 

You should drive slowly when you see the sign or when you see that it is necessary to drive slowly. 

However, do not drive slowly all the time, you should know when to drive fast especially when it is stated in any of the road signs. 


Please take note of the road signs and warnings, and ensure you drive slowly when necessary.

Be a careful driver

‘Being a careful driver’ is another better word for ‘driving safe.’ 

Being a careful driver means that you should always be on the lookout for any obstacles that could hurt you while driving. 

It could be an incoming vehicle or any pedestrian that may be trying to cross the road. You should be careful enough to know when to brake or even dodge a pothole that could damage your some parts of your vehicle. 


That route is not the safest, please be a careful driver. 

Drive properly

‘Drive properly’ is another good way to say ‘driving safe.’ 

This is a direct way of telling the person to obey all traffic rules while driving. Once you notice the traffic light says you should stop it is best to stop at that instant. 

Obeying all traffic rules is a way to drive safely and also protect you and other road users from harm. 


I need you to arrive safe and sound, please drive properly.

Parting Words

When you are in a conversation with close friends and family it is regarded as an informal setting, in an informal setting it is preferable to say ‘drive safe.’ 

However, if you find yourself in a formal setting it is a better option to say ‘drive safely.’ it is important you know that both are correct but one is used in a formal setting while the other is used in an informal setting, that is the major difference between both of them.

I have already done an in-depth explanation of the major difference between driving safe and driving safely. I also explained the various ways you can use them.

I also explained other ways you can say it when you want to tell someone to drive safely. You should make use of any of the methods I explained above. 


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