20 Funny Replies to “Anything for Me”

When a person says, ‘anything for me’, they are trying to curry favor from or get a gift from a person they consider high society. It could also a friendly statement said to a person who they may not have heard from in a long time.

Anything for me’ could also mean that the person saying it wants to politely ask for a favor from another person. It may be that the person is in the right position to do something for you.

Another meaning that ‘anything for me’ has is when you have you have been expecting an information or good news from someone. Probably something important depends on the outcome of the group.

You then say, ‘anything for me’ to know if they have something useful to tell you. When using it in this context, it is normally asked as a question like, ‘Anything for me?

In this article, we are going to list twenty (20) funny replies to ‘anything for me’ and how you can use it.

20 Funny Replies to “Anything for Me”

  1. Yeah, right.
  2. Of course
  3. Do you think?
  4. Yes and no.
  5. Guess
  6. No thanks
  7. You bet
  8. Pay up
  9. The best
  10. It depends
  11. Yes, me.
  12. What more do you need?
  13. Of course, myself!
  14. After you.
  15. Be specific
  16. What’re you searching for?
  17. Nothing is free.
  18. Nope
  19. Yup, nothing.
  20. Probably in the future.

Yeah, right

Funny Replies to Anything for Me

This response ‘yeah, right’ has been used by most people as a sarcastic statement to let someone know that nothing is happening anytime soon.

Probably the person is a family member or a very close friend who lives off the favor that he curries from people.

So, telling them ‘anything for me’ accompanied with probably a laugh emoji will get them laughing because they know that are guilty.

Of course

The response “of course” can be used both ways – either in a sarcastic manner or a straightforward way. This is because merely saying it makes it an agreement, but an agreement to what?

It becomes a funny reply depending on the way it is used. For instance, when a person asks, ‘anything for me?’ and you reply with ‘Of course, I’ve got a lot for you’ while you have nothing for the person.

Do you think?

You think?’, though rhetoric can be a witty and great response for anything for me’ because it keeps the hearer in suspense especially if he or she was expecting something.

For instance, when a person says, ‘anything for me’ in the sense that she believes anything can be done for her. The person she’s talking to can respond with ‘you think?’ as a way of saying don’t be too sure.

The response ‘you think?’ is mostly used to humble a person who feels entitled to other people’s help.

Yes and no

The uncertainty of this reply ‘yes and no’ makes it funny. If the person was really anticipating a favor from another person, the response ‘yes and no’ will make him unsure of what to expect.

If you’re the type that likes to play around and you went to give a reply that will make everyone laugh and lighten the atmosphere, then you can use ‘yes and no’ as a response to ‘anything for me’.


Funny Replies to Anything for Me

If the person is already anticipating something from you, telling them to guess as a response to anything for you, can make the feeling of anticipation skyrocket.

A person who’s kept in suspense will behave like a child which makes the situation funny. He may respond with ‘I’m not good at guessing, just tell me’ or ‘you bought me my dream house and a Tesla?’.

Whatever response the person gives, it will either provoke a smile or better yet laughter.

No thanks

The response ‘no thanks’ sounds ironic because apparently, it is another person that is asking for the favor. So when you reply with ‘no thanks’, it is assumed that you’re trying to avoid that responsibility.

No thanks’ is also used when a person knows he owes someone something but instead says ‘no thanks’ probably because he wants to joke around and make the person work for it.

You bet

Instead of getting irritated or worked up because a person says, ‘anything for me’ to you, you could just use the reply ‘you bet’ and lighten the situation instead.

You may have something to give them, but you are not willing to. On the other hand you may not have anything to give, and you don’t want to look bad or be judged for not having.

You can then adopt this response ‘you bet’. This will make them smile and keep the judgment at bay.

Pay up

Funny Replies to Anything for Me

With this reply ‘pay up’, you will be considered a funny personality. This is because when someone tells you ‘anything for me’, they are hoping to get something nice from you free of charge.

This will make them laugh or smile because you are indirectly letting them know that there is nothing free even in Freetown. If they are good friends of yours they will also know that you do not mean it.

Next time a friend asks, ‘anything for me?’, you can reply with ‘pay up!

The best

Now, this reply ‘the best’, is bound to bring a smile to the face of the person you are speaking. When a person asks you ‘anything for me?’, you can reply with ‘Of course, you only deserve the best’ or simply ‘Yes, the best’.

This will make them feel special, make them laugh or smile, and will make the atmosphere a little more friendly.


Depends’ is another simple and funny reply that you can give to ‘anything for me’. ‘Depends’ is the shortened version of ‘It depends on…

When you say ‘depends’, you may make the person excited because the person will be waiting for the condition on which you will release the surprise you have for the person.

He or she may respond with, ‘Depends on what?’ then you could reply something more funnier like, ‘Depends on if the person that is asking is cute.

Yes, me

We all know that there is no better gift than the presence of our loved ones. This is why this response ‘yes, me’ serves as the perfect witty and clever response to give to ‘anything for me’.

Saying ‘yes, me’ as a reply for ‘anything for me?’ is you simply telling them that the greatest gift they will ever have is the gift of you.

Of course, this will make them to smile but it will be worth it. So next time you want to get someone smiling and happy, you can use the funny reply ‘yes, me’.

What more do you need?

Another witty and funny response that you can say to ‘anything for me?’ is ‘What more do you need?’ From the response, it is observed that the response is used by people who have deep emotional connections.

For instance, a husband and wife, two siblings, or two very close friends. ‘What more do you need?’ is mostly said by a person who has been a strong support to another person.

This is because he/she has always given to the other person anything he/she asks so for the person to ask, ‘anything for me?’, it will definitely be met with ‘Ha what more do you want?

In this context, the response is not confrontational but playful. The effect is to make the listener smile.

Of course, myself!

The reply ‘of course, myself!’ is as funny as it sounds. Like, you are bringing the person to an awareness that you are the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Perhaps you feel like this is something that they should have known. So when they then ask you ‘anything for me?’, you remind them that you are God’s gift to them with the response ‘of course, myself’.

After you

After you’ is another great and funny response to ‘anything for me?’. You say it you are letting the person know that giving is reciprocal.

That means if he/she want something from you, they should offer you something first. Now, do not be confused. The response ‘after you’ does not suddenly make it transactional.

It is meant to be friendly and playful. The after-effect should be smiles and friendly banters amongst the speakers.

Be specific

Not to give the person you are speaking with any wrong impression but the response ‘be specific’ will give the person the idea that you are willing to give them anything they ask for.

That is not the case here. The response ‘be specific’ is more a means to an end. That is, if you intend to make a joke out of it, the statement could be followed by something funnier.

What’re you searching for?

You cannot search for what is not missing – this is general knowledge. So when someone says, ‘anything for me?’ and you reply with ‘what’re you searching for’, you are just telling them that they should be contented with what they have and stop asking for me.

While this may sound confrontational, between friends, it’s a playful response and will release a domino effect of laughter and jokes.

Nothing is free

Yes, a friendly reminder to all persons asking ‘anything for me?’ is “nothing is free.”

Most people give you things either because they do not need them anymore or because they will get something equally valuable in return.

Not that you are asking for something in return but because the person you are supposedly speaking to will understand the joke and have a good laugh.


Funny Replies to Anything for Me

When you say ‘Nope’ as a response to ‘anything for me?’, it will either make the person to throw a tantrum or make a complaint. This response ‘nope’ is funny because it will make you to laugh.

You will be laughing or smiling at the tantrum thrown by the other person because he/she was really expecting something from you. It must be noted that the tantrum thrown by these persons are not really serious.

Yup, nothing.

Yup, nothing’ is another great and funny response to ‘anything for me?’ The way it is said is what determines the extent it will make the other person laugh or smile.

For instance, if a person asks you ‘anything for me?’ and you tell them ‘yup’ at first, they will be so expectant; then when you complete the statement with ‘nothing’, it will burst their bubbles.

A good example is ‘Hey, George got anything for me?’ then the reply ‘yup, in fact, I do…I got nothing

Probably in the future

Probably in the future’ is a funny response that can be said in various ways to achieve the same result. The response will suggest to the person that at that moment they should not be expecting anything.

It is mostly funny if the person is very well aware that you have what they need from you, but you are insisting on giving it to them at a later time (which is unspecified).

In this situation, the relentlessness of the person when they hear ‘probably in the future’ will make you laugh. This is because they do not like the uncertainty that this response represents.


From the above list, we can see that there may be a time in life when a person will say to you ‘anything for me’. So to save our readers from being short of responses, we have written out 20 witty replies.

The twenty (20) replies apply to different situations and relationships. They are also funny responses that should make either you, the person you are speaking to, or both of you laugh and be happy.

Remember, it does not take much to be effortlessly funny or to have a good sense of humor. Just borrow a line from us and use it and you will be good to go.

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