25 Best Responses to “What’s Up Buttercup”

Are you having a chat online or physically with a friend and you’re asked, “What’s up buttercup” and you’re wondering, what does that question really mean? or what to give as a reply.

What’s up, is generally a jovial way to say, “how are you?” “What’s going on?” or “How is it going?” while, buttercup is just a nickname, it depicts that you’re most likely close to the person.

Now you know what it implies when someone asks “what’s up buttercup?” Now let’s proceed to finding out what the best reply is…

25 Best Replies to What’s up Buttercup

Listed here are 25 best ways to reply when asked, “What’s up buttercup?”, from witty to flirty and humorous responses. make your pick. 

  • “Up and about, daisy head”
  • “Feeling like a lazy daisy”
  • “Feeling like a cold marigold”
  • “Nothing much, you?”
  • “It’s been a great day darling”
  • “Cool, you?”
  • ‘Making lime juice of the lime life’s throwing me’
  • “Can’t complain”
  • “Marking my calendar till it’s Friday”
  •  “Do you really want to know?”
  • “Not much, just thinking of when we first met”
  • “How much time do you have?”
  • “Sky’s up darling”
  • “My blood pressure”
  • “That’s confidential”
  • ‘If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you’
  • “Nothing better than seeing your face”
  • “Hectic week”
  • “My heart rate, now that you’re here”
  • “The ceiling honey”
  • ‘Just the usual, what’s going on with you’
  •  “Just living my dream”
  • ‘Just hanging on, waiting for my knight in shining armor’
  • “A lot more”
  • “I’m fine, you?”

“Up and about daisy head”

Saying “up and about, daisy head” is a jovial, and nice way to reply. It means that you’ve already started your day and you’re doing the necessary work you’re supposed to do. 

Replying with “daisy head” is a kind of jab, since it implies that while you’re working, he/she is probably lazing about.

A perfect scenario for this is when you’re probably cooking or doing your house chores, when your spouse/sibling who is just waking up asks, “what’s up buttercup”

“Feeling like a lazy daisy”

“Feeling like a lazy daisy” is a beautiful, rhythmical and happy reply to “what’s up buttercup”. This is a perfect reply when you don’t want to do any work. 

Sometimes you wake up with that feeling of wanting to sit around all day, doing nothing, this is the best time for this reply. If you’re also trying to avoid being sent on an errand, or doing any work at all, it’s a good reply. 

Daisy adds rhythm to it, while also emphasizing on the fact that you just feel like lazing about, since daisy is akin to lazy. 

“Feeling like a cold marigold”

“Feeling like a cold marigold” is a rhythmical, and splendid response to “what’s up buttercup”. Marigold is a plant that doesn’t like the cold. When the weather is cold you can give this reply. 

It’s a beautiful reply when being asked what’s up on a cold winter morning. This could also mean that you’re indifferent, not disturbed, or devoid of emotions to what is happening around you, because it also means emotionless. 

During winter seasons, marigold plants will require special care, because it doesn’t withstand cold, therefore, saying you feel like a cold marigold could also mean that you need special care and attention. 

“Nothing much, you?”

“Nothing much, you?” is a typical, normal, plain and quite common response. You can use it when you’re not interested in talking, or when you’re more curious about what’s going on with the other party. 

For example, a colleague sitting next to you, who always troubles you with unnecessary talks, comes up and asks, “What’s up buttercup?” You can say it with an air of dismissal so that he/she gets that you’re not interested. 

However, if you don’t want the conversation to go on, don’t ask, about the other party, rather just say “nothing much”

“It’s been a great day, darling”

“It’s been a great day, darling” is another beautiful and gay reply to “what’s up buttercup”. It’s the perfect reply to give if you just completed a project or if your day has been going on smoothly. 

You can reply like this to your colleague at work, friends at home and even your family. You can use it in almost any situation. To be honest, you don’t necessarily have to be having a great day to give this reply, all you have to do is smile and say it out loud. 

For example, you might not be having a great time mowing the lawn, but all the same, you shouldn’t have to sound defeated and down because of that.

“Cool, you?”

Another pleasant and valid reply you can give is “cool, you?”. It fits more if you’re speaking with a friend than a colleague.

‘Making lime juice with the lime life’s throwing me’.

Best Responses to What’s Up Buttercup

“Making lime juice with the lime life’s throwing me” is a very witty, cute and uplifting reply to “what’s up buttercup”. You know the saying, “if life’s throwing you lime, make lime juice”. 

This reply means that, though things are not working the way you want it to, you’re actually making the best of it, not being weighed down by your failures or disappointments, but rather, turning disappointment into opportunities. 

So maybe, things are not exactly fine, but you’re still moving on well, this is the best time for such a reply. 

“Can’t complain” 

“Can’t complain” is a grim but thankful and hopeful response to “what’s up buttercup”. Your day might not be going as well as you planned, or things are not as nice as you wished, but you still have hope that things will be fine. 

This reply portrays the outlook of a person who appreciates the little things of life and doesn’t unnecessarily compare his/her self with others. 

You realize that though some things are not going the way you want them to be, there are people in worse situations, so you can’t complain.

“Marking my calendar till its Friday”

“Marking my calendar till its Friday” is an anxious reply, especially if you have something planned on Friday, or if you can’t wait till the workdays are over. 

You can also rephrase it to, “Marking my calendar till its weekend” or till it’s any special day that you have something or somewhere important to go to. 

So you can say “marking my calendar till it’s Claire’s birthday” it shows you’re looking out to that day and every other day before then only seem like an obstacle to crossover. 

“Do you really want to know”

“Do you really want to know” is a troubling or snobbish response to “what’s up buttercup”, depending on how you use it. This is because the question leaves the person wondering, what’s really going on, or makes the person things, she/he probably doesn’t want to talk. 

“Do you want to know” could mean you don’t want to talk about it, or, are you sure you want to hear how bad my day has been, it could also mean, are you just asking or you’re really interested with what’s going on in my life.

“Not much, just thinking of when we first met”

“Not much, just thinking of when we first met” is a flirty or coquet response to “what’s up buttercup?” Are you on a date with your girlfriend or wife, and she arrives asking, “what’s up buttercup”, this is the best time to reply with this. 

If you’re probably sitting alone in a bar, eyeing a handsome guy or beautiful woman, who luckily walks up to you and asks, you can rephrase it to, “Not much, just thinking of how handsome you look” or you can add any other flirtatious phrase you know.

“How much time do you have?”

“How much time do you have?” is a cool way to reply. Are you having a bad time, really needing a friend or someone to talk to?

Then your bestie, or someone else you can open up to and ask, “what’s up buttercup?” then this is when you say, ‘how much time do you have?’ or you can say, “how much time can you spare?” 

This reply makes the person know that something really serious is up. Most of the time, when people ask what’s up, they aren’t really particular or concerned about what’s really going on, but this reply makes him/her understand that you’re in need of help.

“Sky’s up, darling”

“Sky’s up, darling” is a sarcastic, playful and lovely reply. Well, what’s up if it’s not the sky anyways. However, it’s better not to use this reply if you’re indoors. 

“My blood pressure”

“My blood pressure” could be a sarcastic and joking reply, or it could be a grim and serious reply. You could say it as a joking reply among your friends, and they laugh at it. (Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a high blood pressure in this case). 

You can give this reply to your spouse if something is making you worried. The perfect picture is if your child who has gone wild, or doesn’t listen to you anymore asks, what’s up.

“That’s confidential”

“That’s confidential” could also be a sarcastic reply you can laugh over or a snobbish reply if you don’t want to talk. Sometimes you just want to be left alone with your thoughts, and someone asks what’s up buttercup. 

This reply makes him/her understand straight up that you want him/her out of your space and be left alone. That’s why it could be snobbish. At the same time, you might just say it sarcastically among friends to have a laugh.

‘If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you’

Best Responses to What’s Up Buttercup

“If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you” is a jocular, humorous and smart response to “what’s up buttercup”. It best applies when you’re speaking with your bestie.  

It’s a humorous reply because you can’t obviously kill the person. It’s also a good way to quickly brush off the question, if you’re not interested in explaining what’s going on, as everyone will laugh, and the focus of the conversation will shift somewhere else. 

If you respond like this to someone like a colleague, though you guys might have a good laugh over it, he/she will also understand that you don’t want to talk about it.

“Nothing better than seeing your face”

“Nothing better than seeing your face” is another flirty response to “what’s up buttercup”. Best response to your spouse, girlfriend or crush. 

It’s also a nice response to help shift your thoughts towards the person. It means that whatever is going on doesn’t matter as much as that person. 

It also means that, whatever bad or saddening thing that happens fades out in the presence of that person, it shows how much you value him/her. This is not a general response for anyone like colleagues, or acquaintances, so be careful who you use this line with.

“Hectic week”

“Hectic week” is a more direct and straight response. Almost everybody has a hectic day, at work and sometimes even at home. Rather than saying hectic week you can say “hectic day”. 

This gives the person an idea that you’ve probably been working throughout the week, in other words you’ve had a busy week/day. This response also makes the person want to treat you well, if he/she cares for you.

“My heart rate, now that you’re here”

“My heart rates, now that you’re here” is a splendidly beautiful reply to “what’s up buttercup”. It’s best said among lovers. it means that your heart rate went up due to his presence. 

The increase in heart rate suggests that he or she either loves you or has a crush on you. Although an increase in heart rate could also suggest fear, this definition doesn’t fit in this context. 

This response can’t even be given among friends, only lovers or crushes, therefore you can’t just reply like this to anyone.

“The ceiling, honey”

“The ceiling, honey” is another humorous and clever way to respond to “what’s up buttercup”. You can say it anywhere; among friends and associates, among family and even neighbors. 

The main goal of the reply is just to ease the air and laugh together, not to make fun of the person and jest him/her. As beautiful as this reply might be, you can’t use it just anywhere, it has to be indoors, or under any form of shade with a ceiling. 

In essence, there actually has to be a ceiling above you to use this, or you would just seem dumb and awkward

‘Just the usual, what’s going on with you?’

Replying with “just the usual, what’s going on with you?” is a normal and common reply. If you’re probably doing something you usually or routinely do when asked, this reply is good. 

It is also a good way to open up a conversation with someone, especially if there is a particular thing you want to discuss with the person. It’s also a good way of drawing more information from the person, since your reply directs the question back to him/her.

“Just living my dream”

Best Responses to What’s Up Buttercup

Replying with “just living my dream” is a nice and happy way of replying to “what’s up buttercup”. If you’re having a high school reunion, this is the perfect reply. It could spring up jealousy in your rivals. 

This might not exactly mean you’re living the life of your dream, but it means that you’re either on the right path towards accomplishing your dream, or that you’re living a happy life, having a great time doing whatever it is that you do. It also gives an idea that you’re living a satisfied life.

‘Just hanging on, waiting for my knight in shining armor’

“Just hanging on, waiting for my knight in shining armor” is a poetic and excellent response. The fact that you’re hanging on means that you’re still able to manage and carry on with life well. 

And waiting for a knight in shining armor means, you’re waiting for one sort of rescue or the other. It could mean that you’re waiting to find a life partner. 

It implies that though you’re going on fine, you’re barely fine and you still need help in some areas.  This also means that you haven’t lost hope that rescue is coming.

“A lot”

Replying to “what’s up buttercup?”with “a lot” is a phrase that leaves the person wondering what’s going on. It’s a nice way to try to start up a conversation, or discussion that you know might take a lot of time to explain.  

It means that you’ve probably been through a lot and not doing so well. However, it’s best to use this reply, with someone you’re comfortable opening up to about what has been going on with you, because, if it’s someone you can’t talk to, it might be difficult to continue the conversation.

“I’m fine, you?”

“I’m fine, you?” is the simplest and most common reply to “what’s up buttercup?” No hidden interpretation or meaning, it simply means you’re doing well. 

If you don’t know what to say, this is the best reply, just say fine, you might decide not to ask about the welfare of the other person.

To end this;

There are clearly a lot of ways to reply to “what’s up buttercup?”. But the reply you give is dependent on a number of things; like who you’re speaking to, where you are, your emotions at that moment, your situation(s), or how close you are to that person.


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