20 Best Responses to WTM In Text

WTM stands for what’s the matter. This acronym can be used as a question to ascertain if there is a problem or not.

What’s the matter is a question of concern that may arise when there is a drawback in delivery or delay of some sort. Also, the acronym can be used in either a formal or informal setting. 

If this question is new to you and you’re wondering what the best response to this question is, we have a plethora of responses to go around.

Every response here is suitable for different case scenarios and allows for your application. The variety of the responses cuts across different questions that you may be asked in a business or casual setting.

An example is if you’re supposed to submit a presentation by 9 AM but you haven’t gotten it across to your boss by then and they ask you, WTM? 

This implies that they want to know what could be hindering you from proceeding with your task. Or if you suddenly stop in the middle of a presentation and your slides stop working, you’ll be asked, WTM? 

They might be asking to know if there is a problem with the projector or if there’s something wrong with you.

Furthermore, WTM can be used informally, like when you’re with kids and one of them becomes silent and withdrawn. It’s best to ask them what’s the matter to hear their response before you can find a solution.

Keep reading to find the 20 Best responses to WTM.

20 Best Responses to WTM

  1. I think there might be a problem
  2. I have a headache
  3. The meeting has been canceled
  4. My flight was delayed
  5. I’m hungry, let’s grab a bite
  6. My period is three days late
  7. I want a divorce
  8. My car has been stolen
  9. I don’t think I can do this
  10. It might rain later
  11. I don’t like this pizza
  12. I don’t want to be alone tonight
  13. I think it’s my mom
  14. My dog ate my shoes
  15. I have cancer
  16. My car just broke down
  17. I can’t feel the baby
  18. My eyes hurt
  19. The meeting was postponed
  20. I can’t do this anymore

I think there might be a problem

This is a genuine response when you encounter a setback and someone says WTM. It suggests that things are not going as planned and there is a delay in delivery. 

This response could mean anything as it is not specific.

You can use this response when you are trying to sound enigmatic or you’re taking your time to disclose the problem. For instance, this would be the best response if you want to single someone aside and tell them the problem.

I have a headache

This response is specific to a health challenge. Headaches are usually symptoms of an underlying problem due to stress or something more serious. Typically, it’s a direct response to WTM.

With this response, they’ll know that it’s a health challenge and you need some rest or the day off. In some severe cases, they’ll tell you to go to the clinic.

Use this response when you need a break and must get your energy back. After you get some rest and if possible, treatment, you should be fine.

The meeting has been canceled

This is an exciting or disappointing response depending on the circumstances. For instance, if you had rushed to work so early to get things in place for the meeting, it would be disappointing.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck in traffic and you get a text that the meeting has been canceled, you’d be elated.

This response would be great when you want to pass important information to coworkers or colleagues when the scheduled meeting is postponed.

My flight was delayed

A frustrating response when you get a delayed flight and you’re asked WTM. You can simply say my flight was delayed. 

This uneventful delay is no doubt unpleasant especially when you have made important plans. The delay will undoubtedly frustrate you.

When you use this response, you are stating obvious reasons why you might be late or may not make it at all.

I’m hungry, let’s grab a bite

This response may be timely during a lunch break and you’re asked WTM. If you’re hungry, your response will be I’m hungry let’s grab a bite. 

With this response, you’re calling for a break from work to have a meal or discuss important things over lunch. 

My period is three days late

This response could either be alarming or amazing depending on the parties involved. For a couple hoping to conceive, it would be a wonderful response.

Unfortunately, for a person who prefers no commitment or ties, this response would be heartbreaking.

You can use this response when you have gone over your menstrual cycle a couple of times and are sure that your period is late.

I want a divorce

An unexpected response is when your partner doesn’t meet your needs like they should and they ask you what’s the matter. 

This shows them that you’re serious about leaving and it could push them back on track. Unfortunately, you cannot keep someone who is not willing to be kept.

This response is how you finalize your separation and move on with your life.

My car has been stolen

A disturbing response is when you check the parking lot and can’t find your car and someone asks you what’s the matter. 

When you say this, they’ll immediately call 911 in case you’re in shock to do so.

It is used when you are certain that you cannot spot your car where you parked it and there is no trace of it around.

I don’t think I can do this

An overwhelmed response when you need a little push in the face of a challenge and someone asks what’s the matter. 

This response indicates that you may have developed cold feet moments before a presentation, wedding, or any event that involves you being the main character.

You can use this response when you need some words of encouragement or a pat on the back with some echoes of You’ve got this.

It might rain later

This an informative response when someone wishes to know about the weather. This shows that you’re mindful of the weather in case it threatens to spoil your plans. 

For instance, if you plan an outdoor event, it’s best to be mindful of the weather.

With this response, you have passed vital information about the weather when you’re asked WTM.

I don’t like this food

A dissatisfied response when you’re asked WTM and you say I don’t like this food. It shows that you have lost your appetite or the food is not up to your standard. 

It could also be that you wish to change restaurants or order something different from the menu.

It is used when there is an unpleasant experience with food. 

For instance, either the food is too spicy or it tastes bland.

I don’t want to be alone tonight

A needy response that you can give when someone asks what’s the matter. This shows them that you do not wish to be alone for the night and you’re inviting them to stay the night with you. 

It could also be a direct way of leading them on.

Use this response when you’re willing to go along with what might happen when this person stays over. If you have no problem with that, it’s a perfect response.

I think it’s my mom

An uncertain response when someone asks what’s the matter. It could be that the mom was involved in an accident or she’s trying to reach you via phone. 

This shows that you might be a little confused as to why she’s the subject.

This response is better when you want to pass information about your mom but you don’t have the details yet. 

On the other hand, it could also be that you would rather not divulge sensitive information until you’re sure. You could also not be comfortable enough with the person or people around you to tell them anything.

My dog ate my shoes

An expected response for someone who has a dog that loves chewing stuff and you’re asked what’s the matter. This response is direct, showing the culprit and the affected object. 

It could be heartbreaking because the shoes might be your favorite pair or you just got them new.

Use this response when you want to share how much nuisance your dog could be if you are not careful.

I have cancer

A life-threatening response is when you are asked what’s the matter and you say I have cancer. It must be after you have confirmed your health status with tests. In some cases, you might have begun chemotherapy or you’re about to do so.

This response is sensitive and you may not want to share it with a lot of people. 

However, it’s best to keep loved ones abreast of the things going on in our lives. This action is necessary when it pertains to health-related challenges.

My car just broke down

An excusable response when you’re asked what’s the matter and you say my car just broke down. 

With this response, there are 

expected to be drastic actions since it pertains to a car and its sudden need for repair.  

Use this response when you wish to get help quickly or create an excuse.

On the other hand, you can use this response if you wish to contact your midwife to help you with home birth.

I can’t feel my legs

I can’t feel my legs is an alarming response when you ask what’s the matter. 

During an ailment, it happens where you may need help.

Use this response when you require an examination. Although it might be that you need rest or a checkup.

It might not mean that something terrible is underway. Nonetheless, it’s best to be safe by contacting a doctor.

My eyes hurt

My eyes hurt is another way to respond to what’s the matter. It shows that you have a problem with your eyes that requires attention. 

At all costs, you should get them checked out before it becomes something fatal. The eyes are extremely sensitive and prolonged exposure to harmful rays can affect the eyes.

When you use this response, you expect medical attention. If you’re at work, you might need some time off to get checked out. On the other hand, if you’re home, you will need instant remedies like penicillin and some rest.

The meeting was postponed

As reliving as this response might sound, it may not apply in every case. It is typical to say the meeting was postponed when someone asks what’s the matter. 

For instance, if you had worked hard to prepare for a presentation, it would be disappointing. On the other hand, if you had felt inadequate all night and couldn’t do so much, this would be awesome news.

Whichever way it happens, this response will provide some form of relief. Subsequently, the delay will be helpful. Eventually, you will have extra time to prepare for the meeting and go over points that you might have forgotten.

I can’t do this anymore

I can’t do this anymore is a heartbreaking response when you’re asked what’s the matter. It indicates that you’re fed up with the situation and you need a break. 

For instance, if it’s a relationship, you’re asking for a breakup. On the other hand, if it’s a workplace, you’re resigning before you’re able to pen down a letter.

Use this response as a prerequisite to the actual thing you have to say. When you say you cannot do this anymore, it is quite an ambiguous response.

Consequently, you may have to further provide clarity by divulging the details. This way, everyone is abreast of the gravity of the situation.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, there are no specific responses to what’s the matter. 

Your response depends on the situation you are faced with. If you were completely oblivious as to how to respond to WTM previously, I’m pretty sure these responses have given you a headstart.

The meaning of WTM can also vary depending on the context in which they were used. 

Ensure that you can identify the context to give a tailored response. When you’re asked what’s the matter, it entails that someone is inquisitive about your well-being or a situation.

Finally, aside from what’s the matter, WTM as an acronym could also be used for other contexts as it has a different meaning. However, ensure you understand the context and respond appropriately.


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