20 Funny Things to Write on a Hoodie

Are you about to get a customized hoodie? It’s a great idea as you get to choose what is written on it. You may also be looking for ideas for your Prints-on-demand. This article is for you

There are several ideas you can put on a hoodie. It can be simply your name. It can be a short motivational quote. It can be a random word you are comfortable with. It can also be something funny. We will be discussing funny ideas to put on your hoodie.

One of our best ideas on funny things to write on a hoodie is ‘I put the N- E- V- E- R in Failure’.

This is not only funny but also positive. You can also use a negative idea which would be funnier due to its absurdity. An example is ‘I put the N- O- N- E in Wisdom.’

20 Funny Things to Write on a Hoodie

I’m not dirty. I’m naturally brown… I swear

Funny Things to Write on a Hoodie

“I’m not dirty. I’m naturally brown” is one of the best jokes you can write on your customized brown hoodie. Make it better by adding a pair of eyes over this writing.

If you are getting a brown hoodie, then this is a suitable joke to write on it. Some brown colors can appear as though they used to be white and have been left dirty for too long to remain white.

You can let your hoodie do that explanation for itself with this joke.

You can expect all eyes to be drawn to this writing immediately after you show up and it will definitely make them chuckle if they don’t laugh out loud.

You can also write this on a white hoodie as a preparation for when it gets too dirty to stay white. When you are asked why, just explain that you are preparing your excuse for the right moment.

If it were up to me, I’d be cleaner.

“if it were up to me, I’d be a cleaner” is another funny joke to write on the front or back of your customized hoodie. Remember to add a face or a pair of eyes to show readers how your hoodie feels about the statement.

If I came across this on a hoodie, I would laugh so hard that my teeth would almost fall off. This is your hoodie bailing itself for any judgment you may receive.

It’s never the hoodie’s fault when it gets dirty so here is your hoodie standing up for what’s right and defending itself.

Anyone who comes across this would get the joke and react immediately, whether your hoodie is found dirty or not.

I can see you.

I bring you the best funny and daring joke for the back of your hoodie. While no one believes you can see who’s standing behind you, the inscription claims so and it will most likely engage a close friend in a playful joke.

While you can write this in the front of the hoodie, it is better placed at the back of the hoodie. Standing behind you, I don’t expect you to see me so I feel free to do something I don’t want you to see.

This writing on your back can make me uncomfortable. It can also make people try weird things to confirm even though they know the inscription is a joke.

He hasn’t washed me.

Here is your hoodie accusing you of not washing it. Whether the hoodie is washed or not, this will crack anyone up for the first time they read it.

If you saw this on a hoodie you wanted to buy, you would definitely laugh at it.

Putting a big pair of eyes or a face will make the statement much better. That way, people can read it in the made-up voice of the hoodie.

The idea of your hoodie protesting against you will get anyone laughing.

Please, slap him if I stink.

Your hoodie is requesting that the public avenge its beautiful scent if you mishandle it. While this statement can be understood while reading here, it would probably confuse you if you saw it on a hoodie without anything signifying that it’s the hoodie’s voice.

You should add a face or a pair of eyes along with this inscription on your hoodie. You can also add an emoji of a hand that points up at your head. You can decide to add either of the two or both

I’m not broke. My account is just vacant.

This is a nice joke that’s not specific to a hoodie. This doesn’t have to be on a hoodie but it’s a nice one to customize on one of your hoodies.

No one wants to be broke. Similarly, no one wants a broke man. You don’t have to be broke to wear a hoodie with this inscription on it.

Also, people wouldn’t believe you are actually broke but you can make it a habit to only wear this when you are broke.

I keep money for people. You don’t need my permission.

This is a beautiful joke which may not be understood when read at first. To make it easier to understand, you can add your account number along with the inscription.

It doesn’t have to be your actual number. However, adding a number will make it easier to understand.

This implies that you can help people keep money and people don’t need to ask you to keep money in your account so they can just send it directly to the account number on your hoodie.

No one will believe it’s your account number unless you tell them so you shouldn’t worry about it

You don’t know what I’m going through

“You don’t know what I’m going through” is a normal statement that may be perceived as an expression of your sadness.

However, it’s quite funny as an inscription on a hoodie. It’s even funnier if you make it seem as though it’s the hoodie complaining about being in your life.

You can put this in front of the hoodie with an emoji of a face that’s staring up angrily toward your face.

This emoji will pass the idea that the hoodie is tired of being used by you. That would be pretty hilarious.

I’ve seen horrible things… Save me

Your hoodie is crying out for help here. You can pass the message better by adding teary eyes before the inscription.

Writing this merely on your hoodie may not pass its meaning quickly so it’s good to add the teary eyes or give your hoodie a full face.

This gives the idea that your hoodie is complaining about having seen horrible things and wants to be delivered from you.

This would make more sense on the back of the hoodie and an image of open arms calling to be grabbed away from you.

Airplane mode, please

Funny Things to Write on a Hoodie

This funny inscription on your hoodie suggests you are not willing to relate with anyone at the moment. Not everyone will consider the inscription serious so you should wear a pair of headphones if you really want to be by yourself. 

I wear my hoodie sometimes when I want to be by myself and I believe it applies to many people also.

While this inscription makes sense on a hoodie, inscriptions on your hoodie will not be read for information so people may just stare to admire your attire.

What are you staring at?

When your outfit has a design on it, the eyes of acquaintances will be called to it naturally.

If there is a writing on it, then most people would be a bit more attentive just to finish reading what’s written.

This inscription on the back of your hoodie would be quite hilarious.

When someone at your back reads this on your hoodie, he/she would move his eyes to your head, as though asking why you are confronting him/her.

Don’t forget to add a pair of angry eyes before this inscription on the back of your hoodie. You can also add an image of folded arms to look as though the hoodie has its back turned to you.

I can’t promise I wash this stuff.

This is a beautiful joke that doesn’t require you to draw a pair of eyes or anything at all. You are simply telling the public or whoever cares to read that you may not wash the hoodie you are putting on.

If you found this inscription on a hoodie in a store, you would definitely crack up before moving to the next. That’s if you are not tempted to get one for yourself.

If I found this inscription on a hoodie, I would buy it immediately and, Yes, I can’t promise to wash it. I don’t have to explain to anyone why it stinks.

He’s wearing me without my permission.

The hoodie is letting us know that you didn’t ask for its permission before putting it on. It’s better to have this on the back of your hoodie but it’s also cool if it’s in the front.

You can add a face that expresses displeasure. You can also add folded arms and a face that expresses anger. An emoji of a hand pointing up at your head is also a pretty good idea.

However, the images are not necessary for anyone to get the idea of the joke.

I’ll stop procrastinating… tomorrow.

This is a funny and popular joke you can inscribe on your hoodie or put anywhere. It is antithetic in nature, making it quite humorous.

It is not special to a hoodie so you may find this joke anywhere else. However, it works on your hoodie and it should get anyone cracking up.

While this joke gives the idea of your decision to stop procrastinating, the statement itself is a postponement of the enactment of that decision.

The hoodie has not washed me in days.

“This hoodie has not washed me in days” is a funny inversion to inscribe on the front of your hoodie. Anyone will get the joke from reading it at first.

Of course, the hoodie is not expected to and won’t wash you. There is no other special idea behind this joke. However, it can be given several other hilarious interpretations which don’t really matter.

I’m not old. I’m vintage

Funny Things to Write on a Hoodie

This is funny because no one’s asking for an explanation but it’s much funnier if you make it seem as though you are trying to convince someone.

You can add an emoji of a sweating face before this inscription. This joke is better when inscribed on an actual vintage hoodie.

I don’t have a boyfriend…

If you are a girl, this inscription will be very hilarious as it would seem as though you have been put up for advertisement.

You can write this on the front or back of your hoodie with no special images added. While inscriptions on your hoodie shouldn’t matter, this one will. You will definitely get wooed because of this.

Sniff at your own risk.

This is another hilarious inscription for your hoodie, suggesting that the hoodie is stinky and you are not advised to sniff.

You can add an image that suggests a bad smell. This is pretty funny but it doesn’t justify the bad smell of your hoodie.

Shut up! Yes, you! Don’t care who you are.

This is a very funny inscription for your hoodie. It’s even funnier if you imagine just whom you can stumble upon while wearing a hoodie with this inscription on it.

Write this on the front or back of your hoodie. To reduce the level of offense, I would rather have this inscription on the back of my hoodie.

Yes, I’m broke. Bye

This is a cool inscription on your hoodie if you don’t want to be billed by anyone. However, inscriptions on hoodies are rarely taken seriously.

If you make it a habit to only wear this on the days you are broke, then the hoodie should be perceived as a message by people who are familiar with it.

Wrap Up

You can write just any kind of joke on a hoodie but it’s much funnier when it’s shocking. Another nice kind of joke for your hoodie is one that makes the hoodie appear animate. We have 20 nice jokes that do that.

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