Other Words for Do Not Disturb

12 Other Words for “Do Not Disturb”

Occasionally, we’d need some time for ourselves. Whether it’s to work or to just have some quiet, having some time to oneself is very important. However, saying “do not disturb” may not convey the message well, as it may sound rude. So, what other ways can you say, “do not disturb?” While wanting to be … Read more

20 Best Replies To “Keep Trying”

When you’re told to “keep trying”, it’s a way to motivate you to put more effort into what you do. Have you been stuck with saying “Thank you” to this phrase all the time? There are some suitable replies you can give when someone wants to motivate or encourage you with this phrase. All you … Read more

24 Best Responses to “How Bout Them Dawgs”

“Dawgs” is slang that can be alternatively spelled as “dogs.” Friends and Athletic teams like the Georgia Bulldogs can be referred to as “dawgs”, especially in cases where a group of people is trying to establish friendliness and, if possible, abolish every form of formality between them. When someone says “How ’bout them Dawgs?”, a … Read more