15 Things That Will Make You Laugh So Hard That You Will Cry

Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried? Laughter has some healing power, and you can never get away from getting a good laugh from a situation that presents itself once you’re locked in with it.

It is even interesting when you can laugh so loud and unapologetic to the point of crying. 

Mind you, there’s nothing bad about that. It could be evidence that you had quite a good laugh with you whatever scored your sides.

If you’ve not had this experience or you still want to get more, you’re surely at the right place. In this post, I’ll be showing you 15 things that will make you laugh so hard that you will cry.

Don’t wait too long before reading through, let’s go!

Best 15 Things That Will Make You Laugh So Hard That You Will Cry

You can get a good laugh from basic jokes and other rib-cracking circumstances, but to laugh and cry, you need some intense humorous situations to pull that string.

Some of the things that can make you laugh so hard that you’ll cry are ‘unfortunate wardrobe malfunction’, ‘ an unanticipated slip to the ground’, and ‘a prank gone wrong.’

Finding yourself in any of these situations can sore your sides to the extent you’ll have to let some tears fall from your cute eyes.

Without further ado, why don’t we look at these situations in detail starting with a quick highlight below?

  • An Unfortunate cotillion   
  • The lost toupee 
  • A Sneezing Symphony    
  • An unanticipated Slip 
  • The Talking Pet
  • An Awkward Autocorrect 
  • The Comical Photobomb 
  • An Unanticipated Sound Effect 
  • The Mischievous Monkey
  • An Awkward Dance Battle 
  • The Prank Gone Wrong 
  • An Unanticipated Beast Encounter 
  • The Absent-inclined Professor 
  • An Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction
  • The ridiculous Voice Mix- up 

The Unfortunate Ball Dance Steps

‘The unfortunate ball dance steps’ is one of the things which can crack you up so badly that you end up crying too. Now, imagine someone walking into a room, fully ignorant of a glass coffee table.

They accidentally step on it, and their legs start sliding in all directions, creating a ridiculous dance routine that is similar to ballroom dancing. This type of dance is called a cotillion.

While creating this lot of scenery in your mind, you can as well think about the look on the person’s face when they hit the unseen table and make those symmetry moves while taking a fall.

Thus, if you’ve ever seen or watched a cotillion dance then you’ll understand why laughing out hard till you cry is something that can be attained when you picture the scenery.

For the records, the cotillion dance is a type of ballroom dance that is unique to French society. Originating in France in the 18th century, this dance is done by changing partners simultaneously and interchanging dancing feet.

The lost wiglet 

‘The lost wiglet’ is another interesting thingy scenery that can make you laugh till you cry out. Perhaps, you can picture a script where someone who is trying on different hairpieces at a store suddenly gets unfortunate. 

To put things into perspective, a gust of wind blows through an open window of the hair store while snatching the wiglet off their head and onto a passerby’s head, who’s fully ignorant of it.   

In the event of this ever happening, then you should be ready to contend with taking turns to laugh and dry up the tears that are already dripping down your eye sockets by this time.

It even gets funnier when the person realizes that the wiglet that just left their hair exposed a part of their bald hair that was initially covered up.

And it calls for more laughter because people will shine their dentition outside of their jaws to show that it was indeed a funny sight.

The Sneezing Symphony 

‘The sneezing symphony’ can be another thing that can make you laugh so hysterically that you can shed some tears. To make this type of experience come through, then you have to try to envision a situation where a group of people is sitting in a quiet library.

Then, suddenly, one person lets out a suddenly loud sneeze, causing a chain response of sneezes throughout the room, turning the library into a symphony of sneezes.   

Already, having someone sneeze in a certain type of way is funny but what is funnier is witnessing a round of sneezing that is done by more than 5 different persons. Hence, a sneezing symphony tends to become a special way of getting to laugh and cry while laughing too.

The unanticipated Slip 

Things That Will Make You Laugh So Hard That You Will Cry

Have you ever seen someone slip to the floor so hard that they incite laughter and make people around all chuckle concerning the unfortunate scene they just caused? Well, that’s something else that could make you laugh so hard that you start to cry. 

Now, imagine someone confidently strutting down a busy road, only to slip on a banana peel. At this moment, all efforts would be geared towards making sure they regain balance but that’s where things get funny for them. 

As this epic slip and fall are happening, which is transferring them sliding across the pavement, there’s a high tendency that they won’t make it to their feet without first greeting the tarr road with their body.

In the person’s attempt to recapture countenance, they end up making the situation indeed more comical than it should be.

You know, the person will have to tuck back in the shame of taking such an unanticipated slip and continue walking like nothing ever happened. Ever seen this? How many laughs did you produce?

The Talking Pet

You can do a lot with your imagination…a lot that can leave your sides sore and can even make you cry as you’ve laughed so hard. That’s what this particular scenery is all about. 

Here, you can put the power of your imagination into good use because it’s the driving force that can incite the type of laughter which can make you cry as well.

Try to picture a script where a pet, like a dog or your regular cat, suddenly starts speaking in a mortal voice and engages in a humorous discussion with you, leaving everyone in aches.   

Perhaps, you’ve given thought to how your pet would sound if it were to be a human being in the past and here you are actualizing this imagination by thinking about it in a way that can make you happy and unequivocally sad at the same time, because you’ll be crying too.

I know how attached some of us are to our pets and if you have such a thing for your pet, your chances of creating a laughable scenario from this is high. Contrary, if you don’t have a pet it’s still cool if you try to imagine your neighbor’s dog or cat talking in a human voice.

To better get a more comic situation where you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll cry, try telling this wild imagination of yours to someone, probably your wife, buddy, or even kids. 

An Awkward Autocorrect 

Typing in these modern times is quite unpredictable given the fact that you can now ensure you’re getting their spellings and all right using the autocorrect system. 

However, imagine being strangled from entering a text message to a friend due to an autocorrect error. This error which is orchestrated because of the awkward autocorrect can be hilarious as it may convey a message not intended. 

Similarly, performing this in a hilariously disturbing or crazy way that leaves you rolling on the bottom laughing.   

The Comical Photobomb 

You can try to envision a scenery where someone is taking a serious and posed photo snap, only to have an absolute stranger jump into the background with a funny face or disguise, fully ruining the moment but creating an indelible memory.   

I bet this has happened to either you or you’ve witnessed it happening to someone else. Whichever case it is, you’ll laugh at how funny and clowned the photo turns out to be.

An Unanticipated Sound Effect 

‘An unanticipated sound effect’ is another thing that can make you laugh so hard that you cry.

You can try to picture a situation where someone is giving a serious donation or speech, and just as they’re about to make an important point, a comically unhappy sound effect( like a fart noise) plays loudly, derailing the entire moment.   

I’m sure everyone listening would burst into laughter and if care is not taken you won’t be the only one who would cry as a result of laughing so hard.

The Mischievous Monkey 

‘The mischievous monkey’ could be another escape route from which you can have good laughter to the extent you’ll cry.

Imagine a video recording of a mischievous monkey at a zoo stealing someone’s ice cream cone and jumping down, leaving the person in shock and the onlookers with sore sides, including you of course.

 The Awkward Dance Battle 

You can picture a scene where two people intentionally start dancing in sync at a party, and then one of them dances off the tune and rhythm. The result is a ridiculous show of unintentional laughter occasioned by the unforeseen mistake.

The Prank Gone Wrong 

‘The prank gone wrong’ is something else that could lead you to cry while laughing. Imagine someone planning an elaborate prank on a friend, only to have the prank boomerang in the most unanticipated and ridiculous way, leaving both parties in fits of laughter.  

The unanticipated Beast Encounter 

Envision a videotape of someone having a close hassle with a wild beast, like a squirrel or a raspberry, performing in a comical chase or commercial that leaves everyone laughing uncontrollably.   

If you’ve seen a scene of Charlie Chaplin stuck in a Lion’s cage, then you’ll know how to share in this laughter.

The Absent-inclined Professor 

Things That Will Make You Laugh So Hard That You Will Cry

Picture a scene where a professor walks into a classroom and starts tutoring the wrong subject, fully unconscious of the confusion and recreation of the scholars.  

I’ve been in the university and I know how students can exaggerate the whole issue to make it look bad as if it already is. Hence, this can make you laugh so hard that you cry, especially if the lecturer got to know about his or her absent-mindedness some minutes before the end of the class. 

Even when he does remember, it’ll be almost impossible for him to recover from the sow of foolery that’ll already be hanging in the atmosphere.

The Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction

‘An unfortunate wardrobe malfunction’ is another interesting situation that can leave you laughing so hard that you cry also.

Visualize a situation where someone is giving a donation or sharing alms in a public event, only to have their pants accidentally fall, happening in a disturbing yet ridiculous moment.   

I’ve had my fair share of fashion failures in public, and trust me when I say that people around feasted on that situation with so much to laugh about and possibly some droplets of tears here and there.

The ridiculous Voice Mix- up 

A wrong and unforeseen voice mix-up during a call can make you laugh so badly that you cry too. I’ve had instances where while on a call I started hearing funny sounds from the end of the person that I was talking to.

All my efforts to hear myself out and that of the person I’m calling was all to no avail. In between these conversations, I laughed hysterically and amid that, I shed some tears.

The crying wasn’t much, but it was worth it while it lasted. I enquired from the person I called after and shared the story with him. He laughed too. 

If you encounter this, you can also have the same experience as me.

Bottom Line

Taking your time to laugh saves you from a lot of heartaches and time spent thinking over unnecessary kinds of stuff. If you’re looking for things that’d make you laugh so much that you’ll cry, then you stumbled on the right post.

This article boasts of about 15 different scenarios which will have you all cracked up in your ribs and shed some tears in the process too. All you have to do is to kindly pick a likable scenery that you can count on to give you the perfect show of laughter and tears as well. 



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