15 Best Places for Someone to Study

As a student, you’ll agree with me that finding the best place to study can prove difficult.

There are plenty of distractions everywhere and trying to read with these distractions may be almost impossible.

Many students don’t like reading. And not finding a suitable place can encourage many students not to bother opening their books.

Therefore, discovering the best place you can study without distraction is important to improve your concentration and help you assimilate quickly.

In this post, I’ve listed the best places you can take your books to and read conveniently. Whether you’re a student or someone who likes reading, you’ll find these sites useful.

15 Best Places for Someone to Study 

There are countless places you can effectively read and study your books. Whether you’re a student or you simply like to read, these are great places you must try.

Some of these places include the coffee shop where you can have a cup of coffee at the same time, and your room where you can conveniently lock your door and have some time to yourself.

Also, you can read in an empty or quiet classroom or a park.

Here are the 15 best places to study:

  1. Coffee shop
  2. A quiet diner/cafe
  3. Your room
  4. A quiet classroom
  5. Your school lounge
  6. A park
  7. A study center
  8. A quiet outdoor area
  9. A bus/train 
  10. An empty laboratory
  11. A bookstore
  12. The Library
  13. A co-working space
  14. At your friend’s home
  15. Rooftops

Coffee Shop

The “coffee shop” is one of our top choices for the best place one can study. This place is very popular amongst students and even workers who want a lively area to study.

First, a coffee shop offers a cool environment where you can study as much as you want. 

It can be quite lively, so if you have a problem reading alone or in a very quiet setting, a coffee shop is an ideal place for you.

However, if you love the quiet, a coffee shop can also work for you. You just have to grab a table a bit far from the noise and do your reading.

And some coffee shops can be very quiet too, especially at hours when there is no rush of people. You can watch out for such hours and study.

What’s more, you can easily grab a cup of coffee while reading, and enjoy the elevating spirit it brings.

Also, these environments often lack television or any distracting technology that can make reading difficult.

In addition, some coffee shops have free internet to aid your browsing. 

A Quiet Diner/Cafe 

 Best Places for Someone to Study

A “quiet diner” or “cafe” just like a coffee shop is another great place where you can grab a table and read.

This place is an ideal place to have group discussions, do your assignments, and projects, and also study.

A quiet restaurant offers a cool setting without distraction. However, you should choose a restaurant that isn’t very busy and where they can allow you to stay after eating, so they don’t have to ask you to leave.

Also, some of these places offer free WiFi, so you can have a good place to read while enjoying free access to the internet.

However, you should keep in mind that you’ll need to order something, so you’ll need some cash to study at a diner. Moreover, a good meal will energize you to study.

Your Room

“Your room” is another great place you can study. If you have a room to yourself in your parent’s house or you live alone, your room provides one of the best places to study your books.

If you love reading in a very quiet place, your room is the ideal place, as you’ll be able to focus without any distractions. And if you have siblings, you can always inform them when you want to read and lock the door to keep their noise outside.

However, you should ensure you don’t get too comfortable lying on the bed or even sitting on the bed, as this posture can make you fall asleep.

It’s best if you have a reading table and chair where you can sit and read. In addition, if you’re the type that gets easily distracted by a TV or video game, and you’ve one in your room, you might want to consider another location to read.

Furthermore, apart from your room, you can find a quiet place in any part of your house to read. Some houses have a study room in this regard.

A Quiet Classroom

A “quiet classroom” is another ideal place you can study as a student and as a teacher.

During recess when students go out to eat or play, you can seize the opportunity to read or do your assignments. Also, after the close of school, you can always stay back to do some study before going home.

A quiet classroom offers a great environment to study as a student. The study atmosphere alone is a great motivation, as you can find other students reading also.

In addition, you can always study in groups and discuss what you learned for the day. Also, you can easily meet with your teachers and ask them questions when you find things difficult. 

Furthermore, if you study in a College or University, you can also find some free lecture venues to read.

However, free lecture venues can be difficult to find during school hours. But it’s not impossible to see one. You can always check in the evening to do your reading.

Your School Lounge

 Best Places for Someone to Study

A “school lounge” is another perfect place where you can do your reading. This is a specific room in a school where students can relax and study.

It’s one of the best choices for students who want a reading and relaxing atmosphere, but don’t want a library.

At a school lounge, you’ll find students like you, studying and relaxing, which can set the mood to study for you. What’s more, the school has specifically made this place conducive for students who want to study or relax.

In addition, you can easily study in groups, do your assignments, and share ideas. Also, these places are one of the many places targeted with free WiFi in school. So, you can easily access the internet while you study.

A Park

A “park” is an exciting place where students or anyone can take their books and study. If you love a serene environment, with the feel of nature, the park is your best choice.

With its vast space, you can easily have a sport to yourself away from distractions. And if you love some quiet sound in the background, you can get that at the park.

Also, a park is a great choice for people who don’t love to read indoors. At a park, you get to see people around, which can lift your mood.

Additionally, if you want to take a break, you can easily walk around and stretch your legs, while enjoying the breeze. Also, snacking while reading or taking a walk is another exciting thing about studying at a park.

An example of a great park is Grant Park in Chicago. If you study in Chicago close to this beautiful place, you can give it a shot by visiting.

A Study Center

A “study center” is another great choice for students who want to focus and study diligently. 

This place doesn’t only offer the right mood, most of them are more organized and regulated, so there would be fewer distractions.

There are various study centers around your vicinity and even within your school. You only need to ask around to get to one. Many of these places offer tutorials alongside a good environment to study.

It’ll be essential if you’ve problems with assignments or understanding a particular subject or course. These tutors can easily guide you and put you through.

So, if you have any need for a tutor, you can easily find one at a study center. However, not all study centers offer tutorial services, so you need to find the ones that suit your needs.

In addition, some of these places can be overcrowded too. So, you might want to check out some of these places to see whether you’ll find one that you like.

A Quiet Outdoor Area

A “quiet outdoor area” is another great choice like a park. If you don’t like spending your time in a classroom, your room, or a crowded place to read, then you can go outdoors to explore.

These places are great choices for you, as you can also easily pick a favorite spot for yourself. The best part about studying outdoors is the relaxing mood it offers. 

Reading with the gift of nature around can boost your spirit, making you relax and calm. And if you love the sight of people around you while you study, the outdoors is your best choice. It makes reading less boring.

Also, you can easily walk around and rest once you’re tired and need a break.

Furthermore, there are plenty of choices outdoors where you can choose a quiet spot for yourself. Some include a tree, a park, a train station, a church compound, or any good spot that catches your attention.

A Bus/ Train

A “bus” or “train” is another great option where you can study. It’s great for commuters who make their way to school or work via a bus or train.

So, while you go to school or your workplace, there’s no harm in going through your notes. While it might not be one of the best options, it offers an opportunity for you to revise your notes, thesis, or presentation.

Also, a bus and train can be quite noisy, but you can plug in your earphone, and make the most of your time.

In addition, you might want to ask someone to remind you when you get to your bus stop because you can easily lose track of your destination as well. 

There’s no harm in sitting near the driver to get him to remind you or talking to your seat partner. Also, you can set a reminder on your device.

An Empty Laboratory

 Best Places for Someone to Study

An “empty laboratory” is another great choice for students in Colleges, Universities, or High schools.

This place offers you the ambiance for study and gives you some quiet time to yourself. So, when you’ve any free periods within classes, you can easily walk around and check for any laboratory that is not in use.

This can be difficult as most of the time students have lectures in these laboratories. However, if you know the lecture timetable of students who use the lab, you can easily know when it won’t be in use.

Also, you can go during break periods, you’ll find one that is empty. Another good thing about a lab is that it has the structure of a classroom, with the chairs you can sit on and the lab table to serve as your table.

However, if it’s a science lab, you should know to keep yourself from unauthorized places.

A Bookstore

A “bookstore” is another exciting place you can study, whether you’re a student or not. These places are very suitable for reading, doing some projects or assignments, as they’re often calm and serene.

It also offers you the atmosphere to concentrate and the mood to study. 

Additionally, at a bookstore, you’ll have the options of books you can choose from and read. Older books are easily accessible, and some exciting books on history you wouldn’t have gotten access to.

And as a student, you can take your school books or any books of your choice.

However, it’s not all bookstores that provide reading spaces, cafes, or lounges. So, you may have to look harder to find the one that suits your preference. 

The Library

The “library” is one of the great choices to study as a student or a reader. These places are one of the first choices people consider when they want a structure that fits their needs.

There’s always the school library or the local library to go to. 

The best part about the library is the structure and ambiance it provides. These places are often regulated, having a librarian or someone checking and regulating the noise.

Although it can get quite noisy, especially if it’s overcrowded, you can easily plug in your earphones and keep the distractions away.

Also, one of the reasons people opt for a library even with the overcrowding is the wide array of books available to choose from.

From academic books to politics, history, religion, research, and anything of your choice, there’s a library that has what you’re looking for.

So, as a student, a researcher, or an avid reader, a library offers a good option for you.

A Co-working Space

A “co-working space” is another good option to consider when you want to read. 

People from different spheres who work remotely, but need a place outside their homes rent these places to work.

One good thing about this shared space is that it’s often quiet and free from distractions. You have your space to yourself, and most times you don’t get to talk to anyone for the rest of the day after the first greeting.

Also, these places may offer free internet and coffee and the likes. However, such places can be expensive, but they’ll suit your needs perfectly.

At Your Friend’s Home

A “friend’s home” is another great option to consider as a student. If you don’t have the right atmosphere you need in your house, your friend’s house may be the next place you should take your books to.

For instance, if you don’t have a room to yourself, or you get a lot of distractions in your house, you can try your friend’s place if they’ve what you need there.

Also, if you need some motivation to read, reading together with your friend can help. You can study together, do your assignments, and ask each other questions.


Best Places for Someone to Study

“Rooftops” are another great place to relax and study. There are many buildings around, with rooftops designed for relaxation and you won’t find a lot of people there except when it’s booked.

So, these places provide you with the serenity you need to read and relax. You can go with friends, study together and enjoy the feel of nature.

To get to such places easily, you should ask around or browse the internet to help you.

Final Words

There are plenty of options to study as a student, a researcher, or someone who loves reading.

You just have to choose the one that suits your style and needs. You’ll need places that give you the motivation and comfort to read without any distractions.

The above examples I have listed are great places to try out. 

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