20 Other Words for “Too Hard to Catch” 

When you say too hard to catch you are simply trying to let someone know that it is a difficult task for someone or a group of people to get hold of you. 

You are telling them that the chances of you getting trapped by them or getting trapped by someone is very slim and you are smart enough to always stay on guard. 

There are other ways to say too hard to catch and to express yourself in different tones and words. In this article, I will explain 20 other words that are too hard to catch and how to use them in a sentence.

Here are 20 other words you can use instead of too hard to catch:

20 Other Words for “Too Hard to Catch”

  1. Elusive
  2. Slippery
  3. Evasive
  4. Hard to grasp
  5. Difficult to capture
  6. Tricky to nab
  7. Elusory
  8. Hard to pin down
  9. Slip through the fingers
  10. Tough to apprehend
  11. Challenging to ensnare
  12. Hard to seize
  13. Slip away
  14. Hard to trap
  15. Eluding capture
  16. Tricky to catch
  17. Slip through the cracks
  18. Hard to snare
  19. Escaping grasp
  20. Hard to corral


Other Words for too Hard to Catch 

Saying ‘Elusive’ is a cool way to say ‘too hard to catch’

When something is elusive, it means it is hard to catch or find. It’s like trying to grab onto something slippery or locate a hidden treasure. It can be frustrating because it always seems just out of reach.

Example: Despite the fact that the criminal has been elusive does not mean he cannot be caught, never say never. 


Other Words for too Hard to Catch 

‘Slippery’ is a calm figurative way to say ‘too hard to catch’ 

When something is slippery, it means that it can not be held firmly and can easily escape grip. You can use this word in place of too hard to catch because it figuratively means that the person can easily escape grip and would be difficult to hold on to. 

Example: He is very slippery as he has a lot of connections to politicians so it is impossible to pin the accident on him.


A good way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘Evasive’

Evasive means avoiding or escaping something, like being difficult to catch or pin down. It’s like when something or someone is intentionally trying to avoid being caught or captured. 

When someone is intentionally trying to avoid being caught, it means that the person is doing something that should not be done and the person does not want to get caught doing it.

Example: The politician gave vague and evasive answers during the interview, avoiding direct questions.

Hard to grasp

Another better way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘Hard to grasp’

This simply means that the person cannot be gotten a hold of. When you say hard to grasp you are making it known that it is a very challenging task to hold you down. 

Example: I am very confident about how I run this business because I am hard to grasp.

Difficult to capture

When you say ‘Difficult to capture,’ it is a firm way to say ‘too hard to catch’

Difficult to capture means that it requires double effort and it is a challenging and overwhelming task to put you in a position that restricts you, cancels your basic needs, and makes you a prisoner to them.

Example: The police did not work hard enough, it made the criminal difficult to capture.

Tricky to nab

A funny way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘tricky to nab’

You can use this term when you are making jest of the person or people who try to get a hold of you. 

Tricky to nab means they have no idea who you are and they still can’t find out but you do a lot of things that affect the community.

Example: Robin Hood kept stealing and giving to the poor but he was very tricky to nab 


Saying ‘Elusory’ is another good way to say ‘too hard to catch’

Elusory is an adjective that describes something as deceptive or illusory. It suggests that something is misleading or gives a false impression. 

It’s like when something appears real or attainable, but in reality, it’s elusive or difficult to grasp. When somebody thinks two steps ahead and makes sure they are watchful of any form of traps, it makes them too hard to catch.

Example: The promises of quick and guaranteed wealth in certain investment schemes can be elusory and should be approached with caution.

Hard to pin down

A great way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘hard to pin down.’

Unless you have superhuman strength and great fighting techniques, you can be pinned down by a group of people or less.

Hard to pin down in this context means that you are very cautious about leaving trails that leave evidence at your doorstep which makes you too hard to catch.

Example: We have no identity behind these threats, whoever it is can be so hard to pin down 

Slip through the fingers

You can say ‘slip through the fingers’ as a finer way of saying ‘too hard to catch’

Slipping through the fingers means that you always have a better escape plan or you are just lucky to never get caught. It can also mean that you get caught but you always find your way out of problems and any other thing that can make you feel lifeless and useless.

Example: He has been detained and questioned a few times but surprisingly he always slips through the fingers of Justice 

Tough to apprehend

A calm way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘tough to apprehend’

Tough to apprehend means that it is very difficult for a person to be tied to a part of the destruction. This proves how the person is too hard to catch.

Example: Kindly keep me posted if you get any information about the criminal who has been tough to apprehend.

Challenging to ensnare

Another best way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘challenging to ensnare’

This means that a person cannot be lured or tricked into capturing. This also proves the point of being too hard to catch but it also talks about the process of baiting the catch. 

When you say that you are challenging yourself, it means that you can hardly fall for tricks that would lead to your doom.

Example: He is challenging to ensnare because he stays out of trouble all the time. 

Hard to seize

You can say ‘hard to seize’ as a good way to say ‘too hard to catch’

You can say hard to seize instead of too hard to catch. It means the same thing and can be used in the best-fitting sentence. 

However, to seize means that you can collect, hold, capture, or keep someone or something because you have certain powers over that person or thing. When at a point you find it difficult to collect or capture, challenging to hold, or unbearable to keep, it means it is hard to seize.

Example: There are plans to transform men in this community into prisoners and slaves but they are hard to seize.

Slip away

A smart way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘Slip away ’

Slip away basically means that it is pointless to chase or it is an unnecessary effort to catch because it would escape in one way or the other.

When you say you can slip away, it means that you can not be caught or you can be caught but you can find escape routes.

Example: He proves way smarter than the police because he always slips away from them anytime he gets sighted.

Hard to trap

The best way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is to say ‘hard to trap’

To trap a person means that you can get hold of them in a way that soothes you and they would not be able to escape from you no matter how hard they try. 

If someone declares themselves hard to trap, it means that they are cautious and wise enough not to fall for anything that would lead them to fatality. It also portrays the level of experience that they have in being able to stay on guard and not get caught.

Example: We tried our best but we missed a big opportunity again, he has just proven to us that he is hard to trap.

Eluding capture

You can say ‘Eluding capture’ as a better way to say ‘too hard to catch’

Eluding capture means avoiding being caught or evading capture. It’s like when someone or something manages to escape or stay out of reach despite being pursued or sought after.

It implies a skill or ability to escape from being captured or detained. It’s like when a clever fugitive manages to stay one step ahead of the pursuing authorities, making it difficult for them to be apprehended. It implies a sense of agility, cunning, and the ability to outsmart those trying to catch them.

Example: The clever fugitive skillfully navigated through the city, eluding capture at every turn.

Tricky to catch

A fine way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘tricky to catch’

When something is described as tricky to catch, it means that it poses a challenge or difficulty in being captured or apprehended.

It implies that it requires a combination of skill, strategy, and persistence to overcome its elusive nature. It’s like trying to catch a quick and agile squirrel that effortlessly evades your attempts to capture it.

Example: He keeps outsmarting the boys who threatened his life and now they have realized he is tricky to catch.

Slip through the cracks

A chill way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘slip through the cracks ’

This is a figurative way to say too hard to catch. It implies that there is always a flaw in any system placed to catch the person which makes the person quite difficult to get a hold of.

Example: Making an escape plan is unnecessary, by the heat of the moment I would just slip through the cracks.

Hard to snare

A favorable way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘Hard to snare’

When something is hard to snare, it means that it is difficult to trap or catch. It implies that it requires a lot of effort, skill, and patience to successfully catch or capture it.

It’s like trying to catch a wily fox that always manages to outsmart your traps and escape.

Example: Trying to catch a sly fox in the forest can be quite a challenge, as they are incredibly hard to snare.

Escaping grasp

You can say ‘Escaping grasp’ as an interesting way of saying ‘too hard to catch’

When you say something escaping grasp, it means that it is like trying to hold onto something that keeps slipping away.

It is as if you’re trying to catch something fast and agile with your bare hands, but it manages to get away just as you think you have got it.

It can be frustrating because no matter how hard you try to hold onto it, it finds a way to escape your grasp.

When a person says they can escape grasp, it means that they are too hard to catch.

Example: Trying to capture a clever magician’s disappearing act is like trying to catch smoke – it always manages to escape your grasp.

Hard to corral

Another best way to say ‘too hard to catch’ is ‘Hard to corral.’When something is hard to corral, it means that it is challenging to gather or control.

Example: Trying to round up a group of hyperactive toddlers is like herding a bunch of bouncy balls – they’re hard to corral!

Parting Words

When someone says they are hard to catch, they are letting you know that they are smart enough to do things and get away with it easily.

There are several other ways to say too hard to catch, you can figuratively elevate your cleverness when you want to let people know you are hard to catch.


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