20 Best Replies to ‘How Was Your Class?’

The question ‘How was your class?’ is a normal question asked to anyone who just finished attending a class. It does not matter the age of the person or the nature of the class.

For instance, a little kid who is just starting school can be asked ‘How was your class?’. From grade school to high school and going to college can be asked such question.

With the advent of technology, some classes are now held remotely. People attend classes online and they are even awarded certificates. Such a class of people can also be asked ‘How was your class?

Some do not acquire formal, but they attend classes that enable them to learn profitable skills. This class of people are not exempted from the question.

There are basic ways to respond to the question and there are interesting and unique ways to respond to it too. In this article, we have written twenty (20) best replies to ‘How was your class?’. You can make your choice from the list.

20 Best Replies to ‘How Was Your Class?’

  1. Good
  2. Interesting
  3. Class was hard
  4. It was cool
  5. The lecturer was entertaining, as usual.
  6. It was interactive, I loved it.
  7. It was awesome, I liked it.
  8. I can’t wait for the next class.
  9. It was unforgettable.
  10. It was eye-opening, I learnt a lot today.
  11. It didn’t go so well.
  12. Fine, great, it’s alright
  13. I made new friends.
  14. My teachers are nice.
  15. Aside from the bad grades, it’s okay
  16. Awesome, I stood up to a bully today.
  17. The food could need changing.
  18. Exciting, I tried out for a new team today.
  19. It’s a lot of work
  20. I find math challenging, otherwise, it’s cool


When you reply ‘Good’ to the question ‘How was your class?’, you mean that the class was pleasant and that you enjoyed it. It is a simple response that you can give to the question.

If you have always enjoyed the class or maybe you just feel it was okay, then you can suitably use this response. Just a simple ‘Good’ and you are on your way.


 When a class is interesting, it means that there are certain things about the class that caught and held your attention. It could be the topic discussed, the teaching pattern of the lecturer or even the new information that you learned.

As different things interest people, it is not the same class that will interest everyone. You can only say that a class was interesting if it left you wanting to know more.

Class was hard

As far as school is concerned, there are classes and/or subjects that some students will find difficult. Some students don’t find subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry easy.

So whenever they have such classes, they can say that it was hard. It’s not the worst thing ever, it’s okay to admit that you are finding a class hard. You may be able to find a person who is willing to coach/tutor you.

It was cool

In every academic institution, there are cool teachers who make the class interesting. Everyone loves those sets of teachers and can’t wait for the day when they will attend their classes.

Therefore, whenever you attend such classes, you can say ‘Today’s class was cool as usual’. Sometimes, when you make responses like that, a friend can easily deduce that it was the cool teacher who taught in class today.

The lecturer was entertaining, as usual

Best Replies to ‘How Was Your Class?’

Students have that particular teacher whom they find entertaining. For grade schoolers, it could be the teacher who tells them interesting picture stories and shows them videos.

For higher-grade schoolers, it could be the funny teacher who jokes around and gives memorable lectures. If the lecturer is popular for his jokes, then it will be easy to tell a person that the lecturer is entertaining.

It was interactive, I loved it

Some classes are boring because the lecturer comes and makes long speeches till the class ends. They do not care if the students understand the lecture or not.

Even if they allow students to ask questions, they are not apt at explaining expertly for the students to understand. On the flip side, if the teacher makes the class an open one and allows students to make suggestions and ask questions then they could enjoy it.

It was awesome, I liked it

The response ‘It was awesome, I liked it’ can also serve as a great reply to the question ‘How was your class?’. If probably, it is probably your first time attending that class, you may not know how you will feel about it.

Then if after the class, you discovered that it was interesting you can then use this response ‘It was awesome, I liked it’. With that response, it has shown that you enjoyed the class.

I can’t wait for the next class

Best Replies to ‘How Was Your Class?’

There are classes you will attend, and it will be so captivating that you will wish it never ends. It helps if you have a passion for that subject or course. For instance, a science fanatic will enjoy science classes.

Classes have time allocated to them in every academic institution so no matter how much you enjoy a class, it will come to an end. The only thing you can say is ‘I can’t wait for the next class’.

It was unforgettable

If a class was unforgettable to you, what it means is that the lecture was interesting and pleasant. The way the lecture was given was so enlightening that the memory is forever engraved in your mind.

Other events aside from the lecture can make the class interesting. It could be a fight, a female student that went into labor or any other dramatic event.

It was eye-opening, I learnt a lot today

The purpose of having a class is to learn. When you have a class that reveals a lot to you, you can say that it was eye-opening. Most times, you already have a foundational knowledge of what was taught in class.

The purpose of the class is to let you add to your wealth of knowledge and clear out things that were so confusing to you.

It didn’t go so well

Most times, the day starts out and ends on a bad note, it’s all part of life. It also applies to classes you have at school. The class may have been going great all through the week but on that particular day, it will go sour.

This means that a bad event may make the class to not be interesting. It could be something the teacher did, or a classmate did. The response ‘It didn’t go so well’ is used when a class did not go so well.

Fine, great, it’s alright

If a person replies ‘Fine, great, it’s alright’ to the question ‘How was your class?’, they are just trying to be polite enough to answer your question, but they don’t want to speak further about it.

Maybe they are really tired and just wish to rest for the day. The short and snappy answer does not mean that you are trying to be rude. You just wish to be straightforward with your answer

I made new friends

Saying ‘I made new friends’ as a response can also be great especially if you are known to be an introvert who doesn’t easily make friends. It could be a welcome improvement to learn that on your first day of school, you were able to meet with people nice enough to become friends with you.

My teachers are nice

When you are asked ‘How was your class?’, you can just pick something interesting or different that you observed about the class to give your response. For example, you can say that the teachers are nice probably because they were warm and welcoming.

Most people assume that all teachers are supposed to be nice to their students. But the truth is that some teachers terrify the students.

Aside from the bad grades, it’s okay

Not everyone will indeed do great in school. Some do so well in sports but so bad in their subjects while others who are popularly known as nerds do well in their select subjects but bad in sports.

You may love everything else about school and still not have great grades. It could be worked on through private lessons with a tutor or extra study. Don’t accept the narrative that because you are bad at certain subjects you are a lost cause.

Awesome, I stood up to a bully today

In every academic institution, some students who make it their life aim to make the lives of others miserable. They are called bullies. Some students may not be able to stand up to these bullies and they will be tortured every day.

Being able to stand up to them and stop them is a great feeling and worth talking about. You could stand up to them for yourself and other times, you can stand up to them for others.

If your parents ask you ‘How was your class?’, it could be a great time to share with them how you stood up to a bully. Remember, that letting your parents in on what’s happening to you at school is encouraged.

The food could need changing

For some middle schools and high schools, students are given food in the cafeteria. If the food is great, the students will have no cause for complaint. However, where the food looks tired and tastes horrible, the students will not like to eat from the cafeteria.

So when a person replies that the school food needs changing, he/she simply means that the food is bad.

Exciting, I tried out for a new team today

Aside from sitting in classrooms, there are also field classes that include sports, exercises and other extracurricular activities. Most schools encourage such activities to help promote good physical health for the students.

It’s a nice feeling to try something new at school and succeed in it. Hence, you can use this response ‘Exciting, I tried out for a new team today’ as a great reply to ‘How was your class?’.

It’s a lot of work

Some people have been known to drop out of school to pursue other career paths. It does not mean that everyone should do that. Such people see school as a lot of work.

Even those who have passion for school still see it as stressful but it’s all towards a goal. The higher the class, the more work a person has to do. Thus, during days when you have to do a lot of work for school, you can use this reply ‘It’s a lot of work’.

I find math challenging, otherwise, it’s cool

As was said before, some people find certain subjects challenging in school. It does not stop the person from enjoying school. Such students will find something else to love about school.

For a student who finds math difficult, he/she can use this response ‘I’m finding math challenging, otherwise, it’s cool’. For another, it may not be Math, it could be another subject.

In that case, they can still use this reply but replace Math with the subject that they are finding difficult.


It would please you to know that these twenty responses are the best you can give when a person asks you ‘How was your class?’ It covers funny responses to sad and serious ones.

A person may be asked this question multiple times during the times they attend school. Having diverse ways to respond to it, will make you more creative and exquisite.

This means that you can select one or more from the afore-listed replies as a response to ‘How was your class?

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