20 Funny Replies to “Why Not”

There are two instances where someone will tell you “why not”. One is that you’ve said “no” to a certain request and the person wants to know why it has to be no. 

Another instance is when you make a request and someone replies “why not” instead of replying with a direct “yes” answer. 

There are funny replies to give in any of the instances and I’m going to share 20 of these funny replies with you.

20 Funny Replies To “Why Not”

Here are the funny replies to ‘why not’:

  1. “Because Y does not have a knot”
  2. “I wasn’t listening, can you repeat that?”
  3. “Are you really asking that?”
  4. “Why not?”
  5. “Don’t bother asking” 
  6. “No is no!”
  7. “I’m not changing my stance”
  8. “Quit asking dumb questions, will you?”
  9. ‘I’m sure you know you’re not making sense?’
  10. “I’m calling the cops”
  11. “Why yes?”
  12. “Oh! I’m sure loving that coming from you”
  13. “I was expecting that from you”
  14. “I knew you would say that” 
  15. “Thank you!”
  16. “Cool!”
  17. Wooh! I can now breathe!” 
  18. “Just stop talking”
  19. “That’s not up for debate”
  20. “I knew I could count on you”

When You Said “No” To A Request

“Because Y does not have a knot”

Funny Replies To "Why Not"

“Because Y does not have a knot” is a really funny reply to give to “why not”. The figurative effect of this statement is enough fun already. Of course, the letter Y does not have a knot. 

The obvious play with words here is beautiful and funny. Someone who is poetic will easily understand what you’re saying. Just because letter Y sounds like “why” and “knot” sounds like “not” are the reasons these words are used interchangeably. 

“Are you really asking that?”

“Are you really asking that” is a reply you give when you feel frustrated that the person is asking you “why not”. You expected the person to have understood why you said “no” without questions. 

Replying with “are you really asking that” will make the person’s question look unnecessary. He didn’t have to further interrogate you because he was supposed to know why without asking. 

You are using this reply because this person is close to you and even by giving this reply, you do not expect him/her to ask further. 

“I wasn’t listening, can you repeat that?”

“I wasn’t listening, can you repeat that” is quite a funny reply to give when someone says “why not” to you. Of course, you heard the person very well at first.

Making this statement is a way of making the person’s question invalid. And it’s funny because you’re taking them off guard by asking this. 

Even if the person were to repeat the statement, “why not”, you don’t have any intention of giving an answer to that. But, if you do, you can as well reply to the person. If not, any of these replies will suffice. 

“Why not?”

Giving a reply of ‘why not’ to a “why not” statement is really hilarious. It is something people do without realizing it but you can intentionally use this statement. 

It’s quite funny when you receive the same statement as an answer and it can be frustrating for the person. So, if you’re dealing with your friend and you don’t intend giving a direct answer, reply with the same question, “why not”.

“Don’t bother asking” 

‘Don’t bother asking, my “no” is “no” and I’m not changing that for anything’. Yeah, you can go ahead to say all of that or you can just use the first three words. 

You can also say “don’t bother asking” adding your own few words when replying to a “why not” statement. It clearly shows that you have no intention of giving a different response.

Your stance has been made clear with your initial “no” and you have no obligation saying why. 

“No is no!”

“No is no” is another funny reply to give when someone says “why not”. It is rather funny because everyone knows that no is no. You didn’t need to repeat that. 

In this case, saying “no is no” to a “why not” statement is to buttress your previous response to whatever discussion you had with that person. You have no intention of changing that decision. 

“I’m not changing my stance”

‘I’m not changing my stance’ is a straight-forward response to “why not”. Here, you are tired of playing games and you just want to let the person know your stance on the case. 

You might want to say this in an official setting. The funny thing here is that you will not say it as seriously as the words sound. Tweak your voice a little bit to suit the situation. 

You can also decide to be as serious as the words sound. You wouldn’t want to joke with a serious work case that you don’t want to involve yourself with. 

“Quit asking dumb questions, will you?”

“Quit asking dumb questions, will you” is a perfect reply to give when someone asks you “why not”. The occasion that suits this statement is when a parent is talking to a child. 

Maybe you have said “no” to your child’s unbelievable request and he goes ahead to ask you why not. You can tell him to “quit asking dumb questions”. Because, obviously, that question is dumb. 

You can decide to be playful about this reply or be stern when saying it. Either way, ity still a funny one to give. This reply is also best for a close friend. 

‘I’m sure you know you’re not making sense?’

“You know you’re not making sense right now, right” is a really funny reply to give to a “why not” statement. Obviously, the person is not making any sense for further interrogating you on your stance. 

This is someone close to you, whether at home or at work, and you expected the person to accept your previous response without questioning. 

Remember that you are saying this statement in a funny way just to have two effects – being funny and affirming your stance. 

“I’m calling the cops”

“I’m calling the cops” is a funny reply to give to “why not” because you are not actually calling any cops. The first reaction to this statement is a bout of laughter from the other person. 

Just imagine yourself calling the cops for a simple question as “why not”. Isn’t that crazy? Surely, you’re not crazy enough to do that. 

So, if you’re talking to your friend and he/she still asks you “why not” after giving your first reply, just tell him/her that you’ll call the cops and watch him change his mind about persuading you. 

“Why yes?”

“Why yes” should be considered as the most funny reply to “why not”. And at the same time, it is the most perfect reply for that statement. 

‘Why would you want a positive reply?’ That’s what you’re telling the person. You have indirectly passed the ball to his/her court by asking this. You don’t have to explain yourself further but the other person will. 

It’s funny how easy it is to get your point across without throwing any tantrums or sweating a drop. Just let the person sweat over his own reply. 

When Someone “Says Why” Not Instead of “Yes”

“Oh! I’m sure loving that coming from you”

“I’m sure loving that coming from you” is a really cool reply to give when someone says “why not” to you instead of saying “yes”. Obviously, the person has your best interest at heart. 

Just so you know, it’s endearing to have someone say “why not” instead of just saying “yes”. It shows how much length the person is willing to go for you. Cherish that person. 

Show your acceptance by giving this endearing response to. You shouldn’t just nod your head in response. Use these words to register your pleasure with the person. 

“I was expecting that from you”

“I was expecting that from you” is another reply to give to a “why not” statement. This is especially suitable if you’re talking to your buddy. Someone you know will do anything for you. 

You might want to use this reply in a case where the person owes you a favor in return for whatever benevolence you showed him/her. 

Saying “I was expecting that from you” is also a jovial way of letting the person know that you appreciate his/her gestures and that you would have been disappointed if it was less. 

“I knew you would say that”

“I knew you would say that” is a cool response to the “why not” statement. Here, you know that the person is already in agreement with you, but he/she was going to say “why not” instead of saying “yes”.

That has become his/her usual response to such requests and you were not expecting anything else. This response will immediately evoke a smile from that person. 

Remember, your aim is to sound funny. So, when you say that, ensure that your face looks amusing enough for people around you to laugh at the joke. 

“Thank you!”

Saying a simple “thank you” is an effective response to a “why not” statement, especially when the person is in agreement to your request. 

In fact, this is the best response to give to such a statement. You do not have to look for much vocabulary to express yourself in this regard. These two simple words will do. 

You may not sound funny, but you will surely make the person smile at this statement. That’s fun enough. When someone next says “why not” to your request, use this response. 


“Cool” is another short response to give to a “why not” statement coming from your friend. This is for people who do not like using many words. 

This statement shows your satisfaction with the person and the reply he/she gave to you. It also shows that it sits well with you. 

Using a short response as this might be funny, especially if you’re known to be a person of many words. 

“Wooh! I can now breathe!” 

‘Wooh! I can now breathe’ is a great response to a “why not” statement when it concerns a request you made. This statement is reliving. 

Saying “I can now breathe” shows that you were really anticipating the person’s reply. It also shows that his/her reply meant so much to you. 

The way you say this response should be in such a way as to make people standing around laugh. Surely, it didn’t mean the world to you? 

“Just stop talking”

Funny Replies To "Why Not"

Saying “just stop talking” is another funny reply to “why not”. This shows that you already know what the person would say and you don’t want to bother hearing the details. 

In this case, the person might be tempted to say more and you’re not interested in hearing the rest of the story because you know that already. 

It’s funny how you can complete the statement of your friend to the point that you are tired of hearing him/her say that all the time. Ensure you use this cool reply. 

“That’s not up for debate”

“That’s not up for debate” is a really funny reply to a “why not” statement. You can only use this with your close pals. Of course, it will be funny to them when you say this. 

Saying “it’s not up for debate” shows that you wouldn’t have taken “no” for an answer to your request. Probably, your friend knows you for that. 

The tone of your voice will go a long way in registering this statement as a funny one. You should use this statement if you want your friends to really laugh. 

“I knew I could count on you”

“I knew I could count on you” is really an emotional response to give to a “why not” statement. It means so much to you that you got that reply from that person. 

This last response I have here is quite important as it is not only funny but truthful. You’re sincerely grateful for that person’s response and you’re not ashamed to show it. 

Wrapping Up

These 20 funny responses to “why not” statements are very much needed in our day. Whether it is a question directed to you or an assurance of agreement, you sure do not lack what to say in response. 

Saying any of these responses will go a long way to help your communication skills and it will help maintain your relationships.

Do well to use any of these responses to the “why not” statement when needed. 

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