15 Nicknames for Someone Who Is Always Negative

You’ve probably had your fair share of run-ins with these sorts of people. And you probably did not welcome it one bit.

These are the kind of people that make human society so dreary or depressing or just lacking in joy. With a negative comeback for any kind of good news, a terrible sense of humor, and a view on life that makes you wonder what part of your own life has any real meaning.

From simple Debbie downers to hard-core pessimists, and even the nitpicking naysayers in between, they are people that most people want to avoid, and others want to (and some are even paid to) fix.

But being down in the dumps of a state of mind can be salvaged if they actually try. A few therapy sessions, some meditation, some exercise and sleep, and maybe some medical intervention in severe cases and they’ll be just fine.

But sometimes these people get to you and you just want to call them out for what they are. Calling them “negative people” is its own thing, but what if you don’t want to use that and want to add some spice or just be a bit more direct in your approach?

Well, dive right in as we go into 15 different nicknames to call people like that.

15 Nicknames For Someone Who Is Always Negative

Here is a list of 15 different monikers, many that are known, and a few that aren’t so popular, but these would suffice to refer to a person who is always negative:

  • Eeyore
  • Debbie downer
  • Curmudgeon
  • Pessimistic
  • Misanthropist
  • Red flag
  • Gloomy Gus
  • Nitpicker
  • Cynic
  • Grouch
  • Sullen Sally
  • Naysayer
  • Defeatist
  • Job’s comforter
  • Fatalist

1. Eeyore

The name Eeyore is a name that came from the Winnie-the-Pooh collection of stories written by author A. A. Milne back in 1926.

The character “Eeyore” was described to be a sad and depressed gray donkey (the gray probably also significant of its character, then the Disney adaptation which was slightly bluer).

This character was seen to be perpetually slow and sad, depressed, and always complaining about the smallest matters that anyone else would ignore. This is translated to be the character traits of anyone you would want to give the name. Imagine someone complaining about rain falling on a Tuesday because they didn’t like it. You can use as such:

“I never liked that Sullivan guy. He was one hell of an Eeyore”

2. Debbie Downer

Don’t think of the name too much, it can be used for any person regardless of their sex as it is a gender-specific moniker.

A Debbie Downer is someone who likes to rain on other people’s parade. They would find any and everything that could go wrong with any dreams, aspirations, or just good vibes going on anywhere.

On a sunny day at the beach, everyone is excited to swim and ready to lay in the sand and this one person comes with a bunch of facts or ‘what if’ scenarios, and everyone is discouraged from going.

In a sentence, they can be used like this;

“With all this negative talk of it raining on the night of the concert, you being a big Debbie Downer

3. Curmudgeon

This word might seem strange and difficult to pronounce (it is pronounced kuh-muh-jn️), but if you are looking for a word to describe a negative older person with a lot of hate for young people, modern trends, and very stubborn beliefs then this is the word.

Curmudgeons are the kind of people who will shake their first at skateboards when they are having fun, or refuse to buy cookies from five-year-old girls.

They are very irritable and I feel like they are the worst kind of negative people because it is almost impossible to change their minds. You can use it like this:

“Mr. Flowstone is a curmudgeon. He won’t let us have any fun. He will just complain till we give up on the idea.”

4. Pessimist

This is a very popular and straightforward nickname you can give someone with a dismal demeanor. For these sets of people, there is only one perspective: the worst side of things.

They are most likely to play devil’s advocate but with their attention set on the opposing side carrying the case.

Unlike other types of negative people with a clear hatred or aversion for life or happy things, a pessimistic person doesn’t hate anything and just lacks belief or hope in any situation.

They are the first to give up, the first to discourage you from a risky venture, and the last to push anything original forward. It can be used like this;

“Lionel is always so negative about things these days that it is so annoying. I could almost call him a pessimist

5. Misanthropist

A misanthropist draws their negative attitude from the distrust they harbor for humans. They believe humans are selfish, untrustworthy, and cruel humans hence they have a negative attitude towards the whole human society. 

If you have a friend who feels this way (though it must be tough having a friend like that) then you can call him a misanthropist.

You would know a misanthropist when you see one because they try to live in seclusion from the people as they are not very modern. Here is a good example of it in a sentence:

“I first thought him a misanthropist when I met him. He was always very quiet, kept to himself and he wasn’t very nice either.”

6. Red flag

Generally, a red flag has no good connotation so calling someone’s red flag says a lot about their persistent negative attitude.

Usually, people describe others as a red flag if they are toxic or they have some toxic trait. We can all agree that being consistently negative is a toxic trait that can be difficult for others around you hence the nickname red flag.

Here’s a nice example of the nickname in a sentence:

Kate: Jim is a nice guy. He just has some red flags. 

Gus: With all that negativity? He is a walking red flag

7. Gloomy Gus

A gloomy Gus is a very pessimistic guy. The phrase “gloomy gus” is an idiom and you can use it to describe a person who is downcast and negative in their outlook of life and their demeanor.

Like a pessimist when they have anything they have to do, they see the worst aspect of the situation and hardly find a reason to be cheerful.

They are the kind of people playing commentators when the home team is losing.

Here’s what a sentence with it would look like.

“Over there is Luke, the Gloomy Gus of our circle. Even the look of him cries ‘gloomy’…” 

8. Nitpicker

One feature or characteristic of a negative person is complaining. They complain all the time about everything and anything -their spouse, children, family, weather, economy, the country they live in, the friends they have, you name it.

A nitpicker is however someone who complains about the most trivial or petty things.

For example, they can complain about how many sesame seeds are on hamburgers, how the font on the light bill is preventing them from reading it, and how their neighbor’s cat never took a liking to them, unlike the other neighbors.

It gets tiring, and it is one way you can tell someone is lazy because they will do anything to get out of doing work. Here is an example in a sentence:

“Here comes Therese. A true Nitpicker through and through. Bet you a twenty that she complains about how quick Julie says ‘hello’…” 

9. Cynic

Nicknames for Someone Who Is Always Negative

You can call anyone who is overly distrusting about people’s motives a cynic. These people also have a negative outlook on life and people in general.

They generally believe that humans do whatever they do for their self-interest and wholly because of that.

Most times the reason for a cynic’s mindset is the treatment he or she has gotten from others. Their efforts might have failed no matter how hard they worked, or because life has dealt them one too many heavy blows.

Hence, they give up on trying and just believe that humans will be bent on frustrating you so there’s no point trying or trusting them. You use as such:

“Greg was such a wonderful and loving person. Now he has turned into a cynic. All he does is scrutinize every single thing people want to do. It is depressing.”

10. Grouch

A grouch is a word used to describe a very irritable person, who complains a lot and can be a bane to be around. They are always discontent with something around them and they seize every opportunity to point it out.

While this term is most times used for old people, it can also be used for young people too as long as they have the characteristics of a grouch:

“I never met someone with so many complaints. He is such a grouch

11. Sullen Sally

A Sullen Sally is a sad person who always looks like they’re about to cry even without provocation. This behavior is even contagious and could spread to the rest of the group. Unlike a grouch who might be very willing to let everyone know how he feels about them, they are withdrawn and they do not talk much.

This way you know that they are in bad moods frequently but you can not tell why. They can be easily upset but won’t say why. Whenever they do speak they whine about everything and it makes it difficult to stay around them.

To use this nickname, use as such:

“Asking a Sullen Sally like Rebecca to handle the jokes would just dampen the mood. So what’s the point?”

12. Naysayer

A person who is a naysayer is always against people’s point of view, and ideas and sees whatever they have to say as not good enough. In addition to that, they do not try to find a solution to the problem or give alternatives of any kind.

They are very pessimistic and have a negative attitude towards everything, even people close to them. They nag a lot and criticize everything around them. You can use as such:

“Who knew Stacy was such a naysayer? The moment I told her about my interview she said I wouldn’t get the job. Good thing I did” 

13. Defeatist

A defeatist is a person who has the mindset that he or she is a failure in anything that they want or have to do. They think of themselves as not good enough or not smart enough.

They believe that any venture they set out to do will fail because they talk themselves into being failures before they even begin.

A defeatist will bring this negative attitude into everything they do and if you know one you will find yourself constantly talking them into trying their best and convincing them that it will be a success. You can use as such:

“With his defeatist mentality, it is no wonder he never those well” 

14. Job’s comforter

A job’s comforter is a person who pretends to be helpful towards a situation by giving unsolicited advice and encouragement when they are aggravating the situation. They are too immersed in the problem to do anything helpful and most times you wish they were not there.

The name is a biblical allusion to Job’s friends who tried to comfort him when they heard of his woes but ended up being of little help to Job and making Job feel worse. You can use as such:

“Tess is a little sus. She says she wants to help but she acts like a Job’s comforter

15. Fatalist

A fatalist is a person whose negativity comes from their belief that regardless of what they do the outcomes are already predetermined. With this mindset, they don’t give their all and they tend to give up a lot and lift things to fate.

This belief makes them feel powerless and most of the time, they believe that things are working against them rather than for them hence they have a negative outlook on life.

They are resigned and accepting of it rather than bitter. You can use as such:

“Megan is such a Fatalist. He is into horoscopes And he lives by them.”

Final Words

To wrap things up, negative people, while mostly annoying and bad for a social atmosphere, aren’t exactly evil and sometimes it can be helped if they can be persuaded to.

But should they show that ugly side they are mostly known for, now you have a whole arsenal of 15 names to give them and tell them you don’t exactly appreciate it.

Don’t let it rub off on you, or you too could become a “nitpicking naysayer”.

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