80 Best Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family”

Every year, Thanksgiving is been celebrated on the Fourth Thursday in the month of November. It started in the November of 1941 and the actual date shifts every year.

During Thanksgiving, people get to spend time with their family and friends and say things that they are grateful for. They eat turkey at dinner amongst other things, play games, tell stories, and have a good time.

Unfortunately, some do not have the privilege of spending time with family because they still have to go to work. So when a person wishes them Happy Thanksgiving, what can they say in response?

No need to stress yourself thinking of the best responses to the wish, “Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family”. In this article, we have listed eighty (80) unique and funny ways you can respond to a Thanksgiving wish.

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80 Best Responses to Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family

Happy Thanksgiving to you too

When you want a basic and simple response to a Happy Thanksgiving wish, then this is the right reply to use.

I’m thankful to you for all the love you’ve shown me.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and to appreciate those around you. You can use this response for a person who has shown you true love.

Thanks for the wishes, what are you grateful for?

As you list the things you are grateful for, you may want to know what other people are grateful for, and the best way to do that is to ask them.

I’d be more grateful if I didn’t have to mourn the death of my beloved one

Nobody can determine what will happen as the year comes to an end. The feeling of gratitude may be tempered with the death of a loved one, and if that is the case then this is the best response to use.

I can’t wait for a nice Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is known for the meal shared among friends and families. The dinner unites the family together and gives them a reason to celebrate.

Ah, the Thanksgiving meal was sumptuous; I’m grateful!

How to Respond to Happy Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, some people are invited to dine with their friends or even strangers. Just because they are not part of the family does not mean that they cannot celebrate Thanksgiving too.

Despite the bad experiences of the year, I’m grateful to be alive

The best thing about being alive despite bad experiences is that you have a chance to change things which is why you should be grateful.

Wishing you the same to you and your family, may the blessings of thanksgiving come upon you

When someone wishes you and your family well during Thanksgiving, it is right that you return the same wish and more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, hope the turkey didn’t burn this time

There are people who, despite how bad of a cook they are, always attempt to make dinner for everyone. They don’t take it personally when a person mocks their inability to cook.

Aww, I appreciate your wish, may you have a reason to always be thankful

Sometimes, people we do not expect to acknowledge may send us heartfelt Thanksgiving messages. You can express how the words touched your heart through your response.

Wishing the tides turn in your favor, Happy Thanksgiving to you too

To respond to a Thanksgiving message properly, it is nice that you wish the other person well too. By doing so, you balance out the equation.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too especially to your grandparents

From one family to the other, when a person wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, it is right to return the wish in the same measure.

Oh thanks for the wishes, I will get you the best Thanksgiving gift you’ve ever received this year.

Some beautiful Thanksgiving wishes will provoke us to want to do or get something for the person who sent us the message.

Wishing you the same too, can’t wait to bless my stomach with your delicious meals.

Every year, people go home to share a meal with their family. It could be extended family or closer relations but if you enjoy a person’s meal, be sure to let them know, it will make them happy.

Ah the same to you too, I hope you will still be thankful when you have to clean up after everyone.

Despite the joy that Thanksgiving brings, it also comes with its stress – cooking and having to clean up after everyone.

Oh, I’m so grateful that my favorite team won, this is the best Thanksgiving yet

Every lover of sport has a team they support in their favorite sport. When that team wins, it makes Thanksgiving more eventful.

No matter how bad things are, we always have a reason to be thankful, so I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving too

Even on Thanksgiving day, people may be reeling from a bad day, a bad week, or a bad month. Remind them that despite the bad events, there is still a reason to be grateful.

Thanks for remembering me, may the lines fall into place for you, and may the force be with you.

Anyone who remembers you on Thanksgiving Day should be appreciated and wished well. You can also use this response for a Star Wars fan.

The family accepts your wishes, and I can’t wait to kick your butt at the games this year!

During Thanksgiving, fun games are played where at the end a winner and a loser are each chosen. The loser can wait for the next Thanksgiving for a chance to finally win.

Talking about Thanksgiving, I’m definitely not thankful for the same boring routine every year.

No matter the emphasis on the advantages of Thanksgiving, there are some people who will still not be thankful. Some of those people end up just complaining.

We accept your wishes wholeheartedly and hope you will join us this year as we give alms

How to Respond to Happy Thanksgiving

Some people express their Thanksgiving through almsgiving. They believe that charity is the best way to show gratitude hence they give out important things like food items, money, and warm clothes.

Can’t wait to see you stuff your face again this year, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

In a world that emphasizes the importance of living healthy, some people would prefer to eat as much as they want to know that they are alive. However, they do it among family members who will not judge them.

I wish you the same and hope you are aware of the things you have to be grateful for?

When speaking to your loved ones or people who are under your command, it is best to remind them that they have to be grateful. If they didn’t know it before, then let them be aware of it.

Despite the nostalgia from past experiences, we are all too grateful to be celebrating together.

Happy memories can either bring sadness or happiness and no matter where the road leads you, you should be grateful that you had both experiences in life.

I love Thanksgiving because we finally get to spend time together despite our busy schedules

How to Respond to Happy Thanksgiving

Some people are extremely busy all through the year, but they create time during Thanksgiving to see their family and spend time with them. Family coming together to celebrate is the most important part of Thanksgiving.

I’m mostly grateful for Thanksgiving cause I usually have the day off

Thanksgiving Day is considered a holiday by most establishments hence they give their workers the day off. Being asked not to come to work so that they can spend time with their family will mean a lot to workers.

I’m excited about Thanksgiving; I can’t wait to get my hands on Grandma’s pecan pie.

One thing about grandmothers is that they love to feed their grandchildren and spend time with them. If you are fond of your grandmother’s special dish, be sure to let her know.

Bless your heart, I’m mostly thankful for (insert name), the new addition to the family.

While expressing things you are thankful for, if you have a specific person you are grateful for be sure to mention them. It could be a new child, a new wife/husband/in-law, or an adopted relative.

Thanks my love, I’m extremely thankful for you because you are one of the few who feed me.

This is a witty way to respond to a Thanksgiving message. It could be used to respond to your mum, wife, sister, or any other female who cooks delicious meals for you.

I’m glad that you beat cancer and are here to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving, lots of love!

Cancer has taken so many lives, while some have won the battle against cancer, some have lost it. If you win the battle against cancer, then it is definitely worth celebrating and being thankful for.

I may have lost my job, but at least I’m here to spend Thanksgiving with you so I’m grateful.

Losing a job, especially a well-paying one is not usually a happy event. Nevertheless, if you decide to look at the positive side of things – you get to spend time with family and you could always apply for another job.

It’d be a better Thanksgiving if I was not going to work today, but all the same, Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving Day is a holiday, some people still go to work on that day. Most of them are forced to because it is the company’s policy while some need the extra money.

Oh, I’m so grateful to be alive to hear you wish me a Happy Thanksgiving, love ya

Every year, some people either die, fall sick, or pass through terrible events that will make them assume that they will die. If they escape death, they will be very grateful for a second chance at life.

We are all thankful too, having a peaceful home to come back to is a blessing

A life is considered complete where there is peace of mind, and that peace is not necessarily found in one place. It can be found with a person or a group of people.

With warm clothes on our backs and food to eat, I and the family are thankful too.

A contented person shows gratitude for the little things of life such as clothes, food, and shelter. When a person sends you a Thanksgiving message, you can express gratitude for those little things.

As a lover of food, I am grateful for the free food I get to eat every day.

Food is one of the most essential things needed for survival. If you are living under your parents or a guardian, and you get to eat free and quality food daily, then you have every reason to be grateful.

Thank you for not being embarrassed to identify with me, you’re the real MVP, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Some people have been bullied throughout their lives and have reason to live in constant embarrassment maybe due to a physical or social challenge. They will definitely be grateful to anyone who decides to identify with them regardless.

While I am grateful, I wish I didn’t have to do all the cooking, Happy Thanksgiving.

While preparing for Thanksgiving, some people love the festivities of the Thanksgiving celebrations, but they do not appreciate all the work that comes with it.

Like every other year, I went for last-minute shopping, but I am grateful that the Thanksgiving dinner is going well.

As our faces are different so are our need to be organized. This means that while some people can be organized, there are some people who don’t do things till the last minute.

I don’t mind ordering homemade foods, as far as the Thanksgiving goes well, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving too.

There is always an easier way to achieve things and still have a great Thanksgiving. If you can’t cook or you don’t like the stress that comes with cooking, you can easily order homemade foods and still have a great time.

You owe me some stuffing and pie my friend, thanks for the wishes though

Some people are born with a talent for making great meals, while some learn the skill during their lifetime. If you have a friend who cooks well, you can use this response for them.

Despite not believing in Thanksgiving you wished me well; I really appreciate it

Unfortunately, not everyone believes in Thanksgiving, but some of them have the simple courtesy to celebrate with those who believe in it. It is an act of humanity, and your response should show that you appreciate it.

Thanksgiving only comes once a year, but I always have a reason to be thankful every day

While Thanksgiving is celebrated nationally every day, some people live with gratitude in their hearts every day. It is a good way of life to live in gratitude every day, it extends one life span.

Oh thanks for the wishes and the food but I don’t really believe in Thanksgiving

If you do not believe in Thanksgiving, and someone wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, you can use this response as a polite way of telling them that you do not believe in Thanksgiving.

I don’t really like Thanksgiving cause I’m a vegetarian and I don’t like celebrating the mass death of turkeys.

Almost everyone is aware of the pattern of celebration during Thanksgiving. During the meal preparation, Turkey is killed and cooked properly for all to eat and core vegetarians do not participate in the dinner because of that.

I may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but I don’t mind a nice hot Thanksgiving meal.

There are some people who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but they will never say no to food. They love food more than they favor a particular belief so they will not accept an invite to Thanksgiving dinner even though they don’t believe in Thanksgiving.

Every Thanksgiving, I always look forward to your cooking. I celebrate you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving too

How to Respond to Happy Thanksgiving

If you always celebrate Thanksgiving in the house of a person who cooks extremely well, then you will have a reason to look forward to Thanksgiving dinner every year.

It’s going to be a great Thanksgiving for both of us, but I can’t say the same for the Turkeys.

This is a witty way to respond to a Thanksgiving dinner. It shows that the person is excited about the dinner and cracking a joke about it is his way of expressing his wittiness.

It’s a great Thanksgiving because I will spend the whole day eating and napping.

Since Thanksgiving is a holiday, there is no work on that day. Most people spend the day shopping, cooking for family, eating, and sleeping. By the end of the day, they feel more refreshed.

The great thing about this year’s Thanksgiving is that I get to indulge my desires and I am grateful for it.

Some people have a list of things they would love to achieve on Thanksgiving. It could be something they want to eat, see, touch, or do. Whatever it is, they may plan to do it on a holiday.

Thanksgiving would have been great if I did not always lose to you, but I have (insert name)’s pie to make up for it.

In some families during Thanksgiving, they play games among the family members. Of course, there will be winners and losers, and the losers can console themselves with a slice of a delicious pie.

I traveled to (insert name of the place) to spend time with my husband’s family, imagine how it went.

There are some families who always have drama once all the members of the family are in a closed space.

The drama may be positive or negative and you can share your experience with a friend when they wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Your message has just reminded me that I owe you some tea, what’s Thanksgiving without family drama?

Tea, to some people, is something to drink while they gossip while to some it is something they spill to bond. In whatever form it comes, the most important thing is that gossip is exchanged.

Oh, Thanksgiving is wonderful, I’m sure my toilet will hate me afterward, but it will be worth it.

Most people eat without reckless abandon during Thanksgiving. It may be the temptation of different scrumptious meals on the table and as expected, they may spend the rest of the day in the toilet fighting for their lives.

I wish I could be as happy as you are but I’m still grieving due to the loss of (insert name), nevertheless, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

During the Thanksgiving season, if a person loses someone, they may be reeling from the loss and will not really be in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Such a person can use this response if they wish to be courteous about the wish.

Thank you, my love, you are the gift that keeps this family together and I’m grateful for you.

This response can be used to appreciate a member of the family who has been the glue that holds the family together. It could be a husband, wife, stepmom/dad, or any other relative.

Thank you for this cran-merry wish, I remain thankful for everything I haven’t received yet cause I know that they will come.

While we are focused on being thankful for the things that we have received, it is advisable to show gratitude for even the things we haven’t received. Gratitude can bring good things to our doorsteps.

Despite the few times things have gone wrong, Thanksgiving is a good time to remember the things that have gone right, so I wish you the same.

Focusing so much on the things that have gone wrong in life can lead one into depression and if not controlled perhaps suicide. However, counting one’s blessings can breed hope and give the person a reason to live.

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude, thank you for the Thanksgiving wish.

If you do not know the words to use and express the extent of the gratitude in your heart, then you can simply say so. By using this response, you can show them the extent of your gratitude.

I have a reason to be grateful every day because I have you, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

This is a romantic way to respond to a Thanksgiving wish. The romance is not exclusive to couples but to close family members who share a bond with and have supported each other.

Just as you’ve wished me a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your Thanksgiving overflows with goodness.

If a person is gracious enough to compose a beautiful Thanksgiving message for you, you should appreciate them and send them a more gracious wish than they did to you.

Thanksgiving is the period of reaping the seeds that kindness has sown, and I hope you experience a plentiful harvest

One of the reasons why we show gratitude is because we are reaping the good seeds we have sown. The good deeds can be the kind acts that we did or the good words that we said to a person.

One beautiful thing about Thanksgiving is that we get to recollect beautiful memories, thank you for wishing me well

Thanksgiving brings back so many beautiful memories. When you go to spend time with your family, you can look through pictures or watch videos and remind yourself of good times in the past.

Despite the ups and downs of the year, we are alive and healthy to celebrate Thanksgiving, and for that I’m grateful

Each comes with its own storm. If you do not allow the storm to drown you and you come out victorious, then it’s every good reason to be grateful. You can use this response to show your intense gratitude to the universe.

As you’ve wished me well, may abundance fill your cup, and may you always have a reason to be grateful

This is also another beautiful way to reply to a Thanksgiving message. It is beautifully composed and conveys the heartfelt gratitude of the writer. It can also be rewritten as an original Thanksgiving wish hence it’s multipurpose in nature.

I love Thanksgiving because it helps me to focus on what is there instead of what isn’t, wishing you the best of the season.

If we focus excessively on the things that we should have that we don’t, we may end up getting depressed, but Thanksgiving helps us to focus on the little things that matter and be grateful for them.

When everything seems to go wrong, you give me a reason to remember that you are one of the few good things on earth

This reply is usually used for a special person whom you have a romantic or close relationship with. It is used as a means of admiration and appraisal for someone who has been supportive of you and who you love.

For wishing me well, your blessings will be many and your troubles few, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing a person great blessings is another way to respond to a Thanksgiving wish. Some people will accept the blessing while some will dismiss it as superstition but that should not discourage you from using this beautiful response.

Everything I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving begins with you, I wish you all the best too.

This response can be used for a very special person. The way it is composed, it may mean that the entrance of that person into your life was the beginning of so many beautiful things and for that you are grateful.

Hey bachelor, may the chairs around your table soon be filled with those you love, Happy Thanksgiving.

If you have a bachelor friend who has reached the age of marriage but has refused to get married, you can use this statement to reply to them when they send you a Thanksgiving wish.

May the harvest of Thanksgiving bring your soulmate to grant you warmth during cold seasons, Happy Thanksgiving!

This response is targeted to all your single friends who are hoping to find the one. When they send you a Thanksgiving message, you can wish that they finally meet their life partner, and they will appreciate you for it.

As you’ve honored me through your message, may honor never depart from your home, Happy Thanksgiving.

A person’s words in their Thanksgiving message can communicate honor to you. It could be a memory they recall or a certain quality about you that they admire. Whatever their motive, it is good to use this beautiful response for them.

This Thanksgiving is the right time for me to express how much you mean to me, I love you.

Every opportunity you have to appreciate the ones that you love, seize it, cause you don’t know if you will have that opportunity the next minute. Learn to appreciate people who are special to you every day cause every minute counts.

Oh, thanks for the wishes, Thanksgiving for me is eternal, and I hope you have all the best in this season.

This response is used by a person who believes in the afterlife. They assume that thanksgiving should continue from this life till after the person has died. So, if you are one of those, then this response is most suitable for you.

Thank you for the wishes but I’m more grateful for your love and support, Happy Thanksgiving my love.

A true relationship is not built on mere words but on sacrifice and acts of love. When a person who has truly been by your side sends you a Thanksgiving message, this response will let them know that beyond words, what you are truly grateful for is their love and support.

I hope this Thanksgiving blesses you with a cornucopia of success and victory

When a person wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, you can use this response to wish them a large supply of all good things which is not limited to success and victory.

You can add to that anything good that the person really wishes to have.

I can’t wait for you to get here, we have so many things to do – football, turkey, games, nap, repeat

If the person who sent you a Thanksgiving marriage lives far away but intends to come home for Thanksgiving, then you can use this response.

The response shows the particular routine you guys have every year and you enjoy together.

While I wish you a wonderful day, I still have to get to work, don’t eat all the turkey and pie!

The reason why the Thanksgiving meal is eaten as dinner is to give an opportunity for those who have to work in the morning to participate in the Thanksgiving.

They can go to work in the morning and then hurry back in time to celebrate with family. They will just be exempted from the dinner preparations.

I’ll only accept your Thanksgiving wish if you come with your delicious pumpkin pie.

This is a witty and playful way of responding to a person’s Thanksgiving message. Perhaps the person is famous for his/her mouth-watering pumpkin pie.

This response is the best way to get the Thanksgiving atmosphere kicking and saturated with laughter.

Thanksgiving celebration brought us together and I am so glad that it did, your support makes you better than a thousand relatives, and for that I’m grateful.

Life can bring lots of surprises our way, some will be good, and some will be bad. This response conveys to the person you are speaking to that they are one of the good things that life has brought your way.

It is used to appreciate someone you love and appreciate like a spouse or a friend.



Thanksgiving is a period to express gratitude for everything one has. During the holiday, individuals get to spend time with their loved ones; they eat together, play games and express what they are thankful for.

People also use the season of Thanksgiving to reflect on what they’ve achieved and how much they’ve grown. During that time, lots of people send Thanksgiving messages to their loved ones and they receive replies.

Some people find it difficult to reply properly to a Thanksgiving message but not to fear we have compiled eighty (80) beautiful responses; now you don’t have to remain in awkward situations, and you can just enjoy your holiday.

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