18 Funny Replies to “What are friends for?”

The term ‘what are friends for?’ is a rhetorical statement that is used as a response to a friend or acquaintance who appreciates you because you did something tangible for them.

Saying what are friends for? is a way of telling the person that you did it because of the relationship that both of you have and that you would do it again if the situation comes up again.

The relationship between the two individuals will have to be tight. This is because a person will only go to a certain length for someone that they have a deep emotional connection to, and they trust.

The question now is since ‘what are friends for?’ is rhetoric, what are the best responses to the question? In this article, we have listed twenty (20) funny replies that one can say to what are friends for?

Why settle for basic responses when you can have witty replies to give instead?

18 Funny Replies to ‘What are friends for?’

  1. For partying
  2. For bad times
  3. Taking over the world
  4. For turn ups
  5. Don’t know
  6. Do I have to answer?
  7. Is it necessary to respond?
  8. For emergencies.
  9. You tell me
  10. Ask Karen
  11. Taking stuffs.
  12. Stealing my properties?
  13. Doing crazy stuffs?
  14. For breaking rules.
  15. Free therapy.
  16. For chatting up
  17. For disturbing
  18. Definitely not this.

Friends Are For partying

Funny Replies to What are friends for?

For a response to sound witty, it has to be unexpected and wild. When you appreciate a person who does something for you; probably because you guys are friends, if they ever say, ‘That’s no problem. What are friends for?

It may not require a reply but chipping in ‘for partying’, will take them unawares and will make them laugh. There may be an atom of truth in the response considering that if you were ever to go to a party, you would go with your friends.

The response ‘for partying’ could also lighten up the mood and give you guys an idea of what to do next.

Friends Are For Bad Times

But of course, aside from family, we have tight-knitted friends who are not just there for the good times but will also show during bad times. That is a fact but is that a response they will expect? No.

Saying ‘for bad times’ is a clever and funny way of responding to ‘What are friends for?’ This is because while they were not expecting any answer to their question, you surprised them with this funny truth.

Friends are for taking over the world

Yes, it’s true that with the right friends, you can take over the world. If you have friends that motivate you or influence you properly, they can make you do things you wouldn’t have thought to do.

Even when you have thought of it and you do not have enough morale to go ahead and do it, the right friends will push you. For you to take over the world, you have to assume control and dominate; the right friends will get you there.

So if a ‘ride or die’ friend asks you next time ‘what are friends for?’, you can reply with ‘for taking over the world’. It will definitely bring a smile to their face(s).

Friends are for turn ups

To ‘turn up’ means to show up at a party (whether you were invited or not) and be wild. From high school to college, most groups of friends will admit that they do this or probably have done this multiple times.

While some just stick to dancing and being loud, others take it a step further and take drugs or alcohol. The extent or rage of the party most times determines what goes on there.

On the other hand, the type of friends you have will determine how wild or moderate you are at these parties. Now, next time a friend asks you ‘what are friends for?’, you could reply ‘they are for turn ups’.

I Don’t know

Another funny reply that you can give to the rhetoric ‘what are friends for?’ is ‘don’t know’. Don’t know is the abbreviation for I don’t know. It is funny because the person asking the question was not expecting a response at all.

Saying ‘I don’t know’ is not literal in its meaning. It could be said in a context such as ‘well, I don’t know. You tell me’ or ‘Lol, I don’t know. What are you for?

Either way, this statement can only be said to a close friend who will understand the shared humor. Saying it to a stranger may give them the wrong idea.

Do I have to answer?

Of course, you don’t have to answer. However, using Do I have to answer? as a response to What are friends for? is replying to a rhetoric question with another rhetoric question.

A true friend will understand immediately and laugh at the reply. So if you are ever in need of a great reply to break the ice and you are asked ‘what are friends for?’, you can reply with ‘do I have to answer?

Is it necessary to respond?

We all know that the question ‘what are friends for?’ is rhetoric. So when a person responds with ‘is it necessary to respond?’ the hearer may be confused at first and will attempt to say ‘oh no, I was just…

This will be the best time to interrupt and say, ‘I was just pulling your legs’. Of course, it will make them to laugh and say something witty in return, but this goes to show you that ‘is it necessary to respond?’ is a funny response.

Friends are for emergencies

Amongst friends, emergencies could range from having to shop for a party or date wear within a short period of time to having to deal with more dangerous situations like accidents.

So if you have a friend who has ever shown up for you in time of emergencies and they ask you ‘what are friends for?’, you could use the funny reply ‘for emergencies’.

You tell me

The statement ‘you tell me’ as a response to ‘what are friends for?’ is used when you expect the person to already know the answer to the question. It shows that the person has probably been in the same situation and had a friend come through for them.

So when you are using ‘you tell me’, you are figuratively saying you understand what they mean and that you already know the answer to the question.

Ask Karen

Karen is known to be a pejorative term. Usually, when a person says it, they intend to disapprove or criticize. Karen symbolizes entitlement or a person who believes that he/she has a right to make demands.

On the other hand, friends can use the statement ‘ask Karen’ as an inside joke. It could refer to a shared experience they had before with an entitled person. Thus, answering ‘ask Karen’ to ‘what are friends for?’ could bring back interesting and funny memories.

Friends are for taking stuff

When you take a person’s stuff without their permission, it is considered stealing, and most times can be offensive. However, siblings and close friends are known to take each other’s property. It sometimes is a way of bonding.

That is why the term ‘taking stuff’ is a great reply to ‘what are friends for?’. It could be that you guys take each other’s properties or it could mean that you jointly take a third party’s property.

Stealing my properties?

Talking about replying to a question with a question. ‘Stealing my properties?’ is a great and funny response to ‘what are friends for?’ This is because friends are known for taking each other stuff without permission.

A true friend will always see your property as his/hers and vice versa

Friends are for doing crazy stuff

When you do crazy stuff, you are actually doing something you know is foolish and not a great idea. An activity that will usually be met with disapproval if you talked about doing it is considered crazy.

Nevertheless, there are friends you will have, and they will encourage you to do those crazy stuff or better, yet they will do it alongside you. But what can you do? Taking risks is sometimes a good idea and can bring amazing results.

So, if your friend has ever made you do what you wouldn’t necessarily do, the next time she says to you ‘what are friends for?’, you could reply with ‘doing crazy stuff

Friends are for breaking rules

For some people, the truth is that rules are made to be broken. Most people would say that they learn the rules so that they can know how to break them properly.

There are friends who do not fear the rule and they make it a point of duty to encourage you to break them even when you do not want to. To them, it’s part of having an adventure. For example, when you skip school with your friends to go shopping.

If you have friends that have ever made you at one time to break the rules, then you can use this reply ‘for breaking rules’ if they ever ask you ‘what are friends for’.

Friends are for free therapy

Most people have a therapist who they have on speed dial in case they ever need to talk about some things, or they feel like they are about to break down. But therapy sessions are not free which is why we have friends.

Why pay a wholesome amount of money to talk about personal stuff with a stranger when you have a friend right? Some friends lend listening ears to us to discuss things that are troubling us, and they make suggestions that resolve our issues and improve our lives.

So if you have a friend who always does the above for you, you could use the reply ‘free therapy’ next time the ask you ‘what are friends for?’.

Friends are for chatting up

In this technology age, it’s easier to chat someone up than it is to meet them physically. Most GenZs prefer to text or chat you up since they consider it more convenient.

So if you are the type that always chats your friends up to tell them crazy stuff you wouldn’t tell anyone. ‘For chatting up’ could be the best response for you to use to reply to the question, ‘What are friends for?’.

Friends are for disturbing

Some people are so lively that sometimes their energy is misinterpreted as a disturbance. This could be because they are loud and everywhere at the same time. On the other hand, there are friends that vibe with that energy and don’t consider it a disturbance at all.

In fact, some people love a person like that for the very same reason that others hate them. So if you are that energetic friend or you have one and the question of ‘what are friends for?’ comes up, you could reply with ‘for disturbing’ or ‘for premium disturbance’.

Definitely not this

What are friends for?’ can also be used to attempt to coerce someone to do something for you. For instance, when you say, ‘I don’t want to be a part of this’, a friend can tell you ‘what are friends for?’ as a means to let you know that as his/her friend you should not sit out on this one.

That means saying, ‘Definitely not this’ to ‘what are friends for?’ is a great reply to try to derail a friend from doing something that you consider stupid.


As far as you have friends and you keep making them, there will be points in your life when you will be asked ‘what are friends for?

It could be in response to the appreciative message you sent to them or as a means to get you to do something for them.

Either way, we have listed out twenty (20) funny and witty responses to ‘what are friends for?’ so you can choose from the list.

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