20 Best Replies To “Keep Trying”

When you’re told to “keep trying”, it’s a way to motivate you to put more effort into what you do. Have you been stuck with saying “Thank you” to this phrase all the time?

There are some suitable replies you can give when someone wants to motivate or encourage you with this phrase. All you have to do is go through this article and check out these replies.

Some of the best replies you can use when responding to “keep trying” are; “I will”, “Definitely”, “Do I have a choice”, and “Thank you for the love”.

Let’s take a look at these replies in a robust way.

20 Best Replies To “Keep Trying”

  1. I will
  2. Definitely
  3. Do I have a choice
  4. I have to
  5. I might need your help this time
  6. But I can’t do it on my own
  7. I can’t try anymore
  8. I’m exhausted
  9. Of course
  10. Ok! One last time
  11. It’s not that easy
  12. I don’t mind doing that
  13. That’s easy for you to say
  14. Ok thanks
  15. I’ll do my best
  16. Thanks for the love
  17. Thanks for your unending support
  18. Oh! I really needed to hear that
  19. Sure! I’ll keep trying
  20. Why not

I Will

Saying “I will” to “keep trying” is a response that shows that the action you’re going to take is inevitable. It is a way to express that you’ll do something in the future. It means that you’ll definitely act.

When you use this reply for “keep trying”, you’re simply saying or agreeing that you’ll not stop trying. It shows that you’ll continue to put in effort till you achieve something.

This reply is an assurance of not giving up. When you reply with this, the hearer is assured of your not quitting anytime soon. It is a method to say that you intend to act in the future.


This reply is synonymous with “certainly” or “absolutely”. You’re simply telling the person that you’ll “surely” continue to try.

You’re simply agreeing to what the person has said. It is also a forceful way of expressing your agreement to keep trying out something. This shows that you have no plan of giving up.

You’re fully ready to keep trying out till you achieve success. This shows certainty without doubt towards a particular action.

This word is usually used to place emphasis or emphasize the strength of your decision or intention to keep trying. This reply is free of uncertainty or doubt. It is simple, straightforward, and clear.

Do I Have A Choice?

When you use this reply, you’re simply saying you don’t have an alternative but to continue trying. It means there is no other option or you are left with zero option than to keep on trying.

You have no other preference or choice than to continue with what you’re doing. When you reply with this phrase, you’re simply not giving up, because if you do, you don’t have another option to fall back to.

It is another way of telling someone that you won’t quit doing something.

I Have To

This reply to the phrase “keep trying”, means you don’t have a choice or an option. It shows that it is compulsory for you to keep trying.

Saying this simply means you’re not meant to stop, so you’ll have to continue. This phrase means something must be done. It shows that it is required for you to keep trying.

Saying this to someone means you must keep trying. You’re letting the person know that you’re obliged to keep doing something.

I Might Need Your Help This Time

Best Replies To Keep Trying

Saying this to someone implies that you’ve been trying without success. It shows that you need a helping hand. You need someone else to try it out.

This reply brings someone else into the picture, as you’re soliciting external support from the person. It shows that you can no longer do it on your own.

You’re making the speaker see that you’ve tried your best and now you need assistance.

But I Can’t Do It On My Own

This reply is also similar to the previous one. You’re as well letting them know that you’re not capable of carrying out the activity anymore.

You’re telling the person that you can’t keep trying because you can’t do it on your own. You can’t keep trying because doing it on your own would not yield any results.

Here, you’re also soliciting a person’s support for something that you can’t do alone.

I Can’t Try Anymore

By using this reply, you’re simply giving up. You’re telling the person that you’ve tried your best. It is a negative statement that shows that you can no longer carry out something.

It simply shows you’re no longer interested in doing a particular action. You’re refusing to add any more effort to a particular action.

You don’t agree with the person’s idea or advice to keep trying. Here, you’re accepting defeat. You’re ceasing or desisting from putting in more effort to the one you’ve already done.

You’re telling the person that you’re abandoning the activity for something else.

I’m Exhausted

Saying you’re exhausted simply means you’re tired of trying something. It’s another way to tell someone that you’re giving up on a particular situation.

This is another negative statement to show that you’ll stop trying. It shows that you’re worn out from doing a particular thing. It implies that you’re extremely tired of trying out or doing something.

Probably, you’ve been working on a particular thing for hours and can’t seem to get anything useful, you can simply tell the person that you’re exhausted and can no longer search further.

Of Course

When you use this response, tell the person that you’ll definitely do something. It is used to say “Yes” informally. You’re saying you’ll keep trying out something.

You’re telling the person that you’ll certainly continue to try out something. Without a doubt, you’re going to continue to try doing a particular activity till you get your desired result.

This is another positive statement to show that you’ll continue doing something as you have no plans of giving up.

This is a statement that shows that you’re willing to continue with what you’re doing. It implies that you’re determined to continue doing something and you don’t want to give up.

Ok! One Last Time

This response is a positive one too. You’re simply agreeing to do something but the limitation of this statement comes at the end.

The last part of the statement shows that it can only happen one more time. This implies that you’ll be trying again but it’s just for one more time.

It means that after a last trial, you won’t bother to try again. The statement shows agreement but with a limitation to a certain amount of trial.

This shows that you can only give it a try just once. You’ve agreed to try again but it won’t be more than one time.

It’s Not That Easy

Best Replies To Keep Trying

Here, you’re telling someone that it is not so simple to keep trying. It’s not a negative statement but it’s a sign that you’re about to give up on trying.

You’re simply not finding it easy and can’t continue t try. You’re letting a person know that you’ve been trying and it has not been easy for you. You’re expressing your discomfort about a particular issue.

I Don’t Mind Doing That

With this statement, you’re saying you’re fine with the idea to “keep trying”. You’re simply saying “it’s fine by me”. It shows that you’re happy with the decision or the idea to continue to try.

It shows that you’re happy and you don’t find it difficult or disturbing to “keep trying”.

That’s Easy For You To Say

By saying this, you’re simply implying that the person says it so easily than the activity actually is. This statement is a bit humorous and ironic. It implies that the person is making something difficult look easy.

It means it is easier for the person to say “keep trying” than to know how it feels to do it.

It shows the person doesn’t know how it feels to search for a particular thing or doesn’t know what it actually takes to do something, especially something that is difficult for you to do.

Ok! Thanks

This response is simple and straightforward. It is a positive answer. It shows that you agree to continue trying out something. It’s a short form of saying thank you to someone. It is an expression of gratitude to someone.

When someone tells you to keep trying and you reply with “Thank you”, you’re simply appreciating the person for encouraging you to go on.

Here, the phrase “keep trying” is seen as an encouragement or a kind of motivation.

I’ll Do My Best

This statement suggests that you are putting all of your efforts to do something. It demonstrates that you are giving that activity your whole attention.

This indicates that you are making every effort to improve your performance. Also, it indicates that you are succeeding in your work as you should.

Right now, you’re making a significant effort in your work. It is recognition that you are working hard and giving it your all when you are at work.

Thanks For The Love

This is a gesture of appreciation. It conveys your gratitude for the person’s affection and care for you.

Here, you see someone urging you to work hard out of concern, and you want to express your appreciation or thanks to that person by using this reaction.

It is an easy method to express your gratitude to someone for their demonstrated interest in your work progress.

Thanks For Your Unending Support

This is an expression of thankfulness for a person’s support. It conveys your gratitude for the individual’s support and care for you.

Here, you witness someone urging you to work hard and trying to show his support, and you would like to express appreciation or thanks to someone by using this reaction.

It is an easy approach to express your gratitude for someone’s interest in any of your progress.

Oh! I really Needed To Hear That

This reply can be used when you need some kind of encouragement from someone. You’re simply telling the person that the encouragement came at the right time.

It could be that you’ve been trying you’re best to do something, then someone tells you to keep trying. It is a form of motivation for someone that has been putting effort to do something.

When you’re in need of someone’s encouragement, you can use this response. Just stating that the encouragement was given at the appropriate moment is all that is required.

You may have been making every effort to complete a task when someone encourages you to keep going.

It serves as a sort of motivation for someone who has been working hard to accomplish something.

Sure! I’ll Keep Trying

Best Replies To Keep Trying

This reply is an assurance that you’ll keep trying. It is a good way to tell the person that you would absolutely do something.

Saying “Sure! I’ll keep trying” is one of the simplest ways of letting a person know that you’ll keep going on with an activity.

When you want to put a hold on the conversation, you can use it. Your response conveys total assurance in what you wish to achieve.

It shows that you’re ready to continue to achieve your aim. This is a joking method of accepting or committing to work hard. It is simple and guarantees that you’ll put a lot of effort into your work.

Why Not

“Why not” is used to express agreement. When you use this phrase to reply to “keep trying”, you’re simply expressing your agreement towards doing something.

It shows that you simply approve of something. You’re in compliance with what someone has said. It expresses strong agreement with what someone has said.

You have complied with what has been mentioned earlier. It conveys resounding agreement with what was spoken. Here, there’s no form of disagreement in what has been said.

Parting Words

We’ve seen 20 best replies to the phrase “keep trying”. We’ve come to know that this phrase is used to encourage or motivate someone to continue to do something.

This response can come in form of gratitude or acknowledgment. It could be an agreement to keep trying or a disagreement to stop trying an activity.

You might agree to keep trying something or you can decide to quit. Some of these replies can be used for formal or informal situations.

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