20 Best Responses to “I Feel You”

Misunderstandings happen most times, and in situations like that, we sincerely wish for someone who understands us and sides with us. We may need for them to put themselves in our shoes to understand.

This is where the statement I feel you come in. The statement “I feel you is used to show that you agree with a person or that you understand what they are saying or feeling.

It is also used when you can relate to an experience a person is sharing. It is commonly used as slang and can mean different things depending on the situation and the location where it is used.

Another thing to note is that I feel you can be said by a person who has a love interest in another person. For instance, a guy can tell a girl “I feel you” meaning that he likes her, or he is developing feelings for her.

When a person tells you “I feel you”, what do you say to that? Do you say something basic, or do you say something more creative and interesting? In this article, twenty (20) best responses to I feel you have already been listed.

20 Best Responses to I Feel You

  1. Thank you.
  2. I appreciate your support
  3. I’m grateful to you for siding with me.
  4. Thank you for hearing me.
  5. Okay great.
  6. Thanks my G.
  7. Respect.
  8. Handshake
  9. Peace sign
  10. Tight hug
  11. Aww, that’s sweet.
  12. I feel you too
  13. That was sweet of you to say
  14. I hope so.
  15. I don’t need your pity.
  16. This made my day.
  17. That’s nice to hear.
  18. I want you too.
  19. Finally!
  20. I’m glad you finally said something.

Thank you

The response thank you is best suited for a situation where there is a misunderstanding and the one person who stands by you and supports you says I feel you.

It is also best suited where you share a problem with a person and the person can relate to what you are sharing with them. Probably because they have been in your shoes before then.

I appreciate your support

The response I appreciate your support is also another great way to reply to a person who tells you I feel you. This is because when a person tells you I feel you it is their way of showing you support.

After a person tells you I feel you, recognizing their support from that statement is also your way of appreciating them. It could be a familiar person or even a stranger.

I’m grateful to you for siding with me

Another great response you can use for the statement “I feel you is I’m grateful to you for siding with me. This is because any person who tells you I feel you have shown that they really support you.

And the best reaction to a support system is to appreciate them. Either you appreciate them orally or you use an action to thank them. More importantly, you can tell them I’m grateful to you for siding with me.

Thank you for hearing me

Best Responses to I Feel You

Another great response to “I feel you is “Thank you for hearing me. A great way to handle a misunderstanding is to hear both parties without bias and understand their point of view.

It’s not just enough to hear a person’s point of view, you have to listen to them and understand them. Thus, when a person gives you a listening ear, you can appreciate them for taking the time to hear you.

Okay great

The statement Okay great is also another great way to reply to I feel you. It is used amongst casual friends who after exchanging pleasantries or small talk, then just say I feel you before going their separate ways.

It sounds informal and is used when you have shared a piece of information with someone, and they tell you I feel you as a way of saying I understand. The remark can also be used with strangers.

Thanks my G

The statement ‘Thanks my G’ is a simple but great way of replying to a person who tells you I feel you. Thanks my G is a slang used mostly when speaking street language.

Therefore, it is a situation of using slang to respond to slang. It shows communication or connection between two tight friends. Hence the response, “Thanks my G


Saying Respect is also another great way to respond to the statement I feel you. In this situation, respect is used as a way of greeting and recognition, and it is considered street slang.

Just like the word means, it shows the strong feeling of approval that you have for the person whom you are speaking with. When saying it, it is normally done with a handshake and a shoulder clap.


Best Responses to I Feel You

This response is more of an action than it is an oral statement. It is mostly demonstrated by guys as a sign of agreement. More or so as a sign of understanding.

When after a conversation between two guys, the other one wants to express that he agrees or that he understands, he can say I feel you. Then to corroborate the agreement he can give the other a handshake.

Peace sign

The peace sign is done by raising the index and middle finger. Most people use the peace sign as a form of greeting, pose to take a picture or even acknowledgement.

That is to say, when a person tells you I feel you, you can raise your hand and do the peace sign as a way of acknowledging the person’s statement. This hand signal is also mostly used when the person is at a far distance.

Tight hug

Best Responses to I Feel You

Another way to respond to the statement I feel you is to give the person a hug. The way a hug is given differs based on gender, the relationship of the people giving the hug and the circumstances for which the hug is given.

When a person tells you that they feel you, they may have come to an understanding with you about a very difficult situation. The best way to reciprocate that understanding is to give the person a hug.

This can only be done if the people are close to each other, otherwise they will just say cyberhugs.

Aww, that’s sweet

Now the statement I feel you can be said by a guy to a lady that he is crushing on. In that case, it would mean that he has developed feelings for the lady.

It can be said as, I feel you or I’m feeling you. When it is said like that, a great reply to give is aww, that’s sweet. That is the most basic way to respond to a guy confessing his feelings for you.

I feel you too

When a guy tells a lady that he is feeling her, he is simply trying to let her know that he may be developing strong feelings for her. If she feels the same, she could reply with I feel you too.

For her to say I feel you too it means that she also has feelings for him. It is a way for two people to reveal their love interest to the other. Thus, this can be a worthy reply to the expression I feel you.

That is sweet of you to say

Another great reply that you can give to the statement I feel you is That is sweet of you to say. The statement “I feel you” is used when someone confesses their feelings to another.

If the person being spoken to does not wish to accept the confession, she can politely decline hence the reply That is sweet of you to say. She can then further state why she cannot accept the love confessions.

I hope so

This reply I hope so is used when the person saying I feel you is trying to say that they understand you or that they relate to your situation. The situation must be a dire one for a person to reply I hope so.

When a person says I hope so they wish strongly that the other person means it when he/she says that he/she understands them. They need at least one person to believe in them.

I don’t need your pity

While there are situations where a person needs corroboration in their story, there are other situations where the person involved does not want anybody’s pity.

Such people’s attitudes may be mistaken for pride or stubbornness. However, the truth remains that the feeling of pity does not last very long hence the reason why some people reject it. They’d prefer it if you really believed in them.

This made my day

Another great way of responding to the statement I feel you is to say This made my day. In this scenario, I feel you could mean anything. It could mean a confession of love interest, an agreement, or understanding.

Thus, telling them this made my day will let them know that you are really happy with the statement. It has lifted your spirit for various reasons and put you in a good mood.

That’s nice to hear

Another good way to respond to the statement I feel you is to say That’s nice to hear. Whatever, the statement I feel you mean in this situation, hearing it sounds pleasant to the person it is been said to.

When you tell a person that’s nice to hear, you are telling them that whatever they said to you was pleasant and kind. A person agreeing with you or understanding what you are narrating to them is showing an act of kindness.

I want you too

When expressing love interest, when a person tells the opposite sex I feel you, it may mean I want you. It could be he/she wants to enter a relationship with the person.

Most times when the person makes this confession, they will ask the other person you feel me too? The question is to make the other person say whether or not they feel the same way.


Have you ever been in a situation where you are misunderstood by everyone? It could be that they are biased or that they don’t want to acknowledge the truth.

Or situations where a person rarely agrees with you and always looks for a reason to argue. In the above situations, when such people finally tell you “I feel you”, you will likely reply with ah finally someone believes me or finally, you agree with me.

I’m glad you finally said something

Just like it was mentioned in the introduction, the statement “I feel you” is used when you are trying to communicate to a person that you understand them, agree with them, or that you have feelings for them.

Now telling them that you are glad that they finally spoke up means that you had wanted someone to speak on your behalf or in the case of a love interest, you wanted to be sure that the person felt the same about you.

Thus the response “I’m glad you finally said something” is also a great way to reply to a person who tells you I feel you.

To End With

Like was said in the introduction, it’s always a good feeling to have a person side with you or understand you, especially in a moment of sadness or misunderstanding.

It is also nice when a person who has feelings for you confesses their feelings to you especially if you feel the same way. The confession will either give them closure or unite you two together.

When that happens, what do you say to them? Do you appreciate them or express yourself further to them? These twenty responses will help you know how best to respond to a person who tells you, “I feel you.

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