20 Funny Ways To Say “I’m Down”

What Does It Mean When Someone Says I’m Down? 

Saying “I’m down” could mean any of these three things;

  • That you’re feeling sick
  • That you’re sad at the moment, or
  • That you’re agreeing to do something.

The focus of this article is the last one. When you say “I’m down” to someone’s request, you’re simply showing your willingness to take that risk with/for that person. 

Let’s say your friend asks you to join him to a party in the neighborhood and you don’t want to sound boring by mouthing the usual “yes, let’s go”, you can say “I’m down” instead. 

“I’m down” is what you use with your friend or buddy. There are many funny ways to say that without sounding monotonous. I’ll highlight 20 funny ways to say I’m down when in agreement to something: 

20 Funny Ways To Say I’m Down

Here are the ways to say ‘I’m down’:

  1. “I’m Game!”
  2. Let’s do this, yeah?”
  3. Count me in!”
  4. That’s sounds good even to a dummy”
  5. If you’re up for it, I’m down!”
  6. “I’m in for real”
  7. Yeah baby!”
  8. “I gotta be pumped up for that!”
  9. “My name’s there, better not erase it”
  10. “You bet!”
  11. “Would I say otherwise?”
  12. “Needless asking”
  13. “I’m cool with that”
  14. “Sounds so sweet, I’m so in!”
  15. “Down’s the word, man!”
  16. “Do I have any other option?”
  17. “Down’s the way to go!”
  18. “Really? What was I supposed to say before?”
  19. “I’ve been down since Adam”
  20. “Let’s go”


“I’m Game!”

“I’m game” is another slang to use instead of “I’m down”. It shows that you are talking with your buddy and you can freely say these words in a really funny way. 

The tone of your voice should be in such a way as to suggest that you mean to be funny. 

“Let’s do this, yeah?”

Your aim is not actually to ask a question, you’re stating your agreement and making it sound like a question. This is a hint to the fact that you want to sound funny. 

Your friend will totally understand that he is not expected to reply but just trot along with you. He made the request and you’re taking a risk by going along with the suggestion. 

“Let’s do this, yeah” is a statement that also shows that you’re fully in agreement with whatever is suggested. You might have thought about it before agreeing to go along with the idea. 

“Count me in!”

Not only is “count me in” assuring, it is as well funny depending on your gestures while saying it. Remember, you would want to say “I’m down” to someone who understands the slang you are using. 

So, saying “count me in” to a friendly request is a way of saying that you are willing to be in the number even if it’s thousands of people involved. 

That’s funny because people may not even be counted for that request. You can raise your eyebrow in a funny way just to drive home the point. 

“That’s sounds good even to a dummy”

Wait! wait! wait! Nobody is calling anyone a dummy here. And dummy is not such a bad word. “That sounds good even to a dummy” means that even someone slow to taking decisions would agree to that plan. 

By implication, even if you wouldn’t ordinarily easily agree to a request, this very request is too rewarding to bluff. That’s exactly what you’re saying. 

And it’s funny because you’ll have the person laughing at first. This is because he doesn’t consider you a dummy in any way. 

“If you’re up for it, I’m down!”

Funny Ways To Say "I'm Down"

‘If you’re up for it, I’m down’ is a cool way to say ‘I’m down’. I’m already smiling while writing this. You really don’t have to be poetic in response to a simple request, but you should if your friend is inept in that area. 

Just so you know, being up for a thing means the same thing as being down for it. So, you’re actually saying, ‘I’ll do it if it’s what you’re in for’.

This shows that you trust the person and you’re willing to go along with whatever risk he or she is asking you to take. Saying it in a funny way is just to reduce the tension in the room. 

“I’m in for real”

I consider “I’m in for real” to be a more intimate statement than social. This is when you want to tell your close friend that this agreement is coming deep down from your heart. 

You are telling the person that you do not only care about the task at hand, but you care about the person as well. If agreeing to that request will make him or her happy, then do it for real. 

“Yeah baby!”

“Yeah baby” is surely a funny way of saying “I’m down”. Okay. This must be between a certain kind of relationship. If you’re in an environment that doesn’t read any meaning to you calling anyone baby, then you have no issue. 

Aside from that, you should use this statement with someone you can comfortably say it to without any issue. This statement is deliberate as you aim to place a smile on the person’s face. 

You don’t actually need to say that but you can if you want to bring out a certain effect in the room. “Yeah baby, I’m down!”

“I gotta be pumped up for that!” 

Yeah! “I gotta be pumped up for that” shows you are so excited about this particular endeavor that your reply to the invitation shows it all. You need all the energy you can gather for this.

And of course, it’s funny to say so because the request might not really be that grand. You’re trying to make a show by saying “I gotta be pumped up for that”. 

Normally, you should have just replied with a “yes”. But, the extra energy is needed for the effect you want to make on your friend. 

“My name’s there, better not erase it”

Funny Ways To Say "I'm Down"

Saying, “my name’s there, better not erase it” is just another funny way of saying you’re down for the idea or request. You know, it could be boring to just say, “I’m down”. 

Surely, no one is planning on erasing your name. Maybe, your name wasn’t written down anywhere in the first place. You were simply asked to agree to a thing. 

One thing about this funny reply is that you can use it in a formal setting. Yes! You can even jokingly use this statement with your immediate without crossing the boundary. 

“You bet!”

“You bet” is one funny statement you would want to use. At this point, the person already knows that there is no way you’re gonna say no to that request. He/she knew that it would only take a nod from you to go ahead. 

Without stressing it, just make a declaration of “you bet” when you’re asked to agree to a thing you can’t miss at all. It’s funny because there’s no way you would say no to that. 

“Would I say otherwise?”

If you’re a typical African American who has roots in Nigeria, you will be familiar with the fun fact that Nigerians are fun at answering questions with another question. 

You don’t want to sound boring by just saying the usual “I’m down”. Pump it up a little by using this fun question, “would I say otherwise?”.  

You don’t necessarily expect an answer from the other person, you’re simply telling him/her that you agree with the idea. And of course, you must use this with someone who will totally understand what you mean. 

“Needless asking”

“Before the question comes, my answer is positive”. That’s exactly what you mean when you say “needless saying” instead of “I’m down”. You have agreed even before the idea is shared. 

You know that moment when you already know what the other is about to say and you know that you’re down for it, in fact, you expected the person to know your answer to that. 

Also, you wouldn’t mind if the person didn’t bother asking you and just include you in the plan. That’s how funny this sounds. 

“I’m cool with that”

‘I’m cool with that’ is another funny way of saying “I’m down”. You don’t want to keep repeating the words “I’m down” over and over.

This also shows that you’re really cool with the idea and you wouldn’t mind investing your resources in that. If you use this in your office, it will sound funny, especially if you vary the tone of your voice. 

“Sounds so sweet, I’m so in!”

Funny Ways To Say "I'm Down"

Wooh! Calm down! You’re not eating the words, are you? But, I bet the idea sounds so good that you can’t afford missing the opportunity to pledge your allegiance to it. 

“Sounds so sweet, I’m so in” sounds so funny especially if you are a foodie and the person you’re talking to knows that you enjoy every food you take. If you doubt that, just try it. 

With this statement, as funny as it is, it shows the seriousness in it. You’re really interested in the idea and you’re so in for it because it interests you. 

“Down’s the word, man!”

Yes! There’s no other word to tell that you’re in. “Down’s the word, man because this is so good that I can’t let it pass. You get it?” That sounds like what you should say, right? 

When you run out of funny replies for a request and you don’t want to say a flat “I’m down”, this is a perfect funny statement to use instead. 

It is not only funny, but straight to the point. This is a matter-of-fact statement which shows that you are really in agreement to that particular idea and you’re cool with running with it. 

“Do I have any other option?”

“Do I have any other option” will probably get you the answer, “No, you don’t”. Exactly! You have no other choice but to agree to that request. This is not because you’re under compulsion but because you can’t refuse a good idea. 

There is just no idea out there that is better than what you’ve just heard. There’s just no better thing you could do with your time than invest it in the very thing you’ve been invited to do. 

“Down’s the way to go!”

‘Down’s the way to go’ is another funny way of saying ‘I’m down’. Picture leaving your apartment, using the elevator from the 15th floor to the down floor where the restaurant is. Surely, down is the way to go get food. 

Nobody wants to miss a moment of having good food. And so, if the request you’re receiving is like having a good meal, imagine yourself going to get it. 

It might be taking yourself out of your room, your apartment, taking the elevator down just to get it. The idea might sound tasking, but if it’s good, go get it! 

“I’ve been down since Adam”

Funny Ways To Say "I'm Down"

“I’ve been down since Adam” is a perfect reply to give to your Christian friend instead of saying “I’m down”. Bible allusion. This is another way of saying that you have pledged your agreement since the beginning of the idea or request. 

You might as well be the first person to agree to it. Why it’s funny is that you are not the first to even know of the plan nor are you the first to agree to it, but you’re making it sound that way. 

You can say this to your coworkers at your workplace or your friends and family at home. 

“Really? What was I supposed to say before?”

You are so down with the idea that there’s no other option for you but to agree to it. You’re just surprised that the person is even asking you. 

You don’t just want to say, ‘why are you asking me? You know I would be down for it’. Make it funny by using the above statement. 

With that, you’re doing three things; you’re reprimanding the person about not knowing your choice firsthand, you’re stating your agreement, and you’re being funny. 

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go” sounds like you guys are actually going to a place literally. But, the funny effect here is that you’re not going to any physical location, you’re simply stating your agreement. 

“Let’s go” can also be a reply you’re making instead of saying “I’m down” when you’re requested to go somewhere. You can use this reply for any situation. That brings out the funny effect. 


You know how boring it can be to keep using the same statement every time, especially to the same person. It is important that there are varieties to your statements. 

It is also important that you spice it up with funny statements. You don’t want to be formal all the time, even when you’re at work. That is why I have written these 20 ways to say “I’m down” to your friends, coworkers, family and anyone making a request. 

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